• Fountains

    Backyard water garden ideas

    To decorate any country site, even very small, you can with a help of water garden. It is not necessary for him to acquire the basis in the store, you can make it by yourself. To create such a garden with your own hands will take a little time, and the cost will be minimal in this case. You can make a garden of small size, so it does not take up much space on the territory of your site and at the same time was mobile.

    Water garden to be able to transport should be small in size, for example 800x400x250 millimeters. It can be made of boards available in the dacha, such as cedar, fir or pine board of thickness of 25 millimeters. If desired, the size of your water garden can be increased, but too large size of such product does not allow to move it from place to place due to the fact that the body of the water garden can be tough enough.

    Creating a water garden

    At the marked bottom of the box should be established a board separator. The ratio of water and earth stations, you can choose any, for example 3: 1. For the tightness of the internal compartments of a water garden you will need plastic liners that you can make yourself or use the ready ones. The easiest way – is to miss the compartments several times with hermetic . Just be careful if you are going to have fishes in the water part, used sealant must be suitable for such use and must not be toxic.

    Fill in the dry bay of a water garden. To do this, you need to drill holes for drainage in the bottom of this compartment, then fill it with earth. If the alleged plants for planting have different requirements for care, it is necessary to place them in separate containers.

    To plant aquatic plants, the bottom compartment is required to be put with bricks. This will allow to place the containers with plants below the water level of about 5 centimeters. As containers can be used ordinary flower pots or plastic bottles, cut to required size. Containers are filled with earth, short of about 2 cm to the edge. In soil are planted plants and the land on top is sprinkled with small pebbles. The aqueous part can be supplemented by decorative elements. If you decide to breed fish, then you can put into the water algae, which are sold in any pet store, for extra producing of the oxygen necessary for fishes.

  • Outdoor

    Garden decoration ideas

    To make a clear distinction between garden ornaments, containers and garden furniture can be difficult. Stone vase with pelargonium – is this a decoration or a container? Determination of garden ornaments taken in this article is simple – perhaps too simple. Ornament for garden we call an object that adorns the garden, even if it is not used for its intended purpose. Thus, a large decorative vase, in which is planted pelargonium, is a garden decoration, and a tub or a plastic pot with the same pelargonium – are just containers.

    To garden ornaments can be included many items. This article describes six major groups of ornaments, but this list is not exhaustive – we do not mention wrought lampposts, birdbaths, metal weather vanes and so on. Large garden ornaments – such as for example as the sculpture on a man size – are appropriate in the park, especially if it is planned in the French or Italian style. However, at the site of a typical home will be a place for ornament, if you follow the basic rule: there should not be many garden ornaments, and they should not be too large. Place the decoration mainly in or near the pond or in the places of the garden, where they close the perspective. Pleasure gives the vary process of finding a suitable decoration for the garden. The easiest way to search – browse the catalog of shops that specialize in equipment for garden ponds. The relevant section can be found in directories of shops selling garden tools and other household goods. Sometimes it is possible to find garden ornaments in commission shops, on sales, on the “flea” markets and even in landfills.

    Do not forget that being outdoors ornaments for garden are exposed to weathering. Products made of cast iron eventually become fragile and sometimes rust. Lead alloys do not rust, but products made from them are fragile. Raw stone accumulates with lichen much faster than the polished and soft sandstone is rapidly destroyed by water and low temperatures.

    In recent years, interest to garden ornaments has grown, but still millions of people are indifferent to them. Ornaments are binding only in the Japanese garden, in all other cases, they may not be. Nevertheless, tasteful ornaments could considerably decorate many gardens.

  • Animals

    Interesting facts about elephants

    The African elephant is the biggest of mammals that inhabit the Earth. How much strength and power collected in this animal! Even more interesting facts about elephants, you can learn from this article.

    1. The most important difference from the female of the Indian elephants of males – is the lack of tusks.
    2. The size of the tusks of elephants – it is a genetic trait. Elephant with very large tusks in our time does not exist. Many thousands of years ago, they were killed by hunters. Tusks of elephants in the modern animal world – small or non-existent. One third of their length is hidden in the skull.
    3. Elephants, like people, can be right-handed and left-handed. Only, instead of hands, they are distinguished by tusks.
    4. The average amount of food an elephant eats for a day, is 300 kilograms.
    5. In the elephant’s trunk can fit about 8 liters of water.
    6. When a herd of elephants coming famine, all the animals apart and eat separately.
    7. The leader of the herd of elephants, in most cases, are the female elephants.
    8. Meeting elephants greet each other a special ritual: they entwine trunks.
    9. Elephants – very friendly animals. In addition to the welcome at the meeting, they help small elephants. As a child of man holds hands of mother and baby elephant holds a trunk of the frmale elephant. If the elephant from herds see that baby elephant slipped, he immediately helps him.
    10. These animals are sad, if in their herd is something wrong and rejoice, for example, if the elephant is born. Elephants are able to even smile.
    11. Communicate elephants together at very low frequencies that are inaudible to man. This allows them to talk at a distance of several kilometers.
    12. Not only ears allow elephants to hear. Catching ultra-low noise, they may even with legs.
    13. Did you know that a 30-pound elephant’s heart beats about 30 beats per minute? For comparison, the heart of a healthy adult makes 70 strokes over the same period of time.
  • Other

    Credit report – why do you need it?

    Credit history – is a dossier containing information on the solvency liability of the borrower, the amount of his appeals to the banks, as well as approved and paid loans. To be interested in such dossiers must not only financial institutions but also the client. Every year on the Civil Code and the laws dedicated to banking, any natural person has the right once a year on a free of charge basis to receive a credit report or an extract from the CH. Moreover, a request for such a report is advisory but not binding. Yet all analysts advise not to ignore the recommendations and contact the Bureau of credit histories every year. And here’s why.

    Preparing for a large loan. Why should you ask for a credit report before placing your car loan or a mortgage?
    The primary objective of the credit report is considered to be a summary of the history of all requests, issuance and repayments of loans of the person. In the submission will be displayed dates and sums, including the number of days of arrears, penalties and the presence of active loans. There are situations when small banks forget to transmit information about the closed loan. Borrower is listed as debtor. And only for this reason, that is at the study of solvency, he can be denied in mortgage or car loan. If you notice deviations and “oversight” of financial institution you should in advance call back there and ask to fix your credit history. Active loans will be closed, and the chance to conclude a new credit agreement will increase.

    And it also happens that the lender sends the wrong information in the credit bureau. Data on namesakes are confused and the wrong citizen becomes debtor. To request a credit report in this case – means to detect errors and to regain the reputation of a responsible, loyal borrower in time. For this you will have to visit the bank that filed incorrect information about their customers and to write a statement on the revision of history and correct inaccuracies there.

    Thus, the answer to the question “Why do I need a credit report” is the protection of credit reputation and your own financial well-being. Therefore each borrower is recommended to contact the CRB annually.

  • Outdoor

    Ideas for patio design

    We all like to spend time in our patio, whether it is a barbecue day with cocktails or reading a good book. Patio is a great place for enjoying a meal, reading a good book, socializing with friends and family in your own home. Even at night, selected lighting makes changes to the overall atmosphere and design of the courtyard.

    There are different designs and themes to choose, depending on the size of the patio and the mood that you want to have. Whether you choose a small or a large patio, these simple patio design ideas will surely help you to make patio an ideal place for entertainment and staying some time alone.

    Here are some things that you might need to consider before you plan your patio: opinions and wishes of the family, weather and where in winter and summer there os most of the sun.

    If you already have a pool to work with it, you can easily create a place in which you will feel like at a resort.

    Use umbrellas, they can serve as an excellent designer accessory in the patio. Choose any color you like. On sunny days, you can close the umbrellas and enjoy the sun, and in the less sunny days, you can easily open them. Also, if you have a pool, you can make a swimming pool as the focal point, having built tracks from the house and around the pool. You can use beautiful landscape, forming a theme and style around the pool.

    Decide where it will be be a focal point for the patio. Coordination center will attract attention and highlight your patio.
    If you have any disparate elements in the patio, such as statues, fountains, flower beds, the focal point is a great way to hide it.
    Lighting is an important factor in the patio for a night’s rest. They can not only add beauty to your patio, but also to make the entire area safer for walking at night. There are several options that you can choose for lighting. Lanterns add more natural feel, it is the best idea of patio design. Lights hanging from trees, ceiling, panels or gazebos also add a soft, romantic atmosphere in your patio.

    When choosing lighting for the patio, think primarily about safety.

    There are many options and materials for the choice of coatings for patio. When choosing them, take into account the most important factor – the weather. If you live in an area which is mostly sunny throughout the year, you can use the covers of a temporary nature, such as awnings and umbrellas.

    For those who live in colder, less sunny and more rainy areas, use permanent coatings, such as gazebos, corrugated metal roofs. The best patio is considered a continuation of the house that is both functional and attractive to the eye.

    When choosing a design, do not forget to make projects that are a reflection of your personality, from this patio you will have maximum of pleasure.
    Look more – How to make a homemade fire pit?

  • Animals

    Interesting facts about lions

    Leo since immemorial times has been synonymous with strength, power and courage and bravery. Because of this, among people rooted sayings, “as strong as a lion” or “lion’s heart.” In ancient Egypt, the lion was considered a sacred animal. It should be noted the interesting fact that in Europe, too, lions lived about 500 AD until they were all destroyed. Lion – is a beast that is dangerous for animals and humans. In the Middle Ages, many royal courts were decorated with hcoat of arms depicting a lion, in order to show power, authority and power.

    We decided to collect for you some interesting facts about lions, to show once again how interestig and scary lion is.

    • In addition to the nose, lions like all cats can pick up odors with the help of so-called “tube Jacobson”, located on the upper palate behind the front incisors. Lions use them when fully focus on some particularly interesting smell, sucking in air, slightly raising the upper lip and nose.
    • The muzzle of a lion is like a human fingerprint. There are no two lions with the same muzzle.
    • The claws of a lion can reach a length – 7 cm.
    • An adult lion has 30 teeth. Specific sign is also four nipples in females.
    • Despite the huge teeth, lions do not really chew food. Instead they ingest large pieces of meat, using only one side of the jaw.
    • Night vision of lion is six times better than human`s.
    • The smallest heart from all predators have … the lion.
    • Adult lion roar so loud that you can hear at a distance of 8 kilometers
    • At the age of 2 years lions cannot roar
    • If a lion is full, animals that he hunts, can walk beside him, without worrying for their lives.
    • Most man-eating lions – are young males in good physical shape. Until now it was thought that only sick or wounded lion attacks on humans and pets because it can not catch up with the fleet-sacrifice such as zebra or gazelle.
    • Puberty male lion reaches at 5 years, and females at age of 4. But after that they continue to grow in size – typically up to six years. Lions breed year-round, but the peak is in the rainy season. In non-pregnant females in heat estrus begins only in 16 days after the end of the previous one.
    • Polygamous not only males but also females usually occurs as a pairing with a male-dominant, and the other lions of the pride.
    • Lion mates 672 per week
    • In the mating season, the male lion mates every 15 minutes for two weeks in a row.
    • Newborn cubs weigh only 1-2 kg. On the 11th day they open their eyes, and on the 15th start walking. On the skin of young cubs there are dark spots, which then disappear.
    • Lion cubs are fed with milk along with his mother all lactating lioness.
    • Lionesses live longer, as the old lions usually expels or pride or the other, more powerful male. In nature, they live on the average 14 to 16 years (up to 18 years in the Serengeti), and males rarely reach 11 years, but you can find more old lion (under 16 years). The average life expectancy of lions in captivity – 13 years.
  • Money

    How to donate a car to charity

    1. Gather information about the charity center or the car donation center where you consider to donate your car. All charity centers are different. Like everything else in life, some are good, while others are working in bad faith. It is unlikely that you will know about it until you have enough information about them. Here are some relatively simple ways to do this.
    2. Before you donate your car to a charity or non-profit center for car donation, you should check their tax documentation, simply go to the site irs.gov.
    3. Check the tax deduction. Another point that you want to learn- documentation of the tax deductions that you get when you donate your car. Most charity centers sell donated cars, because the procees of car transfer for destitute or its sale at a very low price create many difficulties. Furthermore, charity centers are dependent on revenues from sales of donated cars in the financing of their mission.
    4. If the charitable foundation will sell your car, you can get $ 500 or part of the sum that charity organization has gained from the sale of your car. To maximize the tax deduction, you need to learn how the organization is going to sell your car. Some charity funds sell donated cars to the same dealer. This is a fundamentally wrong idea, because the more competition there is, the more likely that the selling price will be higher.
    5. Other funds put all the cars up for auction. It is a good idea if car is in good condition. However, if the car needs repair or it is in bad condition, it cannot lead to the best possible sales price. The reason for this is that at first buyer pays for the right to participate in the auction and then pays the commission when buying a car. Most buyers take into account these commissions in advance by placing their bets at auction.
    6. Learn the process. In most cases, you can most profitably sell cars, referring to several dealers who are ready to buy the donated cars. And here’s why. If car is in good condition, it makes sense to put it up for auction in order to allow more customers to place their bets. If car is in satisfactory condition, selling it directly to the dealer engaged in second-hand cars can be the most profitable way, because it can offer a great price to avoid the commission of the auction. If car is in very poor condition, spare parts shop can offer the highest price, so that then resell work items and metal used in the construction of cars, on scrap metal.
    7. Find out which of the methods of welfare center is going to sell your car. This will help you determine whether they will provide you the greatest amount of the tax deduction for your donation.
  • Kids

    Safe toys for children

    Interesting and beautiful toy – the best gift for little son or dear daughter. Even in secondary school children are happy to play puzzle games, build houses from the constructor, sew clothes for a favorite doll. A toy for the youngest – an indispensable companion that will entertain both at home and on the walk.

    Parents, grandparents, loving family will gladly give kids toy cars, dolls, pyramids and sets for sandboxes. But always is the choice always right? In what cases, gift can be a source of trouble? Unfortunately, on market of children’s products there are many poor quality and even dangerous products and yoou should be able to avoid it. Therefore, the choice of the sample, place of purchase and the trade mark must be approached with the utmost responsibility. Choosing safe toys for your child, you will make his life happy and cheerful.

    The criteria for safe toys

    1. Has value material of manufacture. Manufacturers may used in manufacture wood, cloth or plastic. Plastic products should be chosen very carefully: it must be binding security assurances and plastics, and dyes. You can not buy items for children to play with the content of polyvinyl chloride (“poison plastic”), or such plate should be soft and warm. Also study the item for the content of bisphenol A and phthalates.
    2. Safe toy should have a convenient form, smooth surface without roughness. No sharp angles. For small children are available samples without small and delicate parts.
    3. You should take into account the weight of the object for games. In the fall he must not injure the child’s legs. The recommended weight – no more than 500 g
    4. For children to a year can be purchased rattles, teethers made of natural wood (with a coating of natural wax) or from a safe certified plastic.
    5. Paint should not contain lead – toxic compound that causes severe disturbances in the functionality of the body of the baby.
    6. It must not have a sharp odor.

    Where to buy goods for the children to be confident in the quality?

    Children’s toys are not sold only in special stores that are confident in the quality of its product range, but also in the market, in the shops, on street stalls. These outlets do not specialize in children’s products, they do not have qualified staff. Therefore, more reliably and efficiently is to buy quality toys for children in shops and online stores with products have reputable and trusted brands.

  • Animals

    Grizzly bear information and facts


    Grizzly Bear is a subspecies of brown bear, which is found in Alaska and western Canada. In appearance grizzly is similar to a Siberian subspecies of the brown bear.
    In general, grizzly is much larger than Siberian brown bear, it is stronger and heavier. A distinctive feature of the grizzly is its size. At the height an adult male grows up to 2.8 meters and weigh up to 500 kilograms, but in nature can be found animals, the growth of which is up to 4 meters. Grizzly Bear has powerful jaws and claws, a length of 15 centimeters. The tail, unlike the brown bear`s, is short. Grizzly shoulders, his stomach and neck are covered with dark brown fur. All the rest of his body is covered with lighter hair, which gives the fur greyish hue.


    For today the grizzly bear is found in Alaska and in western Canada. Isolated populations of grizzly bears can be found in northern Idaho, western Montana, north-west of Wyoming and the Northern Cascade Mountains (Washington).


    Grizzly Bear as his brown kinsman hibernates. Grizzly feed with plant food , and only at a young age, he climbs trees as claws do not interfere. Grizzly is a good swimmer and easily swims wide rivers, good fishing, skillfully ruins hives to get honey. When walking grizzly is rocking and reloading. When he sees a man grizzlt does not escape and attacks him, but it does so only if it sees danger from man. This is because grizzlies have a poorly developed sense of smell and hearing and eyesight, and often bear confuses human with an animal. With the risk or irritation rizzly immediately rushes into the fray, he squeezes his opponent in his powerful paws and tears it of with his teeth and help himself with claws.
    Aggressiveness of grizzly can be easily understood, as happened in the 20th century its extermination. People, regardless of whether the bear was a threat to their lives, hunted and killed him. For the head of a bear even relied prize.


    Estrus at grizzly bears begins in May and lasts for one month. In order to determine its partner bears use standard categories such as odor, mark in its own territory, and others. The males are fighting among themselves, and during the hard battles gave a loud roar. Despite the fact that males for three weeks guard selected females from other males, females in estrus period can mate with several males.
    Bear cubs are born 8 months later. The female gives birth to 2 to 3 bear cubs, whose body is covered with sparse fur. The cubs are born blind, with an overgrown ear canal and they weigh only 500 grams. The body length of newborn grizzlies is 25 centimeters. After three months, bear cubs grow to the size of a small dog. With educating of young deals female. Young grizzlies grow up to 11 years.
    Mexican and Canadian grizzlies are listed as endangered.

  • Animals

    Panda information facts

    What is unusual in panda?

    In Tibet, they tell a legend about the panda. Once the girl met in the woods a white bear. They became friends and often played together. Once he was attacked by a snow leopard. The girl rushed to aid a friend and was killed. At her funeral all pandas came in black shoes and black gloves. Lamenting the girl, they rubbed eyes with paws, clutching their heads. Therefore ears of pandas are painted in black, and under the eyes there are black circles.
    In the West, the panda was first introduced in 1869, in the Paris Museum of Natural History. Of course, it was a scarecrow. Only after 68 years, the West saw a panda alive. For many years it was considered even extinct. In 1961, the lovely animal became a symbol of the World Wildlife Fund. But what has attracted Europeans and Americans to panda ?

    Panda – a strange child of nature. Scientists have been trying to solve its riddle. Examining the skin of the beast, they decided that the panda – a kind of plant-eating bears. Therefore, a panda bear was called bamboo bear. It was even thought the ancient bear kind.
    But in 1936, the American scientist William Gregory has found at panda many anatomical features that characterized the American raccoon. Specialists had no doubt that the small panda – red, similar to a cat – is the Asian version of a raccoon. Giant Panda, according to Mr. Gregory, is giant a descendant of the small panda.

    Belgian zoologist Serge Freshkop proposed to allocate panda in a special family, related both to bears and cats. However, the prevailing view is that the panda – is a special “creature”. Professor A.G. Bannikov writes: “The giant panda should be referred to a special family … intermediate between bears and raccoons.”

    Indeed, panda – is a vegetarian. It feeds mainly with young bamboo shoots. The word “panda” comes from the local name “nyala poncha”, which means “eater of bamboo”. It keeps the stems of bamboo in his thick legs and bites. To do this, it was useful “sixth finger”: a bone lengthened and works as a thumb in our hand. With this finger can keep even the most delicate stalks of bamboo.

    The space, which inhabits vegetarian, is small: mountain forests of Sichuan Province of China, which holds 300 km. It is here that panda can find their own food. But bamboo – a finicky plant: blooms about once every half century, gives the seeds and then dies. Only after three years there will be new growth and bamboo grove will bloom again with young green leaves. What to do during the rest time?

    It is sad to see how a hungry animal dies! WWF, together with the Chinese government developed a recovery program called “Project Panda”. Center is the Wolong park. There are mountain, valleys, coniferous and deciduous forests, the carpet of ferns, and most importantly – growing bamboo. So that pandas have an opportunity to continue the race.

    Today panda is difficult to find, not only bamboo, but also peace. This stems from the people. He cuts down the forest for the construction of bridges and roads. Day after day, from pandas becoming less room for habitats. So panda and does not know where to go.
    Mysterious is the origin of this animal, bizarre its lifestyle and anatomy. None of the animals have something like this!

  • Fountains

    Forms of fountain jets

    Fountains are adorable! Relive the pond, setting a fountain in it. Spurting water will create a unique effect, surprising and delighting all who comes to the garden. In addition, fountains are useful because during the work they enrich the air with oxygen.

    Essentially, fountains – are a jet of water of different configurations, which rise up and fall down with sparkling drops. This simplicity is not always appreciated, so the search is on for a more refined method of spraying water.

    The variety of shapes of fountains and spraying of water, can be achieved with the help of modern underwater pump. Beginners, perhaps, better to choose a simple spraying fountain, jets of various shapes are created with interchangeable nozzles adapted for typical underwater pumps.

    Types of fountains:

    1. Fountain – geyser is perfect for an open, windswept area. For it you need a powerful underwater pump.
    2. Fountain – bell. The most calm kind of structure for running water. They are good to use in small formal ponds, quiet corners of the garden, or in the mini – reservoirs of natural style.
    3. Simple separating jet. Water drops in large drops. These fountains are good for places where sunbeams create a play of light.
    4. The spray jet. It creates a very nice visual effect and produces magical sounds. Good for small reservoirs.
    5. A single nebulizer. It looks good on any water body.

    In fact, you can collect the entire collection of tips, feeding jets of various shapes, and change them at will.

    There are rules regulating the use of fountains: if the garden is windswept it is reasonable to limit the height of any jet fountain with half of radius of the reservoir. In sheltered garden, a jet of water at a height may be equal to the diameter of the pond or pool.

    Simple single fountain jet is often a visual center, but it also can be used to separate spaces or interrupting perspectives, forcing the viewer to stop before going further.

    Single-jet fountains are also used in asymmetrical design for contrast. More photo water fountains – here

    Pumps and filters.

    Pumps with filters are used for pumping water. They work from the network and through the impeller take water into one end of the water tap line and deliver it at the other end connected to the water body, such as a fountain.

    There are two main types of pumps:

    • low voltage submersible
    • high voltage located on the surface of water.

    In ponds and fountains, we basically only use submersible pumps. Circuit breaker eliminates the danger of electric shock. To each pump is attached also the filter and more often it is built directly into the pump, but sometimes (when the size of the pond is great) it is installed detached from the pump.

  • Kids

    How to choose a mattress for a cot?

    It is no secret that sleep quality is a determining factor in the health and proper development of the baby.
    For this reason, the choice of a mattress in a crib is extremely important and responsible.
    In today’s abundance of children’s mattresses to make the right choice becomes more difficult, because every detail is of paramount importance.

    A fundamental factor in choosing a mattress should be its rigidity. Newborn babies do not have an S-shaped curvature of the spine, it is formed only in 2-3 years. That is why the first years of life the baby should sleep on a firm enough mattress so as not to disturb the physiological gradual formation of the spine.

    Types of matresses

    Mattresses are divided into spring and springless. Springless mattresses differ in their filling.
    The filler of mattresses can be natural and synthetic. To natural mattresses are included matresses of horsehair, seaweed, coconut fiber. The most popular and affordable is the mattress made of coconut fiber.

    • Mattresses made of coconut coir are extremely tough and, according to podiatrists, are considered ideal for the newborn baby.
      Mattress made of coconut coir is natural, good conductor of air and provides comfort in both winter and summer.
    • Mattresses made of polyurethane foam – this is not the notorious foam. For a reasonable price you can buy a fairly hard mattress of high quality material.

    Choosing among polyurethane foam of mattresses, it is important to remember the signs of the quality of such products:

    • Weight. The heavier, the stronger the mattress and higher the period of its operation;
    • Stiffness. Practical way (push, sit down), check the rigidity of the mattress. Remember: the younger the child, the tougher should be mattress.
    • Stability. Observe how quickly the mattress returns to its original shape after the pressure on him. The faster the better.

    General rules for the selection of the mattress:

    1. The right size
      The mattress should clearly match the size of the crib. If it is bigger than the mattress it will bend and deform. With insufficient size of the mattress the leg of standing in the crib baby can be injured, trapped between the crib and the mattress. In this context, important is the hard mattress support on the perimeter.
    2. Hypoallergenic and security
      Unscrupulous manufacturers may use toxic impregnation and prohibited synthetic materials. Do not hesitate to request certificates for products and scrutinize the label.
    3. Cover
      Choose a mattress cover made of natural fabrics. An important condition – the ability to take cover for a regular wash. Pay attention to seams cover. The sleeping area should be smooth, without seams.
    4. Basis for the mattress
      An ideal base for the mattress – all season-slatted cover. This base allows the mattress to fully ‘breathe’, to evenly distribute the load and fully exerts its orthopedic properties.

    Typically, babies of the first year – are frequent visitors in the parental bed. Caring for kids – a great incentive to take care of yourself. Make a critical assessment of a family bed and, if necessary, get a new good mattress.