• Kids

    Dolls for boys

    What toys does a boy need? This question is often no doubt for many parents because they know what their kid needs, and especially that in any case he does not need. Future men to grow up smart, strong, active – in general, a “real” man, need: cars and all equipment, pistols, swords and other weapons, and, of course, erector sets. For the little ones sometimes bears and bunnies are allowed. But – dolls?! It is not for the men! Is it really so?

    The boy is also a person!

    At the behavior, activities, interests, and even thinking -at all these things you can see a traditional stereotypical division into male and female. However, any stereotypes lead to a rigid and inflexible behavior. A lack of flexibility in the world, which is required a variety of responses to at least a variety of situations is a big disadvantage, and simply disturbing. Man-Defender is certainly necessary and useful, but not the only male role. Besides going on a kind of identification of strength and courage only with the appearance: the muscles and arms.

    But a man can have, along with purely masculine qualities also traditionally, ascribed solely to women (emotional, subtle feelings of other people, etc.) and thus clearly considered himself a man, and judged by others as a man. In addition, in many professions – doctor, teacher, actor – these so-called feminine qualities are absolutely necessary.

    Different toys are important

    The appearance of the doll in the hands of the boy often cause negative reaction and even frightens parents. The children from an early age will adapt their behavior in accordance with the requirements and expectations of adults. So the boys are no longer interested in dolls, and focus exclusively on the machines and erector sets. However, the doll cannot turn the boy into a girl or make him too soft and feminine. If a child has certain problems with the gender evolvement, a ban on playing with the dolls would not solve them.

    Since the infant age boys, just like girls, need a variety of dolls. At first it may be nest dolls and weeble wobbles. Closer to the second year of his life you can offer the traditional plastic or soft stuffing pups, which should be taken care of: feeding, cradling, bathing, etc. Of course, the baby doll needs at least a minimum set of clothes, better with hook-and-loops, and other most necessary accessories.

    At the age of 2-3 years old offer a small child from 5 to 18-20 cm dolls for playing a variety of subjects. First, let it be simpler to just the intended persons as a boy and a girl, or the whole family. Such pretty open characters are needed in a game with a wide range of roles. It would be great, if these figures are moving arms and legs. From the age of 4-5 years dolls with defined roles: soldiers, doctors, firemen, etc. can be added to this set.

  • Outdoor

    Yard art ideas

    Almost every citizen dreams about a comfortable getaway weekend in the countryside. And if the facade and the interior are all right, it is necessary to think about the transformation of the courtyard space. Currently, there are many ways of infield arrangement, the landscaping ideas are endless. But there are certain limitations, above all, by the nature, amount of available land for design and financial capability of the homeowner.

    In this paper, we propose you to have a loo at the project of landscape design of private household. Perhaps this refined, attentive to details and elegant approach to the organization of the infield will be the inspiration for your achievements in the field of landscape design.
    Getting to the development of the concept, which will be based on the design of the yard of a country house it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the style of the building. Also take note of finishing materials that have been used for surface treatment of the facade of the mansion. And, of course, take into account the peculiarities of the topography, soil composition, presence or absence of groundwater, slopes, depressions on the plot land.

    Presented landscaping is simply saturated with the traditions of Eastern resettlement of street space techniques, but it does not lose its own identity. The clarity of lines, rationality and practicality are in harmony with the beauty of nature.

    Straight paths of concrete and stone slabs do not only allow access to different parts of the yard, passing the perfect lawn, but also allow to zone a space. The proximity of stone with water is the basic ideological concept of this method of close to the house land arrangement.
    Small reservoirs or water containers, styled on mini-fountains are present in several areas of the yard. The presence of smooth pebbles near the water is no accident, because such ideas come from nature itself.

    Near the small reservoirs it is necessarily to provide place for recreation. Small wooden benches in the warm shades of tan look great on the background of many shades of gray.

    The presence of large rough stones allows the general mood of the site to merge with nature more.

    The greens of various kinds is present everywhere. Depending on the location in relation to the sun, the plants can be planted even in the shaded and damp places. It is only important to determine the correct varieties.

    A large body of water in the area is the very embodiment of Zen. Imitation of waterfalls, water lilies in the water and as quasi hovering in the air bridge across the mini-pond create a sense of fairy tranquility.

    At night, all paths and stairs are lit to safety and giving the appearance of a magical courtyard.

  • Hunting, fishing

    Pocket knife

    There are many different types of pocket knives, folding knives with one or several blades, depending on the type. Pocket knives are generally small in size and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. When opening the blade extends from the handle to its full length. There are so many different uses for a pocket knife, and the types and styles of manufacturing are almost limitless. Some of them are made for hunting and camping, and others are bought by collectors of antique knives.

    So every man needs a small knife to carry it in the pocket or a woman in her purse. The knife is required whenever you need to open the box or bag, to peel the apple and sharpen a pencil. The only question is how to choose a folding knife?

    When selecting the pocket knife quality is as important, as it is important while the choice of sporting rifle. Look at all the options before making your choice. There are many types of folding knives. Each knife offers its own advantages. Utility knife usually comprises several folding tools along with the folding knife blade.

    As a first step you should determine the type of knife you want. Will it be a small knife or a knife suitable for self-defense? Penknives have more diverse blades and they are more suitable for everyday use. Multi-purpose knife is useful for hiking, when you might need a variety of tools included with the knife.

    The most famous example is the multi-function Swiss Army knife, some versions of which have tens of functions.

    Traditional folding knives are opened using small dents and intervals, allowing by the nail to pull the blade from the handle.
    Check out well-known manufacturers of knives. Cheap knives are made from poor quality steel. In this case, it is better to pay a little more for the brand and ensure a reliable knife that will not be covered with rust and grow blunt. Look for high-quality steel. The higher is the quality of the steel, the better is the blade.

    Choose a knife with a good lock. This lock will keep the blade closed and pocket knife would not open accidentally. Use the lock button while carrying a knife in your pocket. This is a small button or a lever at the top of the handle, which would not let the blade out, until you press the button.

    The knife should have a comfortable, long handle. Pocket knife handles are made from all kinds of materials, including bone and metal. Rubber or plastic handle will be more comfortable to hold, but the metal handle is more resistant to damage and more durable. Also check the size and shape of the handle. Is it big enough to make a good grip with the hand?

    Stick to 7-9 inches knife blades. It will not scare the people around you and at the same time, it is quite practical. In any case, check your local laws about the knives as a cold gun.

  • Home

    Turkish towels

    Towel is an indispensable thing in every home, part of luxury, comfort and even style. Without the towel it is difficult to do on the road, on the beach, in the bath or sauna. In addition, the towels are a universal gift, be it a wedding or any other celebration. And if it is a good quality towel, the surprise will be doubly pleased. Of course, the towels that are used in the house must fully comply with all requirements of the household. Those ones include nice design, excellent quality, softness, appropriate size and the ability to quickly absorb moisture.

    Not everyone knows that the birthplace of the first bath towels is Turkey, where its item, without which we cannot imagine our daily life, has been used several centuries ago. Provenance of terry towels is associated with the culture of visiting the baths. Bath has always been a very important attribute Turkish life. Terry towels have acquired habitual to us form and become a mass produced since the 18th century. It is known that the first workshops for the production of terry towels were opened in Bursa (Turkey). Over time, the technology has spread to other countries, including Europe. But even today the Turkish towels are the highest quality, but their modern designs will bring you true aesthetic pleasure.

    Today, the textile sector in Turkey has a leading role in the economy, the government actively supports and promotes the industry, thereby increasing every year equipment factories, production is becoming more high-tech.

    Turkish towels can be divided according to their purpose in the bath, kitchen, beach, massage, wedding, towels for hands and feet, children, towels for babies and others. By the weaving method towels are divided into terry, waffle, jacquard, velur, bamboo fibers, and special weave towels – peshtemal.

    Today, Turkish towels are recognized worldwide for its high quality. While in Turkey, you can buy a cotton hand towel now for about 20-40 TL per share, in the European countries, the price will double, and in the United States – four times more.

    1. Never buy a towel in the markets and small markets – processing quality of raw materials plays an important role in this case. Get the towel in specialized stores, shopping centers or retail stores, textile mills.
    2. Towel cloth should be evenly dyed, have no outside odors of chemicals and do not leave a waxy or greasy taints on hands. Towels should not leave fibres.
    3. Pay attention to the composition of the product. Most towels are marked – 100% cotton (pamuk) or 100% bamboo (bamboo). But be careful! There may be other special notes, for example, 100% cotton (M) –it is the addition of synthetic fibers; (PK) – means that polycotton is added. In order to determine whether there is a part of synthetics in the Turkish towel, some water should be poured onto the smooth surface. Wipe it with a towel – if stains remain strong, it means that there are synthetics in it.
  • Kids

    Reborn dolls

    Reborn dolls are stock vinyl dolls created to resemble a human baby with so much realism and the similarity which is possible. The process of creating reborn dolls is called reborning, artistic dolls are called reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as “living dolls” or “lifeless doll”.

    Reborn dolls were originally a hobby, started all by enthusiasts in 1990. They wanted to create more realistic dolls. Since then, the industry of reborn dolls has appeared. A place where you can buy a reborn doll is Internet in the first place. But there is also this kind of dolls at various fairs. In conventional stores reborn dolls are not on sale. The price of the reborn doll depends on the level of making, it can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

    Dolls are mysterious creatures. They are different: rag, porcelain, wood. Collectors’ ones, that cost a lot of money and those ones, that can be bought for a penny. Cute, scary, eliciting a smile, but they always generate ambiguous feelings. They cannot be treated any way. Another great emotions cause reborn dolls. It seems that it is a living child, so realistic it was made. Weight and height of the child, carefully traced skin, real hair, unusual eyes – very few people are indifferent to it.

    Women, who have become mothers, remember this pleasant severity of the baby in her arms, soft velvety skin, caramel smell divine of a baby, its tiny fingers. Yes, there are “annoying” side effects from the appearance of crumbs house: shouts, sleepless nights, many hours of swing, experiences and fears for him. Motherhood does not come easy for almost anyone. And besides, the baby is growing day by day, and as we remember him newborn, this image will be gone. A craving to hold a crumb on his hands is not going anywhere. But how many babies mainly can modern women give birth to? One-two-three times? And the baby grows too quickly from newborn period.

    For training of artists and craftsmen to create reborn dolls a special international group of artists for Reborn dolls (IRDA) was organized. Any artist can join the group, but the members of the community must meet certain ethical principles.

    Creating a reborn doll is an art, long stages, one of which is the addition of multiple layers of paint on a vinyl doll and displaying different physical characteristics of reborn dolls. Artists can select different images to create a reborn doll in his or her own style.

    There are also reborn dolls with accessories for care on sale, if it is for a real newborn. Such kits for reborn dolls are called newborn, this allows to omit some details of doll making, and on the other hand it is not so easy to recreate the newborn.

  • Outdoor

    Statue in bronze or marble

    Noble statues made of marble give a luxurious look to the landscaping. This traditional material is often used for sculptures in the classical style, figures of angels, the proud-hearted animal, majestic columns and exquisite amphora. In our climatic conditions, different varieties of marble do not change the appearance in 25 to 100 years. In winter experts advise to shelter that kind of ornaments. Granite is more durable, and well suited for garden products in a classic style. This sculpture made of stone allows to create and perpetuate even the most complex images.

    Choosing the statue in bronze or marble, you should pay attention to the features of these materials. Marble likely “absorb” the rays of light, products from it look very smooth, they seem to glow from within. The bronze sculpture is characterized by pretty sharp features, reflecting the light with flesks. Therefore, marble products are designed to be studied at close range, and bronze statues, on the contrary, are preferable to open areas. Choosing a garden sculpture, it is worth considering this aspect.

    Forged products are popular too, most of which are fantasy plants, amazing animals, or animals. Sometimes, there are also works of philosophical orientation.

    The ancient Greeks and Romans – the first who began to decorate their gardens with sculptures in marble depicting gods or heroes. Over time, the fashion for garden sculptures has gradually changing, but the antique statues of men and now adorn the landscape garden, designed in the classical style. Statues of Greek heroes emphasize their vigor: tense hands before the battle with the enemies, warlike look, tense muscles with prominent veins.

    Classic works of ancient times are very proportional, especially to enhance the beauty of the male body. Just beautiful young men, gods, heroes and mythical humanoid male characters will decorate your garden.

    Classical sculptors often depicted goddesses with perfect forms, emitting a hill and renunciation of mind.

    The sculpture, depicting a beautiful woman or a young girl, would look great in the garden. Female figure, half-hidden by greenery, located in a secluded corner looks especially romantic. Sculptures of women decorate any space; the main point is to choose the size and material products properly.

    Sculptures depicting children, you can set in the garden or on the farm site. Especially prevalent are the figurines of angels, which are traditionally placed at the entrance to the house. Any garden or park ensemble will decorate a charming Cupid with unchanged bow and arrows, such monuments and sculptures in bronze will be the subject of your friends’ admiration.

  • Hunting, fishing

    Hunting knife

    For different types of hunting you need different knives. For example, for small game hunting a long, narrow blade is preferred, and to hunt for example, on large ungulates a knife with a wide, but not very long blade is desired. Blades of hunting knives are made of high carbon steel. The hardness of the blade is measured in special HRC units (Rockwell hardness), and depends on the amount of carbon in the steel. It is desirable that the hardness of a hunting knife was about 60 HRC, but in any case it should not be lower than 55 HRC.

    Thus, we present three most common designs of hunting knives.

    Drop Point, or “knife with decreasing butt line” usually represents a relatively thick blade, the point of which is located in the center of the plate – on the axis of the force application. At the top of the plate a false edge is often performed – formed by the blade descent without sharpening – either a full blade with sharpened top edge of the plate by about a third. Hunting knives of this type cut and prick pretty well.

    They are ideal for hunting a big game. A form of hunting knife allows you to remove the skin from the gained animals quickly, moreover, unlike the special skinning knives, knives of this type are much more functional – they can fairly easy cut a big game.

    Clip Point / Bowie. It is also a very common design of a hunting knife blade. Clip Point blades have more bold point than the Drop Point. In this type of hunting knives, a narrower blade and the point, as well as at Drop Point, is close to the axis of force applying. These blades are not just for the traditional needs of the hunter, but also to perform various household tasks. In principle, the hunting knife with a blade can perform all Drop Point functions, however, is not as effective. This is a great option for those who prey once in a while. If you could take only one knife to the hunting, we would prefer Clip Point.

    Skinner. Designed specifically for the removal of trophy animal skins

    Hunting knives of this type have a lot in common with Drop Point – the same broad blade, the same rake, only it is even shorter and the upper edge of the blade is straight, without reduction to the tip, which is making Skinner not suitable for thrusting. In addition, very often the knives of this type are carried out without any point. These knives have a very narrow specialization – they are intended exclusively for skinning – to butcher with their help is not convenient – they are too short, and stick them to the carcass is problematic.

    From the handle to a large extent depends of a hunting knife convenience. If you seem the knife handle for some reason uncomfortable – with all the advantages of a particular instance it is better to choose a suitable knife handle.

  • Furniture

    Bamboo towels

    An innovative product that has unique properties –that’s all about towels made of bamboo. By quality characteristics and consumer properties these products surpass their counterparts. Today, bamboo towel is still impossible to see in every home, but their popularity is growing. They are gradually replacing the familiar to us the classic cotton, velor and terry towels. This is not surprising, because bamboo towels are notable for number of advantages, including a silky shine, amazing softness, increased durability, high absorbency, antimicrobial activity, color fastness and ease of care, as well as the ability to restore the energy balance of the facial skin and contribute to its rejuvenation.

    How is it possible to use bamboo in the textile production, in particular towels?

    The secret is simple. At the heart of bamboo towels lies bamboo fiber derived from the pulp of the bamboo core, which has a high degree of softness and silkiness. Fiber is produced from bamboo pulp, from which a yarn spins, which is used in the production of these gentle towels. Bamboo towels can be compared for softness and silkiness with cashmere and silk.

    In the production of the fabric chemical components does not apply. This confirms by the 100% environmentally friendly bamboo textiles.

    However, bamboo products are popular not only because of environmental friendliness. The secret of success is in the unique features and benefits, including:

    • silkiness and softness. Towels made of bamboo provide a unique softness, silkiness, shine characteristic distinguishing them from products made of cotton and many other materials. While touching bamboo towels you can only recall cashmere or silk.
    • antibacterial protection. As part of the bamboo fabric there are natural antibacterial ingredients that prevent the growth and development of bacteria. Due to the absence of chemical treatment all antibacterial properties are stored in the bamboo fiber. This unique feature is retained after the washing. After the use of products made from 100% bamboo yarn people with skin problems claim a marked improvement, parents of babies assure that diaper rash and redness disappear.
    • hypoallergenicity. Practice has shown: daily use of bamboo towels does not cause skin irritations, plus reduces the effects of these stimuli also eliminates allergic reactions.
    • Leather and benefit forit. Bamboo fabric contains green pectin, vitamin E, amino acids and bamboo honey, anti-aging of the skin, contributing to its smoothing and moisturizing, and restores the energy balance of the skin.
    • hygroscopinity. Bamboo towels have an increased ability to absorb moisture. They absorb almost three times more than conventional cotton towels.

    The rate of moisture absorption. Bamboo towels absorb moisture more than 4 times faster than cotton towels.

    • UV protection. Another quality of bamboo fabric is a high level of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays
    •  breathability. Bamboo towels have great breathability, 3.5 times more than the same figure for cotton products.


  • Kids

    Doll houses

    How nice to have a big happy family, to live in your own cozy apartment, where every detail is imbued with love and care. There are good reasons why the woman is the keeper of the hearth. She is thinking through every little thing, buying all sorts of trinkets to decorate the house and making your stay in it more comfortable.

    Our favorite kids may not pay much attention to it, but somewhere in the subconscious the fact is lying over that the house must always be the order of things laid in their places. A little grown up, kids get their own opinion and sense of taste. , They won’t like how mom or dad made it through, they see the world in their own way and try to make it in their colors. But not all of us have a possibility to do repairs or rearrangement on demand of our beloved child.

    Therefore, the perfect solution would be to allocate your child his or her own space where they can create and realize their dreams and desires. The ideal personal space can become the dollhouse that will allow the child to become more independent and acquire a lot of useful knowledge and skills thanks to the plot-role-playing games.

    First, the child can build a dollhouse as he or she personally wants, to change around as many times as he or she wants, thus revealing his or her creativity, fantasy and imagination.

    Secondly, having collected all the dolls in the same house, the kid can play a variety of situations that will be useful to him or her in adult life that will help to cope with the difficulties and challenges.

    Third, for the manufacture of doll houses eco-friendly and non-toxic materials are used that are safe for the health of your child.
    Fourth, depending on the price and packaging, doll houses are equipped with light and sound effects that make the game more realistic and will give the kid a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

    Dollhouse is the right purchase, because the kid will learn to take responsibility for his or her behavior, to become more attentive, hospitable and neat. Playing with small accessories develops fine motor skills, coordination, creative thinking.

    Your kid will be the happiest kid in the world, because he or she will have his or her own house, where he or she can be a real master or mistress, develop little room and take care of its occupants as it does his or her beloved mother.

    The big collection of houses for dolls is capable to satisfy need of each little lady. Musical doll houses for creative children, doll locks for young princesses, big 5-room apartments for practical hostesses, also cozy lodges for a pony or dwarves for fans of animals and fantastic beings. The majority of sets are equipped with furniture and household equipment for kitchen and bathing room, some provide dolls in a set. An important factor is the production price. At the course of production of all doll houses qualitative materials are used, as well as modern technologies of a strong and reliable fastening of details.

  • Outdoor

    Outdoor wall art

    There are four types of hedge construction at the small holdings, the choice must be assumed, respectively, of the conditions of your garden and your design ideas. It is necessary to consider the size and brightness of the garden, the practical necessity of some partition types, the style of your site and those “special effects” that you want to achieve. So, if a garden is small and shady, it is not necessary to arrange solid walls, but if in some place it is uncomfortable because of the constant winds, so there should be just a solid partition. If the style of the garden presupposes openwork partitions, these are the ones you must arrange first.

    And if you want to create the effect of “Studio garden”, your choice is conditioned partitions.

    Solid green fence

    As the name implies, solid hedges are a continuous array, with no gaps. This may be a fragment (or section) of the fence, specially made out of some hard material unconnected wall of brick, stone, concrete, wood, bamboo.

    Their height can be any, but usually not less than 1 m. But this is not the only option for solid walls.

    Thick hedge is a solid partition, portable screen of solid construction is the same thing. Most often solid walls have a greater length.

    Openwork garden walls

    Openwork garden walls are not solid, they “shine through”, and the degree of transparency you can adjust at your discretion: by the construction or vertical landscaping.

    This type of partition is the most beautiful and “the most decorated”. The greatest number of decor ideas – precisely for such garden borders. The advantage of these baffles is that they are perceived, but the perception of space is not limited.

    Typically, openwork garden walls is a design for vertical gardening: a variety of mesh and shaped trellis, pergolas, arches, garden screens, freestanding structure for vertical landscaping, combined together. Apart from special designs there may be fragments (sections) of wrought iron fence or portable screen, the design of which delicate. Hedge can be openwork wall, just in case it does not have to be thick. Openwork partitions can be screens made of glass and polycarbonate. All designs used for openwork partitions look graceful, light, v variegated, and they are beautiful even in winter, with the lack of plants on them.

    Hedge “conditional green fence”

    The main difference between the hedge “conditional green fence” and other garden borders that it is quite reminiscent of the walls, which we are used to see. But they perform their functions better than conventional walls. Conditional borders are the most unusual and interesting ones.

  • Hunting, fishing

    Bowie knife

    Bowie knife, or as it is called by Americans, “Colonel Bowie’s Knife” is a large knife with a characteristic shape of the blade having an arcuate concave bevel butt to the tip. Nowadays, this type of blades is called Clip-point. Blade length varies from 14 to 23 cm, thickness butt is 2.5-5 mm. The length of the upper false edge is 1/3 of the blade length. At the base of the blade there is a recess or a blunt finger to plot more subtle manipulation of a large knife. The knife has a simple massive spider providing emphasis in thrust. Handle can be straight with bending down at the heel, or symmetrical expanding and resembling the shape of a coffin. Initially Bowie knife handle was made of two wooden plates fixed to a massive shank. Knife is perfectly used both with direct and reverse grip. Due to the shape, simple design and balance Bowie knife is ideal for throwing. One of the main advantages of the Bowie knife is that it is excellent as it cuts and pricks. Piercing effect is due to the fact that the tip of the blade narrows sharply and placed at the axis of the handle with an advanced handguard, and the ease of cut is provided by a sufficiently large bending of the blade. Also, do not discount the sharpened notch on the butt of the blade, which is at the skillful use of a knife in a fight can cause considerable damage during the return stroke of the knife.

    Peak of the Bowie knifes production falls at the end of the 1850s and the beginning of the Civil War, when Bowie knife was a basic cutting weapon for Confederate soldiers. Of course, the patriotic inscriptions, intricate shape of the blade and silver finish – it was very attractive to potential buyers. But the reason for the Bowie knife popularity as a weapon was in the other wing. The reason for that was the extreme imperfection of firearms in those years. Pistol or rifle can be used only for one shot – the process of loading weapons was long, and the combat range was small and the enemy managed to move closer to the distance of unarmed combat. That is why the large heavy knife was in demand. Which one, moreover, unlike the sword or the saber, could be used in practical purposes. Yes, and it did not require a long learning.

    However, as the army weapons Bowie knife was never proved. Typically it was a weapon of Confederate soldiers from the southern states. But the unforgiving statistics showed the war, they did not used to shred the northerners, but especially in internal discords and drunken brawls. The final verdict of the “big knife” was issued by appearance of the new effective firearms for the troops. For example, Colt revolvers appeared.

    The Bowie knife era began to decline in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the next American Arms Idol came on the scene – Colt revolver. With the advent of multiply charged firearms Bowie knife became increasingly used not as a knife for self-defense but as a hunting knife. Blade length decreased significantly – up to 14-15 cm, bevel butt lost sharpening. Handguard has ceased to be so massive.
    Today, Bowie knife keeps characteristic shape and the traditional form. Now, these knives are considered to be hunting, camp, or knives for surviving.

  • Furniture

    Egyptian cotton towels

    It is believed that originally cotton came from ancient Egypt, and the BC Egyptians knew how to make the highest quality fabrics, that were not inferior to the present. If you appreciate the bedding or towels of the highest quality, no doubt you are aware that high-quality textile is made of ELS cotton (Extra-Long Staple Cotton). Long cotton fiber make ELS yarn strong and soft, and, in turn, fabric obtained from it is much more durable and softer.

    Due to the temperate climate of Egypt, long staple cotton is grown in the Nile Delta and considered the best in the world. Extra-long fibers give the fabric a rich luster and exceptional softness, as long staple cotton does not need a strong finishing power in natural purity, elasticity and smoothness. Egyptian ELS cotton is more expensive than ordinary accostable cotton, because it is synonymous with a word ‘quality’.
    Egyptian cotton is used to make cotton clothes and towels for many years. What a pleasure to feel warm and comfort, when you are wrapped in a soft fluffy towel after a warm bath. Egyptian cotton towels are made of natural cotton fibers, which can fully absorb the moisture, and you will feel yourself dry, in the warmness and tenderness of soft towel.

    Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for the manufacture of towels, as its fibers are bigger and thicker than conventional cotton’s. The strength and durability of the fibers in combination with a low risk of shrinkage makes it ideal. Fabric is durable and perfectly carries the laundry in the washing machine at home. Egyptian cotton is super absorbent, warm and breathable. Thanks to well absorb moisture, such towels are ideal not only for adults but also for children. Available in various colors, including the popular white, the towels are soft and thick, and with proper care they will serve you for a long time. No matter what size is your bathroom and what style it is framed, colorful set of towels will be a bright accent pleasing soul and cheering up.

    Nowadays towels made of organic fabrics are very popular, they are suitable for all skin types thanks to its soft and absorbent qualities. Do not refuse the pleasure and soothing warmth of soft towels, which form the daily necessity for any home. Egyptian cotton towels are expensive. These ultra soft towels are used in the resorts and high class hotels, expensive private clinics and gyms. Towels with fibers of low density fit well for use in the gym, while the thick towels are suitable for use after bathing.
    Egyptian cotton towels over the years may become rough. Put them in a container of vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This will relax the fibers and make the towel softer. Excessive use of detergent and fabric softeners can also damage the texture of luxurious towels. Proper care will provide a long service of such a pleasant and luxurious thing, like Egyptian cotton towel.

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