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    Home interior decorations with your own hands

    The hand-made interior ideas are actual not only at the final stage of repair. Sometimes you and your design need shake-up and a current of fresh air. At least once a season we want to reverse our home interior. But sometimes it doesn’t go further than counting the costs and time expenses, as the resulted numbers are frightening.

    Perhaps, you face with more difficult problem- the decoration of rented apartment. In this case you can’t afford to make the desired repair. You have to content with very little. However, it is necessary to turn the temporary home into the house of your dreams, at least in small things. The decoration made with your own hands will allow you not to feel remorse for the wasted money. Besides, you can adapt such décor to the design of the concrete house.
    Do-it-yourself decorating will certainly awake your creative abilities.
    “Rest with taste”

    Hand made hammock
    Hand made hammock

    Hand-made hammock
    Hammock is one of the most hedonistic accessories. It’s the thing, associated with the vacation, travel and country rest. It promises the leisure and relaxing pastime that you can afford on workdays. It can seem crazy to settle the hammock in your home. But if your apartment is designed in the Mediterranean, oriental or Boho-style, it will be just perfect.

    The soft pouffes
    The soft pouffes

    “The soft pouffes”
    Another cozy accessory is the soft pouffe. It is quickly to sew and easy to combine with the whole interior. Besides, it is very easy to use. The pouffes can be used for different purposes: for storing things, as a chair or bed for the cat or dog. For a start, try to sew the simplest pouffe. Perhaps, in future you’ll complete your collection.

    Map wallpaper
    Map wallpaper

    Decorating your wall with the map is an interesting but not very original decision. But what if the map will occupy the whole wall? Find the proper photo wallpaper and start to work! The tip for the fans of interior extreme: if the wallpaper looks too bright and contemporary, and you want to achieve the effect of antiquity or retro style, cover the wallpaper with the layer of white or yellowish paint. Perhaps, you’ll need the craquelure varnish, which will cover your wall with the “alligatoring”. The repair won’t be cheap, but your hand-made interior decoration will be really unique!

  • Decor

    Room decorations with your own hands

    Hand-made home decoration

    The home decoration with your own hands isn’t a very difficult task. If you wish, you can transform your house in a very short time. All you need is to show a bit of imagination and make some efforts.

    Before starting to decorate the room, you must formulate the main tasks of décor and get the clear view of the result you want to achieve.
    The easiest way of room decoration is the move of furniture and the purchase of new curtains. In such a way, you’ll renew the room and add it the bright colors. You can also complete the interior of kids’ room or bedroom with the new things.
    For instance, you can buy the new cushions, original floor vases or unusual lamps, hang the pictures or framed photos on the walls, or buy a new flower in a beautiful pot. The original clock can decorate your house as well.

    The home decoration with your own hands

    First of all, the hand-made home decoration represents the wall decoration. For example, the applique patterns on the walls look very original. You can make them out of special stickers or scraps of wallpaper. You can draw any picture on the back side of the wallpaper, then cut it out and stick on the wall. If the room walls are one-color, you can decorate them with the applique pattern in darker or lighter shades.

    The ideas of wall decoration with the photos in beautiful frames seem very interesting. The room walls, decorated with family photos, look more hospitable and cozy.

    You can change the interior of your bedroom or other room in another simple way: using mirrors. Of course, there is a mirror in every room and apartment. But sometimes you only have to put it in the original frame to add zest to the room decoration.
    The walls of the room can be also decorated with the framed textile paintings or embroidery patterns. The textile paintings can be made either out of the fabric cut or of small scraps.

    There are many options of the room decoration. For instance, you can cover the walls with the decorative plaster. It’s very easy to work with such material. Moreover, the decorative plaster is durable. Using it, you can transform the room, creating the original figures or different wall textures.

    If you have never made the home décor with your own hands before, you should start from one object, and then get to more serious work.

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    The handmade silk flowers

    Nowadays the handmade artificial flowers are often used for the decoration of present, elements of interior, clothes and accessories. To make such flowers, people mostly use silk, as this material looks expensive and exquisite.

    Making of beautiful and elegant handmade flowers is a very interesting, exciting and fascinating, but at the same time laborious task. However, those who like to spend spare time making handicrafts will like it.

    The choice of cloth and accessories, the purchase of decorations made of stones, feathers and beads, the coloring of cloth, the treatment of leaves and petals and the following decoration of finished article will involve you so much that you won’t be able to tear away from work even for a minute!

    You can make the silk flower out of the special materials, or use the ordinary instruments, which can be found in the “maintenance kit” of every man.
    – Scissors;
    – Knives of different form;
    – Ruler;
    – Marker;
    – Brass pellet with different working area;
    – Soldering iron;
    – Glue gun.

    In addition the above mentioned materials you’ll require pan, 200 ml of water and 3 tea spoons of gelatin.

    At first, it is necessary to make a solution for silk treatment. Pour 200 ml of water in the pan; add 3 tea spoons of gelatin; mix well and leave it for 20 minutes to brew. After that, heat the mixture on the stove until gelatin dissolves completely.

    After the solution became uniform, put the Japanese silk in it for 3-5 minutes. The cloth must become soaked with the solution, and only then you can extract it. It’s strictly forbidden to squeeze it out.

    When the cloth is completely dry, you can start to make a flower. You must cut the required quantity of petals and leaves, from the silk soaked with solution. Construct it after the model.

    After that, you must carefully singe the edges of all petals with the help of candle. Then use the brass pellets to create the necessary curve. When all the elements are ready, make a flower with the help of needle, thread and glue gun.

    The handmade silk flowers will be the best present.