• Outdoor

    The most original ideas for the decoration of the garden

    Certainly, the well-groomed garden with fruit plantations, vegetable garden, flower-pots and flower gardens is beautiful. But there are plenty of such gardens, and probably you want to have your own heavenly spot, reflecting your inner world and individuality.

    The original garden design will help you to show yourself, fill the garden with hearfulness and warmth and pleasantly surprise the guests with unexpected discovery. Everybody has its own idea of beauty. Nobody knows better than you how the garden of your dream must look like. But the interesting ideas are never out of place. There are more than enough unusually beautiful design solutions for the garden decoration. You can realize them, using modest (or not) means, a fair amount of imagination, good head upon your shoulders, skillful fingers, sense of proportion and taste, some free time and a lot of patience.

    Garden mosaics, made of multicolored stones, smalt and ceramic tile

    The designers widely use mosaics for the decoration of garden, cottage and country-house plots. It is able to transform and brighten up even the dullest corner. You can use mosaics for paving, original décor of the bottom of the pool or artificial pond, and for the upgrade of flowerpots and flower gardens. The change of colors, forms and textures always attracts attention. Mosaics will decorate your garden-plot even in winter, when the most parts of green décor will be gone. You can use different materials to add the mosaic notes to the garden design: ceramics, pebbles, glass, smalt, metal, wood, sea shells… The unexpected choice of materials and the variety of images allows mosaics to be always bright and unique.

    Luminescent and vintage flower-pots

    The street and portable garden flowerpots are used for the cultivation of plants with heightened sensibility to the composition and type of the soil. In addition, they represent an excellent decorative element, introducing extravagance, special charm and fascination into the garden environment. The forms and colors of flowerpots must match the general style solution of the garden. It helps to add some aesthetic perfection to the garden, combining all the elements of décor into a single whole.

    The illuminated flowerpots have appeared on sale just recently, but they managed to attract a lot of attention. The illuminated flowerpots are the perfect decision for the creation of fairy-tale atmosphere in your garden during the hours of darkness.
    Show your imagination, and you’ll become the fortunate possessor of genuine garden exclusive!

  • Plants

    The decorative effect of Viburnum tinus

    Snowball tree (or Viburnum opulus) is familiar to all. Hearing the word “snowball tree”, many people imagine the bush with healing red berries, ripening in autumn.

    The decorative form of snowball tree, noticeable for its snow-white globe-shaped inflorescences, is quite widespread in the gardens and parks.

    The appearance of Viburnum tinus differs greatly from that of the well-known Viburnum opulus, although botanically they are the closest relatives.

    The decorative peculiarities of Viburnum opulus

    Viburnum tinus is the evergreen bush from the Mediterranean countries, growing to 3-4 m under favorable conditions. This plant is used for planting of greenery in the gardens and streets.

    The coriaceous oval elongated leaves of Viburnum tinus (up to 12 cm long) slightly resemble Grecian laurel (Laurus nobilis).

    The Viburnum tinus isn’t very frost-resistant (it can withstand up to 10 degrees of frost). Nevertheless, even in the hardest winters, the leaves and suckers of Viburnum tinus don’t get frost-bitten. Only its flowers suffer: they fade even with the slightest frost. The ovaries are much more resistant to the low temperatures and can withstand up to 5 degrees of frost.

    Viburnum tinus has small flowers, gathered in the corymbose blossom clusters at the ends of suckers. Its elegant white or pinkish flowers with long stamens flower in any season. As a result, this plant species belong to the winter- blooming snowball trees. Only severe drought or frost can prevent Viburnum tinus from flowering. But under the favorable conditions, its flowering renews.

    The fruits of Viburnum tinus mature in large quantities from August till November. They are very smart and visible from afar- bright blue with metal shimmer.

    The bushes of Viburnum tinus are almost always covered with flowers and ripe fruits, adding this plant high decorative effect.

    Viburnum tinus is very sun-loving and doesn’t like shading. So, it is necessary to locate it in a good light.

    Viburnum tinus can be used in the planting of greenery as an individual plant. It also serves as a hedgerow, and is used for the creation of flower compositions in the background of the garden.

  • Decor

    The handmade silk flowers

    Nowadays the handmade artificial flowers are often used for the decoration of present, elements of interior, clothes and accessories. To make such flowers, people mostly use silk, as this material looks expensive and exquisite.

    Making of beautiful and elegant handmade flowers is a very interesting, exciting and fascinating, but at the same time laborious task. However, those who like to spend spare time making handicrafts will like it.

    The choice of cloth and accessories, the purchase of decorations made of stones, feathers and beads, the coloring of cloth, the treatment of leaves and petals and the following decoration of finished article will involve you so much that you won’t be able to tear away from work even for a minute!

    You can make the silk flower out of the special materials, or use the ordinary instruments, which can be found in the “maintenance kit” of every man.
    – Scissors;
    – Knives of different form;
    – Ruler;
    – Marker;
    – Brass pellet with different working area;
    – Soldering iron;
    – Glue gun.

    In addition the above mentioned materials you’ll require pan, 200 ml of water and 3 tea spoons of gelatin.

    At first, it is necessary to make a solution for silk treatment. Pour 200 ml of water in the pan; add 3 tea spoons of gelatin; mix well and leave it for 20 minutes to brew. After that, heat the mixture on the stove until gelatin dissolves completely.

    After the solution became uniform, put the Japanese silk in it for 3-5 minutes. The cloth must become soaked with the solution, and only then you can extract it. It’s strictly forbidden to squeeze it out.

    When the cloth is completely dry, you can start to make a flower. You must cut the required quantity of petals and leaves, from the silk soaked with solution. Construct it after the model.

    After that, you must carefully singe the edges of all petals with the help of candle. Then use the brass pellets to create the necessary curve. When all the elements are ready, make a flower with the help of needle, thread and glue gun.

    The handmade silk flowers will be the best present.

  • Plants

    How to let sprout annual flowers

    The ripening of hedgehogs

    1. The hedgehogs grow to their maximal size in a month. The size of hedgehog depends on the quantity of seeds, contained inside, and the genetical inheritance from parents.
    2. Let the hedgehog ripen and dry on the pistillate parent.
    3. After the hedgehog has dried completely, remove it from the pistillate parent and keep it in a dry warm place for several days.
    After drying, you can sow the seeds at once or place them in storage. If you’re going to sow them after a while, store them in the hedgehog. Place the hedgehog into the container or small bottle. Don’t forget to mark the date.

    Seed germination

    1. The seeds need closed container with high humidity for germinating. For this purpose, you can use transparent plastic food container. If necessary, you can use elastic to fasten two parts of container. It is also possible to use other transparent closed containers for germinating.
    2. You can make the compound for germinating, using different materials. For example, the small fraction of vermiculite with the addition of pearlite is advisable. You can also use your favorite compound for germinating of leaf cutting. The main thing is that it doesn’t contain too large particles, able to block the growth of seedlings.
    3. It is desirable to sterilize the substrate for germinating, to eliminate the possibility of fungus diseases.
    4. Open the hedgehog over a small sheet of paper, where you pre-laid the fold.
    5. The viable seeds are small. They’re black and shining by sight. The seeds of light brown or dull color come up very rarely.
    6. Sow the seeds evenly over the substrate surface with the help of paper fold. The addition of a small amount of sand will prevent the thickened sowing.
    7. Moisten the seeds carefully by spraying. The excessive moistening stimulates the growth of seaweed, stifling the sowings.
    8. Make sure that you marked the container. You should indicate the origin of seeds and the date of sowing.
    9. Place the container under the bright light. The bottom heating also promotes the fast germinating. For this purpose, you must place the hedgehog on the shelf over the lamp, lighting the underlying shelf of the rack.
    10. The growths of the viable seeds appear on the 7-28 day after the sowing, but some seeds need more time.

  • Decor

    From the history of artificial flowers

    Artificial flowers are the element of decoration, representing the flowers made of different materials- paper, glass, plastic, etc.

    As it is known, flowers are the best decoration for the room. They add it inimitable charm, complete and revive it, reproduce the atmosphere of nature and promote relaxation. Unfortunately, the beauty of natural flowers is ephemeral. That’s why people always thought about the creation of artificial flowers. According to the archaeologists’ research, the first artificial flowers appeared in Egypt long before the Common Era. They were used for the decoration of the houses, haircuts and dresses. People sacrificed artificial flowers to the gods and covered the tombs of Pharaohs with them. In Ancient China the artificial flowers served as festive decorations together with the famous lanterns. Later on, the residents of ancient Greece and Rome also mastered this art.

    But only many years later, in the middle of the 20th century, with the advent of the new technologies and materials, the manufacture of artificial flowers came to a higher level- the flowers became not only more qualitative but also affordable to anyone.

    The process of their making is a laborious task, requiring a lot of skills and knowledge.

    The naturalness of material and plainness of style combine with the infinity of human imagination.

    In our time, the artificial flowers acquired a great importance, as they have a lot advantages over the natural ones: you don’t need to transplant them, cut the dry leaves, fertilize, treat and water them- they always look well and don’t require great effort for their maintenance.

    You can easily go on a long business trip. You won’t have to worry that your plants will fade without care. In addition, sometimes it is impossible to grow natural flowers because of the peculiarities of accommodation (if it’s too dark, dry, hot, or has the smell of stale smoke).

    The artificial flowers are indispensable as the decoration of shopping centers, hotels, café bars, restaurants and other public establishments.

    They’re also widely used by the arrangement of holidays and celebrations. For example, at weddings the cars of newly-weds are decorated with flower garlands or compositions. Real flowers are rarely used for this purpose, as at the time of driving the wind can break their fragile stems. But the artificial flowers will keep their beauty.

    The artificial flowers can be also used for the decoration of your house.