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    Ideas for patio design

    We all like to spend time in our patio, whether it is a barbecue day with cocktails or reading a good book. Patio is a great place for enjoying a meal, reading a good book, socializing with friends and family in your own home. Even at night, selected lighting makes changes to the overall atmosphere and design of the courtyard.

    There are different designs and themes to choose, depending on the size of the patio and the mood that you want to have. Whether you choose a small or a large patio, these simple patio design ideas will surely help you to make patio an ideal place for entertainment and staying some time alone.

    Here are some things that you might need to consider before you plan your patio: opinions and wishes of the family, weather and where in winter and summer there os most of the sun.

    If you already have a pool to work with it, you can easily create a place in which you will feel like at a resort.

    Use umbrellas, they can serve as an excellent designer accessory in the patio. Choose any color you like. On sunny days, you can close the umbrellas and enjoy the sun, and in the less sunny days, you can easily open them. Also, if you have a pool, you can make a swimming pool as the focal point, having built tracks from the house and around the pool. You can use beautiful landscape, forming a theme and style around the pool.

    Decide where it will be be a focal point for the patio. Coordination center will attract attention and highlight your patio.
    If you have any disparate elements in the patio, such as statues, fountains, flower beds, the focal point is a great way to hide it.
    Lighting is an important factor in the patio for a night’s rest. They can not only add beauty to your patio, but also to make the entire area safer for walking at night. There are several options that you can choose for lighting. Lanterns add more natural feel, it is the best idea of patio design. Lights hanging from trees, ceiling, panels or gazebos also add a soft, romantic atmosphere in your patio.

    When choosing lighting for the patio, think primarily about safety.

    There are many options and materials for the choice of coatings for patio. When choosing them, take into account the most important factor – the weather. If you live in an area which is mostly sunny throughout the year, you can use the covers of a temporary nature, such as awnings and umbrellas.

    For those who live in colder, less sunny and more rainy areas, use permanent coatings, such as gazebos, corrugated metal roofs. The best patio is considered a continuation of the house that is both functional and attractive to the eye.

    When choosing a design, do not forget to make projects that are a reflection of your personality, from this patio you will have maximum of pleasure.
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    Patio season: garden furniture and decor

    Garden furniture

    Today garden furniture is presented in various variations. Traditional options are wood, wrought iron and wicker. Wood is more suitable for large-format events and pavilions where are necessary long tables and benches to match. If you decide to organize a welcoming and refined veranda, you can stop at the wicker furniture from rattan or vine. Wooden furniture in this case should get mandatory overhead pillows.


    Lightweight linen curtains, fabric cushions, candles, wrought iron pendant lights create the lion’s share of comfort, even if the costs are already planned out and the furniture you have chosen as a residual. The best recommendation for decoration are: flowers, candles, vases with fruits, little things retro, decorative textiles.

    Space organization

    Patio – is a small seating area outside the house. In favor of a small corner of the garden says comfort and proximity to the kitchen where you can make jasmine tea and put on a plate fresh pear tart. BBQ zone – it is a separate element, which is designed for a larger number of people, a central place occupies BBQ. A small patio accommodates a set of upholstered furniture with coffee table or dining set, separated from the rest of the garden. Garden furniture is usually made of water-resistant materials, and cushions on the furniture is better to choose removable.

    Recommendations for the arrangement of the patio

    Before buying a tent, you should stop your attention on the fact that it, above all, protects from rain, not from the sun. For sun protection is better positioned patio in the shade of a spreading tree or house, as the shadow of tent is small and moves with the sun.
    If you are setting up the veranda, the floor is better to make wooden – they are warmer and it is possible to walk barefoot. If the patio is located in the garden, the more durable option for the floor – is garden tiles.
    If the kitchen has an exit to the garden, the side windows can be positioned a patio with dining area – it will be convenient to lay the table or to organize a tea party.

    Barbecue is better to be located a little away from the house so smoke does not bloat wall.

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    Design ideas for patio and veranda canopies

    Patio, as it is situated next to the house, is surrounded on all sides by a light decorative fence with a gate, which is better to do two-step (door type) – it visually enhances the space. On the inside of the fence in the area of the lounge corner flowerbeds lifted high above the ground can be made of red brick, in the middle of the patio a decorative fountain can be designed, surrounded by flower garden and along the posterior wall – light canopy coated of corrugated plastic, which where you can shelter from the sun or rain. On both sides of the canopy you can make flowerbeds and pave the whole patio with concrete tiles.

    On the patio you can build a fireplace with benches and a wall-mounted canopy- tent from the sun and rain. Design of these inner yards can vary; without fencing it can be performed in free architectural forms, but in all cases it should include not only functional but also aesthetic orientation.

    Depending on the patio project you should choose a material. Wood and polycarbonate are very popular. The roof (or canopy) of polycarbonate is made in those cases when you need a large amount of light. For example, if you want to do a winter garden on the veranda or just because you like it. It should be noted that polycarbonate can be not only cellular which is so familiar to the eye. There are also waveform and monolithic kinds. Monolithic polycarbonate looks no different from the glass, but it weighs less. About the features and capabilities of different materials you will learn on.

    Canopies made of wood take fancy of those who prefer natural materials. Making wood canopies with your own hands requires much less effort. And indeed, many men have a skill to make something with their own hands exactly out of the tree ‘in their blood’.

    It is not necessary to make a solid canopy, because with the help of wooden crates you can achieve beautiful game of light and shade.

    If you do not like wood – you can glass your patio: in whole or in part.

    Polycarbonate is now very widely used in the construction: it is used in cases when it is required for an object to pass light. This definition includes greenhouses, verandas and interior gardens with a “glass” roof. When compared with glass, polycarbonate has more advantages. And it weighs less. And the economic benefits of its acquisition, as they say, are “plain to see”.

    Polycarbonate is a cellular, solid and corrugated (waveform). Each of these species has approximately the same properties.

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    The most original patio ideas

    For years people used the garden-plot only for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. But in the last decade, the attitude to the use of cottage has changed a lot. Now the garden-plots are decorated with the beautiful grass-plots, exquisite pergolas, summer-houses and garden swing.
    Today, it is very popular to create patio on the territory of your summer-residence. The comfortable patio will allow you to rest from the world’s bustle and receive guests.

    Patio is a small open-air paved courtyard, adjoining the house. Today patio is considered the element of landscape design, allowing arranging the stylistically original and ideally unique rest and relaxation corner.

    It is possible to create patio in the summer-residence with your own hands. The main thing is to understand what you need this cottage corner for. The size, materials and expenses can be different (depending on the destination of the patio) – from very small investments to the considerable sums.

    Different places- different patios

    The patio is usually located directly at the back wall of the house. It is very convenient, if the back wall has a door. In this case, you can bring the ready dishes and tableware in and out very fast and easily. You can also remove the furniture as required.

    The cozy nook right at the front door is very comfortable for the lonely summer residents and elderly relatives, living in the summer-residence with you. The beautiful flower compositions delight the eye, and the closeness of the door will allow you to get into the house quickly if necessary.

    If there is no possibility to attach the patio to the house wall, you can arrange it in any comfortable place. But you need to protect it from the prying eyes with the help of special stationary wooden or plastic fences. The long-lasting paving, properly chosen furniture and accessories will make your patio the comfortable additional room, where the whole family will spend its free time with great pleasure.

    The fence must not be rectangular. The unusual outlines and smooth curves will make the patio the decoration of your cottage. You can also build patio on the specially built ground area right in the center of your garden. You’ll get the charming corner of rest and relaxation.

    For the amicable meetings, lasting very long, you can locate the patio in any place of your garden plot. But you have to build a shed. The indispensable condition of comfortable rest in the afternoon and in the evening is the right lighting. It is very comfortable to place the lamps right under the shed.

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    Unique ideas of patio decorating

    Patio in the country-house or in the backyard: variants, design and phantasy

    The hot sunny Mediterranean includes narrow stone streets, hot air, tropical plants and the corner of shady bliss, veiled from the eyes of the world behind the high walls of the house. The Italian yard-patio was created with special love. It was the comfortable place for the family rest. Probably that’s why today, equipping the garden-plot, a lot of gardeners reproduce a piece of Mediterranean style in their gardens.

    Patio in the country-house or garden becomes more and more popular, and its arrangement allows the plot owners to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of Mediterranean. Let’s see how you can apply the idea of creating patio in the modern landscape design.

    Patio: for the good of your soul

    If the patio is walled or restrained with beautiful rails, you can place the fireplace or outdoor stove on the site. It this case, it will be comfortable to spend time in this area even in the cool summer evenings.

    The main patio constructions are decorated with flower compositions. In addition, you can build the elevated flower-pots along the edge of the site. The choice of plants depends on the general style or design of patio. To decorate dull stone walls, you can use the plants with bright yellow and red flowers. If you wish, you can with use ornamental flowerpots with different ampelous plants to decorate the walls.

    The garden furniture represents the touch-up of patio decoration. An excellent option is the articles of natural wood. In this case, the “picture” of patio will be organically completed and peaceful. Perhaps, the most important patio furniture is the table with chairs or bench, as there is no better dining place in the garden, than the well-designed patio. The patio furniture set can be completed with swing, rocking chairs, upholstered sofas, hammocks and other furniture for your comfort.

    As you see, patio in the country-house or garden can be made with your own hands. Of course, there is only one option of patio decoration in this article. So, you can easily experiment with the materials and variants of decoration. Patio can be situated both on rising ground and on the level ground or in the cavity. The floor surface of the patio can be made of stone or wood. But there is also a possibility to leave the ground, just condensing it or covering it with road metal. You can even make a patio on the grass.

    Try and experiment to get the cozy nook for pleasant pastime.

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    The lightning of patio

    For patio you can choose some piece of your territory: near the water, away from buildings, next to the barbecue area or at the exit from the premises. Usually choice is depend of the set of objectives that will serve patio. However, there are other points that must be considered. So, think about how well the building will be highlighted on the selected location, whether it protects visitors from wind, rain and heat. If your family wants to relax, read, play games or to chat, perfect place with be the garden, or another part, which is planted with trees and shrubs. That is, you need to choose shady place.

    You necessary need to pay attention to the design of the patio. It will be attractive with the bridges over small ponds and with gazebos, with garden paths and decorative lighting. Only by using such parts patio harmoniously will fit into the existing composition and will become its decoration. By the way, if you want to decorate this space with flowers, plants, garden sculptures, fountains, you need to take care about the lighting there. If this is the open area, large terrace, than you don’t need a lot of light, and, on the contrary, will be better to create an intimate area, only with a few lights on the court, not too large but quite powerful. Sometimes to patio lights you can add street lamps in the form of the floor lights, wall lamps. For example, your terrace has a backlight of the balcony, but there are also several additional lamps, which can always be put out, if more light you don’t require. Despite these lights, decor remains minimalistic. Another excellent example of courtyard patio is patio with built outdoor lamps, which are used to create intimate atmosphere. They are complemented with stronger street led lamps that provide enough light for the whole yard and the dining area.

    Patio or backyard is not a luxury, and the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful time or spend time with your friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Thus the device and construction of such cozy place would cost it is not expensive. And it’s worth it.