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    Two storey house design

    You can make a layout of a private two-storied house by yourself or with the help of professional architects. Combination of these two methods often guarantees the most effective result. It is advisable to begin layout with the creation of an approximate plan for a future residential building. The main internal layout of a two-storied house requires both an individual approach and mandatory involvement of a specialist.

    The plan for building a basement requires no less responsibility than the layout of the main rooms. The presence of a basement helps to reduce the building area and free up additional square meters in the area around the house.

    The basement can have many purposes. It can be used as a cellar, a pantry, a workshop, a boiler room or a place to manage the engineering services that had equipped the house.

    The recommended area of the hallway in a two-storied private house varies from 4 to 6 square meters. Ideally, the room should be separated from other rooms with the help of a corridor. In the hallway, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the owners and guests, allocating the space for hangers and shelves for shoes.

    For the most convenient movement around the Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan Philippines, the corridor from the hallway should lead to the living room. The area of the living room can be from 15 to 30 square meters. Since the living room is a day room, it is desirable to place it completely or at least partially on the sunny side. In order to take care of guests not too far from the living room you should place a bathroom nearby.

    When choosing the design of the bathroom, a separate option is preferred. If the overall layout of the house does not allow this luxury, then you can use a dividing wall between the toilet and the tub. The most suitable place for a bathroom is the shady side of the house.

    Accommodation of the second bathroom on the top floor will perfectly complement the general picture of the two-storied house. To shorten the length of operated pipes, you need to have an additional bathroom directly above the main one.

    The first rule of designing a bedroom plan is the choice of its layout (on the sunny side of the second floor). An excellent choice is to place the room not under direct sunlight – so that the sun does not shine in the eyes too early in the morning. As a rule, the bedroom of a two-storied house occupies 12-20 square meters. At least 2 bedrooms are welcome.

    Kitchen and dining room can be combined and separated. When you combine them we are talking about a total area of 12-16 square meters. If these rooms are subjected to separation, then the spacious kitchen should have about 10 square meters. And about 8 meters for dining room.

    A natural light source is rarely taken into account here. The main factor influencing the development of the layout of kitchen and dining room is the sufficient distance from the bedroom.
    It is better to place the children’s room on the second floor, preferably near the parents’ bedroom, so that the child was under observation. It should take into account its location relatively to the sunny side – sunlight positively affects the mood and health of the child.

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    Features of projects of compact and small houses

    It is not necessary that the modern house should be very large. Experts argue that the space of 28 m2 will be enough for one person for a comfortable life. Typically, projects of small houses are one-storied houses. Although, at the request of the client, you can complete a full second floor or implement an inexpensive project with an attic.

    Projects of small houses are made extremely rationally, because on rather small area it is necessary to place all rooms which will provide comfortable residence of all family. Therefore, the living area is increased to maximum by minimizing the size of technical and subsidiary premises.

    In projects of small-sized houses, space is organized in the same way as in any other project. But there are nuances that are caused by the need to save a useful area.

    Designing the small modern houses, architects minimize the use of internal partitions. Thus, different in their functionality rooms are combined into a single space. For example, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen are grouped into a day area and are separated only visually – with the help of design techniques. The design of a small house allows you to rationally use every square meter of useful area. Thus additional rooms remain isolated.

    Bedrooms of family members, bathrooms, dressing rooms form a night zone and are arranged in such a way to protect maximally the personal space of the house residents from strangers. If the house is two-storied, then the night zone is taken there.

    People try to design household zone, consisting of bathrooms, boiler room and other utility rooms in minimum dimensions.

    To use productively non-residential space, they try to limit the number of corridors and transitions.
    If the house is two-storied, it should contain two bathrooms. In order to reduce costs when installing utilities, they are placed one above the other. In a one-storied house the bathroom is placed so that it has a common riser with a kitchen.

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    Design of a house with three bedrooms.

    Even over the years, the construction of residential buildings in suburban areas has not lost its relevance. Projects of one-storied houses with three bedrooms are designed for comfortable family living, which can consist of 3 or more people. Such a layout is optimal for placing the parents and children under one roof.

    The guarantee of comfortable and convenient housing is not only its design and use of modern technologies, but also the right location and the number of rooms. Nobody will build a house for a large family with one bathroom or a bedroom. You need to think though the personal space of each family member in detail, because it is very important to have a space where you can be alone. In your country cottage you can relax after an exhausting working week and spend time with family or friends and just plunge into a pleasant home atmosphere.

    Kerala Style 3 Bedroom House Plans is convenient because it allows you to arrange all rooms in a small area. If you build a small mansion with an attic, the first floor can be used for utility premises (kitchen, storeroom, office space) and for a spacious living room, and the second floor is a sitting area (bedrooms, library, study). If you prefer the classic one-storied mansions, then it will be logical to place the bedrooms on the south side, in order to fill them with warmth and natural light. Most often people prefer just one-storied houses with three bedrooms because of the convenience of placing all rooms on one level. This layout also allows you to save on the wiring of utilities, because you do not need to think about the location of electrical wiring, water supply and heating, to spend time and money on work and materials.

    One of the rooms, according to the design of a house with three bedrooms, traditionally becomes a parental room, the second one is used as a child room, and the third one is suitable for guests, grandparents or an older child. How wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and enjoy in the rays of the rising sun. Admire the beautiful garden around the house or even have your own access to the courtyard directly from the bedroom. You can decorate the room and slightly expand the space using a pretty bay window, complemented by panoramic windows.
    Such a house will be a comfortable solution for your family and will be able to accommodate every guest with all possible facilities.

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    Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan

    The houses are different – high-rise and one-storied, large and small in area, urban, rural and country houses. But regardless of their size, they should look good both from the outside and inside.
    Recently, houses from ecologically clean materials are getting more popular:

    • Stone;
    • A wooden beam;
    • Forest logging.

    Such materials are unpretentious in maintenance and the most important thing is that they keep heat well and do not require large expenses for heating.

    Developers increasingly use the layouts of two-storied houses for the arrangement of suburban land areas. Buildings of this type can be considered as a golden mean in terms of dimensions, useful areas, type of placement the rooms in the building. Buildings with two floors are considered as classic ones. They assume the traditional type of accommodation facilities with the organization of kitchens and common rooms on the first floor, bedrooms and bathrooms – on the second floor.

    The construction of a cottage with two floors has the following advantages:

    •  Economy of the area of the territory – this issue is especially relevant among owners of small land areas. Thanks to space saving, it becomes possible to install additional facilities for household purposes (a shed for storing firewood, a carport for cars) or for recreation (pavilion, canopy, sauna, summer kitchen, to organize a place with benches and flower beds);
    • Wide opportunities for design solutions affecting the exterior. Using the services of professional designers or architects, you can build an interesting Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan In The Philippines, complete the design of the entire house and garden in the same style or use the same materials;
    • Possibility to diversify the facade and architecture of the cottage with beautiful balconies (as a material for handrails you can use natural stone, wood decorated with carvings, durable glass, metal, supplemented with artistic forging, or apply combinations of these materials);
    • There are more possibilities as for interior design, their decorative improvement.

    Designers recommend using special techniques for visual division of space:

    • Installation of a bar rack;
    • A certain placement of the furniture in the kitchen, as a result of which the kitchen hood with the protruding structure will play the role of a separator;
    • Installation of a floor covering of different type. For example, a tile made of stone or Dutch tile will be appropriate for kitchen, and it is better to cover a floor with laminate in the living room;
    • The use of unusual color solutions when decorating the walls. In addition to this, colors can also be duplicated on the floor.

    In this case, the delimiting element is the cupboard, partially separating the space of the dining room and the kitchen from the living room. It is better if the pieces of furniture have the same or similar color. This will allow you to avoid mistakes in interior design in the living room, kitchen and dining room. You can use accessories to focus on certain areas of the room or individual objects.

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    What should be the house designs plans in Sri Lanka?

    Here are the main qualities of design of the most elite house:

    The use of high-quality and environment-friendly finishing materials. Of course, most of them are expensive, but if you choose them, you don’t have to worry about the health of your house mates and the renovation in the next few years.

    Convenience, comfort and practicality. Successful people are usually very busy. Therefore, they especially appreciate these qualities, as when they come home, they want to relax, feel the warmth of the hearth and spend a good time with their loved ones. It is possible to achieve maximum comfort with the optimal planning, maximally functional furniture and other elements of interior decoration.

    Individuality. It must be everywhere. First of all, you must choose the style for the interior of the whole House Designs. In the pictures you can see the elite house that often have the same style. However, it doesn’t mean all rooms will be the same. Yes, they’re similar, but their decoration can differ in shades, prevailing textures and furniture.

    Originality. Many believe that it’s the same as individuality, and there is some truth in it. However, originality also allows you to surprise and admire the interior. The design must be interesting, creative and bright. Therefore, you can and should use the boldest ideas, experiment and fantasize.

    Functionality and compatibility of all elements of interior decoration. In the elite house, each thing has its own purpose. Even though it looks luxury and seems to be purely decorative, it’s not. Besides, all elements fit together, which is sometimes very difficult to achieve.

    The planning must provide all the house residents with maximum comfort. The prestigious mansion will probably have more than one floor. In this case, it is better to place the bedrooms so that the residents can relax and sleep well at any time. You should place the bathroom on every floor to provide comfort. The common areas can be located at the first level: break rooms, living rooms and kitchen. On the ground floor you can place the gym, technical and utility rooms:

    • garage
    • storage room
    • laundry room
    • boiler room.

    Pay attention to the zoning. You shouldn’t make it apparent, as it allows you to make the space of the House Designs Plans In Sri Lanka light and airy. Where possible, refuse from the doors and make the arched passages. You can also use colors and lighting for zoning.

    To choose the style, many owners of the elite houses seek the professional help. The designer can really help you to choose the direction, taking into account all your wishes. However, you can do it yourself, if you know some important points.

    Most often, the expensive houses are decorated in the discreet classic or luxury, and even a bit fussy style, as their owners are quite wealthy.