• Animals

    10 interesting facts about polar bears

    Polar or white bear is one of a family of bearish. At the present time – the largest species of bear.

    Adult male of polar bear can weigh from 350 to 545 kilograms, and at the age of 8 to 14 years reaches adult height, if he gets up on his hind legs. Adult females weigh half as much as males – from 50 to 295 kilograms and to 5-6 years reach their maximum size.

    Fact №1.

    Polar bears are not white. Their fur is colorless, because the hairs are hollow and transparent. They reflect light and look white.

    Fact №2.

    Polar bears do not hibernate. Pregnant female bears, or mother-bears remain in dens and reduce their activity, while males continue to hunt throughout the winter.

    Fact №3.

    There is a big difference between the weight and the size of male and female bears. Weight of males can reach 680 kilograms and their height – three meters. While the weight of females seldom reaches 270 kg, and the length – two meters.

    Fact №4.

    Newborn cubs of polar bears are much smaller than the human newborn children. Just born bears do not exceed the size of a rat. Their weight is about 450 grams.

    Fact №5.

    Although the temperature in the Arctic can drop to -45 ° C, polar bears do not usually have problems with freezing and overheating. Especially during the run. And all this because of the physiological characteristics of the bear responsible for heat retention. So the bears prefer to move slowly and methodically.

    Fact №6.

    Polar bears – are excellent swimmers. Due to the structure of the clutches are elegantly and quickly swim. The average speed is 10 km / h. And swim 161 kilometers without stopping will make no difficulty for bears. By the way, they spend so much time in the water that some scientists attribute these animals to marine mammals.

    Fact №7.

    Polar bears provide excellent sense of smell. They can smell a seal at a distance of 32 kilometers.

    Fact №8.

    When bears fold to sleep , they close the nose with paw to keep warm.

    Fact №9.

    Polar bears – big cleaners. After the meal, they spend about 20 minutes, scrubbing themselves. They need to make sure that the hair does not have any food debris that might reduce its insulating properties.

    Fact №10.

    It is known that polar bears may be subjected to outbursts of anger. Not once was seen as a bear was throwing huge chunks of ice and growled loudly in frustration after a failed attempt to seize its prey.

  • Interior items

    Luxury bedding sets

    Luxury bedding sets – it is one of those delightful things which are gradually beginning to become an integral part of our lives. Now in the world is especially popular Egyptian linen silk, without which it can not do true connoisseurs of comfort and luxury. Each year, manufacturers of home textiles represent to the buyer new collection of bed linen. And although in different periods run the show different colors and design trends, always unshakeable classics is at the peak of popularity. Today’s consumers primarily want linens to be comfortable, classic, durable and consistent to fashion trends. The most popular model of neutral tones with elegant embroidery, and high-density fabric. The most beautiful and soft is bedding set made of silk, linen and Egyptian cotton sheets.

    If you want to transform the atmosphere of your bedroom, not while making a radical change, buy a luxury bedding. Start with a neutral, pastel colors: white, ivory, gray, brown, light green. Now on the market is represented a huge choice of bed sets, which are able to satisfy the most demanding customers. Elements of bed headset do not necessarily have to be in harmony. You can combine bedspreads, blankets and decorative pillows of the same color, but different design or texture. This will give your bedroom a whole new and unique look. If you find a fabric or design that you particularly liked, you do not have to buy the whole collection and change all linen. You can simply buy decorative pillows in this series, and decorate with them your bedroom, bring in it a special charm and splendor.

    If in your room there is a lot of upholstered furniture, try to pick up bedding, decorative pillows and curtains in the color of the upholstery. This will make your bedroom particularly elegant and refined. Most manufacturers of high-end bedding offer a wide selection of fabrics, so you can quite easily pick up what you need.

    Your bedroom – is your oasis of relaxation in the house, add the pleasant, soothing elements to make it more comfortable as possible. It is not necessary to follow the fashion trend. Follow your desires and tastes, the only way you can create a bedroom that will delight you with its unique style and unique comfort.

  • Kids

    A toy in a child’s life

    Toys – it is an integral part of every child’s life. Here remember yourself … Surely, you had a favorite toy – a Barbie doll or favorite shabby hare, and perhaps bear. We could read him stories, telling our secrets and dreams.

    Toys should be at each kid. A child in a thousand of possible can select only one. This one he liked, and this one sunk into the soul. For kids the choice of toys – it’s the same thing for an adult – the choice of a friend or loved one. After all, no one can force us to go against our will and not to make friends with those whom we have chosen to friends or to live with those whom we have chosen for wives or husbands.

    Psychologists say that toys help chubby to explore the world, to know its depth and all aspects of life. About the relation of our children to toys can be said as much as necessary: all kids are different, everyone has their own interests and inclinations. The way children behave with toys as they play and treat them, says a lot about their inner world, character and temperament. They can express their feelings to toy. Can quarrel her, punish and even to throw away. But in moments of grief kids hug the beloved teddy bear and sleep with it, sharing their children’s grief.

    Toys – an integral part of the game. Playing, the child develops, grows mentally. After all mental activity is correlated with children’s imagination.

    The game is able to distract the baby, cheer him up, to meet the needs of physical activity.A toy for your offspring needs to be a source of children’s joy, admiration, the motive for the game. It gives impetus to the development of creativity. For example, a doll or baby doll should cause feelings of concern and care. But in every age child needs toys various in topics and appointment . Also, boys and girls play to their interests.

    So, choosing his offspring a toy, remember a few rules:

    1. Each toy is designed for a certain age. And if the child in 2 years is interested in playing machine or collectin a pyramid, in the age of seven, it is no longer relevant and it looks ridiculous.
    2. Small child should not be given toys with small parts he can simply shove them into the mouth or nose. Also, you can not give sharp and piercing parts that can cause injury or injuries.
    3. Choose toys with your child: so you will be able to learn about their interests and inclinations. Buy toys are not for quantity, but for quality.
    4. When purchasing toys that are popular with your baby, consider also a variety – toys are different in purpose and theme. Well, if you have lots of toys: developing, training, scene. Thus, the child himself will be able to choose what game he played.
  • Animals

    Arctic wolf interesting facts

    Length without tail: 100-150 cm. Height: 65-100 cm. Weight: 100 kg, females less. Life expectancy: about 7 years. Related subspecies: the European wolf and the Japanese wolf.

    Polar wolves inhabit one of the most barren areas of the Earth. In April the temperature rarely rises above -30 ° C. Constantly blowing wind causes that the perceived temperature seems much lower. Frozen earth allows to survive only plants with very short roots. By living in such conditions, can adapt only a few mammals. The most numerous group of animals that live in these regions – a lemming and arctic hare. However, in order to survive, the wolf flock sometimes needs and larger prey. Such may be musk oxen and reindeer, but they rarely come to these territories. Therefore, wolf flock should bypass an area covering 2,000 square kilometers. In winter the temperature drops. Small animals hide under the ground and caribou for food go to the south. Wolves follow them.

    Polar wolves keep in flocks of 7-10 individuals. The most common are family flocks, which consists of parents, their cubs and individuals from previous litters. Flock is usually headed by the leader, and his female in the flock takes a similar position. The residue of the flock subjects and forms its own hierarchy. However, on the hunt, while feeding and educating of cubs all adult animals help each other. Often, one or two young wolfs look after the cubs when their mother leaves to hunt.

    Hierarchical relationships within flock are carried out using complex language, consisting of movements, barking and growling. Wolves occupying a high position in the flock, require from subordinates unquestioning obedience, they, in turn, expressing devotion humbly press against the ground or lie on their back. Severe, bloody clashes between wolves are rare.

    Wolves with howl alert other flocks of their presence, so they mark territory and try to avoid the meeting, which would lead to a fight. Lone wolves – are usually young animals, which have left their flock and went in search of a separate area. When such a wolf finds an unoccupied territory it designates it by the urinary points or defecating in certain well-marked areas, stating his rights to it.

    In autumn and winter flock migrates, but after the mating season, pregnant wolf female leaves it to find a den. Sometimes a wolf female digs den itself, but in the winter when the ground is frozen much, the female brings posterity in the old den or in a rocky crevice.

    Cubs are born blind, with closed ear holes and absolutely helpless. They are totally dependent on the mother. Approximately a month later wolf cubs already can eat half-digested meat, burp by male who brings food all this time for the female and wolf cubs. If a there is enough food, young wolves from the beginning of the summer become full members of the flock and migrate with adult individuals.

  • Outdoor

    Patio season: garden furniture and decor

    Garden furniture

    Today garden furniture is presented in various variations. Traditional options are wood, wrought iron and wicker. Wood is more suitable for large-format events and pavilions where are necessary long tables and benches to match. If you decide to organize a welcoming and refined veranda, you can stop at the wicker furniture from rattan or vine. Wooden furniture in this case should get mandatory overhead pillows.


    Lightweight linen curtains, fabric cushions, candles, wrought iron pendant lights create the lion’s share of comfort, even if the costs are already planned out and the furniture you have chosen as a residual. The best recommendation for decoration are: flowers, candles, vases with fruits, little things retro, decorative textiles.

    Space organization

    Patio – is a small seating area outside the house. In favor of a small corner of the garden says comfort and proximity to the kitchen where you can make jasmine tea and put on a plate fresh pear tart. BBQ zone – it is a separate element, which is designed for a larger number of people, a central place occupies BBQ. A small patio accommodates a set of upholstered furniture with coffee table or dining set, separated from the rest of the garden. Garden furniture is usually made of water-resistant materials, and cushions on the furniture is better to choose removable.

    Recommendations for the arrangement of the patio

    Before buying a tent, you should stop your attention on the fact that it, above all, protects from rain, not from the sun. For sun protection is better positioned patio in the shade of a spreading tree or house, as the shadow of tent is small and moves with the sun.
    If you are setting up the veranda, the floor is better to make wooden – they are warmer and it is possible to walk barefoot. If the patio is located in the garden, the more durable option for the floor – is garden tiles.
    If the kitchen has an exit to the garden, the side windows can be positioned a patio with dining area – it will be convenient to lay the table or to organize a tea party.

    Barbecue is better to be located a little away from the house so smoke does not bloat wall.

  • Kids

    Difficult choice: purchase of furniture and bedding for baby

    Newborns are fragile, that the first time it is even scary to take them on hands! Desiring to protect children, we try to pick up for them all the best. Particularly important is the choice of bed linen and cots, as newborns spend almost all the time in their “bedroom”. Here it is necessary to keep an eye out!

    On what to pay attention when buying furniture and bedding?

    Firstly – the quality of materials

    Furniture for children’s room simply has to be environmentally friendly, made of natural materials and coated with hypoallergenic enamel.
    As for bedding, there are the same “rules of the game.” We must look for natural materials: cotton, linen, jersey, satin, silk. And do not believe that synthetic is accessible, natural linen also can be bought cheaply, it also keeps warm, very strong and has a high hygienic properties, preventing allergies.

    Secondly – completeness

    Furniture for the nursery, as well as bedding, is often bought a set – and more comfortable and more beautiful and cheaper than individually selected. Standard variant – wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers (ideally, it’s also a changing table).
    In the crib we need a standard set of clothes (we recommend to buy them at once 2-3 – at first you have to wash them really often!), as well as a protective bumper. In today’s world baby changing is almost virtually abandoned, and now is playing the role of assistant to the bumper that protects the baby from bumps.
    Also important is the canopy. It seems that it has only a decorative function, but it also limits the penetration of light into the crib, creating comfort and ensuring a strong healthy sleep.

    Thirdly – the color palette and design

    “Children – children!” – This simple rule will not allow you to make a mistake! The colors and design of them should be appropriate: pastel, candy, cream – pleasing the eye. Linen and furniture in the nursery – it’s the first thing the child sees, waking up, and the last – falling asleep. Psychologists have proved: linen colors and color cots affect children’s sleep and dream scenes, providing the positive, or on the contrary, a negative effect, stimulating the nervous system and causing nightmares.

    So what should be avoided? “Adult” palette “under color of the interior” (the sin of many young parents): purple, “acid”, the black tones in the children’s bedroom is not the place. So replace the thought “buy bedding in the color of the vase” to “buy bedding, so the baby grow up healthy and happy!”For children with poor appetite needed sets of “sweet” colors: caramel, honey or coffee with milk, cream … The kid will eat for pleasure! Heavenly shades are good for mental activity, pale green calm and uplifting floral prints.

  • Money

    The most effective way to pay off debt

    1. In the first place – with the highest reduced rate
    This would seem obvious, but many people try to extinguish the first small loans to pay at least a part of it. In this case, you overpay the interest of service, so that the total sum obtained is bigger. For example, you have one loan at 13% per annum, the second – at 10%. For the same loan amount, focus on payments of 13 per cent loan, paying the minimum payments on the other.
    You will have to pay the interest any way, but in such a way you will make them smaller.

    Tip: Calculate loans: extinguish those that are profitable, but not those you want to.

    2. If the calculations of several loans are approximately equal
    Reverse method: if you have several loans with equal charges, extinguish the least one. This so-called “snowball method”: repayment of a loan motivates you to put out next, and you reduce their number. For most people it’s easier, and they subconsciously incline to this method. Please note that if you are threatened with confiscation, or in one of the loans calculation is clearly greater, this method is excluded, extinguish a larger loan, as described above!

    Tip: If you have equal debts try to close a particular loan

    3. Restructuring and Refinancing
    If you took a large sum for business development or purchase of apartment, and have paid at least one-third, you can ask about the restructuring. It is profitable in that case, if now bank gives for the same purpose loans at lower interest rates. They can make advance, and you’ll get not only the reduction in total debt, but also the extension of the new loan. That is, you can take advantage of the restructuring to reduce the monthly payment, increasing the total term of the loan. Restructuring makes sense when interest rates are substantially different, as when formalizing everything you have to pay the commission and some other payments, so carefully calculated profits.
    By the way, not all banks agree to refinance their own loans, so that you can try to sell the loan to another bank.

    Tip: If you cannot pay – restructure: restructuring will gather all into one payment and reduce the monthly sum.

    4. Repayment of the loan from another account
    If you want to repay the loan with other bank credit card on which you have no debt, and there is a certain amount of money, which you can use, make sure that it is profitable. Even if you can use the amount at 0%, there are always commissions related to transactions, so that you will lose some money, but at the same time increase the amount of credits that you have to put out at a time. If you choose this method, to calculate the amount of the debt, divide the number of months during which the acts interest-free loan, and make sure that you have enough funds to pay off.

    Tip: Keep out of penalties: use other loans, if the situation requires.

  • Decor

    Decor of the bedrooms- stylish decorations of rest room

    Decor of bedroom is easy to do with your hands, if you give freedom to imagination and imagine how should look the room of your dreams. It is not necessary to give a tribute to fashion, which is changeable as the weather at sea, and try to repeat the idea of the master design, which surprised the world with exclusive decor of bedroom.

    After all, only you can know what are the most suitable cushions to the interior of the bedroom, and with what decorative elements can be adorn stylish relaxation room. Perhaps chic decor items, which will be discussed in this article, will fall to your taste and your bedroom will turn into a real paradise.

    Decor of bedroom: the role of the canopy in the interior of the rest room

    Bed – the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, which, like any representative of the fairer sex does not like competition. You want to feel like a queen, and transform a room in luxury holiday apartments? Do not rush to buy expensive antiques and gilded candelabra for candles. Indeed, any bed can be a great bed of the goddess of beauty, if you decorate it with a silk canopy.

    Color of the fabric can be any, but more importantly, that it is not dominant in comparison with other items of decor of the bedroom. By taking a canopy of red, you can make red sails, floating above your bed of love, where you and your loved ones will enjoy nfinite the spent of time together.

    Opting for a blue cloth designed for tailoring of the canopy, you will be able to admire the skies around you while relaxing in bed. Regardless of the choice of color fabric canopy is ideal for decoration of bedrooms of romantic natures and those who love in a special way to decorate the interior of their home.

    Decor of the bedroom: the choice of textiles

    Linens, blankets, carpets, napkins – a modest list of textile decoration items that can make the bedroom one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. When choosing clothes for a bed or a blanket for the cold floor, keep in mind the unity of style interior bedroom.

    Use the valuable recommendations of the professional interior designers:

    • choose textiles for rest rooms, sewed of the same type of fabric – natural or artificial;
    • pick up in tune with the color textile interior decor items;
    • create homespun blankets, covers for chairs, capes for chairs with your own hands.
  • Animals

    Top 10 the most famous endangered animals

    Each species of living organisms is unique, so its disappearance from the face of the earth – is a tragedy. However, there are some species of animals whose disappearance will not remain without a trace, not only for ecosystems, since these species play a key role in them, but for a man who used to witness them firsthand and on TV almost every day.

    Here are these precious animals, standing on the brink of destruction.

    Mountain Gorilla

    African mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) – the biggest and strongest of all apes, despite its size – it is a very sociable and peaceful animal. The last remaining 600 animals could disappear with the natural habitat as a result of deforestation.

    Florida panther

    Previously, Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) lived all over the south-eastern coast of the United States. Now this species is found only in Florida. Landfills, farms, contaminated water leaves no chance to survive to this animal. In order to somehow save this species, scientists are forced to cross the Florida panther with panther of Texas.

    Giant panda

    The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) lives in China, in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The rapid development of China reserves this kind few chances of survival. The situation is aggravated by the fact that pandas possess the faint sexual instinct.


    Huso (Huso huso) lived on Earth for 200 million years. The lifespan of this fish is 75 years, the maximum weight is two tons and a length up to 10 meters. One reason for its disappearance is dam of the Volga, which during spawning block her way into the upper reaches of the great Russian river.

    Blue whale

    Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is the largest animal on the planet, its length is 33 meters. The reason for the disappearance of this giant is the diminishing reserves of zooplankton – the main food of the whale.

    Blue poison dart frog

    Blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus) it is one of the most amazing colored animal of the planet. People use poison of this frog skin secretions as part of painkillers. This frog inhabits in humid tropical forests of the Amazon, which disappears at a rate of four football fields per minute.


    Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) – ancient wingless bird of Australia, feeding on fruit, it spreads the seeds of tropical tree species. The reason for the disappearance of this birds are wild pigs, which attack and ravage nests of cassowaries, regardless of their size (weight up to 60 kg cassowaries).

    Loggerhead Sea Turtle

    Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) lives in many countries. Long-distance migrations in excess of 2000 kilometers, and a large demand for meat of these turtles leave less and less chance of surviving this kind.

    Polar bear

    Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) are threatened by global warming. Chances of survival of the largest land predator are melting with the Arctic ice.

    Staghorned corals

    Staghorned corals (Acropora palmata and A. cervicornis) – are another victim of global warming. The increase of acidity in ocean has not the best impact on the lives of these organisms. If we consider that corals – are home to many species of fish, the consequences could be “long-playing”.

  • Kids

    What to give to your child? Make up a wish list

    Relatively recently we received a curious tradition – to compile a list of what you’d like to do be given for Christmas (such a list in English is called a “Christmas wish list”) and birthday (“Birthday wish list”). A child, for example, asks his mother for a new game. But she is in no hurry to buy it. She says: “Bring in the name of the game into the” Christmas Wish List “or” The list of desired gifts for the birthday. ”

    After a while, the child wished again, but now something else. And adults again offer him to put the thing he wants into the list. This list will be drawn up for several months. By the way, the child may change his mind and make a list of names crossed out instead of something else. And it is – just wonderful. A growing person has time to reflect and assess his own desires slowly.

    List of desired, parents can restrict. Let it be, let’s say, 10 points – by the number of relatives and friends, whose coming forward to the feast. In this case, the child has to a few months before the holiday carefully choose what he wants to receive as gifts. You can leave one or two points in the list called “Surprise.” Let donors themselves come up with what to buy.

    Beginning to make a “wish list” you can purchase along with the baby a beautiful notebook and do there cherished records. Lists can be illustrated by drawings. And you can hang on the wall a large piece and to lead on it “wish list”, accompanying each item with a picture or sticker pasted.

    The list can be adjusted, and even rewrite (remake) several times, waiting for a holiday. But when the final list is ready, show it to relatives and to all those invited to the feast, and they decide who will give which to the child. After the presentation of gifts took place, parents offer child to start writing the next “wish list.”

    In my opinion, this is a very good in terms of pedagogy tradition. Try to use it! After all, children’s wishes regarding gifts require an indispensable ordering from adults. Unthinkable, impossible to buy and to give children everything they want and when they want it. So let us, dear adults insert into confusion of childhood dreams (which is quite natural for the kids!) some adults ordering (which should be the wise course for adults!).

  • Animals

    Information about guppy fish

    Guppy Fish – the most common aquarium fish in Russia, they are especially suitable for beginners due to its unpretentiousness to conditions of detention and high fertility. In addition, these fish have a beautiful color, especially males. Of course, this article will be of interest only to those who are going to acquire their first aquarium. Those who already have an aquarium can stop reading, because, most likely you already have experience with these fish.

    The appearance of fish guppy

    Guppies – fish family of Petsilid toothcarps squad. The length of the male in the wild reaches 3 cm, females up to 6 cm. Aquarium forms of Guppy male are to 4.5 cm, the female up to 7 cm. The body of the male is elongated, slender, slightly compacted laterally. Pedigree aquarium individual males have long fins, the color is mainly bright. Males have a special organ – gonopodium – anal fin of elongated form. The male natural form olive-gray with iridescent dots and spots, female – gray with greenish or bluish tint. The body of the female is also elongated, with a sealed rear, with enlarged abdomen, in the anal area is visible eggs. Fins are always smaller than the males.

    Types of guppy

    Among the forms of aquarium Guppy is found a great many varieties of fish, different sizes of fins and painting. During the long years of selection is derived 13 forms of Guppy differing size and shape of the caudal fin. It roundtailed, flagtailed, needletailed, spadetailed, speartailed, “lower sword”, “Upper sword”, “double sword”, Lyrebird, skirt or valetailed, fantailed sharp-angled, fantailed edged and fantailed.


    Guppy Fish because of its unpretentiousness and beautiful color became ideal fish for beginners aquarists. In particular, they will go to the aquarium for children. Therefore, if your children ask you to buy them aquarium Guppy are one of those fish that can be taken in such a tank. Only later, if your child is interested in aquarium, learn to care for it, then you can move on to other fish. Guppy Fish are interesting and beacause of the fact that breed well, especially if your aquarium is densely planted with plants. It will take very little time and you will see the small fry hiding in thickets of plants.


    About this fish I can write a very long time, certainly in this article we have said not everything about it (and it is hardly possible in one article). Fish is really – unique and legendary! And you definitely will not regret having got it in your aquarium. Good Luck To You!

  • Outdoor

    Style of the garden. Japanese garden and a Mediterranean garden

    Design of a Japanese garden is based on the principles of simplicity and harmony. The main purpose of its landscape composition – to create a picture pleasant for contemplation. Sometimes it is enough to put a few sprigs of bamboo surrounded by picturesque stone – and this landscape has rightfully be called a Japanese garden; the main thing that the location of these elements were harmonious and pleased the eyes.

    In this regard, the Japanese garden is not accepted to make such a large-scale, as classical European gardens. Realizing that it is not for walking, and for admiring, just select a few square meters. Another important feature – the maximum commitment to naturalness, lack of bright colors. Organizing the planting, it is important to provide the largest possible number of evergreens.

    There are two types of Japanese gardens: kare sansui (in translation – “dry landscape”) and tsukiyama (or hilly garden).

    Garden design kare sansui suggests absence of trees, flowers and water features. Normally for its creation is used only gravel, stones and sand. The soil is covered with fine white gravel, on which subsequently is applied a certain pattern.

    For garden tsukiyama is typical is the idea of reproduction of some landscape in miniature form. Small trees symbolize the forest here, stones – the majestic mountains and pond – the ocean. An important part of such garden – presence of the waterfall: it is believed that the splash of water brings a special harmony in the overall picture.

    In contrast to the peaceful Japanese garden, Mediterranean gardens are accepted to create colorful, cheerful, “summer”. Their design reflects the landscape culture of countries such as Italy, Cyprus, Greece.

    Key elements of a Mediterranean garden:

    • presence of courtyard – patio;
    • abundance of bright colors;
    • using only natural materials (usually limestone and clay);
    • Handmade;
    • lack of lawns and water objects (exception – small fountains);
    • furniture of garden design and garden walls;
    • winding paths.

    Also for Mediterranean gardens are typical plants, planted in pots and placed in a small clearing, sprinkled with white gravel. Areas of the garden separated by partitions, and all sorts of tapestries, often made of wood. Fountain is placed in the center of courtyard.
    Basic colors of a Mediterranean garden: white, beige, sand, red. There is absolutely no black, gray or any other dark shades.

    In such a garden are usually planted ornamental fruit trees and shrubs. Very popular are pear, cherry, Saskatoon, arborvitae west, apricot, chestnut. The greatest attention is paid to colors; here dominate morning glory, clematis, irises, dahlias, echinacea, ageratum, marigolds, salvia, gladiolus, petunia, zinnia, coreopsis.

    Do not forget that special charm to the Mediterranean garden design gives curly cut plants.