• Restaurant

    Ceramic knives

    There are only two kinds of ceramic knives: made from white or black ceramic. That said a blade produced from black ceramic material is notable for high strength and wear resistance. It is clear that its price will be higher than its competitors, but made of white ceramic.

    Cons of ceramic knives:

    The main drawback of the material from which they are made, which is zirconium oxide as odd as it may seem is the reverse side of all the advantages of this material. The harder and more reliable is the material that accordingly it is less flexible.

    Next negative point is connected with hardness of zirconium oxide too. You will not be able to sharpen the blade with your usual whetstone.

    Earlier, at the beginnings of sales, ceramic sharpening has not been recommended at home. Now, when technologies moved forward, there are special diamond-coated sharpeners, which can be purchased in the store and you can sharpen the knife at home by yourself.

    Ceramic knives are not very convenient to use when you decide to cut pretty large products.

    Ceramic knives are not meant to chop any kind of bones, to crack nuts, or cut hard, frozen food that you have just removed from the freezer or refrigerator.

    As the material from which they are made is very hard, these procedures may damage your knife. What they can cut without fear, that is any fruits, vegetables, bread, fresh (and not frozen) meat or fish, different kinds of cheese and sausages. Also it is not necessary to cut with the ceramic knife on a glass cutting board and storing it with other blades is also not recommended.

    Pros of ceramic knives:

    Ceramic material of the blade will never change the taste, smell or appearance of the food. What does it mean? The hardness of the blade is such that it is completely impermeable to oils, acids, juices (some of which are quite aggressive), salt, and any other ingredients that we deal with in cooking.

    Ceramic blades are much sharper than usual ones. Zirconium oxide, again because of its hardness and fine crystalline structure allows the blade to sharpen the blade to the scape of microscopic precision.

    If you strictly follow the rules of operation, such blades will serve you for several years without raking and scratches on their blades.
    Ceramic knives are rustless, because these blades will never rust and will not change its natural state.

    The blades of ceramic are twice as lighter than similar products made of other materials. This knife does not load your hand at work, which makes it possible to use it for a sufficiently large amount of time and work in the kitchen.

    Comfortable and ergonomic handles are able to provide precise control over your movements. Blade perfectly fits the hand, and using it just a pleasure.

    Also it is a sufficient ease of maintenance. The surface is smooth and perfectly polished, which does not allow bacteria to reproduce themselves.

  • Kids

    Barbie dolls

    The history of the brand begins with the creation of Barbie toy of the same name. Today almost everyone knows leggy blonde doll. This is not surprising. After all, it is the most successful doll in the history of toys. Barbie belongs to Mattel company – almost the largest toy manufacturer in the world. Products of this company are imported at least to 150 countries, in addition to the Barbie and there are also quite popular toys such as Batman, Superman and Harry Potter, which are produced under a contract with Warner Brothers.

    The very same Barbie doll, despite its eternal youth, has already reached 46 years of age. It was created by Ruth Handler (USA), who along with her husband Elliot in 1945 opened the Mattel company, the original purpose of which was the production of moldings for pictures.

    The idea of creating this doll came up with Ruth, after she noticed that her daughter Barbara is reluctantly playing with paper dolls, imitating adults in particular. A little thought, Ruth decided to release a toy with which the girls could fully “play in adults.” At the basis of the famous doll there was Lily, a character of the German comic. a femme fatale with a wasp waist and long blond hair. She fell in love with a very young buyers and quickly gained popularity. Named after Handler’s daughter Barbara, Barbie doll as soon spawned a great mania that the company hardly had enough time to produce new items to meet the most incredible demand.

    Barbie is always responsive to changes and trends of the era, skillfully adapting to them. Changed hairstyles and hair color, the proportions of the dolls bodies altered. Mattel company released Barbie series of different nationalities in the ethnic costumes of the concerned countries.

    Doll also acted as the most famous females of the century, just as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. When the struggle for gender equality has started, Barbie could not but make a career in various fields, and therefore turned into a teacher, a doctor, a flight attendant, and even firefighter.

    After the changing a lot of clothes, houses, cars and pets, Barbie doll has got in the end in Guinness Book of Records, and became the exhibits of the Madame Tussauds museum. Despite the ongoing attacks and accusations in a negative impact on the child’s psyche (the girls go on a diet to somehow match the fictional image), Barbie, and to this day remains one of the most popular dolls in the world. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, this blonde beauty represents something what it wants to be a girl when she grows up. Secondly, the Mattel company took a very correct marketing strategy, gradually expanding the Barbie world, adding there more characters and a variety of subjects and thus consistently fueling the buyers’ enthusiasm.

  • Interior items

    Berber carpet

    Berber carpet is a type of flooring fabric made of vertical loops of yarn or coasts, which are denser than many other types of carpet. The weave is inconsistent and has a combination of large and small beams. If you are considering establishing a Berber carpet in your home, make an informed decision and know the pros and cons first.

    Since this is a continuous loop carpet, it is resistant to crushing. This means that in contrast to the pile reduction of many carpets, Berber carpet does not show the steps or a vacuum cleaner marks. Most Berber carpets have a mottled pattern that also hides the dirt.

    Berber carpet can be made of a variety of fibers such as an olefin, wool and nylon. While wool is very good, it is also the most expensive. Most are intertwined, made of nylon, which is very possible. Depending on how you plan to use the carpet, you can easily find a weave, weight and style in your budget. The most economical cloth is olefin. Carpets of this material are usually a combination of the olefin (88%) and nylon (12%). Nylon is added to help strengthen the olefin to make it last longer.

    Berber carpet tight weaves, as well as the used materials make them resistant to soiling. Carpets do not absorb dirt, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or homes with small children or pets.

    Do-it-yourselfer can have a hard time installing it because of the weave pattern. Berber has a colorful pattern that can be difficult to match. This means that joints may be found out, even with the installation of tempered pro.

    Berber carpet is made from a continuous loop. This means that the only free coast can easily run across the entire rug. That makes it difficult to recover. If the run is big enough, repair is not possible, and you will either have to replace the entire carpet or a damaged section.

    Care should be taken to trim the nails of pets so that they will not cause obstruction. Also it will be a good idea to avoid wearing heels on Berber carpet.

    In contrast to the elegant pile Berber rugs are not so soft underfoot. Looped construction is hard, which means that it is not much softer to walk on than wood or vinyl flooring. If you like softness underfoot, you can increase the thickness of the backing that you will to put under the carpet. This will make it softer to walk on, but you still will not get the same softness as you would get by the piles of plush.

    Some of the synthetic versions of Berber carpet have a low flash point of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This can make it a fire hazard. This also means that the friction movement of heavy pieces of furniture through it could scorch the fabric. Scorched tissue cannot be installed and should be replaced.

  • Kids

    How to design teenage bedroom

    With proper selection of color schemes and decorative details, you can create a beautiful hip room. When it comes to the design of the room for a teenager, you need to pay attention to some things. First of all, you need to consider who owns the room – boy or girl, what is the age of the owner, whether or not to live in it one person or it will be divided. If your child will participate in the selection of color schemes, furniture and decorative items, he or she will appreciate the end result much higher.

    First, we would like to determine the basic requirements for a teenager’s bedroom:

    1. Great place to sleep
      This may be a sofa or bed with orthopedic mattress of medium hardness. Buy a longer bed, as the baby grows rapidly at this age.
    2. A place equipped for studying
      There must be a sufficient number of shelves for books and boxes for different things belonged to the owner of the room. Do not forget about the ergonomics of the child workplace – the height of the table should be relevant to the chair so that the child elbows would not hang down out of the table during the classes, but he or she does not have to reach out to the table – it spoils the posture. The table must be wide and long enough, there should be enough space for the computer, and for doing homework. The corners of the table should be smooth. You should buy chairs with adjustable height, then it will last for a long time, the back should be high and comfortable for long sitting.
    3. Sufficient lighting
      The chandelier on the ceiling and a few table lamps are necessary: one on the desktop, the second near the bed, the teenager probably wants to read a book before going to bed.
    4. Place of storage
      The room should have enough space to store clothes; everything should be on hand, thoughtfully and comfortably organized, because there live a boy-fidget, which is always in a hurry in business.
    5. Colours
      Since the boy will live the room, then choose ab appropriate scale – blue, gray, blue, brown, burgundy, green, purple. Contrasting combinations of colors look especially good: black and white, brown and orange, emerald green and gray, etc. Make the room as much as possible light: let the walls in the bedroom to be a light background for everything else, as in a bright room it is more pleasant to stay, it is especially important for the young, only setting up psyche. Hang the curtains and blinds in the room, and then the boy will be able to rest during the day easily, after school or trainings.

    Rooms for girls are not always a bed and frilly decorations in pink. Now bedrooms are the same variety as the personality of each girl, with style, color, and an infinite number of different variations. For girls, and adolescents, it is important that even in a small room it would be spacious. There is no need to clutter the area. It is even preferably to choose a fold-out sofa. It should also be noted that it must be of the highest quality, as the spine of teen girl is still being formed, and there will be a need to disassemble-assemble a sofa every day.

  • Outdoor

    Beach towels

    One of the important issues in a set of beach stuff is a towel. After the swimming, it will remove the moisture from the body, eliminate hypothermia and discomfort. Any accessory is important in a woman’s arsenal, so you need to take into account the aesthetic appeal of this product.

    Now, apparently, to find the right towel for the beach is not difficult – the choice is simply huge. But becoming the owner of poor-quality goods you at least throw money away, and besides, you can thoroughly spoil your mood during the holidays, when your colorful towel, for example, will shed unexpectedly. That is why you need to choose a beach towel no less carefully than any other textile.
    In order to make the right choices, we must take into account the main characteristics of the beach towel. The best option for a beach holiday is a terry cloth towel. The best results in hygroscopicity show different cotton, bamboo products. You can buy a towel of mixed fibers. It will maintain its functional and aesthetic qualities quite a while. Washing of beach towel should be made pretty often, so good wearing qualities would not be out of place.

    Beach towels are stained in bright and vibrant colors, which emphasize the state of rest. On the bright copies traces of sand or seaweed and wet spots are less visible. When painting conscientious manufacturers use only natural dyes. Yet you should not be in contact for a long time even with certified dyes. Quality beach towels have one clear non-painted side, and the other colored. On the clean side it will be more comfortable to relax and sunbathe without fear to be colored and get an unpleasant skin irritation.

    Terry fabric may consist of fluff or loops. The fibers provide the softness, give comfort. But these products wear out faster, lose their qualities. Towel with tabs will preserve its qualities for a long time, they will cope with the removal of moisture perfectly. It is important to pay attention to the length of these elements. Too long tabs make the product gentle, soft, absorb more moisture. But such a long dry towel will take up more space in the beach bag and weigh more when it is wet. Short tabs do not allow quality wipe, they will not provide a comfort. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to the towel tab of medium length.

    When selecting the size, you need to take into account the purpose of the product. If you plan to just wipe with a towel after swimming, you can buy a medium-sized model. The product, which at the same time will serve as a beach mat should be large.

    In general, beach towels should be color-stable to external influences of UV and moisture, have a fairly large size that it would be convenient to wipe.

    With regard to this design, the choice of towels with a variety of designs, patterns, original stampings is decently wide. This is a theme of the sea, but other motifs are popular too (animals, people, plants). Looped towels are washed in warm water up to 60 ° C and velour ones – up to 40 ° C. For better state looped towels can be hold it in a bit salted water. It is not necessary to iron the towels because they are a special symbol of the summer

  • Furniture

    Kitchen knife set

    Today, there are a lot of sets of kitchen knives at the shops and stores. So what are we looking at when choosing such an important set for the kitchen?

    There are a number of features that are worth paying attention to. For example, all compounds of the knife must be perfectly adjusted with the handle. There should be no nicks, cracks. No honest manufacturer, aimed at a permanent job, will tolerate this. Stamp on the knife not only has to be, it should be clear, with no “bald spots”, it has to be written correctly.

    Generally the blades are made of:

    • Carbon steel: such knives keep rake well, but require a very careful treatment due to the fact that they are very susceptible to corrosion. They cannot be left wet and dirty for a long time; you cannot cut the products with aggressive medium (e.g. lemons).
    • Stainless steel: keep rake not very well, but are not subject to corrosion. Almost always, kitchen knives are made from a mixture of carbon and stainless steel.
    • Ceramics: keep rake well, do not corrode, but … they can be broken. In the truest sense of the word.


    And here comes the fun part. You can buy a set of 5 or 8 knives. Of course you’d prefer 8-knives, because it has more items. And nobody thinks that in most cases, half of these 8 knives will stand for whole their lives in the stand. It is therefore you should first determine for what purpose you need them.

    Chef Knife

    Massive, heavy knife with a wide blade and centered point. It is useful when you want to perform a “voluminous work”: to cut a large piece of meat, to butch poultry, to chop cabbage or lots of greenery.

    Bread knife

    This knife has a long blade with a wavy cutting edge. The blade of the saw will not break a hard crust and crumple a crumb.

    Utility knife

    Its name speaks for itself. It can be almost any length, and with a knife by a narrow blade and a raised edge. From chef knife it differs that it is not such massive and thus more suitable for daily use.

    Knife for meat

    This knife is a long, rigid blade with a sharp centered point. It is making it easy to separate not only the meat from the bones and veins, but also to cut chicken or fish.

    Fillet knife

    Many manufacturers of utensils for the kitchen call it carving. The blade of the knife is long, narrow. The small width of the blade allows to cut products without fear of trapping and crushing. It is used where precise and clean cut are needed.

    Vegetable knife

    Small rigid blade is very convenient for cleaning and cutting, creating decorations from fruits and vegetables.


    This kind of knife is a broad, heavy, thick blade tip, which looks down. This knife can cut frozen meat, cut the tendon and bone.
    Cooking at the kitchen is much easier with a set of knives. The main thing that it would be of high quality.

  • chiptuning diesel

    Chip tuning of diesel engines: the advantages

    Almost every driver eventually starts to notice that his car started as if slowly dispersed, become not so quickly, as once when it has been purchased. If you are for the time of operation on a regular basis in accordance with the rules have changed the oil and filter, have cleaned the nozzles, etc., and the engine still “does not drive”, many of us begin to think about “tuning of the engine.”

    All diesel and turbodiesel engines of modern cars are equipped with a control unit (ECU), which (with the help of actuators) controls all the processes in the engine according to a given program, based on sensor readings. Because of this engine performance (efficiency, dynamic acceleration, power, torque, etc.) depends on the software, h.e. “tuning”.

    The fact that the automaker adjusts the car at the factory on the “golden mean” between power, efficiency, environmental friendliness, engine resource, etc. As always power margin is retained in the case of using this engine model to another car, which will require other characteristics. Therefore, the possibilities of the engine are “cut by electronics” and a car is coming off the assembly line with mediocre performance capacity, with increased fuel consumption, etc.

    CHIP TUNING is the most optimal, and one of the unique ways to optimize the engine operation, to increase torque considerably and shift it into a low rpm zone without sacrificing engine life and efficiency. When editing bits the settings of angle and injection timing are changed, as well as pressure, airflow, fuel pressure, factors limiting the torque of the motor, etc. The greatest effect is achieved after a chip tuning for turbo engines.

    As a result of high-quality diesel and turbo diesel engines chip tuning, you can:

    • increase the power and torque of 15% -25% (at turbo engines up to 35%) without compromising the life of the engine;
    • reduce fuel consumption;
    • improve the traction performance of engine and dynamics of dispersal;
    • improve the logic of the automatic transmission.

    Also, if necessary:

    • software shutdown (EGR)
    • EGR valve (its undesired operation greatly affects the power and efficiency of the engine);
    • software disconnection of DPF (diesel particulate filter);

    Instant and accurate response to the gas pedal, smooth and elastic dynamic acceleration will help to reach the desired speed quickly, and if you want maximum power with minimum fuel consumption – this is a general description of the car after chip tuning. Car Power is increasing to 20, and sometimes up to 50%. At any time you may return to the factory settings. Although sometimes it is a bad question, whether the car will be removed from its guarantee, after changing the factory settings. But if changes are provided correctly, there will be no problems.

    chiptuning diesel
    chiptuning diesel

  • Furniture

    Faucet repair companies

    To perform some types of works, one can’t do without the assistance of professionals. However, most devices can be repaired on your own. The construction of a faucet  is very simple. Therefore, it can be attributed to such products.

    First of all, let’s find out what a bath faucet is. Bath faucet  is a plumbing device, necessary to perform accurate and clear regulations of consumption and temperature of water running from the tap. This is its main task. As a rule, due to the low quality of tap water, a faucet  is vulnerable to certain damages and need bathroom faucet repair. The most frequent damage is a failure of bath faucet  body. It is often related to the fact that a lot of poor-quality products are available on the market, as our entrepreneurs prefer cheap Chinese bath faucets. In this models of bath faucet , the body is usually made of poor-quality materials, which significantly decreases the service life of bath faucet .

    Besides, the quality of rubber sanitary products, used in the production of bath faucet , leaves much to be desired. If we add to this the high rigidity of tap water, as a result you can get a very unpleasant effect in the form of sudden leakages in the most unpredictable joints and folds and further bathroom faucet repair. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to the quality of these details of bath faucet  and use only the high-quality products. Another important factor affecting the lifespan of bath faucet  is its competent installation.

    The most popular bath faucet repair of single lever bath faucet  is a failure of bath faucet  cartridge. Bath faucet  cartridge is made of two ceramic plates are fitted so tightly together that they can withstand the pressure of water and turn it off. Therefore, the cartridge of single-level bath faucet  is very sensitive to sand particles, rust or scale, which are often present in tap water. That’s why the presence of high-quality systems of tap water cleaning in your house is a key to health and longevity of your sanitary ware without bathroom faucets repair. It is easy to replace the cartridge. It is very important to correctly handle the purchase of new cartridge, as diameters and shape of this element can be different. You need to buy a new cartridge considering these characteristics.

    The second most popular reason of repairing bath faucet is a low water pressure. This is a signal that aerator is clogged. It must be removed and cleaned, and in case of severe clogging- replaced. Actually, for the high-quality and long-lasting work of your bath faucet , you should clean the aerator regularly (once in 1-2 months). This type of bath faucet repair is easy, and almost everyone can do it. It is very easy to turn the aerator and rinse it under running water or blow it. Due to these actions, you will not need repairing bathroom faucet for many years.

  • Interior items

    Overstock rugs

    The company started its work in 1999. Its founder was Patrick M. Byrne, when he realized the profitability of settlement of excess (unclaimed) stores over the Internet. Over time, the company has grown from a liquidator in the largest US retailer’s stock. Overstock headquarters is in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA).

    • Overstock has inspiring figures. In the first year of its operation, the company received proceeds of $ 1.835 million dollars, and at the moment its annual revenues are more than $ 1 billion. The site overstock.com sold about 890 000 products from hundreds of different brands, and customer service involved more than 1,300 employees. The company’s value is estimated at $ 60 billion.
    • Overstock covers various industries: e-commerce, insurance, wholesale trade, and others. In 2011 the company launched the project «O.co Travel», which task is to organize the travel. Also that year, Overstock engaged in insurance, it has launched a project «O.co Insurance». The company offers app for corporate clients too – it is called «O.biz».
    • Since 2007, Overstock.com is actively communicating with online users. There is Overstock forum, where customers and Internet hypermarket support can communicate with each other. In addition, Overstock is microblogging on Twitter, Youtube channel and the group at Facebook.

    You’ve probably heard that an area rug really ties a room together, but a tied-together room is not as simple as picking the first rug you see and rolling it out on the floor. If you want to be happy with your floor coverings for many years to come, keep these tips in mind while you’re online shopping for area rugs.

    Get the right size. This often means going bigger than you may have expected. Ideally, your rug will be large enough that the legs of your furniture sit on it. Always measure the room before you order anything online, and with rugs, it’s a good idea to use painter’s tape on the floor to visualize what the size will look like.

    Choose your style based on the look of your room or the look you want the room to have, as the rug will either enhance or dictate the style of the room where you place it. Contemporary rugs showcase the latest trends, and casual rugs help a home feel cozy and unpretentious.

    Persian rugs look great with almost any kind of decor because they have a traditional look. Transitional rugs are somewhere in the middle, with a mix of contemporary and traditional elements, which works beautifully in many of today’s homes. Choose your material based on the amount of traffic the rug will see. A busy entryway or a kitchen needs a durable material that’s easy to clean, like synthetic fiber or cotton.

    Your living room, on the other hand, is a place for a beautiful wool or silk blend rug. Pets, kids, and your own tendency toward spills should also influence your rug material choice.

  • Kids

    Baby nursery: main aspects and design ideas

    Delivery of the child in the family is always a holiday! This is truly a momentous event. There is one more important issue that should be approached wisely. This arrangement of a child’s room: what colors and shades will be more favorable for the child? What is needed in the first place, but what can you put aside?

    If possible, the children’s room is better to be located close to the parents’. So you can always hear by night your “cheerful” baby.
    Make sure that close to the child there would be no extraneous noise from the TV, the loud music, noise from the window, unruly neighbors, etc. It is no secret that kids has a light sleep.

    Particular attention should be given to the access to the window, because a year later the baby will explore the world on his or her own and try to take, open, close, touch and taste everything.

    The room should have at least outlets and furniture should be with a minimum of sharp angles. Outlets can be placed higher up on the floor, so the baby could not reach them.

    The most important thing in the room of a newborn baby is a cot. Kids sleep two-thirds of the time. The bed should be of high quality. This means: no curtains and shutters (there should be an access to fresh air), no upholstery fabric on the walls of the crib (it’s blocking the kid’s overlook; he or she would not see anything except the ceiling). The bed should be placed in a quiet place with a minimum amount of light, but not in the dark.

    There should not be too much furniture, only what is necessary for healthy growth and evolution of children: playpen, lockers for toys, etc.

    As for the changing table, it is better to place near the lockers, which store all the accessories for child care. And in general, there must be a furniture for parents too (particularly for mothers), as a caring parent spends a lot of time with the babies in his or her room.

    Furniture as well as everything else in the room must be made of natural materials that do not provoke allergies.

    The walls in the nursery

    The optimum colors for the walls in the nursery are bright little figures and blotches on a neutral light background. Later the children will draw, paint on everything that comes to hand. Washable wallpaper or other easily maintained coating can be very helpful.

    The flooring and the ceiling in the nursery

    The child, especially the nursling, which is not yet able to walk, spend a lot of time on the floor. Therefore, you should consider the choice of the coating with the utmost seriousness.

    Many experts recommend cork. It is beneficial to the child’s feet when walking, soft to the touch; it does not cause allergies, and retains heat well.

    The ceiling in the children’s room is the perfect place to put the developing scenery. Quite popular are glowing in the dark stars and hanging ornaments. They can be placed over the crib, the child would not look at the bare ceiling.

    Children’s room should be possible to absorb the natural light from the street.

  • fiesta tuning

    Technical aspects of Ford Fiesta tuning

    fiesta tuning
    Ford Fiesta tuning

    Tuning will help Ford Fiesta to style and renew the look, letting it stand out of their kind. Technical tuning of Ford Fiesta sports suspension will allow to radically change the behavior of your car on the road, ensure its security and control in all situations and at the same time to feel comfortable while driving allows. Alternative Ford Fiesta optics will emphasize the character of your vehicle. With a wide range of tuning you can easily stylize your car, by setting the cilia on the headlights and a spoiler on the trunk, or completely change the face of the machine, setting a tuning bumpers and sills, replacing native optics by an alternative, to set the sports suspension.

    Sport Tuning of Ford Fiesta has begun immediately, as soon as the first ‘Fiesta’ went out of the factory gates. At that time (mid-70s), it was a revolutionary machine for American automakers, and they wanted to make achievements in sport tuning of engines and suspensions to the new platform in order to demonstrate the American tuning school advantages of the European one. However, having no experience of tuning engines of small volumes, Ford turned to the experience of the English tuningers – for that even pocket” “Formula Ford” was established.

    The main characteristic of the car engine is generally considered its power. In fact, not the maximum power, but torque has the impact on the character of the car. After all, the greatest power can be realized only when the speed is steady, close to the maximum, but we almost do not drive in this mode. The driver usually needs torque engine, which at starting and acceleration, without straining, “goes” for the gas pedal. This is achieved by torque, if it is sufficiently high and relatively constant at low and medium engine speeds.

    Prior to 3000 rev / min motor does not have enough pick-up and as a result – stumbling when pulling away, failures by sharp pressing on the gas pedal, the fragility of the clutch, the inefficient use of the fifth gear. The gas distribution characteristics have the greatest influence on the torque curve – phase and “time-cross section” of opening the valves that are specified by camshaft lobe profile. To improve throttle response, it is necessary to quickly push into the cylinder the appropriate charge of the working mixture, that is to narrow the opening phase of the inlet valve. Wide stretched phases at low frequencies lead to reverse expulsion of the fuel-air mixture into the intake manifold, and only with an increase in the speed flow inertia is “overpowering” and the cylinder filling increases.

    If XR2 is too expensive platform for you – you can look at the cheaper modification Fiesta S – it also has a stabilizer bar and stiff half-sport suspensions, like XR2, but it is completed with simpler engines and does not weight out by any ordinary XR plastic.

  • Decor

    Cheap remodeling for small bathrooms in San Diego

    Sometimes, small bathroom can be a bit larger that the place where two persons sleep. However, everyone has an understandable desire to decorate this room and make it individual, cozy and comfortable. What are the ideas for a small bathrooms remodel and what design you can choose and which materials to use?

    There are many well-known receptions, allowing expanding the limited space and choice of materials, equipment, accessories and lighting, which will help you with that.

    Perception of interior depends on the following factors:

    • Type of materials used;
    • Lighting;
    • Color component;
    • Furniture and equipment;
    • Additional elements and cost of small bathroom remodel.

    To understand what we’re talking about, you should pay close attention to all these elements remodeling small bathroom. Small and seemingly insignificant details can fundamentally change certain nuances of interior and perception of small bathroom design in general.

    Planning of interior and remodeling a small bathroom depends on the opportunities of space, size and arrangement of the room. One of the main factors you should take into account when planning are your real needs.

    How much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom

    How much room do you need for storage? Will you install the washing machine? Besides, you should note that the bathrooms (especially those located in small houses) must match the interior and direction of design of the rest of apartment. Therefore, colors and style will not be out of place.

    Small bathrooms remodel involves the use optical techniques, aimed at the visual increase of space. In a small bathroom, you must not neglect all types of depressions and elevations, which will allow you to rationalize the location of cabinets and shelves. Meanwhile, in this situation, they will hide the wall irregularities.

    Beautiful and functional sink, shower cabin and toilet are the most important objects in your bathroom. The choice of right type and style will provide a positive feeling in the room and make the objects more comfortable for all people using them.

    How to choose a sink with cupboard?

    Traditional models of washbasins are usually made of white porcelain. They are usually very accessible and can have different forms and sizes. The most popular forms are round, oval or square, placed on the worktop or pedestal. If you want to have a monochrome white painting on the sinks and worktop for the bathroom, you can also see cheap remodeling ideas for small bathrooms and buy the models with hard glossy surface, which are pre-formed in standard sizes and are easy to install. There are also customized structures that cost more and must be installed by the professionals. Beautiful small bathrooms remodel can provide a good mood for the entire day and relax in the evening.

    Your small bathroom can look wider and more graceful with a glass washbasin. There are glass sinks, popular among the modern themes. They are very functional and fashionable, as they are applicable in almost all sets of colors, textures and patterns. We will select a few projects that will match your style with iron bases and chrome stands. These types of furniture don’t clutter the area, which creates the illusion of a larger space.

    No matter if you have small bathrooms remodeled with your own hands or hire the specialists, information submitted will help you to prepare thoroughly for these works and find out small bathroom remodel cost.