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    The main benefits of indoor water features

    The indoor water features are gradually coming into our houses. They help to create a luxurious and unusual interior where you feel like at the waterfall in the wood. It’s not a secret that the sound of dropping water promotes the practice of meditation and increases its effect. Some specialized companies offer a lot of unusual variants: table streams, rock panels used for the decoration of halls or lobby of establishments.

    This kind of decoration is called aquadesign. There is also a phytodesign, implying the use of plants in the interior decoration. As a rule, the available aquadesign is completed with the suitable plants or trees. The fountains out of artificial stone create an excellent imitation of the natural environment indoors.
    The waterfalls are completed with the special devices, such as above-water and underwater lighting, giving the ensemble some mysterious look. This effect can be also achieved with the help of installed compressors, diffusers, hazes and neon.

    Everybody knows that the water increases the air humidity indoors, which is useful for the human body. The lungs and other respiratory organ require the moisture-laden air. Unfortunately, lately we can observe the increase of asthma and chronic bronchitis. It can be explained by the fact that we almost always sit at the air-conditioner, ventilator, heating radiators and other devices, drying our skin and lungs. And the small stream, as a little part of nature, will bring you comfort and sense of relaxation. Even the wise men think that only the unity with nature can make the person happy.

    The artificial stone, used for the creation of water features, has the following properties:

    • Lightness and mobility: the whole collection of waterfalls can be easily moved to any place. Even woman can easily install this device at home or in the apartment;
    • It is absolutely safe both for the human and for the indoor plants and domestic animals;
    • All the color shades imitate the natural rocks. They experts reproduce the authentic colors in their creation, which makes the artificial stone close to the natural;
    • Light- and water-resistance: all the available models can be in the water medium, and be exposed to the sunlight of any intensity;
    • Reliability and firmness.
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    Small indoor fountains as a part of interior design

    Indoor fountains, designed for different interiors, may be very different in appearance, size and material from which they are made. They are made out of stone, metal, ceramic or even wood. Gift shops, including those that sell indoor plants may offer floor, wall and desktop versions of these products.

    So-called ceiling fountains are relatively rare. In this case, water flows from the plafond attached to the ceiling and goes into a special receiver on the floor. When this happens the water column is forming. Most often it is made hollow and a sculpture or a tree is put inside of it.

    In other cases, they may look like a tiny river with meandering riverbed, running among the mossy stones that are overgrown with charming indoor ferns. Some of them are lightly jetting upwards, spraying water in a water bowl or gently rolling the stone balls of different sizes. The hollow bamboo tubes, on which water drains, are also an interesting solution for indoor fountain.
    To enhance the effect a variety of colored lights and special tools are often used – diffusers that allow you to create a fog, flowing over a basin of “lake” or “waterfall.” All this gives a shade of romance and mystery to the whole composition.

    Before placing such a structure in the interior, it must be very well thought-out system of waterproofing. This is important to ensure that unexpected dampness or mold would not appear on the walls or floor of the room. The individual elements of the decor of any fountain also require servicing. For their beauty not to be spoiled by excessively overgrown algae, moss and accumulated silt there is a need of regular cleaning of these parts.

    The basis of the indoor fountain is an electrical pump. Its task is to raise the water to the sufficient for the product operation height. As with any other similar equipment, it will require an electrical power outlet that is protected from direct exposure of water.

    Home mini-fountain
    This is the most miniature of indoor fountains. This category includes tabletop fountains. They look like the look of their larger counterparts, can be very different. These may be metal articles whose beauty is geometric purity sharp lines. This interior decoration is perfect for minimalist ‘technology-related’ style, as, for example, high-tech.

    For other styles ceramics will match. The natural color of baked clay, painted with light water coating will be in harmony with the rural style. Color or dark, mottled or monochrome glaze, covering the original terracotta and the original form of clay vessels, allow such a fountain to fit naturally into almost any interior.
    Most miniature fountains do not require special preparation, they can be brought out of the store and just put on the table, plugged in and you can enjoy their beauty.

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    Decorative indoor fountains

    Today we would like to tell you about the decoration of any interior- decorative indoor fountains. For a long time, the view of flowing water has attracted people’s attention. The stream of water humidifies and purifies the air, increases the relative humidity indoors, filling it with small water drops and bringing coolness in hot weather. Many people want to have such a beautiful element of nature. That’s why the decorative fountains will be the natural and useful complement to any interior.

    The basis of the modern decorative fountain composition in the interior is the natural materials, such as stone and wood. They are completed with different ornaments, also made of natural materials. The fountains in Japanese style are especially beautiful, as they are made under the influence of unusually attractive Japanese culture and its historical traditions, connected with the worship of natural beauties. The contemplation of combination of stone, bamboo and originally illuminated flowing water can create the unusual feeling of homely home. Except for the aesthetic attractiveness, decorative fountains can humidify the air indoors.

    The design of indoor decorative fountains in the interior changes and develops. The new technologies help to realize the most complicated decisions. The indoor decorative fountain will complement the modern classic interior perfectly. Besides, it will give the originality and author’s style to the design of your room. You can choose the fountain out of natural or artificial stone, shale or ceramics.

    There are fountains of different forms and outlines. For example, the ceramic fountains are made in the form of cup or vase, with the water container located at its base. Traditionally, the fountains are round-shaped, decorated with real flowers or sculpture compositions. There are also small table fountains, made of ceramics, plastic or acrylic plastic.

    Technically, most of indoor fountains are made according to the standard scheme. Their main components are water reservoir and powerful pump, providing its circulation. The modern fountains are often equipped with filter for the prevention of pump contamination.
    The decorative indoor fountain will be the real decoration of any house. It will literally infuse a fresh spirit into the home interior.

  • Pools

    The advantages of indoor swimming pool

    A lot of house-owners dream to splash in their own swimming pool.

    But what must you find out before the installation of indoor pool?

    It’s a quite extravagant and bold step to equip your house with a small indoor pool. However, it will take a lot of time and money. Some people build small indoor swimming-pools instead of buying a country house with the in-built ones.

    In general, it’s quite profitable. You won’t have to waste your time to get to the cottage or country house with the swimming-pool. It’s also excellent year-round children’s entertainment and comfortable fitness variant.

    But don’t haste to buy this wonder. Firstly, it’s necessary to find out enough information and think things over. Of course, money is the man problem. But if there is no such a problem, you won’t face any difficulty. Don’t employ the first company comes across. Find a few of them and choose the best and the most suitable one. Inquire about its’ popularity, customers’ confidence, insurance and license. After solving all the financial problems, start to think about the pool itself. Definitely, it will act as the means of entertainment and fun. However, not any design can match every accommodation. Don’t forget to ask how long it will take to install the indoor pool in your house.

    Materials used

    The most common materials used for the building of indoor pool are: concrete, aluminum and glass fiber.
    Concrete is a firm and durable material. It is also the most common material used for the building of indoor pool.
    Aluminum is not so popular material as concrete. It is not so often used or the building of swimming-pool, but it’s also an option.

    Many people may like your indoor swimming-pool. It can get a perfect place for friends’ and family gatherings. It can be a part of amusements and entertainments. Besides, swimming removes the pain in the joints and has a positive effect on your health.