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    Home interior decorations with your own hands

    The hand-made interior ideas are actual not only at the final stage of repair. Sometimes you and your design need shake-up and a current of fresh air. At least once a season we want to reverse our home interior. But sometimes it doesn’t go further than counting the costs and time expenses, as the resulted numbers are frightening.

    Perhaps, you face with more difficult problem- the decoration of rented apartment. In this case you can’t afford to make the desired repair. You have to content with very little. However, it is necessary to turn the temporary home into the house of your dreams, at least in small things. The decoration made with your own hands will allow you not to feel remorse for the wasted money. Besides, you can adapt such décor to the design of the concrete house.
    Do-it-yourself decorating will certainly awake your creative abilities.
    “Rest with taste”

    Hand made hammock
    Hand made hammock

    Hand-made hammock
    Hammock is one of the most hedonistic accessories. It’s the thing, associated with the vacation, travel and country rest. It promises the leisure and relaxing pastime that you can afford on workdays. It can seem crazy to settle the hammock in your home. But if your apartment is designed in the Mediterranean, oriental or Boho-style, it will be just perfect.

    The soft pouffes
    The soft pouffes

    “The soft pouffes”
    Another cozy accessory is the soft pouffe. It is quickly to sew and easy to combine with the whole interior. Besides, it is very easy to use. The pouffes can be used for different purposes: for storing things, as a chair or bed for the cat or dog. For a start, try to sew the simplest pouffe. Perhaps, in future you’ll complete your collection.

    Map wallpaper
    Map wallpaper

    Decorating your wall with the map is an interesting but not very original decision. But what if the map will occupy the whole wall? Find the proper photo wallpaper and start to work! The tip for the fans of interior extreme: if the wallpaper looks too bright and contemporary, and you want to achieve the effect of antiquity or retro style, cover the wallpaper with the layer of white or yellowish paint. Perhaps, you’ll need the craquelure varnish, which will cover your wall with the “alligatoring”. The repair won’t be cheap, but your hand-made interior decoration will be really unique!

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    The ideas of DIY design

    If you’re going to make a general repair, you should choose the most optimal ideas for the design of your apartment. It is very important that you imagine the result of the whole repair very clearly. It determines the work planning, the number of necessary building and finishing material, and the time spent on repair.

    Your home is your character

    The design of any apartment or house must reflect the character of its owners. The choice of color score, furniture and lighting- everything must be in tune with your sense of beauty, your mood and style of life. As you furnish your apartment for yourself, you must like it.


    If you think that one or another detail will be suitable, and the textbooks on design tell the opposite- take a risk! Mostly, such design experiments breathe new life to the room, and there is no risk that the interior will look boring and uninteresting.

    The principle of accents

    To make the interior really stylish, you should add it the bright details- so-called “accents”, attracting the attention.

    The principle of free space

    No matter how well thought-out your design will be, it will seem cluttered up if there is no free space in it. That’s why the part of ceiling and walls must keep empty, without the “semantic load”.

    The filling of corners

    The empty corners in the accommodation create the feeling of incompleteness. So, it is better to fill them with the furniture, indoor plants, aquariums, cage for birds- anything blending with the general interior.

    Color scores

    If you can’t match a few details of interior in space, you can combine them with the common color score. It will help you to unite separate article by reducing them in a single system.

    The principle of first impression

    Think in advance, what is the first thing the one sees entering your room or house. If there is an empty wall before one’s eyes- decorate it with the mirror or picture.

    These are only the main rules. However, they’ll help you to create the unique and unforgettable, but at the same time thought-out and comfortable design of your house or apartment.

    Following these rules, as well as your own taste and style, you’ll bring comfort and coziness to your house.

    No matter how good the ideas of room design in the Internet or design magazines are, remember: the main thing is that you and your family feel comfortable here.

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    DIY Craft Room Organization Ideas.

    It turns out there is such job as space organizers or storage consultant, who can quickly decide how to arrange the space of your house, workshop, office or shop. For example, you can make it comfortable, structured and functional. (it reminds of a job of a supermarket merchandiser).

    Such people are familiar with all possible storage systems; they know all the life hacks and, most importantly, like to organize everything.

    Real masters keep a lot of creative materials in their offices. Sometimes, it results in a terrible disorder! So, it’s time to stop accumulating and start using Diy Craft Room Organization Ideas! We will tell you how the creative person can do it.

    1. Adapt the shoe organizer for your purposes.
    The shoe organizers hanging on the door are very comfortable, don’t they? In this case, you can keep there something more than just shoes. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space and won’t be out of place.

    2. Not only for the towels
    Another household item that can be useful is a towel rack, where you can hang your working tools.

    3. Forget about hooks
    Another type of towel racks can be easily converted into the paint shelf.

    4. Use the old wire shelves with the other purpose.
    Do your wire shelves collect the dust? Think about it— they’re perfect to store the paints!

    5. The shelf for spices and little things
    Small details, such as buttons, can be kept in order on the usual kitchen shelf for spices.

    6. No space on the horizontal surfaces? Use the wall!
    You can easily turn the frame or board into the magnetic surface for small metal containers.

    7. Sign the jars.
    The little “tagged boards” will help you to quickly find the place where the things are stored.

    8. More jars!
    You can also use the jars for keeping the yarn, pulling the strings through the lid. It will save the valuable resource from tangling.

    9. Large pin cushion
    You can turn any nice photo frame into the pin cushion. Just wrap the metal sponge in the fabric and put it into this frame!

    10. Velcros are not only for the kid’s shoes
    Do you use many different types of paint and glue at once? Save them on velcros— it is a practical, comfortable and elegant way.

    11. Think about perforated panel
    It is an essential attribute of every workshop. Decorate it to your taste and create your own ideas for storage.

    12. Consider the location of in-built storage spaces
    Isn’t it beautiful? All the necessary equipment is pulled outside in one move. Pretty and practical!

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    How to make home décor with your own hands

    The repair is over, and now it’s time to go on to the last but not the least important stage of home interior decoration- the choice of decorative elements. Of course, you can buy them in the shop- but you must admit that it is much better to make them with your own hands. DIY home décor is especially suitable in the interior which initially intends the presence of hand-made articles. Besides, it will help you to emphasize the originality of home interior design and create the atmosphere of comfort and coziness in your house.

    The techniques of DIY interior decoration

    DIY home décor can be made of almost any material at hand: glass beads, fabric cut, clay, paper or thread. So, you can embroider a beautiful picture, knit an original openwork table-cloth napkin, sew an unusual oven glove, etc.
    The original method of DIY home décor making is patchwork. It’s a creation of original plaids, rugs and pillow-cases out of fabric scraps. You can also try to create some article out of bands. For example, you can collect them in a composition and decorate a cushion or curtains with the unusual patchworks.

    We offer you a pair of interesting master-classes in the creation of DIY home décor. They’ll help you to refresh your furnishing and make your home interior more comfortable and unique.

    DIY home décor: butterflies on the walls

    Of course, the light fluttering butterflies feel the best in the wild. But what if you try to transfer their image to the walls of your own house? It’s an excellent idea! The fluttering butterflies will get not only a beautiful DIY home décor, but also create a romantic atmosphere in your house.

    How to make a panel of fluttering butterflies on the wall? There are two ways: you can buy the ready vinyl stickers in the shop or make them with your own hands out of 1 m of vinyl tape.

    DIY home décor: let’s refresh the chair

    There are chairs in every house. They can be made of plastic, metal, wood or even glass. They can be also new and old. In any case, you can always turn it into an original decorative element, which will be a pearl of your home interior. DIY home decoration will breathe new life into this piece of furniture and brighten your mood.

    You can decorate your home with the help of decoupage technics, then paint them, make an original seat or renovate upholstery.