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    Outdoor canopy as a necessary and useful part of outdoor design

    You want to organize a picnic, holiday, or maybe just relax in nature or at the countryside, but worried that unstable weather can spoil everything.

    Temporary shelter in the country is necessary if there is no viny arbor, which attracts to its cool for a friendly chat. If there is an area free of plants, it is easy to turn into a temporary pavilion. Recreation area can be equipped with a removable canopy, which can be removed for the winter or when you are out.

    So, quality tent that will protect visitors from rain and allow to spend more time in the fresh air will be a real savior.Which canopy it is better to choose depends on the shelter aims. If this is a protection from the sun you can install a small tent on the square aluminum pole braces. Such slight shelter is very compact when folded and it can be used for picnics and hikes
    But before you buy canopies it is better to pay attention to the price. But we need to remember that acquiring an extra cheap canopy eventually you won’t be very pleased with the quality.


    • You can select the special trade or chalet tents in which there is a special mosquito nets protecting from insects;
    • For those who prefer to spend the summer in the fresh air or just an outdoor recreation, the best option would be the purchase of a special canopy;
    • There are options for summer and winter awnings that can be used as the stalls;
    • Covered gazebo or marquee will be an excellent option for temporary trade place;
    • You can choose to install a simple arbor in the garden or buy closed awnings which will protect from the bad weather;
    • More beautiful gazebo will be an excellent garden design complement;
    • Convenient and prefabricated and split models that can be easily put together with one sweep.

    When choosing a tent, you can give preference to that which is suitable for an individual case. If all you need is to relax, you can buy a canopy or summer and winter awnings, gazebo for summer residence is usually presented as a separate item, the price of these goods can please and surprise you. But it is worth remembering that buying cheap tents or canopies does not mean buying quality products. Very often the value of the product depends on the quality, packaging and producer. But you can buy a good tent at a pretty reasonable price.

    For your cottage or infield ready-made gazebos will suit perfectly, they are easy and simple to install anywhere. And your cottage or garden will be supplied with the original tent or pavilion, which will be a great addition to them.

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    The main destination of pergola

    Pergola is a charming representative of lattice “family” together with the arcs, trellises, summer-houses and sheds. The distinctive features of pergolas: the construction of small architectural forms is made in the form of openwork corridor of vertical supports, horizontal and arc-shaped elements.

    What does pergola represents?

    Classic pergola is the construction of several arcs, put together and joint with the latticed covering. Due to the elegant shape of constructions, an ordinary path turns into the element, inviting you to the fascinating walk deep into the garden.

    The modern assortment of the openwork corridors is the main element of landscape design, notable for the variety of design decisions and variants of decoration.

    The kinds of pergolas: popular decisions

    The modern kinds of pergolas are intended for the providing of footpath between the parts of the garden, visual separation of recreation area and the creation of half-shade. Structurally, the pergolas consist of arcs, connected with each other. The modern pergola keeps the rich floristics- ampelous plants with runners or procumbent stems.

    Structurally, the plainest pergola can be made of larch logs. Such inexpensive construction suits the lovers of country style and the owners of country-houses. More complicated kinds of pergolas, made up stone columns with carved oak crossbars, will decorate the landscape of the house in the noble style or the recreation area of the luxurious country estate. But they’ll require considerable expenses. The constructions are classified by several features:

    1. Form: fan-shaped, rounded or with fractures.
    2. Material: wooden, metal, plastic.
    3. Variant of location: separate building, construction with the fireplace, bench, swing, stage and hall.

    The keeps of home- dear ladies prefer compact pergolas with benches or swing. The popular variant of landscape design of country-house is the creation off several recreation areas (for guest reception, housekeeping, rest and retirement, flower-beds) and the building of 2-3 pergolas at the angle or with insignificant breaks. Broken pathways, where the passages in the open air alternate with the plunging under the arcs is the perfect option for the creation of unusual space decisions.

  • Fountains

    The great variety of outdoor water fountains

    When the summer comes, the water fountains start to delight our eyes and attract us with their coolness. And the infinite sound of falling water always raises our spirits. The fountain in the square, city apartment, in the yard of country-house or on the small garden-plot is the best way to decorate the territory. People have built the fountains since ancient times. At that time they served as town water supply, while their lower bowls were used for washing on a hot day. Today everyone can afford the decorative water fountain.

    There are indoor and outdoor water fountains. They are used both for practical purposes and for the interior decoration. For example, the wall fountain “mill” decorates the ethnic cuisine restaurants. In a hot climate, the waterfall with murmurous water jet reduces the air temperature in the apartments and regulates the humidity. Patio can’t do without a fountain with big bowl, replacing the pool, where you can swill your feet after the walk on dusty road or have a bathe.

    The outdoor water fountains decorate the squares, parks and railway stations. They can be equipped with complicated mechanism (for example, “vocal” or “dancing” fountains, illumination or colored jets). The plainer fountains can be the fitting decoration of your garden-plot. It can be the whole system of waterfalls with islets or bridges, flowing streams and geysers, getting from under the stones. The main of these fountains is the decoration of landscape design. Even a small water reservoir in the cottage, for instance, a little pond with the fountain in the center and the beautiful plants among the stones, can become a masterpiece. It’s also possible to connect the series of cascade fountains. And the different kinds of illumination can create a special atmosphere for evening gathering with friends to eat kebabs.

    There are different materials used for making fountains: stones and sea shells; foam and cement; gypsum and china; plastic and ceramics; marble and wild stone.
    If the geophysical conditions in the area of private housing allow it, you can use the natural landscape slope so that the fountains or cascade ponds work without an electric motor. One pipeline is enough to carry the water from the spring, whose level is situated above. The combination of level difference and the calibration of holes in the influent pipes provide the required water pressure. Sometimes the principle of communicating vessels creates the necessary pressure without hydraulic pump.

    The small garden fountain provides the coolness, aesthetic pleasure and stress coping at a time.

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    The main equipment of outdoor dining set

    In our time, it is not difficult to arrange a cozy recreation area of any style in your country-house. Large furniture stores offer the garden outdoor dining sets of different styles, prices and manufacturing materials. There is a broad assortment for all tastes.

    The outdoor dining furniture

    The owners of big cottage plots often build a real outdoor kitchen. They provide it with a grill, brazier and even stove. The equipment or an outdoor kitchen usually include: open mounted cabinets and tables with worktop.

    What is the outdoor dining furniture made of?

    It’s possible to create a cozy nook in the country even at a low cost. The most various materials are used for the manufacture of such furniture- from cheap and reasonable to elite.

    The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan is a very popular option. This material doesn’t require special care, as its analogs of the natural rod, but it looks quite decent. The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan fits the country or Provence style.

    The outdoor illuminated furniture is yet uncommon on our garden-plots, but it will look quite harmonious. Not only the chairs but also arm-chairs and tables with illumination became a reality. The outdoor illuminated furniture allows you to match different shades and make your corner for rest original.

    The wooden outdoor dining set is one of the quite expensive options. It includes the forged benches with cushions, arm-chairs, chairs and even chaise-longue. There are wooden dining sets designed in modern style, beautiful arm-chairs and tables of artificially aged design in Provence style, and luxurious tables and long benches in rustic style. Usually this furniture is very heavy. You’ll have to mount it in the beginning of the season, and with the arrival of autumn they must be removed to a dry place.

    The wicker outdoor furniture is the most exquisite and expensive variant. The masters make the most fanciful arm-chairs, chairs, tea tables and complete dining tables out of wicker rod.

    If you want to get exclusive furniture without wasting too much money, you should set out in search of the wooden pallets. The outdoor furniture of pallet has long ago become a real trend in many European countries. The procurement isn’t very expensive, and the paints and skillful hands can make such furniture a real work of art.

  • Fountains

    Outdoor wall fountains: Brief Guidance

    As for wall fountains, they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the patio, backyard, a winter garden and other facilities, where often there is not enough space for the construction of a reservoir or a large fountain.

    Various forms of the nozzle (the most popular are animal masks) act as a kind of addition to the design. Fountain reservoir should be large enough, because particularly there will be a pump.
    The reservoir may be located shortly below the nozzle or in the base of the wall. Since the container is filled with water it has a large mass, it is necessary to take care of high-strength fasteners.

    When the wall fountain is designed, many are faced with the problem of masking the tube which connects the nozzle and the pump.
    You can mount it on the wall or cover with openwork screen, twin with plants.

    Also, it is possible to stretch the back side wall.
    For wall fountain two decorative items are required: water flows from one (for example, the head of a lion or a god), and pours into another one.
    In fact, a small bowl of water plays a role of a “step” in a wall fountain, because the water does not stay in it, gradually as filling it drains into a large tank (where due to the uncomplicated mechanism it is fed back to the sources).

    Traditionally, decorative elements have to be made of light in the processing stone (e.g., sandstone), ceramic or metal (lead, copper).
    Under the decorative elements a tank should be equipped, where the main water supply will be located. Its design is decorative ponds-based, paving the wall with insulating foil, pouring of waterproof concrete or installing a ready plastic form.

    The depth of the reservoir should correspond to the power of the pump used for water supply – it is usually one-third more than the height of the mechanism. The width depends on your individual preferences (it cannot be narrower than a decorative bowl diameter plus 20 cm on the spread of the jets).
    Decorative elements are fixed to the wall only after the water tank is ready and will be drilled in the wall opening for communication. They must be fastened securely with the help of powerful anchors.

    At the bottom of the tank the pump is installed right next to the wall on which decorative details will be mounted. It has to be connected to the mains in full compliance with safety regulations (outlet should be located inside the building, and all used materials to pass the appropriate waterproofing control).
    The pump and the top decorative detail, from which water flows are connected with a hose, stretched through the holes in the wall and a secured with braces. For the wall fountain communications hoses made exclusively from high-strength plastic or flexible copper pipe should be used.

    The bottom tank is filled with water after completion of all work with portable hose (usually once in the beginning of the season). If the selected model does not allow the pump to control the power of the water supply it is necessary to install on the hose or on the tube a special valve, which regulates the pressure.