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    Generation Iron 3 Trailer provides a unique perspective of international bodybuilding

    This weekend, lots of power sport fans arrived at the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the final contest held last Saturday, Shawn Rhoden was creating history by defeating the sevenfold champion Phil Heath.

    Alongside with the contest, Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network was engaged in creating the trailer for Generation Iron 3, the third part of their grandiose documentary films about bodybuilding. They explain that this movie will be released at the end of the year, but haven’t specified an exact date.

    In the past year, Generation Iron 2 was produced in May, and although it turned out a bit scattered, it did an excellent work in demonstrating how much bodybuilding has altered since its establishment and the countless ways sportsmen earn a living off-stage. Follow the link to read our complete review.

    That leads us to the next trailer of Generation Iron 3. In place of a documentary film on the developing digital landscape of bodybuilding, Generation Iron 3 seems to be concentrated on the growing world landscape, with much time devoted to the sport developing base in India, the Near East and other places.

    The first part of video covers the development of bodybuilding around the world and how the contest is becoming increasingly strict and competitive, while its second part includes quotations and sportsmen we look forward to see.

    So who we will see in Generation Iron 3? YouTube description to the video contains the following information,

    “With the participation of such sportsmen as Regan Grimes, Hadi Choopan and Kai Greene, and performances of such legends as Jay Cutler and Rich Gaspari – Generation Iron 3 broadens its concept with a truly holistic approach to demonstrating the perfect shape.”

    After a second film that that couldn’t reflect the essence of bodybuilding’s development, the third film definitely seems more intensive and outright than its precursor.

  • Kids

    Baby dolls

    Baby Doll is a full functional analog of the famous Baby Born doll by Zapf Creation. This is a perfect baby doll for baby. The main difference from Baby Born (Born Baby) is that Baby Doll eyes are not closed, and no cilia, the rest is absolutely identical to the pear. It is as if the elder brother of Baby Born.

    All CPMP Dolls Baby Doll have the following functions:

    • It drinks from a bottle.
    • It pees in diapers;
    • It eats porridge;
    • It goes potty;
    • It is crying;
    • It moves arms and legs
    • It can take a bath.

    Every set completes with:

    • Baby Doll
    • Plate for cereals
    • Scoop
    • Vial
    • Pacifier
    • Magnetic Nipple
    • Ingredients for cooking porridge
    • Additional cover for bottles
    • Diaper
    • Pot

    “Little Mommy” will be able to feed it, to seat or put it in a doll’s pram, take a walk, bathe, change clothes, play with it, put it on a pot, put to sleep in the bed – that is,to repeat all the steps of her real Mom!

    Such role-playing games are set in the little girl maternal inclinations, from early childhood to help thinking correct and logical, teach kindness, care and patience.

    The doll comes with a pot and accessories:

    a bottle, a bowl, a spoon, a “magic dummy”, diapers, pap

    Baby Doll is made of rubber and plastic. It is not afraid of accidental drops, rain and dust.

    For the operation of the doll does not need batteries!

    1. It is possible to bathe. It’s all clear. BUT !!! Pay attention – the doll is recommended to bathe in the bath in a sitting position in order to avoid water ingress. Keeping it under the water is not desirable! There is no drain valve, as in the Baby Annabelle or Baby Born.
    2. The doll is able to close the eyes by the magic nipples.
    3. The doll can drink. To do this, use only clean water, insert the spout bottle deeper into the doll’s mouth (to open a special drinking valve). Then squeeze the bottle, the doll begins to drink. IMPORTANT! doll should be treated in an upright position, otherwise the water will be immediately in a diaper.
    4. The doll can be fed. To do this, complete with a doll sold packets of pap, which is diluted with cold water. The doll should be fed with a spoon and always lying! It must be remembered that after feeding porridge a doll should be washed with soapy water (it should drink a few bottles and put on a pot) every night, otherwise a doll would be broken!
    5. The doll can “go potty”. It is necessary to put the doll on the pot and flatten the top, so that the doll legs would be pinched by a pot. It’s quite difficult for the kid, so he or she may need help from an adult.
    6. The doll can cry. To do this, click on her right hand. Tears will flow, if the doll was sufficiently watered!
    7. The doll can laugh. Rather squeak. To do this, click on the left hand.
    8. Move the arms and legs. Doll does not move his arms and legs by itself! Only with the help of a person.
  • Sport

    Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 2 demonstrated the need for diversity in boxing

    After reading the heading of the article, you may not understand what it means. All admirers of boxing know that the “Sweet Science” is a type of sport that addresses the disparities between people of all races, beliefs and origins. “Variety is definitely a large part of boxing.” The type of diversity under discussion is based not on ethnic origin, but on the spirit of the both fighters involved as well as their ability to prove themselves in a difficult situation.

    Starting a fisticuff for an average person is generally something emotional. It’s a situation when someone was deceived and is searching for a vengeance. However, for a professional boxer, battle is quite another matter. While a lot of emotions can pervade a fight, like that the sports world was offered in September, the battle is also imbued with a sense of acute danger for both athletes.

    Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez had already sparred before, and therefore both of them know how dangerous the other boxer is. Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin prepared for that fight for several months, and each of them realized that a victory meant more than just getting a title of an unquestionable middleweight champ. To win this match-revenge means to make a mark in history.

    That said, both boxers and their teams knew that if they wanted to ensure the victory then they had to do everything possible and impossible.

    For Alvarez, this implied demonstrating a tougher side, expressing a willingness to do everything to ensure victory. It meant fixing all mistakes he made in the first battle and proving everyone that he could defeat a larger man with a rough style of fighting.

    At the same time, Golovkin had to show that he could be not just the bull in the ring. The aggressive attitude is just not enough to beat such a smart fighter as Alvarez. Golovkin had to demonstrate that he could really win the battle without resorting continuously to pressure forwards. He had to show that he could use other approach in his way to victory.

    It is indeed tragic that in any kind of competitive sport, one athlete will choose the wrong approach and suffer a regrettable defeat despite all having tried so hard.

    However, even though Alvarez was the one who raised his hand in his fight against Golovkin, none of them actually suffered defeat. Alvarez answered a lot of the questions, whether he could battle with a real Mexican style and stay on his feet. He demonstrated that he was able to stand in the center of the ring and control the speed of the battle. Alvarez proved that although he was the smaller man he still had enough power and courage to defeat Golovkin in the ring. At the same time, Golovkin demonstrated that he was as cunning as his opponent, and that he could use not   only his strength, but also his mind.

    Both boxers showed themselves from different sides. They both had their ace in the hole. Both men changes since their first meeting. After all, boxing is not only about showing your skills and knowledge, but also about demonstrating your intelligence. Competitive spirit isn’t just a type of uncertain ideology, but the sparkle inside each athlete’s soul. The last fight showed that both athletes were flexible persons ready to admit their mistakes and find new ways to show they were worthy of being called the best.

    Regardless of the outcome, there were two winners last Saturday. Both Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin won the fight, each in his own way. And as corny as that sounds, boxing enthusiasts got a final victory, watching both men show themselves in the best possible way. It was a horrible, and at the same time wonderful battle.

  • Outdoor

    Stone garden ornaments

    At all times stone garden ornaments were considered as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Stone Balls will look nice on the garden path or an open lawn.

    Stone can be a material for a huge amount of garden sculptures. One has only to find a suitable size, to be smart, to day-dream – and ornaments for the site decoration are ready.

    In recent years, it is becoming a popular painting on rocks. In most cases there are highly realistic images of animals. But you can decorate stones on your own, drawing ladybirds there.

    You have to recognize something individual in the natural material – to paint it in a suitable color – and the image is ready. It can be both ladybugs and owls, rabbits, seals, mushrooms – all that you can think of.

    • Stone, like a tree, perfectly fits into any plant composition.
    • From smooth pebbles using cement-sand mortar you can lay out animal figures and fairy-tale characters.
    • Castle created from small rocks will look beautiful with LED backlight, becoming a truly central focus of the entire garden.

    Pots made of stone are popular too; they can be an excellent alternative to the flowerbeds.
    In order to make a stone garden ornament, you will need a concrete. However, keep in mind that such a figure will be short-lived.
    Sooner or later the concrete loses its perfect shape because of the moisture and temperature extremes. Figures from natural stone are more durable, but making them at home can be difficult. For the manufacture of stone sculptures you can try to use more moisture-and heat-resistant materials than concrete.

    Air monolith sculpture is one of a series of sculptures in which the stainless steel is used to create the effect of a mirage. For this work, a pagan form and airy structure are distinctive features.

    Unfigurate natural stone at the footage and orderly mirror polished stainless steel create an unexpected harmony. Reflecting the outward things, the metal creates a fascinating optical illusion.

    Castle of rocks is giving to the garden solemnity and importance. For its creation you need to find pipes (you should get so much material as much towers you want), stones, broken tiles, cement and 1.5 liter beer bottles.

    First of all, the pipes are concreted, they are the foundation and the supporting structure. The next step is to revet them using a stone and grout, it should be done slowly, and when the wall would reach the alleged windows, is required to prepare a bottle. Windows are made by cutting the latter along in two halves. They are also cemented.

    When it is ready, you can take the beaten tile and start to face the roof. After the main part you can make a fence, and even an arch.

  • Decor

    5×8 bathroom remodel cost in San Diego

    Perhaps, the first and most important thing you should do before you start the renovation of the bathroom is not the choice of collection of ceramic tile, bathroom, toilet or color of a stretch ceiling. This is neither tiling nor the installation of plumbing.

    The real question is how comfortable, practical and ergonomic your future bathroom will be for you and your family. The first thing you should do is to answer this question.

    The thing is that 5 x 8 bathroom remodel is the most significant item of expenditure in the overall budget of the estimates. Usually, bathroom repairs are intended not for 1-5 but for 10-15 years. That’s why it is so important to pay particular attention to the planning of space in the bathroom, so that in future it pleases you for many years and you get aesthetic pleasure from the use of bathroom (instead of feeling uncomfortable).

    So, you should decide where and how the all functional nodes of the room, such as bathroom (or shower cabin), washbasin, toilet, washing machine, socket, rack, etc. will be situated. That is, first you have to consider the whole 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas and think about how to preserve maximum space to make a bathroom comfortable and practical, to prevent the difficulty of access or use of certain objects during the facilities management.

    Complex 5 x 8 bathroom remodel consists of the following steps:

    • The choice of building materials, tile, sanitary ware and fittings
    • Layout and transfer of engineering communications (water meters, filters, sewerage, fan tubes, etc.)
    • Preparation of the basis for fitting the tiles (leveling of walls and floors and giving them perfect geometric shapes). You can read it more about it in the article called “Why to plaster the walls before laying the tile?”
    • Laying the ceramic tile/porcelain stoneware
    • Installation of ceilings
    • Installation of sanitary ware and fittings

    We should say that bathroom is a premise that doesn’t have the most favorable domestic conditions. High humidity, sudden temperature changes and splashes of water — all this imposes certain requirements on the materials used for the remodel and finishing of apartments. After all, such transformations must give not only beautiful but also long-term result.

    As a rule, such premises are finished with ceramic tile resistant to moisture, chemical influence and temperature changes. It is also easy to keep clean and durable, while the selection of colors and forms of this finishing material can meet any demands. The disadvantages of this finishing option include relatively high cost and long laying process, which includes careful preparation of the walls.

    What should you take into account when hiring a brigade and making a remodeling?

    For 5×8 bathroom remodel, you always need a brigade that can perform the work with high quality and in time. Before signing the cooperation agreement, you should pay attention to the following points:

    • realized (finished) projects of this company;
    • existence of contract and types of the services offered;
    • terms and conditions of work.

    Please study 5×8 bathroom remodel cost carefully. After that, it will be clear whether you can afford services of this company, considering the cost of materials. How to determine the adequacy of prices? Very simple.

    Compare the prices of several companies. In this way, you can define the price level on the maintenance market. The quality must correspond to the price.

    Before starting the remodel work, you should devote time to the organizational matters. The end result depends on it. You should participate in the following processes: cost estimation, audit, timing, etc.

  • Kids

    Decoration of kids rooms: design ideas and solutions

    Children’s room is an area of the smallest member of the family, so you need to carefully approach to its design and scenery. It is important to think through every detail:

    Secure bedroom. The best thing would be furniture made of wood – a natural and environmentally friendly material. Note the absence of protruding, sharp parts over that a child might stumble.

    Calm overall tone. Children have an active life outside the home – at school or kindergarten. Therefore, coming home, he or she has to get into a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help to get down his or her excitement and high activity. Experts advise to prefer warm olive, pink and yellow tones and avoid purple and bright red colors.

    Available setting. Surely you want your child to become self-sufficient as soon as possible. All furniture should be arranged so that the little master could reach out everything by himself.

    Many small details. Looking at the small whorls on a carpet or wallpaper, according to experts will help your child to develop his or her imagination.

    As children’s room decoration fresh flowers in pots or drawers can be used. Containers with flowers will look especially beautiful when they are decorated with your own hands: with a cloth, colored paper, beads, tinsel, colored stones, threads or Christmas toys.
    The mirror for the kid. It is worth paying attention to the correct selection of the mirror for the baby. Here we must take into account the area, age, and other details. By the way, psychologists say that a child becomes a person when starts to recognize himself or herself in a mirror.

    Wall design can be accomplished in several ways: painted walls, colorful wallpapers (homogeneous ones or combination of two or more kinds of wallpapers), stickers, wallpapers, white crayon wall, wall mural, glass photo panel (such décor is appropriate in the room for pretty adult children).

    Boxes for toys can be hidden under a sofa (bed) or be integrated in the furniture or stairs of bunk beds (available on stock models have built-in drawers).

    If you decide to arrange a room in any style, the color scheme will depend on it. For girls such styles will be interesting as stardust, “Princess Castle”, “Enchanted forest”, “Dollhouse”, “Travels and Countries”.

    Boys are interested in such theme rooms as “Adventures”, “Travel”, “Sport”, “Pirates and Treasures”, “Machines”, “Music”, “Researches”, “Robots”, “Nature”.

    Get the child’s the interest with the original and practical things: a wall clock in the form of the wheel or wheels of the motorcycle; dumbbell-alarm clock or runaway alarm clock; boxes for small items as treasure chests, beautiful seashells as bookends.

    And remember: the design of a child’s room is a creative process and always cooperative with the child (ren). This process should bring joy.

  • Sport

    What you should know about the huge changes to the CrossFit Games

    Forget the things you knew about the CrossFit Games, as the world’s most intensive and exhausting sporting event is going to change every aspect of their activity — from the dates of competition to the conditions of participation. The goal is obviously to adjust to the increasing popularity and engagement in CrossFit. We’re witnessing the massive changes in the competition.

    This news was reported by our colleagues at the Morning Chalk, broadly covering the upcoming developments.

    “We intend to reorganize the corporation and the Games themselves and turn the competition into something more stable and assure the globalization of the Games,” Glassman explained to the press. “That’s the road to 150.000 branches and we’re really happy about it.”

    Following are some of the main points:

    • 2019 will be very strange, to put it mildly: As usual, the Open and the Games will occur in February and August, accordingly, but they will be followed immediately by the new Open in October, which will start in October.
    • There are more than 160 nations with a licensed CrossFit branch, and each of them will choose the top sportsman and sportswoman, as well as a team to participate in the CrossFit Games. Besides, a lot of external competitions will get more teams and athletes for the Games, which suggests that about 350 sportsmen will participate in the competition.
    • Fans of FloElite will like the fact that 16 “external competitions” will turn into the official CrossFit-authorized events. Granite Games — broadcasted by FloElite in about one month— and Wodapalooza — broadcasted by FloElite next January — are two of the activities specifically mentioned in the Morning Chalk article as opportunities, together with the Dubai Fitness Championship.

    These modifications are complete and fundamental, and it’s certainly going to take some time to not just process this news but see how that goes over the next year. No matter what happens, witnessing the development of this enterprise is great, and I’m not going to lie: We are just thrilled to see how it will turn out.

  • Sport

    Conor McGregor has softened

    McGregor is going to participate in the greatest battle in UFC history. The boxer defy the invincible lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in the major competition of UFC 229. The huge title fight will take place in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada this October.

    Conor McGregor has become a bit softer

    In contrast to McGregor’s past battles, there is very little in terms of media presentations. There will be no worldwide tour, but solely a media event (September, 20). In his last statement on BJ Penn Radio, Colby Covington expressed his views on the situation:

    “I totally understand his position. He’s currently in Ireland, and it’s a bit difficult to come do promotion in the US. It breaks the person’s workout schedule. You wish to work out a lot, and prepare for the competition. I understand him. It is a quite difficult to travel across the world you try to lose weight and want to get your best shape back. But I have to admit that he’s become a bit softer in recent years. He’s dealing with cocaine, and spends a lot of time with his whores. He’s just a small dwarf who’s becoming a bit softer, so I totally get it why he doesn’t want to take part in the promotion.”

    Apart from some posts on Instagram and workout videos, McGregor hasn’t made any comments on the UFC 229 bout. We’ll eager to see what will come out during the NYC press-conference.

    What’s your opinion on Conor McGregor’s attitude to the media before UFC 229?

  • mini cooper tuning

    Ordinary and extravagant examples of Mini Cooper tuning

    Mini Cooper tuning

    Since the appearance on the market of the new MINI has been out of a competition by the attention not only the public, but also representatives of tuning companies. Variations that are “smartening up” its appearance, now are countless. But if many buyers of the new MINI want extravagant “chips” for the exterior, also there is a large part of customers who cannot put up with mediocre (artificially low by the manufacturer) dynamic and running characteristics of this “baby”, including its top variants . Dozens of tuningers have joined the competition: who will “pump up” more horse powers from a small motor, who will offer the most aggressive exterior? And as long as we are talking about records, the German company Hamann is again in front of all!

    The well-known German tuning company Hamann presented a complete program of Mini cars improvements. Moreover, it is worth noting that Hamann proposals are designed for all versions of this model, including diesel.

    Diesel car Mini One Diesel after Hamann improvements gets additional 25 horse powers – from zero to hundred kilometers per hour now it will be able to accelerate for 13 seconds. The same petrol Mini One gets an increase of 30 horsepower: in the end the power of its engine increased to 120 hp. Mini Cooper adds 13 horsepower – from 115 to 125 forces.

    mini cooper tuning

    To top version Mini Cooper S Hamann studio offers two tuning packages. The first of these increases engine output to 195 horsepower, while the second, which is called Hamann CS4 Sportkit is ‘pumped up’ to 211 horsepower. As a result, the latest version can accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 6.6 seconds and its top speed is 229 kilometers per hour.

    In addition to the modifications of the engine, the German company traditionally offers its customers a suspension upgrades – the installation of new dampers and shorter and rigid springs, as well as new brakes and a body kit. Finally, Hamann tuning program also includes a set of new wheels of 17 or 18 inches to choose from, and a set of accessories for interior trim.

    It remains the subject of worship until now. Fans of Mini organize runs, races and other events dedicated to the small machine. And, of course, it cannot be done without tuning. Typically, tuning means powerful engines, beautiful alloy wheels, tinted windows and a circle-wise spoiler. Student at Queen’s University of Art and Design in London, being an artist not only a profession, but also in the soul, came to this case alternatively. He literally sewed clothes for his car – stylish denim suit in particular. Levi`s pockets with labels on doors and zipper running along the bonnet look especially touching. Mini jeans are not only beautiful, but also practical. Now the car definitely will not freeze in winter, and in summer its paint will not fade in the sun.

  • Decor

    Bathroom remodeling Сalculator in San Diego

    Let’s assume that you decided to fulfill your long-awaited dream and remodel your bathroom. Before getting to work, you must plan all possible calculations and study the existing options of finishing the walls, floor and ceiling and choose optimal sanitary ware.
    So, you decided to use bathroom remodel calculator of the cost of repair. Where to start? Decide whether you will do the work on your own or entrust it to the workers.

    Note! If you decided to rely on the workers, you should remember that hiring the free builders is cheaper than professional crew. However, the latter option ensures the availability of warranty on the work performed, and in case of certain unforeseen situations, you will be able to make a repair for free.

    Next important part of the expenses is a purchase of building and finishing materials. Today, you can calculate the repair by the amount of material using a simple online calculator of bathroom renovation.

    Tip! By using bathroom remodel cost calculator, you can save time and avoid miscalculations.

    Example of bathroom remodel calculator

    You will need:

    • measure all the linear sizes of the room (length, width and height) with centimeter-level accuracy;
    • make a drawing of floor, walls and ceiling in scale;
    • choose materials for the floor, walls and ceiling;
    • clarify the sale option of the chosen material (apiece or in packages, volume of packages);
    • bathroom remodel cost estimate calculator will help to find out the amount of material by comparing the size of materials and surface area;
    • after consulting the professional builder, calculate the required amount of binders and fasteners;
    • use bathroom remodel calculator to determine the amount of cash, required for the purchase of all materials; in this case, the price in hardware stores or markets will serve as a point of reference.

    Bathroom remodel calculator of funds

    Everyone knows that remodeling is expensive. Often, having determined with the collection of ceramic tile, plastic, sanitary equipment and count the cost for bathroom remodel calculator of the necessary budget, the user understands that he/she can’t afford the chosen option of bathroom renovation at the moment. What can be advised in such situation? There are several options:

    • refuse from the chosen expensive option and use its cheaper analog; for example, instead of tile, you can face the walls with plastic panels, cover the floor with linoleum and paint the ceiling;
    • don’t abandon the your favorite collection and realize a phased renovation of the bathroom;
    • in the first year, you can buy all materials from the same batch (except tile adhesive, prime and other materials that have a short shelf life), and for next year — buy and install the sanitary ware;
    • a number of construction companies, working with the banking partners, offer to pay the repair in installments (you get the turn-key bathroom and pay for the service provided during the year).

    Thus, this article demonstrates that the main document, without which it is impossible to calculate the repair of bathroom, is an estimate. Only it can give an idea of how much does a bathroom remodel cost and prevent the unreasonable expenses and define the required amount of material.

    Well-planned construction estimate is a guarantee of optimal expenditure. If you decided to realize your idea of bathroom renovation with the help of bathroom remodel budget calculator and professional builders, your main task is to carefully study the estimate, provided by the executing agent, or preferably develop it on your own or collectively.

  • Sport

    Japanese star Kid Yamamoto died

    Yamamoto had just reported at the end of last month that he was suffering from cancer. Strong spirit of Yamamoto made him use all his energy to battle the disease. Moreover, he wished to come back to MMA if he could win the greatest battle of his life. Unfortunately, the star lost that fight.

    Kid Yamamoto was born in 1977 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Few would have imagined that Norifumi Yamamoto would turn into a legend of MMA. But this is precisely what occurred and the Japanese mixed martial arts scene has become even due his success. The man who would soon be known under the pseudonym Kid Yamamoto his career in the mixed martial arts at the beginning of 2000s, after defeating Masato Shiozawa.

    Yamamoto had to enter lightweight section of K-1 and its parent enterprise Hero’s. At 5’4, Yamamoto was obviously short for the section. However, he made it to be the 2005 Hero’s Middleweight (75 kg) Grand Prix winner. It is impossible to forget the amazing 4-second knockout that Yamamoto brought to Kazuyuki Miyata in spring 2006.

    Following is a condolence on the death of Yamamoto from the official Twitter account of KRAZY BEE:

    “Yamamoto Kid (41) to all those who supported Yamamoto Kid, he died today on September 18th. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the fans.
    Moreover, I ask you to abstain from interviewing the Yamamoto family and friends for a while.

    We all offer our condolences to the relatives and friends of Kid Yamamoto.

  • Interior items

    Shaw carpet

    Soft fluffy “clothing”, in which the floors are dressed, covers the territory of all rooms in the home, office, hotels called the shaw carpet, and everywhere because of its presence everything becomes warm and cozy.

    Mankind has long been aware of carpeting, and if once they were considered a luxury, today they have become available to almost everyone. Rolls of shaw carpet (fitted carpet) with a variety of drawings or finished plots, purchased recently quite widespread. Its immense popularity was earned thanks to its practicality, ease of installation and affordable price.

    Basis in the carpet can be a single-layer and double-layer. In the first case it is a dense fabric with synthetic woven fiber cloth. If you look at the second option in the context, one thing can be clearly identified: the pile, fixing the layer, a primary and a secondary basis.

    Undoubtedly, because of the coverage room atmosphere becomes cozy and warm, it is a good sound insulator, and it is quickly laid. It is made on the artificial basis and it is quite affordable. It does not react to changes in humidity, temperature and the quality of its fundamentals does not impose any special requirements.

    Carpet fits almost any room, except ones with high humidity and dampness.

    The layer of air between the ground and carpet pile perfectly retains heat, heating the floor in the cold winter days.

    All of this, undoubtedly, is talking about its benefits. But nothing in the world is perfect, and the shaw carpet has its small flaws, such as operational impracticality, allergic reactions that can provoke some of its types.

    This is the oldest method for carpets producing, a long and complicated process, and the technology which is used in the production of the famous persian carpets. Its footing is jute and on it as on the mantle, twisting one-color or multicolored yarn, ties are knotted (then their ends are trimmed). The quality of the product is excellent. However, it has a high price, but in fact it is made entirely of natural materials.

    At the tafting (tufted) method of manufacturing a needle with yarn is output through the pile footage. The hinges on the front side are left with pre-set height. They can be cut from the inside and secure basis with a special material (a secondary basis).

    This natural material guarantees safety and environmental friendliness. However, long-term operation of carpet on this basis leads to abrasion and destruction of jute fibers and primer coat. The base when moisturing starts to rot, shrinkage is possible.