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    The most effective ways to decorate a living room

    The living room is the room where all the family gets together and receives guests. That’s why the house owners try to place the most beautiful furniture, souvenirs and pictures in this room. It’s also accepted to decorate the windows and doors with the original curtains. Such details form the final stage of interior decoration.

    Effective and simple ways of living room decoration

    Developing the design of any room, you shouldn’t forget about the elements of animate and inanimate nature. You can buy a few stone vases, intersticed with pieces of glass and metal. The decorative glass and sea stones blend well with the interior and remind of summer holiday.

    The rare specimen of plants can play their own role in the living room decoration. The high indoor plant can decorate the interior and change the perception of the floor-to-ceiling height. The plants, hanging from the upper part of the wall, visually diminish the room height, so don’t use them in the low living room.
    You can use the unpretentious window plants, pictures and fancy articles to create the cozy atmosphere.

    It’s possible to vary the restrained interior design, using the exotic plant with unusual leaves. You should choose one suitable place for it and don’t remove it unnecessarily. Such plants aren’t usually taken outdoors when moving from place to place.

    The simplest and the most efficient way to decorate any room are the decorative pillows.

    You can either buy them in the shop or sew them with your own hands. But in any case, the color of pillows must match the color of the walls, curtains, pictures and other elements. The colors can either contrast or reflect the prevailing colors of interior. Too quiet atmosphere can be refreshed and varied with the help of bright decorative pillows.

    The mirrors fit perfectly for the decoration of living room. You can put the old mirrors in the new contrast frames and hang them on the walls. Such element can add a bit of chaotic character to the general design image. That’s why the decoration of mirrors and their style can be slightly different.
    To distract from the bustle of big city, you can buy a false fireplace and decorate it according to your taste with the pieces of gypsum cardboard, remained after the repair. The fireplace will add a certain zest to the general living room interior and create the feeling of warmth and comfort to the night gatherings with friends.

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    The most original ideas of living room interior design

    Living room is the most important room of the house, where the house owners receive guests and spend their free time in the in the bosom of the family. People usually choose the largest apartment to design the living room, as its space must be multifunctional. Besides, the living room interior design must be comfortable and practical. According to the total floor space of the house or apartment, you can choose the different options of zoning. If your apartment is small, you can increase your living room by means of loggia or balcony, where you can arrange the place for tea-drinking. Besides, the design interior of living rooms in small apartments should be performed in “semi-open” way (i.e., combined with the kitchen).

    Nowadays, the number of new apartments with the huge rooms grows significantly. The owners of such spacious apartments can easily realize all of their fantastic ideas in the creation of comfortable living room. The interior design of living room in the apartment is usually divided into the zones (for example, the dining area and the zone of active rest). Here you can place the dining table, home cinema, comfortable arm-chairs and coffee table. All kinds of accessories and supports act as the bright element of decoration.

    There are different styles of living room interior- from classic to modern. The choice of room coloring depends on the owner’s taste. You can choose either warm neutral colors or the cold ones. Use the color to divide the room into two parts. For example, use quiet colors to mark the recreation zone at the fireplace or TV set, and the cheerful ones to decorate the dining area. Remember that the color score affects the mood. To plan the design interior with your own hands, you require certain knowledge and sense of taste and style. Not everybody can realize the harmonious layout. That’s why it is advisable to consult the professional designer.

    To start the creation of interior, you have to think over everything carefully. You should use the space as efficient and creative as possible. The plan of living room interior design is the “face” of the house and the reflection of the house owner himself/herself, emphasizing his/her individuality. First of all, the living room is the place for rest, so the person must feel comfortable here. The choice of furniture must be based not only on its pleasing appearance, but also on its comfortable use.

    We hope that the process of living room interior design will help you to create the atmosphere of coziness in your house.

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    Tips for the living room decoration

    Modern living room is not just the heart of the whole house or apartment. It is also the main room, where the house owners usually gather with their guests and friends for the holidays and weekends. It is so pleasant to sit in the cozy living room even in the workday evening.

    Living room decorating

    If you can’t manage to choose the design of your living room, but you want to make it unforgettable, bright and unusual, you should consult the professional designers. The design of public and open living room must be perfect. This room must be the decent “face” of your house or apartment. The lighting can radically change the design of the kitchen, living room and other rooms of the house. The illuminated sliding-door wardrobes can create the stylish lighting of the hall zone or the working area in the kitchen, changing it completely. The fireplace is another beautiful and fashionable element of interior, improving it and adding comfort and coziness. The design of living rooms and kitchens, whose photos you can find in Internet and print media, can be realized with the help of some methods. The designers often use the following method: they relatively divide the living room into two or more zones. In one zone you can receive guests, and in the other one- rest.

    The zoning of bedroom

    It’s not difficult to make a division. The illumination and furniture, arranged in a certain way, different color score, can help to create an original design of living rooms. If there is a dining area in the living room, it can be emphasize with different shades of red, golden, yellow and orange. These colors usually make the room warm and cozy, help to create a relaxing atmosphere at table and good mood. You can do without illumination in this zone. The small fashionable lamp-shade or chandelier can act as a source of light. The designers advise to use blue, green and dark blue shades in the recreation zone, as they help to relax after a hard workday. You can use the sconces or wall lamps as the light sources in the recreation zone. These kinds of lamps make the atmosphere more intimate. And the light of floor lamp promotes the comfortable rest and quiet pleasant talk.

    Thinking over the living room design, consider the opinions of your family members. If you realize their wishes, your living room will turn into the favorite place of family pastime.

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    The best ideas for living room interior design

    Living room is the central place of family communication. After having dinner in the kitchen, the whole family gathers in the living room to continue the conversations. Besides, living room is the center of evening rest of family members. Here they can watch the news, films and interesting telecasts, listen to the music or read the book.
    The second function of this room is the guest reception. As a result, this room must be comfortable both for the house owners and for the guests. That’s why the living room interior must be very original and help to accomplish these main tasks.

    What is the living room in the apartment?
    As a rule, the largest room in the apartment is designed as a living room. It must fit it all the family members. At that, everybody must feel comfortable. There are many options of realization the living room interior design. The house owners can choose any one of them. In this room you can realize all of your ideas, not limiting yourself with the functional requirements. You can perform the interior design in a single style or divide it into several zones, where every member of the family will feel comfortable.

    As the living room accomplishes two functions, it can be divided into two zones- family and guest. These zones can be strictly demarcated, or flow smoothly to each other. For example: if you use the first option, the guest zone in the form of dining table and/or bar counter are highlighted and elevated on the small podium. But once you come down from the podium, you get to the softly lighted zone with the TV set, comfortable arm-chairs and bookcases.

    If you choose the second destination of the living room (the guest reception) you need to think over the places for recreation and communication and not only family members. The dining table is more suitable for the formal atmosphere, some celebrations or family dinners. It is caused by the high level of the chair and top table. The furniture set with low landing and the use of coffee table is more suitable for the guest reception. In this case, you’ll be able to put the drinks or some delicacies on the table. The room can be equipped with the shelves and niches with some souvenirs and fancy articles. The pictures and photos on the wall will complete the living room interior.

    Working on the interior of your living room, you should consider the opinions of all your family members. After all, this room is intended for the good pastime together.