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    Some pieces of advice about backyard landscaping

    Nowadays the landscape design is striking in its uniqueness and at the same time simplicity. Many ideas can make your backyard beautiful and unique, and most importantly, it all depends on your creativity.

    The main plus of garden bridges is a visual increasing of the site area bringing a new and original look to your garden. It is worth noting that such bridges as well as serve as a component of the walking trail, making it more expressive and impressive. Garden bridges are not too expensive, and the material from which they are made, may be the most diverse (wood, metal, stone). If you decide to equip your backyard with such bridges, do not spin out the money and purchase a handicraft, all the more so there is an option of manufacturing the bridge of your own design!

    Certainly the best complement to your garden can be considered a dry creek. This method of landscape design is included natural stones, laid out in the form of a dried-up riverbed. Use a dry creek in places where the creation of an artificial pond for some reason is impossible. The idea comes from Japan, where the dry creek is not only very popular, but it is believed that it laid a sacred meaning. Japanese believe that if a garden to decorate this design solution, it will bring harmony and well-being to the hosts of the home. Regarding the creation of a dry creek, then for this you will need your imagination, natural stones and as an option fine-grained stone chippings (with the help of it you can draw the water surface). Contours of stream can be decorated not only with flowers but also ornamental plants such as juniper, dwarf spruce or mountain pine. You can also combine different techniques of landscape design, in this case, mounting a garden bridge above the dry creek.

    Another original solution for a garden plot is an imitation of so-called abandoned garden. The idea is that to create an ecosystem in which all will resemble a piece of wild nature. There must be present a pathway covered with moss, weeds are placed randomly throughout, small bushes and grasses, etc. The main thing that this ecosystem has taken root in the local context, this requires mandatory participation of insects and birds. Therefore, in addition to a variety of plants in this garden there must be bird feeders, bird houses, etc. It is worth noting that the ‘neglect’ garden is not a cheap pleasure and requires the mandatory presence of a specialist when the area is landscaping. It is also important to know that all the elements of such an ecosystem have to complement the environment, and in any case do not contradict it, or, despite its naturalness, this abandoned garden quickly lose its aesthetic appearance.

    Glowing stones is an innovation in the field of landscape design. Night garden should be not only beautiful, but also safe to move on it and rest in it. Glowing stones can be very creative and original solution for bacdkyard lighting.

  • cutlery

    Cutlery: how to choose & how to use

    Choosing and buying a modern flatware is now quite easy – shops offer incredible diversity.
    Most often, at the stores you can find knives, spoons and forks made of stainless steel, nickel or silver. More often – they are made of silver, and aluminum, wood and plastic.

    For the production of cutlery stainless steel fits just perfect – it is inexpensive, durable, absolute inertia.
    Cupronickel or nickel-silver are elite materials, so their cost is high. Nowadays almost no one produces cutlery made of cupronickel, and nickel-silver ones almost always have outer coating of silver, gold, etc., that is, the purchase of such sets of forks, knives and spoons is also an investment;

    It is necessary to mention also about the cutlery made of aluminum, plastic and wood. None of these materials are suitable for daily use.
    Cutlery design is not as diverse as, for example, the design of the dishes, but it is also necessary to be considered an aesthetic component is important. Ideally, all the utensils should be of the same material and the same decor.

    Now you can find a lot of different sets of different price categories and various configurations. There are sets of 24 items that will be enough for daily use, and 90 items, which are ideally suited for the reception of guests.

    Knives. Knives can be molded-in handle or monocoque (for their production steel rod of a certain diameter is flattened);with a hollow handle. A knife with a hollow handle consists of 3 parts: the blade and the handle component (sometimes when using certain parts of the design there can be even more, but at the same time only a few manufacturers can ensure the high quality.

    At the “composite knife” blade is often made of steel 13/0 or 15/0 (containing 13% to 15% Cr). Such steel cuts better.

    The handle of this knife is made up of two halves welded together inside, the emptiness between them is filled with special cement porcelain. The blade depth is input to the middle handle length, wherein the connecting seam is located on the handle, but on a new product, it is usually not visible due to polishing.

    A few words about the blade. Currently on the market there are knives with both tempered and non-tempered blades. Tempered steel is cheaper (by about 25 percent.), but at the application of pressure, it is bent and over time grows old (the spots are marked). Hardened steel is elastic, if the knife blade to bend and let go, it will take its original shape.

    By purchasing cutlery, also make a point that their style accord with the dishes.

  • victorinox
    Hunting, fishing

    Victorinox: history of success


    Knives Victorinox is the highest Swiss quality, durability, comfort, unrivaled design, functionality, durability and reliability. No wonder Victorinox knives are often called “the best ones”. After all, 130 years of Viktorinox knives existence have become the standard. They were the most reliable, experienced at all kinds of extreme conditions. Moreover, Victorinox Swiss Army knife is an integral part in NASA expeditions. On the other hand it can be bought anywhere in the world.

    Victorinox company was founded in Switzerland in 1884 by Carl Elzener. At that time Elzener took only knives for repairs. However, after 5 years, in 1889 an association of artists of 25 people was established. Since then manufacture of high-quality Swiss blades has begun. Already since 1891 Victorinox knives have been supplied exclusively for the Swiss army, hence their names as “Army”, “Officer” or “Soldier”. Then army knife with a wooden handle had only one large blade, can opener, screwdriver and an awl. Carl Elzener has not stopped at that and continued to create folding knives with different numbers of instruments. Therefore, depending on the function, there were designed Cadet, Student and Farmer knives. After that, in 1897 Officer was patented, which brought to Charles fame and success. Unlike the Army knife, Officer was much smaller and lighter, and instead of a wooden handle there was a fiber one. Plus, it contains a small blade and a corkscrew. And to deal with competitors in some time Elzener added to the officer’s knife wood saw with the tree scissors.

    Swiss Viktorinox knives are made from high quality materials. Each separate tool is made of stainless steel. During the production chromium, carbon, manganese, molybdenum and silicon are added. Then the unique technology of hardening takes place. As a result, depending on the purpose each element has particular hardness, in other words steel grade. For example, the hardness of each blade is RC 56. All the Viktorinox knives tools are equipped with unique springs, due to which it is easy to sort and stack. At the same time, they are firmly fixed in the open and closed position. Also the light weight of each blade is worth noting, which is achieved through the internal linings of the unique aluminum alloy. But the handle is covered with plates of special high-strength plastic, aluminum, etc. The material is shock-proof to damage, small abrasions and does not slip in the hand.

    The company surprised its customers by a variety of models. For your attention experts have prepared 350 models and 800 instruments.
    Today, Victorinox is the biggest European knives production company. All blades are tested. Their logo is recognizable all over the world – a white cross on red shield. It is the state symbol of Switzerland.

  • Audi rims

    Audi rims as a popular item for car decoration

    Audi rims
    Audi rims


    In recent years Audi rims have increasingly occupied a forefront of demand. This natural tendency of growth is not surprising, as according to the latest market research, annual sales of Audi cars have also increased, actually, like ones of the main competitors of the car brands – BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

    As for the lineup of car rims of the Audi brand, the choice is simply amazing in its diversity. More than 25 models of disks are presented in a variety of colors.

    We know perfectly well how quickly lineup of Audi vehicles is updated and we are trying to comply with the latest innovations
    From the latest innovations that can please the customers, it is worth noting these models: W569 Aiace, W567 Giasone, W565 Medea, W555 Alabama.

    In addition to updating the model range, the dimension offers have been renewed too. Some already existing models of drives have appeared, but in the new size. For example, W550 Allroad CANYON, W557 S8 COSMA TWO, W560 Pompei, W561 A4 Kassel, W562 Amalfi and W563 Seattle, now these models can be picked up in more sizes.

    The most popular rims in the lineup got such AUDI representatives as: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, S6 and TT.
    Note that those rims have gained the greatest demand and recognition from clients: W535, W560, W561, W562, W563, W567. These rims can be matched to the range of 16 to 20.

    The original design of AUDI rims is sure to impress connoisseurs as the exclusive and original conservative style. Various colors and differences in the rim coverings also extend the possible variations in the choice of rim models.
    Some may tell you that the only matters diameter of the disc, but it is wrong.
    For fans of sports car class “F” Audi A8 there is a very nice set of stylish alloy wheels, presented by the models: W560, W562, W536, W563, W564, W567.
    For owners of the Audi S6 its own set of ‘auto decoration’ by means of models: W560, W563, and W564.
    It is important not only to buy light and durable rims for Audi, but also to set them on the car properly. It is worth doing in specialized car workshops. With self-assembly you can damage the paint on the wheels.

    As for the Audi rims, they are perfectly interchangeable in the group (VAG), in particular: Volkswagen rims or Skoda ones the by their characteristics will fit to the majority of Audi cars perfectly, and vice versa. After 2010, many models of Audi began to get to the new hub (DIA) 66,6 instead of 57,1, so including the interchangeable joined rims for Mercedes.

  • private jet charters

    TOP-5 Private Jet Charters

    private jet charters
    private jet charters

    People use different modes of transport to get to their destination. The poorest usually walk to their desired places, people with a little more money are using public transport, rich ones travel in luxury cars … And what do the richest people in the world do? Many of them have private jets. This, of course, has advantages compared to ordinary people’s way of flying – you do not have to wait several hours to get on board of the aircraft, as well as to take obnoxious control of security. On the other hand, the opponents of this snobbery often say that personal jet is a waste of money that could be spent on something more useful. Whatever your opinion on this issue, look at the 5 most expensive private jets in the world.

    Embraer Phenom 300

    Embraer Phenom 3002, developed by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer ‘Embraer’ is a light jet aircraft with a capacity of 9 passengers and flight range to 3,650 kilometers. ‘Phenom 300’ went on sale in 2008 and climbed up to the first line of best-selling business aircraft – in 2013 60 of these airplanes there sold. Price of ‘Phenom’ is from 5 to 8 million dollars.


    ‘767’ (Boeing 767) is a large wide-body twin-engine jet airliner, which can accommodate 375 people and fly 11,800 kilometers, but Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman and owner of Chelsea football club, bought a plane for himself. The jet aircraft interior is decorated with a chestnut wood and gold. The aircraft can often be seen in Luton airport, 48 kilometers north of London, where Abramovich spends a lot of time.

    Bombardier Global 8000

    ‘Bombardier Global 8000’ is able to fly 14,600 kilometers at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour, boasts the lowest fuel consumption and low volume of harmful emissions in its class. Jet provides three separate residential premises, including the ‘great hall’. According to the company, a division of the cabin into three zones is based on the research of customers’ requirements worldwide. This aircraft can accommodate from 8 to 19 passengers and can be purchased for the modest sum of $ 66 million.

    Dassault Falcon 5X

    New ‘Falcon 5X’ made its first flight in the first quarter of 2015. Maximum speed in 1102 kilometers per hour, the range of 9630 kilometers of flight and the ability to land on short runways allow this jet to become one of the most popular in its class. Elegant and comfortable interior of the aircraft is guaranteed, as in the case of other ‘Falcon’ models. ‘Falcon 5X’ can be purchased for $ 45 million.

    Airbus A380

    ‘Airbus A380’ is the largest passenger aircraft in the world, due to the capacity of 800 people, so the purchase of aircraft for private use is craziness, but that’s what the Prince of Saudi Arabia Alawaleed bin Talal has made. He bought «Airbus A380» for $ 300 million, and then spent more than $ 200 million to bring it up to something incredible. The list of what you can find on the plane would have been very long, so we mention only that there are spa treatments, steam rooms, paved with marble, giant televisions on the walls and floors, elevators and so on.

  • Animals

    Interesting facts about pandas

    About the giant and the small panda world has learned only in the XIX century. Small panda was discovered by scientists in 1821. Giant panda was found much later – in 1869, but managed to catch a big panda only after 68 years after its discovery.

    Since the discovery of giant pandas began their study. But after two centuries of research, much of the pandas is still a mystery. And only a few facts about pandas became known around the world. We are invited to consult the fifteen most interesting facts about the giant and red pandas.

    Facts about pandas

    1. For the first time scientists have studied the giant panda, they concluded that it was a giant raccoon. Only centuries later, with the help of a genetic test, the scientists were able to establish that a large panda – bear.
    2. The red panda belongs to a separate superfamily – Musteloidea that includes several families: raccoon, skunk and weasel.
    3. The main food of the pandas is bamboo, but sometimes in addition to bamboo pandas eat food of animal origin.
    4. As the small and giant pandas on the front paws have six ordinary fingers. Sixth, thumb, helps animals to capture and keep the bamboo.
    5. To prepare the young giant pandas to live in their natural habitat, scientists at the research center of Chengdu, China, wear a panda costume. This is done in order to baby panda get used to the visually similar to him relatives.
    6. By the size a big panda is not inferior to black bear, but inferior in speed. While panda is able to accelerate to a fast pitch black bear has a top speed of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour.
    7. Babies of giant panda at birth weigh only 140 grams, but at the age of 3 months, their weight is 4-6 kg.
    8. At birth, the color of giant pandas is white and in a week the baby pandas get a recognizable color.
    9. Cubs of red pandas at birth have a beige color. The fur color, as in the adult, cubs get only on the 3 month of life.
    10. For a full life in the natural environment a giant panda should have 7-11 square kilometers of land.
    11. Giant pandas are not sold in other zoos, but leased. For lease of a panda China gets a rent of 1 million. US dollars annually. If in the zoo panda born offspring, it is transferred to China to restore the gene pool.
    12. Life expectancy of giant panda in the natural environment is 14 to 20 years. Captive pandas live up to 26 years.
    13. Red panda in wildlife lives on average 8-10 years. In captivity they live up to 19 years.
    14. As giant and small pandas live in bamboo forests, which are only in China, India, Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan.
  • Education

    Master in Finance and Investment Online With LSBF

    One of the unique advantages of training on educational programs of London School of Business and Finance is an opportunity to learn at master`s, MBA and professional qualifications programs online.

    The Master’s program in Finance and Investment Online takes place in remote mode, and is considered one of the best master’s programs, conducted in Online mode, not only in Europe but throughout the world.

    Education on the program is held with the help of online educational platforms InterActive specially developed by experts of business school LSBF to carry programs Online.

    The benefits of distance learning are invaluable for each working professional.

    Benefits of Online Programs

    • Ability to learn on the job;
    • The ability to replay video lectures with the aim of a repetition of the learned, or, if necessary to understand the more complex moments of the respective theme of the lesson;
    • The opportunity to study in any convenient place and at any convenient time for students. The program of MSc Finance and Investment Online itself has a number of essential advantages.

    Advantages of Master Finance and Investment Online With LSBF

    • Diploma which will receive graduates is exactly identical with diploma of full-time education, and has an official European accreditation;
    • The Master’s program in Finance and Investment Online With LSBF takes part in international rankings and listings in which it occupies the highest places among the world-famous courses and educational institutions;
    • The program is recognized by employers and corporations not only in UK, Europe but around the world.
    • Format of Global Live Classroom allows students of the program and teachers support communication in real time, being in the virtual classroom at the same time;
    • The quality of the recording video lectures is studio, similar to programs of airtime;
    • Students communicate with the teachers of the course online, and have the opportunity to ask all the questions, to clarify difficult points;
    • Teachers of Online video course are the same as teachers of full-time students, students take an educational course without loss of quality or content of the lectures.
  • Outdoor

    Garden sculptures & ornaments

    The history of the garden sculpture began many centuries ago, when there was a tradition in the East to put at the entrance of the house symbolic figures, designed to protect the entrance of the house from evil spirits. In ancient Greece and Rome, the statues of gods and heroes adorn the gardens of the nobility. In Russia the custom of decorating gardens with sculptures was introduced by Peter I, setting in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg to educate the nobility more than a hundred specially imported from Italy sculptures depicting ancient gods, allegories and various Roman emperors. Following this pattern, many nobles set in their estates sculptures in antique style. In Soviet times, a garden sculpture, as well as under Peter, was carrying more educational and propaganda value, not always meeting the requirements of good taste.

    These days, garden sculpture is used in landscape design active, but not always appropriate. Not all wishing to establish in his garden a sculpture pay attention to the harmony of its location relative to the other elements of the landscape, material and proportion. Observance of a few simple rules and laws allow gracefully and tastefully decorate your garden and avoid common mistakes.
    Sculpture in the gardens of various styles

    For the garden in the regular (formal or French) style are most suitable classic garden figures from expensive, high-quality materials: precious wood, marble, bronze. They need to look expensive, solemn, majestic and certainly appropriate. Garden in the regular style is impossible to imagine without topiary shapes.

    Garden in the landscape (English) style is as close to the natural landscape. All elements of such site, including decorative sculptures for the garden, should carelessly and at the same time organically fit into the landscape without disrupting its harmony. It is in this garden are appropriate ceramic garden figurines and original multicolored lights.

    Traditional Japanese garden of stones already with its name tells, what kind of garden sculpture fit for it. Original boulders and stones, stone sculptures, symbolically representing animal spirits and guardians, Japanese lanterns will make finished composition of such a garden.
    Garden in village style offers largest expanse of imagination and sense of humor of the owner. That it will look great sculptures of birds and animals, wooden garden sculptures, and also original sculptures for the garden, literally made from scrap materials and garden tools.

    Thus, one of the main criteria when choosing a sculpture for garden should be its relevance and compliance with the style of the garden. Of course, you can mix styles, but you need to have impeccable taste, self-confidence and personal style.

  • Animals

    Most interesting facts about polar bears

    Every year, on February 27 the international ecological community marks the day of the polar bear. Mankind has reached the verge that now people are forced to protect these wonderful animals living on the polar plains of themselves, and that scientists forecast that could disappear by 2025. Especially because the polar bears are not simple inhabitants of the planet. And here’s why ..

    The polar bear is considered to be the largest predator on land. For example, the weight can be up to 700 kilograms, and length – three meters. Besides this handsome polar handsome is the undisputed champion in swims. We know that without rest bears are capable of overcoming the water distance of almost 700 kilometers. However, they reach speeds on land up to 40 kilometers per hour, and by water about 10.

    These terrestrial mammals have a terrific sense of smell. Their prey polar bears feel more than for a half kilometer and a meter-thick layer of snow. Favorite treats of this predator are marine hares and ringed seals. In general, experts note that the white clumsy – are the adherents of proper nutrition because they naturally build a balanced diet. The food they eat is very high in calories – skin and the subcutaneous fat of seals, as well as red meat, which is rich in valuable animal protein.

    It is known that the majority of polar bears do not tolerate the neighbourhood and prefer to live alone. However, from this rule there are exceptions, and it turns out, that even the males can be friends with each other, and even sleeping in an embrace. By the way, these polar inhabitants are among the most non-aggressive predators – polar bears rarely attack humans.

    These animals, in contrast to their brown brothers, only partly go into hibernation. Typically, these are pregnant females. In the fall, they dig in snowdrifts their “lair”, which consists of one or three compartments and a long tunnel. There a female bear falls into a state only similar to hibernation. In fact, it is not a continuous sleep. However, it is noted that at this time the female body temperature is greatly reduced, and the heart rate slows down, which usually happens during sleep.

    A great misconception to assume that polar bears – the inhabitants of the land. According to the scientific classification, they referred to as marine mammals and sea bears, because they spend most of the time precisely in water.

    And also polar bears may starve to three months and used to keep themselves clean. They – the adherents of careful hygiene and always wash themselves after eating, riding in the snow. This habit allows animal fur to keep warm.

  • Money

    How do I get a credit report online, and is it possible?

    Nowadays, when considering the application of the client for the issuance of credit special attention is focused on the credit history of the potential borrower, information about which is requested by the bank in the credit bureau. The purpose of creation of the Bureau was to reduce the risks when loaning. Credit report – is a document reflecting the client’s reputation as a borrower. In this way, bank receives information about the customer`s existing loans and the quality of service loan repayments. This information has an impact on the adoption of decision by a credit institution on granting a loan.

    How to get a credit report?

    The borrower is entitled to receive a summary report on his active and repaid loans in accordance with the Law “On Credit Histories”. Besides the borrower access to the data of the Bureau also has a banking institution in the presence of the written consent of the client. In some cases, Bureau provides information on the credit history at the requirements of third parties (courts, police) in accordance with the law. Getting information once a year is free, subsequent requests are to be paid for.

    At the moment, it is almost impossible to get a credit report online. In accordance with the law such information may be received in person or through an authorized representative or, assuring notarized request. In any case, the request performed by a computer is not made by a client in person. Such organization of the procedure reduces the risk of access to personal information of strangers, holding passport data of other persons.

    You can get a credit history in three ways:

    1. A written request to the official website of the credit bureau. The borrower fills out an application form (from the website), notarize it and send a letter to the postal address of the Bureau. The answer must be sent by mail no later than 10 working days from the date of receipt of the request by addressee.
    2. Appeal to the official website of the Bureau of Credit Histories by a telegram. In the telegram must be specified passport and address data of the client whose signature is certified by the employee of post office. Credit report in this case also must be submitted no later than 10 working days.
    3. Appeal to the organization cooperating with the credit bureau. Contact numbers and addresses of such organizations can be found on the website of the Bureau.
  • Outdoor

    Unusual garden furniture ideas

    Special furniture for garden (street) – it’s not just chairs, benches and umbrellas. Collection may include dinner groups of solid wood or rattan, covered sofas, wicker deck chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and even four-poster beds, as well as tents and canopies, cushions and bedspreads.

    Wicker furniture

    Wicker furniture is warm, “light”, creates an atmosphere of relaxed outdoor recreation. Wicker furniture is made of willow and vines, or of the more expensive rattan – vine palm native to Southeast Asia. From there comes to us ready-made wicker furniture from natural rattan. Furniture from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China differs completely by handmade and traditional design elements with colonial style. Similar wicker furniture from rattan, but produced in Europe is more expensive. It is not made entirely by hands, but using special equipment. The design can be very different, including the fashionable trend, some futuristic.

    In addition, Europeans actively use artificial “analog” of vine and rattan (furniture is made from synthetic fibers), which give more freedom in design and are not afraid of street conditions – neither heat, no water, no temperature changes. In any case, wicker furniture combines perfectly with the design of the garden and country house. Even natural rattan possess valuable properties such as resistance to moisture. The only “contra” – is the scorching rays of the sun, because of what the rattan furniture is better not to leave for a long time on the street. Finally, for lovers of true home comfort in the open air are offered combined options: soft groups – sofas and chairs under a canopy woven. Fabrics with which is constricted furniture look and feel like a normal upholstery textiles, but in fact it is “all-weather” robust fabric which do not absorb moisture, do not fade in the sun.

    Wooden garden furniture

    Wood is widely used to create furniture for garden. Array is combined with forged elements and other materials. Wood is known to be natural, naughty material, so garden furniture is made as a rule from hardwood, often exotic, such as teak, iroko. Tropical timber is less prone to warping, it contains natural oils that protect against rot, mildew and wood beetles. In addition, to extend the life of wooden furniture and wooden houses there is a whole arsenal of tools: impregnation against moisture, UV-borer beetles. They serve a decorative function, can achieve a variety of shades of wood.

  • Animals

    Interesting facts about crocodiles

    Crocodiles are – predatory exotic reptile. In our latitudes, they can be found only in zoos. Therefore, we have collected the most interesting facts about crocodiles in one article.

    1. Approximately 250 million years ago on Earth appeared the first crocodiles. Unusual is that at land was their habitats. Then they gradually shifted to the semi-aquatic life.
    2. The largest crocodile is the saltwater crocodile, or Crocodylus porosus. The length of this creature can reach seven meters and a weight of a ton.
    3. Hatched crocodile is three times longer than its eggs.
    4. The speed of crocodiles swimming is 40 kilometers per hour. They run even less – up to 11 kilometers per hour over short distances.
    5. In jaws of crocodiles there are from 64 to 70 teeth. Teeth change up to a hundred times in life. The jaws of a crocodile can link up with incredible force.
    6. To help his stomach to cope with the large pieces of food, crocodiles swallow stones. Furthermore, these boulders play a role of ballast to get to depth.
    7. The male crocodile may have up to twelve females. He often calls his harem to assist in cutting a large carcass of prey.
    8. On average, crocodiles live up to 50 years. But there are also long-lived in the age 110 years.
    9. Interesting facts about crocodiles also touch their skin. It is considered one of the best and thus – expensive materials for the manufacture of fancy goods. Did you know that for a handbag, gloves, belts, shoes is suitable only mild skin from the belly of a crocodile? The rest is unsuitable because it is more rigid and tough.
    10. In the blood of crocodiles there is a substance, a natural antibiotic (krokodilin), which prevents the festering wounds and inflammation of the skin.
    11. Osteolaemus tetraspis – is the smallest dwarf species of crocodiles, whose adults barely reach two meters. In addition, it is a land crocodile
    12. For one time the crocodile may eat a portion of food, the weight of which is 23% of the weight of him. However, 60% of food is processed into oil. These reserves allow crocodiles to starve for a long time without compromising their health.
    13. The term “crocodile” in Greek language means “stone worm.”
    14. On the tongue of crocodiles there are salt glands, through which output an excess of salt water from their body.
    15. Crocodiles are not trainable. However, in Burkina Faso in Africa it is a pond with a tame crocodiles. They are fed by locals for what reptiles allow to touch their tails. On these crocodiles you can even ride. Naturally, such an attraction tourists do not miss!