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    How to choose the best dining room chandelier

    Beautiful and unusual large chandelier is the best design solution for any dining room. It can become a zest, a corner stone on which you’ll base the design of the dining room in your house or apartment.

    The chandelier can make your room really unique and unusual. In this article we’ll try to help you understand the details of choosing a proper and suitable chandelier for any dining room.

    Chandelier is a special kind of lamp, most often consisting of several bulbs, forming a single ensemble. It’s the key difference of chandelier from the other lighting instruments. When you choose the chandelier, you should firstly determine its function in your dining room. It can be the main light source, or play purely decorative role.

    The dining room chandeliers: everything depends on style

    As a rule, choosing the lighting instrument for the dining room, you should be guided by overall room style. So, first of all, the chandelier must blend with the dining room furniture.

    Remember: if your dining room is designed in classic style, give preference to the chandelier with different pendants of colored or transparent glass, or even crystal. The only disadvantage of this chandelier is that it’s not comfortable to wash.

    If your dining room is designed in Provence style, it is best to choose the unusual forged model with bulbs in the form of decorative candles. The chandelier with artificially aged surface in the imitation of silver or bronze will also look appropriate.

    And if your dining room is the example of contemporary styles, such as hi-tech or modern, you can choose a totally unusual chandelier of fanciful form, made of modern and rare materials.

    Nevertheless, the designers advise us not to listen to the fashionable trends, but try to use our own imagination. At that, it’s unnecessary that the chandelier corresponds strictly to the design of your dining room. So, a crystal chandelier can look properly even if your dining room is strictly minimalistic.
    The safe bet is a game of contrasts. So, the lamp with classic forms made of the most modern material will look unusual and fashionable. It’s very functional and can easily help you to achieve the desired effect.

  • Furniture

    The main advantages of dining furniture sets

    You can buy the dining furniture either separately or in sets. If you don’t want to waste your time on the choice of each particular piece of dining furniture, you can buy a dining furniture set.

    The dining furniture sets, including tables and chairs, represent the complex solution of furniture interior of your kitchen, dining room or living room. The dining furniture set usually includes table and chair. But if you have a big family you can buy the most different options of complete set, such as: a table and 2,4,6,8 or even 12 chairs. The dining furniture set is very comfortable to use. It can complete the finished room design or emphasize the style and functional purpose of the new decoration.

    The set of dining tables and chairs is one of the best blanket proposals from the manufacturers of living room, dining room and kitchen furniture. The dining tables and chairs takes us back to the time of our childhood, when we used to gather round the table, ate the grandmother’s dishes and discussed the events of day gone. One of the best options for the large kitchen is the design of part of the room as a spacious dining room. After that you can equip this room with the dining furniture sets. Assign enough space to seat all your guests.

    The modern technologies allow manufacturing a set of dining tables and chairs not only of traditional wood. More and more dining furniture is made of glass, composite materials, rattan, and even hard stone (for table tops). The dining table with set of chair is a right decision, as it can beautifully emphasize the stylistic decoration of the room.

    The broad assortment of dining tables and chairs will help you to choose the optimal option, blending with the room interior.

    The advantages of dining furniture set purchase:

    1. All the pieces of furniture in sets go well together. That’s why you don’t have to puzzle over the perfect combination of table and chairs.
    2. You can imagine the result of your purchase in advance. The photos in different catalogues will help you to choose the most suitable dining set or your kitchen.
    3. A considerable saving of efforts and time. It’s possible to buy a table and chairs in one store. No exhausting search of matching pieces of furniture, etc. Your purchase will be fast and comfortable.
  • Outdoor

    The main equipment of outdoor dining set

    In our time, it is not difficult to arrange a cozy recreation area of any style in your country-house. Large furniture stores offer the garden outdoor dining sets of different styles, prices and manufacturing materials. There is a broad assortment for all tastes.

    The outdoor dining furniture

    The owners of big cottage plots often build a real outdoor kitchen. They provide it with a grill, brazier and even stove. The equipment or an outdoor kitchen usually include: open mounted cabinets and tables with worktop.

    What is the outdoor dining furniture made of?

    It’s possible to create a cozy nook in the country even at a low cost. The most various materials are used for the manufacture of such furniture- from cheap and reasonable to elite.

    The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan is a very popular option. This material doesn’t require special care, as its analogs of the natural rod, but it looks quite decent. The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan fits the country or Provence style.

    The outdoor illuminated furniture is yet uncommon on our garden-plots, but it will look quite harmonious. Not only the chairs but also arm-chairs and tables with illumination became a reality. The outdoor illuminated furniture allows you to match different shades and make your corner for rest original.

    The wooden outdoor dining set is one of the quite expensive options. It includes the forged benches with cushions, arm-chairs, chairs and even chaise-longue. There are wooden dining sets designed in modern style, beautiful arm-chairs and tables of artificially aged design in Provence style, and luxurious tables and long benches in rustic style. Usually this furniture is very heavy. You’ll have to mount it in the beginning of the season, and with the arrival of autumn they must be removed to a dry place.

    The wicker outdoor furniture is the most exquisite and expensive variant. The masters make the most fanciful arm-chairs, chairs, tea tables and complete dining tables out of wicker rod.

    If you want to get exclusive furniture without wasting too much money, you should set out in search of the wooden pallets. The outdoor furniture of pallet has long ago become a real trend in many European countries. The procurement isn’t very expensive, and the paints and skillful hands can make such furniture a real work of art.

  • Furniture

    Basic rules for the choice of small dining table

    The dining table can be beautiful, functional and compact, taking little space in the smallest kitchen. When you choose a perfect table for the small-sized kitchen, put yourself a simple question: what do you need it for? Do you want the table for the solid family dinners or for spots of lunch? How many people will sit at this table every day? Do you like to receive guests or often eat outdoors? The answer will determine a form and size of your kitchen table.

    How to choose a small kitchen table- the advice of designers

    The experts of kitchen furniture advise to stick to some simple rules, choosing the certain model of dining table for small kitchen. The round-shaped table will fit perfectly for a small kitchen. It looks less clumpy and visually relieves the space. It doesn’t have sharp angles, so it is much more comfortable for sitting in a warm company. It makes your kitchen really cozy and homely. A small round table will blend perfectly with any interior. If you choose between a round and square table, the designers advise to give preference to the square model, as it looks more compact.

    An excellent solution for small kitchen is a table-transformer. Mostly, such tables are extended in the middle, and the table area increases with the help of additional panel, put into the resulted space. In such a way, the round table turns into the oval one, and the square table top becomes rectangular. There is another option: the edges of table top are folded on the sides and collapsed if necessary. Such tables are perfect for a small kitchen.

    If you have a small-sized kitchen, you can choose the dining table with elegant legs (for example, of chrome-plated metal). The number of the legs depends on the model. It’s not necessarily that the table has four legs. For example, the round wooden table with a carved leg in the middle or a forged base is suitable for the kitchen in classic style.

    If your kitchen is so tiny, that it’s impossible to find room even for the smallest dining table, try to replace it with the bar counter or folding top-table.

  • Interior items

    Tips for the choice of dining table set

    The kitchen furniture must be practical, comfortable and match the existent interior. This article will help you to choose an efficient and stylish complement to the kitchen design.

    The kinds of dining tables

    Modern designers offer many options of the kitchen furniture. However the main classification of all dining tables remains the difference in the manufacturing material:

    1. The glass models are efficient but unpractical. It is rather a home décor than a functional zone. After all, the glass surface can’t withstand a heavy load. Besides, it’s unresisting to the temperature drops, blows and falls;
    2. Wood is a classic option of kitchen furniture decoration. It’s the best choice for the lovers of naturalness and aesthetics. There is wooden furniture of different styles forms on sale. This material allows you to choose the preferred coloring and construction;
    3. Modern plastic furniture is strong and easy to use. It doesn’t become deformed from the hot tableware. Besides, plastic is easy to wash with chemical detergent and fire-resistant;
    4. The stone models are solid and expensive. They are distinguished by durability and practicality. Such table requires a spacious room, which reduces the field of their application to the private houses and huge apartments.

    What must you take into account, choosing the perfect dining table set?

    To buy the most suitable variant of kitchen furniture, take into account the following factors:

    1. Durability. Pay special attention to the construction of the table, as the most of models include the component parts (drop-down side panels, expanding base). Make sure of the furniture safety, as it determines the durability of product;
    2. The quality of finishing material. The families with small children should choose the set with washable surface so that it is easier to put the tables and chairs in order. The optimal choice is the kitchen set with leather seats;
    3. Comfort. The cheap furniture doesn’t usually provide this quality. There are no special requirements to the table, but the chairs must be firm, adjustable for the height of the table. At best, they should replicate the inflexions of the body, i.e., to be slightly curved.
    4. Size. If your kitchen is small, it is better to buy a compact table and small chair, which can be located under the table for the extension of space

    Thanks to the broad assortment of the kitchen furniture, you’ll certainly find a dining table set of the right size and design at a reasonable price.

  • Furniture

    Different kinds of dining chairs

    Chairs are the furniture, subjected to the maximal load. Of course, it is best to choose the firm and qualitative model of good material. It will cost you more but the furniture will stand the test of time. This article will help you to determine the main selection criteria of the kitchen dining tables.

    The choice of dining chairs and materials

    1. Plastic dining chairs.

      The plastic dining chairs are very light and inexpensive. They are easier to pile up, take out of the room or just move. However, despite all these advantages, keep in mind that the cheap plastic, especially new, has a characteristic smell. It also emits harmful substances at a very high temperature. Moreover, the plastic dining chairs are quite fragile. Surely, plastic is processed with special compositions, promoting its strengthening. But it can crack or split up from a blow or fall.

    2. Glass dining chairs.

      Glass dining chairs with metal frame will blend well with the glass table, not overburdening an overall appearance. The shockproof glass will serve you long. At that, it doesn’t contain any detrimental impurities. Such furniture suite looks beautiful and expensive. You can choose from a broad color spectrum and create the interesting and unusual patterns or whole-colored design. Or else, you can opt for a completely transparent chair. However, it is much more comfortable to sit on a padded chair.

    3. Easy dining chairs.

      Wooden and metal easy dining chairs or arm-chairs are the most comfortable option of the placement at the dining table. It is very comfortable to sit in an easy arm-chair with arm-rests. If the kitchen space and harmony of the overall interior allow it, indulge yourself with an additional comfort at the mealtime.

    4. Metal dining chairs.

      The metal dining chairs match almost any table. As well as the wooden chairs, they can be either rough or soft (with a plastic or wooden seat). The combinations are also possible: one part of frame can be made of metal, and the other- of wood. Metal dining chairs can be adjustable for height and the back or seat position, while the wooden chairs are devoid of such pleasure.

    Thanks to the broad assortment of modern dining chairs, you can easily choose a suitable model to any taste.