• Audi RS5

    Audi RS5 as a true sports car

    Audi RS5
    Audi RS5

    Audi RS5 sportcar

    Sport models of the brand from Ingolstadt appeared in the 1990s as a result of Audi and Porsche engineers’ cooperation. Since then the production program of concern subsidiary company VW, along with Audi S, has more powerful model Audi RS. “Audi RS” is the best model for the different series in the compact class, which is known as the Audi RS Sportback. First, a series of RS has been used only for combi middle class vehicles. Later, the automaker has equipped with powerful engines and sport bodies not only sedans and convertibles, but also a roadster Audi TT.

    In 2010 top-model Audi RS5 Coupé appeared on the market.

    When, in 2007, ten years after the creation of the first Audi Coupé, a businessman from Ingolstadt has launched a new model Coupé, the Bavarians offered two-door version of the production model to the new series of the Audi A5 sports without hesitation. Model Audi S5, available for sale in the autumn of 2007, marked the beginning of an extensive program of products: in the spring 2009 Cabriolet Audi S5 went to the streets,and exactly six months later an improved version of the five-door sportback Audi A5 was presented. In spring 2010, the manufacturer from Ingolstadt presented the first “Audi RS 5” as a new first-class Coupé stock model.

    The dynamic design of a sports model Audi RS5

    It seemed that already dynamic Coupé Audi has embodied all sports elements: high radiator was supported from sides by two large air intakes, developers framed both of these structural elements with matt aluminum. An additional feature of Audi RS5 is a diamond-shaped lattice of single-column radiator, which is visually highlighted by black and matte lacquer. Wheel arches and a rear diffuser have strengthened the dynamics of sports model. Imperceptible at first glance, the rear spoiler of Audi RS5 that came to the forth only at high speed, provided high down force.

    The V8 engine with 450 PS for the Audi RS5
    Like the related model Audi S5, ‘Audi RS 5’ was equipped with a more powerful V8 engine capacity of 4.2 liters. For comparison, if the Audi S5 had to be satisfied with 260 kW (354 hp), Audi RS5 could count on 331 kW (450 hp). This is particularly evident in the improved acceleration parameters. Low power degree engine accelerated Coupé to 100 km mark in five seconds. Audi RS5, equipped with all-wheel drive quattro, needed only 4.6 seconds for the same thing.

    Fast switching – less fuel consumption at Audi RS5
    In developing the model, engineers largely relied on the seven-speed dual clutch. It allows switching faster than the previous six-speed manual gearbox, installed in Audi S5 Coupé. Another advantage of the technology, called the S-tronic was that the fuel consumption model Audi RS5 averaged 10.8 liters (CO2 emissions – 252 g / k)

  • garden design ideas

    Garden design: hot and fashionable decoration ideas

    garden design ideas

    If you are a happy owner of your own home and the area around it, then your worries extend not only to the interior of your dwelling, but also to the design of the surrounding site.

    So now we’ll talk about landscaping ideas. According to numerous surveys, separate landscaping of the backyard is much more pleasant for the owners than the decoration of the house from inside. This is not surprising – we all miss nature, waiting for holiday and summer outdoor activities.

    Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday away from home, and it is not always necessary, as in the courtyard of your house a cozy corner of nature can be equipped that you would not want to leave.

    In order to make your site truly a paradise there are numerous design ideas and due to them everything is possible. And, if you spend some time on your backyard design, the rest for the whole family will be on the level of the most expensive and prestigious places, equal to the most prestigious resorts and hotels.

    In order to fulfill this dream of many, let’s pay a little attention to the ideas that with your help will make the design of your garden plot or any other area exclusive and unique.

    If a size of your site allows it, you can make a small pool. Pools in the patios look especially comfortable, where you can retire, swimming and sunbathing away from prying eyes.

    garden design ideas
    garden design ideas

    A pool can be designed at an infinite number of styles and options. Here everything will depend on your taste and opportunities. Very popular now are multi-level pools, where the water flows down a cascade from the upper to the lower level.

    Of course, a considerable attention should be given to the overall harmony and design nearby to the pool area. You can strew the paths around it with clean sand that will provide pleasant warmth in the summer.

    More often than not, a method of putting some tracks in various ways is used – that can be stone, cobblestone, tile, etc. Very nice effect is obtained if the tiles or uneven stone is not fit tightly to each other, and grass breaks between them.

    This has the effect of some deliberate savagery and natural naturalness. Of course, do not forget about a place to relax by the pool. That can be chairs, benches, deckchairs, and everything that will blend in style with a pool.

    The same paths of all kinds have a perfectly harmonious look in the garden, no matter what style it was decorated.

    Alpine rock garden is also extremely fashionable decoration right now. The water supply is not necessary; it is enough only to build one or several of these rockworks revet them with jagged-edged stones and plant unpretentious perennials there. These rockworks are in perfect harmony with the small lawns that are planted with dense short grass.

  • knife sharpener
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    Knife sharpeners types and methods of sharpening

    Any modern kitchen today cannot do without such a seemingly simple objects like a knife. It is the indispensable tool for grinding products. But like anything intended for any type of work the knife can run out, or rather it is blunting and further use of it becomes difficult.
    This problem does not require great efforts, when there is knife sharpener in your kitchen that can regain the sharpness in a few minutes. Yes, using it to sharpen a knife is pretty easy, but the quality of sharpening depends on the proper use of the sharpener.

    Choosing your favorite grinding machine you must take into account peculiarities of the knife, you’re going to sharpen, as it will depend on the quality of the work that should be completed and the ability to retain their cutting ability for a long period of time. So, today you can get to your kitchen one of the following types of knife sharpeners.

    Simplest knife sharpener performing blades sharpening on both sides. Faulty instrument will “eat” blade pretty fast without warranty of quality blade sharpening. If you use your blade sharpeners permanently your wide blade will turn into the narrow and uncomfortable one to work with.

    knife sharpener
    knife sharpener

    Electric grinding machine is easy to use, but in any careless movement you risk not only to damage the blade of a knife, as well as to get serious injury. This is due to the fact that the machine is powered by an electric drive and has a pretty big capacity.

    Whetstone with rigid foundation. These sharpeners for knives is performed sharpening on one side, but due to the abrasive using it can either make a perfectly sharp blade or turn it into a form unsuitable for further use.

    Mechanical sharpener of knives – the intensity of the work depends on the strength of hands of the person which is using it. If you purchased this kind of grinding machine, it is the right choice, as most models in this class allow you to change the angle of knives’ sharpening, which gives the opportunity to work with a variety of kinds. To choose the desired angle is quite simple – to attach the knife blade to a leather strap at that angle, so that you can cut a thin cover out of the surface. Initially, the blade should lie flat on the surface, and then you just need to gradually raise the handle, thus changing the angle and do not forget to move the knife blade forward. Another nuance is that a belt in the process must be either highly stretched, or lying on a flat, hard surface. To put a hard pressure on the blade is not necessary, because as a result, the skin begins to flatten and you just roll it up in the opposite direction.

    It is important to purchase high-quality sharpeners for knives exclusively in specialized shops, as with the machine you will get not only a guarantee of quality, but also expert advice on the use.

    knife sharpener

  • Air

    Electric airplanes as our near future

    Electric model airplanes

    Electric aircraft has been in a stage of developmental work a long time ago. But now an American start-up, the European aerospace giant Airbus and Chinese aviation manufacturer are in the ranks of those who believe that electric models of planes are ready to fly. If they succeed, the aircraft will be much cheaper and more convenient – for training.

    “Electric planes will change everything, if it comes to the cost of the flight,” – says George Bay, Colorado entrepreneur, participated in several aviation projects. His new company, Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation, plans to prepare a double Sun Flyer flight tests. Solar panels on the wings provide additional charging, and if you leave the aircraft in the sun for a few days, its battery will be fully charged absolutely free.
    Taking into account the cost of maintenance and fuel, Double Sun Flyer will cost just $ 5 per hour, according to Bay, compared with the same Cessna 172 ($ 73 per hour), four-seater, which is often used for training. New Sun Flyer will be priced from 180 000 to 200 000 dollars, which may seem expensive, but the same new 172 costs about 370 thousand dollars.
    Bay hopes that he will be the first manufacturer of electric training aircraft in the US market certified FAA by 2017 or earlier. But he is not alone.

    In April, Airbus aircraft showed a battery-powered E-Fan 2.0. In July, the company said it plans to become the first in the market of electric aircraft for flight schools and begin deliveries already in 2018.

    Two-seater plane, which will be built by the French manufacturer Daher-Socata, can stay aloft for up to two hours. It is not enough for commercial use, but quite decent for training, because the training field of the majority of flights continues for about an hour with no passengers on board. As soon as the plane sits, its battery can be easily replaced by a fresh one and continue flying. By 2019, Airbus also plans to introduce a hybrid version of the four-seater for personal transport. This is the first step of 30-year plan for the development of 90-seat aircraft with electric or hybrid propulsion system, part of an ambitious European program to reduce carbon emissions by 75% by 2050.
    Electric aircraft is developing in China too: now there is the plant under construction, which will produce two-seater Rui Xiang RX1E. The aircraft developed by Shenyang Aerospace University, will be able to fly up to 90 minutes on a full charge. Private aviation develops slowly in China, since its development is complicated by government restrictions, but the pressure allows to look for other, more flexible ways.

    If the cost of batteries will continue to decline and electric planes will spend more time in the air, the growth of the market of petrol engines will slow down, at any rate it will be so for training purposes, where the flights are short and more than two seats are not needed. In addition to cost reductions, electric flight is softer and quieter and the service in general is not difficult due to the lack of moving parts. If you are planning to learn to pilot a private jet, get ready for an electric one.

  • Audi Q5 hybrid

    Audi Q5 hybrid. The first full hybrid in the premium class

    Audi Q5 hybrid
    Audi Q5 hybrid

    Audi hybrid

    The release of this model is associated with the beginning of a new era of advanced technologies. Audi’s philosophy is to constantly improve the efficiency of their cars, while maintaining the inherent to brand sports nature. Audi Q5 hybrid Quattro becomes a new stage of its implementation, the release of which represents the entry into a new era of sustainability.

    The engine 2.0 TFSI, permanent all-wheel drive quattro® and progressive hybrid technology makes Audi Q5 hybrid quattro impressively dynamic and at the same time exemplary effective. A full hybrid drive allows power to move at speeds up to 100 km / h by purely electric and a cruising range in this mode is designed to 3 km at a speed of 60 km / h. The basis of such characteristics is a high capacity lithium-ion battery.

    Hybrid concept in Audi Q5 is made as a parallel hybrid drive from one shaft to provide a direct transmission of drive power. In this way, almost at any conditions a stable performance of pulling away and accelerating is guaranteed. The power unit develops an impressive total capacity of 180 kW and a torque of 480 Nm at associativity of electric motor and gasoline engine. With the support of the Boost acceleration, which is provided by motor, Audi Q5 hybrid quattro accelerates in 7.1 seconds from zero to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds and makes leap from 80 to 120 km / h (5th gear). Only when it reaches a top speed of 222 km / h acceleration process is completed.

    Despite the many advanced technologies employed in Audi Q5 hybrid quattro, this SUV will surely attract your attention with its unique energetic design. The elegant emblem, exclusive sill and 19-inch alloy wheels with 10 spokes in hybrid style at first sight make it clear that this car is the carrier of innovative technologies. In addition, for the Audi Q5 hybrid Quattro an optional paintwork exclusive silver color (Polar Silver) is offered. Signs of progressive hybrid technologies are visible inside the vehicle: energometer on the instrument panel informs about the current mode of hybrid propulsion system, for example, about the motion solely on electric power, Boost mode or energy recovery, as well as the parameters of hybrid system availability. MMI display in animated form informs about the functional modes of the car and energy flows in the hybrid system. A useful addition is a statistical indicator of the average fuel consumption and the recovered energy.

  • Auto

    Prestige To Drive Audi Q7

    Audi Q7

    Bloomberg reports, that German Audi in April 2015 came out on top among the world producers of premium cars in terms of sales, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

    Sales of Audi, a division of Volkswagen, in April increased by 2.5% – up to 152.85 thousand of cars.

    For comparison, sales of BMW raised by 5.6% – up to 148.896 thousand of cars, Mercedes-Benz – by 11% to 148.072 thousand of cars.

    “Despite the prepared generation change of key models and changes in the markets, we have exceeded record levels last year, – director of marketing and sales Audi Luca de Meo said. – In the coming months, we intend to keep on rising throughout the world.”

    Audi sales growth has been supported by strong demand for SUV models Q5 and Q7 at the US.

    Audi Q7 is a car that represents a worldwide renowned German company in the SUV segment. Audi Q7 is a successful combination of sportiness and versatility, the most advanced technologies and luxury of executive car.

    Audi Q7 sets new trends. The car is specially designed as the largest European jeep. The dimensions are impressive: length is 5086 (more than the Hummer H2), width equals 1983, height is 1737 mm. Base is no less impressive – it is 3002 mm. Its sweeping lines, a smooth curve of the roof, exposed surfaces of the body, which, in contrast to the flat windows, create a perfect harmony of sportiness and luxury.

    For the benefits of driving all-wheel independent suspension with double wishbones is on charge which provides high off-road capabilities. Standard elastic elements are springs. And as an option there can be installed adaptive air suspension with electronic change of damper characteristics. Q7 clearance can range 180- 240 mm. When the off-road mode is on, it sets the clearance of 205 mm.
    Despite its size, Q7 is able to race with the speed of a sports car.

    Overall SUV Audi Q7 is beautiful not only outside but also inside.
    Standard equipment includes an innovative operating system MMI, well-known to motorists by models A6 and A8. Powerful SUV features a variety of driver assistance systems, the first time being introduced into production.

    The huge trunk opens and closes with the help of button – you will never get dirty. Electronic recognition will allow the owner to open the doors and start the engine without taking the key out of his pocket.

    Q7 is literally packed with options, but that is what gives the driver endless choices. You can relax, delegate authority, and the machine will do everything itself: shift gears to keep you comfortable cruising speed, turn on and off lights, scraping the glass with wipers, turn off the music during a mobile phone call, monitor the distance to the next car when changing lanes in heavy traffic and many other things and actions.

  • private jet rental

    Advantages of private jet renting

    private jet rental
    private jet rental

    In business aviation charter flight is performed in the time you need. On-order jet is at your disposal for the leased period. You will be able to arrive at a particular airport, make the necessary appointments, and then to go back on the same plane.

    A private plane will be specially prepared for you with all the necessary services for work and comfortable trip. A private plane is no longer a novelty, and these services are provided by many companies all around the world.

    The convenience of this service is that you can order a plane just when you need it, rather than waiting on a fixed schedule from the existing airlines. You can schedule meetings in various remote areas of the world and do not depend on the schedules of the airlines. You are planning a meeting, and air carrier matches with the plan of your journey, but not vice versa.

    Using the services of airlines you plan your appointments based on the schedules of their flights, which can damage the success of your other plans, aircraft rent frees you from such difficulties. In addition, a private jet can be equipped according to your individual order, so you would not be out of work during the flight. Renting a private jet has the best quality-to-price ratio.

    Airlines also offer charter flights. VIP-charter is a flight that for a certain period will allow you to become full owner of the aircraft, and thus independently correct departure time, route, date, and other details. Signing the contract, the parties prescribe the conditions for cooperation and the duration of the charter lease.

    Organizing charter for VIP-persons is an easy job, but it is giving a lot of advantages. First, on board the VIP-charter food and high quality service are organized. Second, charter flight passengers can pass the passport control zone proactively through VIP-halls. There will be a private transport served to the ramp. If necessary, the list of services will be adjusted according to the needs of each customer.

    Personal security and privacy are conditions which are priority for a sufficiently large part of the customers. Flight information is available only to the client and a limited number of employees who are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of known to them data. In addition, aircraft rent excludes the possibility of the undesirable people’s presence on board. Your “neighbors” during the flight will only be passengers invited by you, flight attendants and crew. This is particularly topical for representatives of show business and dignitaries.

  • small backyard landscaping

    The art of a small garden design

    Often it happens that our desires are beyond the capabilities. And then it turns out that the idea of creating a small backyard, garden and several necessary outbuildings is facing objective difficulties: for all these plans you simply do not have enough space. How can you act in this case, designing a modest space and realizing that it all was started for? After all, land was bought to escape from the city and be close to nature. So even if you have only small garden, let it be that way.

    The art of a small garden design is that the space is increased, first of all in mind of the person who stands there. You cannot turn something small into something big, but you can make the viewer to impress that there is a lot of space around him or her, you can and should do it. This effect is achieved by different methods.

    small garden design
    small garden design

    Even the smallest garden can’t do without trees. If you like big trees, the size of the site should not dictate the rules of life. You want to plant trees, don’t you? Let it be! Just imagine what a delightful coolness its luxurious spreading crown will give you on a hot summer day. You can put the tree in the middle of the garden site, and to plan a relaxation area directly under it.

    If you use a circular layout, surrounding yourself with greenery all around, even if it’s just a fence entwined with greenery, you will have an impression of the stay in the large garden. From the center of the garden there is an excellent opportunity to review: you can perfectly plan “minimized” space round about yourself.

    small backyard landscape
    small backyard landscape

    Put an ordinary bench next to the fence and build a blossoming high arch right over it, entwined with roses. If you take a seat on the bench now there will be a full sense of a spacious garden stretching around you and you’re inside it. Methods of creating a wild and slightly neglected garden are always effective in areas where space is limited.

    It is better to do planting on the cascade principle, when the small plants in flower pots are put to the fore. The size of the plant is increased gradually. High flowers, bushes and stunted trees may be placed in pots or even barrels. With cascade design it is easy to create the effect, when the eye of the observer slides up diagonally. A similar result can be achieved using vertical gardens.

    Another unusual idea that is seldom realized: you can find a wonderful place for the beautiful landscaping directly on the roof of garden buildings. This method allows you to simultaneously solve two problems. First, it is creating a new platform for planting, and, secondly, it provides excellent additional insulation of the roof. Even in the heat it will be kept cool inside the building. Finally, it’s just beautiful!

    small backyard landscaping

  • multi tool
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    Multitools: information and advice

    Many experts by the nature of their occupations urgently need many instruments as working tools, however, it is not always possible to have at hand a lot of large and heavy objects, but multitools usually weigh between 50g and are divided into: trinkets, daily use, and computer and professional. By the same token, and the number of tools and functions inherent in the multitool a particular model varies. At first glance it may seem that there is no difference between the army and multitool knife, but there is one fundamental difference – prominent pliers head, which remains visible and not hidden in the hollow handle. In other words a knife – should it be an army knife, a penknife, or a tourist one – remains a knife, but with additional tools and multitool is a fully valid tool from the start, and just then it is everything else.

    Having it in the pocket, backpack or in the glove compartment of the car not only warms the soul, but often really helps out the owner.

    multi tool
    multi tool

    You should approach to the choice of multi-tools knowingly and competently. If your need is only an all-purpose subject at hand that can be universally used fromtime to time, and not a full-featured ” jack of all trades instrument”, that is to choose from miniature pendant type models. Such microtool is certainly not in a position to fully replace the individual household tools – and there is nothing to argue about – but it promises to be the most useful tool in an urban settings and for minor repairs of equipment and computers.

    Multitools of American company Gerber from Bear Grylls products line are stylish, fashionable and very courageously looking. Of course, just like all big-name products they are made of good-quality materials, thoroughly thought through and perfectly cope with their tasks. As a rule,at the production of working parts corrosion-resistant alloy steel is used, and handles have a rubberized finish for a comfortable grip, excluding slip from moisture. Pretty often Gerber multitool come completed with a knife, and together make a beautiful ensemble called ‘Gerber Bear Grylls survival kit’.

    Designers of Ganzo company give a good account of themselves in the production of both knives and multitools. Many users of this brand mention quality, affordable price and versatility. Truly “workhorses” in an assortment of multi-tools are presented by Ganzo.

    It is important to note that all the tools are made entirely of 440C stainless steel, rarely high-quality durable plastic is chosen as a material for handle panels. Almost all the models look very ascetic – nothing superfluous, only the most necessary things – a metal “skeleton” that can be transformed into pliers, knife, saw, scissors, rasp, screwdrivers of different types and sizes, ruler and many others. And believe me, each design is completed, full-fledged, graceful, strong and reliable.

  • luxury private jets

    Some facts about the most popular luxury private jets

    luxury private jets
    Luxury private jets

    Unlike regular flights there is no timetable, and there are no missing planes, instead of nervous passengers there is only ‘luxury’ around you: you will love to fly in a private jet.

    900 Hawker XP, Hawker Beechcraft

    Inside The Hawker 900 XP your thoughts are released. This luxury model of Beechcraft due to the improved performance, extended range, increased power and a greater degree of comfort is number one among the favorites of the public.
    Best-selling midsize business jet of the world is the best in its class in regard to the size of the cabin. For13 million euros there six passengers will accommodate here, even standing – the interior is so spacious. Powerful Honeywell engines provide power of 863 km / h, allowing to make the flight from New York to Honolulu with one single transfer in record time. Low cost of the flight and fuel efficiency will allow even zealous conquerors of heaven to get unalloyed pleasure of this class “de luxe” aircraft.

    Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream

    If you spend all your life in a villa, so you need a palace for your voyages: Gulfstream G550. Still, the price of 46 million dollars is not everyone’s money.
    Stars like Tom Cruise and Barbara Streisand pray for the power of its two engines from Rolls-Royce. John Travolta has a private Gulfstream in his front garden too. G550 is the flagship of Gulfstream fleet. He flies 10,863 kilometers – that is the distance from New York to Tokyo – without a single landing even in strong winds. With Mach number (the ratio of the speed of the aircraft to the speed of sound) to 0.87 (about 1,000 km / h) the aircraft is faster than most business jets. And more luxury: 15.3-meter cabin will provide enough space for 16 passengers. Eight comfortable leather seats and two broad two-place lounges give space to work and relax, and detachable and lockable compartments allow to get some privacy if it is desired. 14 oval panoramic windows fill the interior with light and make door handles and gold taps decorated with sapphires sparkle. Video, DVD and Airshow provide a variety of entertainment options. The system of external cameras gives onetime terms of launch, landing and flying of a machine.

    400 Hawker XP, Hawker Beechcraft

    Do you need to take on board more passengers or suddenly fly farther than the usual 2,734 kilometers? No matter what you choose, with the Hawker 400 XP flexibility is always flying with you.
    This business jet of Beechcraft family gathers points, especially for the possibility of a spontaneous increase in range. In addition, it has the largest and most luxurious cabin of all light aircraft. The interior is decorated in a noble cherry wood, the tables are decorated with gold, so that wealthy clients from the very first flight will feel at home. While the 19 million dollars jet are piercing the sky at a speed of 867 km / h, passengers are resting or working in the elegant, fully adjustable seats. And around …there is comfort, wherever you look. The spacious bathrooms, of course, have a solid door. The temperature and lighting throughout the aircraft can be adjusted depending on the mood, why else would you own a plane? – Dimly lit and poorly ventilated lounge you can get in regular flights too.

  • business jets for sale

    The most popular business jets for sale

    business jets for sale
    Business jets for sale

    Executive airplane is a plane of business class, which is designed for officials or representatives of the companies’ flights without a special schedule. These planes can be used by individuals for personal travel. Executive aircraft can also carry cargo belonging to organizations. This class of aircraft includes airplanes with comfortable cabin and capacity from 6 to 20, depending on the specific type.

    Gulfstream G650

    Gulfstream G650 is a true standard of business aircraft. This over-sized Gulfstream airplane offers the highest speed and comfort among modern business jet in its class.

    GulfstreamG650 at a cruising speed of 0.85 Mach can carry 8 passengers and 4 of crew and fly 12,964 km without refueling. This compares with the flight from New York to Beijing from London to Buenos Aires or from Dubai to New York. At high cruising speed of Mach 0.90 the aircraft will take passengers from Los Angeles to London and back in record time. And with a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.925 Gulfstream G650 is the fastest aircraft in civil aviation. With a cruising height of 15,545 m Gulfstream G650 can fly much higher than atmospheric layers with adverse weather conditions and air corridors.

    Bombardier Challenger 300

    High comfort airliner Bombardier Challenger 300 have been the best-selling model in its class for almost ten years, and nowadays, according to operators, it continues to be on top of business jets super-middle class.

    Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft model was the first business jet of super-middle class, challenging their standard design, it was created from scratch. After serious research, the purpose of which was to provide customers with the best conditions for doing business, the aircraft was designed for flights from one US coast to the other and was equipped with a unique room, designed for conferences.

    Challenger 300 was made in the best traditions of Bombardier company. It allows CEOs not to depend on weather conditions and problems on busy roads. All aircraft systems and propulsions are designed for intensive use. The aircraft can carry up to ten passengers and fly at a distance of 5646 km at a cruising speed of Mach 0.80 (270 km / s)

    Aircraft Falcon 7X

    Aircraft Falcon 7X is the most technologically advanced business-jet, which currently performs flights all over the world. Refined yet practical, it sets new standards for performance. This is a new generation of business aircraft.

    Falcon 7X was designed to fly to a distance of 9,600 km, which allows connecting cities such as Paris and Tokyo, Shanghai and Seattle, New York and Jeddah, Johannesburg and London. The aircraft can carry eight passengers and a crew of three. It has a top speed of Mach 0.90 (300 km / s) in order to deliver passengers to the right place as quickly as possible.

  • audi rs8

    Audi RS8: brilliant, but not good enough

    audi rs8
    Audi RS8

    Until recently, nobody even thought that Audi supercar dare to create a powerful supercar of 580 horsepower, especially after not very successful model Audi R8. However, the company has proved that it is able to make a car that will catch the famous Porsche 911 Turbo.
    This model is equipped with a 5.2-liter ten-cylinder engine with two turbines. This engine is borrowed from the previous model – RS6, only slightly took some modifications. The power of this unit makes 572 horsepower.

    After the test piece of Audi RS8 has burned during a trial race at the Nurburgring, it was reported that Audi company couldn’t install on the V10 engine so powerful cooling system/ that could prevent firing. However, Audi has coped with the task, and a year later stated that cooling problem is solved. On the Audi RS8 scheme is used, which was developed for conceptual R8 diesel V12 – compared to the base model, it delivers 20 percent better cooling of the engine compartment. This supercar is the most powerful modification of supercar Audi R8.

    It was expected that the car will accelerate to hundreds in less than 4 seconds and to 160 km / h – for as much as 8.5 seconds. This is undoubtedly a great result. Maximum speed of model is 320 km / h.

    Externally, the RS8 is different from the production model R8. The rear wheel arches were changed – they have become more prominent, and the side gills-air intakes characterize the capacity of the motor. However, the wheels and tires of the prototype do not differ from the standard R8.

    Inside the vehicle it should be noted the rich use of aluminum and leather. Also that is a racing steering wheel equipped with several keys for easy management of critical systems. In general, everything is perfect: ergonomic, comfortable, stylish and luxurious.

    And finally – it was assumed that the price of this modification will be in Europe, EUR 150 000. And it is not too expensive, especially compared, for example, with Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Yet Audi abandoned the idea to release a super-powerful executive class sedan and opened the secret meaning of seemingly unpopular decision.

    Ingolstadt RS8 is good, but the S 63 AMG is incredible! At Audi there is a 4,0-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with two turbines, while the AMG double boost pumps air into the furnace V8 engine capacity of 5.5 liters. The superiority in power and thrust is on the side of Mercedes-Benz: 585 hp 900 Nm and 520 hp and 650 Nm. With all-wheel drive S 63 AMG, the start to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds, S8 is almost neck and neck, trailing by 0.2 seconds. But soon there will be even crazier S 65 AMG. But playing with a supercar capacity is not for Audi.