• model aeroplanes

    History and first models of aeroplanes

    model aeroplanes
    Model aeroplanes

    Advances of balloons had not stopped works on the creation of an aeroplane. On the contrary, the more successful was the work at controlled balloons, the wider was the development activities of researchers and engineers of trying to build airplanes. These works are still going in several directions: the study of the birds’ flight, building models, building a life-size airplanes and theoretical studies.

    Physiologist Marey had subtle experiments on the mechanics of bird flight, and establish a relationship between the size, weight and power of birds. Similar studies were conducted subsequently by famous Otto Lilienthal in Germany and Muyyar in Algeria.
    The Frenchman Alphonse Peno built remarkably stable in flight model with rubber engine – planophores.

    Beautiful flying models were built by Parisian watchmaker Victor Tateno. One of his models equipped with a pneumatic engine that run on two propellers, was tied with a long rope to a peg that was standing in the middle of the smooth ground. It running on this platform, taking off and flying in circles.

    In the US, Samuel Langley built and tested a whole series of models, researching air resistance, the influence of the angle of attack and the lift and drag, determining the position of the center of pressure at different angles of attack, figuring out the laws of sustainability.
    The Englishman Line-Field built a glider with wings and had barred him mounted on a railway platform, and at 65 km / h glider was taking off.

    Australian Hargrove has built an extremely interesting model, which gave no propeller thrust and flapping wings. Such models with air motor or miniature steam engines flew up to 150 and.

    In Russia, many models were built and tested by V.Kress. Vladimir Kotov also built numerous paper models, which had a remarkable stability. Kotov studied the laws of stability and controllability on these models, independently developed all controls and proved their effect in flight.

    Building models has had a great impact on the continued success of airplanes, facilitating the study of the basic laws of aerodynamics and stability.

    Since 1874 Clement Ader has begun to work over the aeroplane in France. This talented engineer and hard worker built several original full-size aircraft; those ones externally have been resembling a bat. These airplanes were equipped with steam engines.

    Last K. Ader aeroplanes were called Avion III with two steam engines with a total capacity of 40 hp. They had a gross weight of about 400 kg. This airplane was tested October 12, 1897 by Ader himself. At the first trial the machine made short takeoffs. In the second test on a windy day Ader was unable to conduct an airplane in the air in the desired direction. Avion fell and broke down. Soulless War Ministry officials refused to fund further Ader experiments and he left works on aeroplanes.

    The famous inventor of machine guns Hiram Maxim led more research in the field of mechanical flight in England. His work included monitoring the flight of birds, laboratory tests of the wings and propellers, the study of the kites and finally building a huge airplane with two steam engines with a total capacity of 350 hp.

  • Other

    The history of the bedding

    Bedding, a very important design element in the bedroom. Bedding is not just the fabric that covered our bed where we rest, but it is intended to improve our well-being, as well as sleep.

    Today, anyone can buy bedding for their funds, and taste, but that was not always so. To our days have survived the historical information that bed linen in ancient Rome used the privileged layer of society. At that time for bed were used woolen fabrics and cloth, decorated with floral and fruit arrangements. In the Middle Ages on the bed throws animal skins.

    Bedding in Europe came much later, after that in the houses of rich people began to allocate some space for recreation – a bedroom. At that time bedding was an impermissible wealth, seamstresses sewed only from white fabric, decorated with finest lace exclusively manually and it probably served as an accessory, which decorated the bed and not the subject of life. In Russia, the valuable linen was weaved by hand to the wealthy at monasteries and in the villages before the start of the twentieth century, they could not think of beddibg sets and pillows.
    At Madame de Pompadour fashion for bedding spread in the eighteenth century.

    Since then, the history of bedding evolved in two ways:

    • Fashionable exclusive bedding made of silk and natural linen fabric hand-made, with intricate embroidery stitch, monograms with original, hand-painted, trim lace cutwork
    • Everyday bedding from the cheapest of fabrics, for a broad range of the population, which has become more accessible with the advent of the loom

    In the middle of the twentieth century due to the development of weaving production bedding from cotton, linen, satin, calico has become a necessity in every home. Bedding began to be produced in different sizes, different colors, different qualities. In connection with the coming into our lives of synthetic fabrics, in bedding various additives are added, due to which increases the service life, giving ease of beddibg, hardly in need of ironing.

    Specialists say, no matter how expensive may be bed linen, best suited for sleeping sets from natural cotton fabrics with pastel light colors. Such bedding provides hygiene and comfort during sleep.

  • Auto

    Audi as a producer of sports and racing cars

    audi sport
    audi sport

    For the first time, Audi took part in Lehmann daily marathon in 1999, but works on the open prototype began in 1997. Engineering part in the creation of the car Audi R8R, which was shown in 1998, was entrusted to engineer Tony Southgate and construction – to the company Dallara. The car was equipped with biturbocharged engine V8 3.6, from which they got 600 forces. The racing debut in 1999 at the 12-hour marathon of Sebring: two cars gained third and fifth place respectively. A ring on Sarthe in 1999 Audi R8R made even better: the third and fourth place. By the way, about the same time with the open one a closed prototype of Audi R8C has being designed. The chief engineer of the Racing Technologies Norfolk Elray Peter, who created the Bentley Speed 8 was in charge for the result. By the way, the two built R8C cars managed to take part only in the 24-hour race at Le Manev 1999. There were 29 th and 43 th place as the result.

    In 2000 racing Audi R8 saw the light – one of the most successful cars in the history of the race at Le Mans. Outdoor prototype won on the ring Sarthe five times: in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. A competing American Le Mans Series – seven times! Can’t wait to see what was hidden under the composite body? At the heart of the machine lied a monocoque made of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb sheet. Suspension is double wishbone one type pushrod on loop and custom shock absorbers. At the base biturboeight’ 3.6 FSI (520-610 hp) was installed with the camber of the cylinders by 90 degrees, paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox Ricardo.

    By the way, in spite of a successful racing career Audi R8, a tragic accident was connected with it: because of the tire explosion during the test on the track Lauzitsring (EuroSpeedway Lausitz now) the former Formula 1 driver Michele Alboreto smashed to death.

    The new prototype Audi R10, which debuted in 2006 have been done by the Audi engineers together with specialists from the firm Dallara. And it was a real revolution: instead of a gasoline engine V8 3.6 FSI Germans placed within the base diesel V12 TDI volume of 5.5 liters. Engineering marvel (weight – 200 kg) sported twin turbochargers Garrett, has made 650 “horses” and 1100 Newton meters. Thrust transmitted to the rear wheels through a five-speed sequential gearbox S tronic, which was equipped with three-disk clutch carbon-fiber clutch Sandtler. Composite body length of 4650 mm, the carbon fiber monocoque, double wishbone suspension, Brembo brakes and forged wheels OZ – just such a vehicle with a curb weight of 925 kg won at Le Mans in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

  • Auto

    Mazda CX-5 as the most popular Mazda SUV

    mazda suv
    Mazda SUV

    In 2011, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt the world premiere of the Japanese crossover Mazda CX-5 took place. In spite of its compact size – 4540 mm long, 1840 mm wide and 1670 mm in height, CX-5 promises to offer enough space for all passengers, especially thanks to 2700 mm wheelbase. Due to the smaller tilt of windshield driver’s area was moved closer to the hood, as a result there are more space at the back couch. Trunk volume equals to 463 liters, it can be significantly increased due to the separate rear seats – 40/20/40.
    Mazda CX-5 was the first serial representative of the brand presenting a new design direction «KODO – Soul of Motion» (literal translation: the spirit of the movement), which debuted earlier at Shinari and Minagi concepts. The exterior is quite attractive and modern. The main distinguishing feature of the design is a large pentagonal radiator grille. There are seven possible colors, mostly shades of gray, black and white, two new, specially for the CX-5 – red and blue.

    Interior pleases good ergonomics and quality materials. Seats can be trimmed in fabric or leather, with a choice of two colors- black or sand. Systems can be controlled via a disk on the central console or via the touch screen. Ports for USB and players, Bluetooth, navigation are available.

    In Europe, the new Mazda CX-5 comes in two varieties – front and all-wheel drive, with a choice of two engines SkyActiv – 2,0-liter gasoline unit with 165 hp and 210 Nm of torque, and two varieties of 2.2-liter diesel engine with 150 hp and 380 Nm or 175 hp and 420 Nm. In our market the car will be available with 2.0-liter 150-horsepower gasoline engine, which is paired with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. In developing these engines the company pays special attention to the environmental friendliness of engines – diesel engine emits only 120 g / km. Mazda engineers have paid great attention to the aerodynamics (Cd: 0,33) and the weight of the CX-5, which favorably affected the reduction of fuel consumption.

    The car is equipped with ‘start-stop’ system, which Mazda has named i-stop. The speed of its operation is one of the best. There are cruise control, monitoring dead zones system, which starts to work already at 30 km / h, lining tracking system(by the way, with frequent lane changes, so-called ” checkers”, the system takes the style of driving and stop lighting disturbing pictures ), High-Beam Assistant, the automatic braking. The latter working depends on the speed: up to 15 km / h it is able to completely stop the vehicle in case of danger, to 30 km / h – to reduce the consequences of a collision.

  • outdoor landscaping designs

    Tips and recommendations for outdoor landscaping design

    outdoor landscaping designs
    outdoor landscaping designs

    Decorating your home is always nice and interesting, and decorating your own garden is doubly exciting. And do not be afraid that you cannot afford this process. Ennobling the backyard can be made with minimum expense. So do not come up with excuses for yourself and limit yourself only to sweet dreams. It’s time to pick up a pencil and make a plan. I hope that our ideas will help you to choose the right direction.

    In landscape design, as well as in the design of living space, try to avoid excesses. The chaotic jumble of green plantings, small architectural forms and objects of garden furniture create a feeling of confusion and discomfort. Therefore, while implementing your own project, do not depart from it a single step. Just one bush orchids, planted in the wrong place, can disrupt a sense of integrity and destroy your perfect world.

    If the permanent care of the green areas is not included in your plans, then just minimize their number. Instead the blooming front garden you can set up a rock garden in your yard. That would be very individual and stylish.
    Sometimes, to create original image only one significant detail will be enough. This may be alpine garden or concrete steps down to the artificial pond.

    Separate a relaxation area out of the flowerbeds and bushes colorful floral wall. In the evening, when the garden chores run out and the air is filled with oxygen, it is here you will relax, inhaling the aroma of your favorite flowers. Wicker furniture harmoniously fit into the overall picture of serenity and harmony, without any violating its integrity.

    Green lawn for most of us associate with fine English style, aristocratic and slightly stiff and therefore so attractive and inviting. If you do not mind a regular cutting and regular irrigation of green does not bother you, you can safely lay “nappy pad” at your summer cottage.
    Green areas, as well as people, need care and maintenance. They need to be fed, watered, and even cut. And the more fashionable haircut is, the clearer the image will be redrawn. With skillful and confident command of scissors you can create real green sculptures. If the hairdresser’s art is not your path, you can restrict with soft and rounded forms that will give charm to your landscape for sure.

    outdoor landscaping designs
    outdoor landscaping designs

    The pathway, which is laid on the backyard, is giving it a cozy and finished look. And to make it is in power of any gardener. It is more logical to lay out already trodden path. As the starting material there are generally used brick, special paving tiles, paving stone, sand, gravel, pebbles, wood and shredded bark, a more rarely – turf.

    Landscape design, as well as interior design, is divided into specific styles. Stick to them or not – that is only your decision. The boundaries of style at summerhouse are more blurred and vague, so that the likelihood that you will be suspected of bad taste and absurdity is very small.

  • hunting knife
    Hunting, fishing

    Some important facts about hunting knives

    Hunting knife is a short bladed, one or one and a half-bladed melee weapon used for hunting goals. Today there is a wide variety of hunting knives in configuration, size, type, purpose, used materials. Hunting knife has always been not only a hunting weapon, but a necessary tool at the hunting practice. Among the variety of knives it is almost impossible to find an exact copy.

    When choosing a knife, it is important to remember that the main workload is most often not to the blade itself, but to its curve and the edge. And it would be easy for the more rational hunting knife to choose the blade with a sloping, semicircular blade, but the paradox is that any form of it has both strengths and weaknesses. So, straight blade is always stronger than curved one. However, the effectiveness of the latter, because while cutting it takes less muscle power. What are the nuances to consider when choosing a configuration of hunting belt knife?

    hunting knife
    hunting knife

    There is plenty of work at any hunting camp, and when leaving to the lands the knife is also needed. Nevertheless, many experts found the most comfortable carving knife the one with a small narrow curved blade and soaring edging. However, such a hunting knife is purely functional and acceptable in most only for butchering. Therefore, many hunters in the past and nowadays enjoy hunting knife headsets consisted of a pair of blades worn in one scabbard, despite their considerable weight. Big knife performs camp chores, as well as it is used for chopping while butchering. Small knife – as a rule is purely for carving.

    No matter how perfect the blade is, its advantages will come to naught if the knife is inconvenient to work with. The handle aim is to provide a stick blade action.

    It affects the comfort of hands (degree of fatigue), agility and efficiency of the blade work. The size, shape and appearance of the handle depend on the functional purpose of the knife. The handle can be placed in parallel or angled blade, which often depends on the shape of the blade.

    Hunting knife is easy to use, when it is properly balanced. It is usually assumed that its center of gravity is in the middle part, the compound of the blade and the handle is at the heel. Balance of your knife may depend on many elements: the method of fastening the handle (some knives have head handles as a counterweight to the blade), the material of its manufacturing, length of the blade or the handle. All this must be taken into account when choosing a particular knife for a particular purpose.


  • model airplanes

    Airplanes model making: brief guide and tips

    model airplanes
    model airplanes

    Professional model making is a painstaking exercise that requires lots of time, perseverance and dedication. For many adults it is an unattainable luxury, not to mention the kids for whom the world is not limited only to the assembling models. How to realize a dream, without scheming individual drawings and losing months and years on a single model? For adolescents and adults, for which model making is a hobby for a lifetime, the prefabricated models of airplanes for gluing is a perfect solution.

    Millions of people around the world enjoy all the pleasures of this kind of scale modeling and it’s obvious. There is no need to design everything from sketches to finishing touches, but the assembled model is a perfect copy of the desired model of the aircraft. In addition, you make the aircraft with your own hands, but do not buy a ready-made one. Prefabricated plastic models of airplanes will be a perfect gift for any inquisitive boy older than eight years, and even for men. As a part of a set in addition to the parts of the aircraft often there are the paint and assembly glue.

    Aircraft models allow to recreate in detail the most famous models of military and passenger aircraft with your own hands. Gathering a plane of fine particles, the child will foster fine motor skills of hands, logical and structural thinking, and while decorating he will foster creative skills and imagination.

    To make an excellent model of aircraft is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

    These kits are designed so that the available details perfectly fit together. They are easy to get up in the grooves and held firmly there. To assemble, as models, both domestic and foreign instances of aircraft are available. They can have various years of release and complexity, to be typical or to have a collection interest for connoisseurs. Some models fly on batteries, others require recharging from the mains. In any case, creating such airplanes their energy resource must be taken into account, so to calculate the correct route then and not to lose the air aboard and crash somewhere in the middle of the road because its creator has calculated the possibility of his ‘child’ incorrectly.

    However, above all, toy models of airplanes is a fun game for children, which, from the very beginning of production of such sets for creativity, have a unique opportunity to realize the dream of a bright sky long before being older. And it’s just great! People are always treated with reverence to the aircraft, but to those who know how to raise these iron ‘birds’ in the air with obvious respect. The professions of pilot, aircraft designer, aircraft mechanic have always been considered the most prestigious at the working rankings. The dream of the sky should be cherish, nurture and try to implement as soon as possible. And the task of parents, in this case, is the full support of the child’s hobbies, creating the necessary conditions for his creative work.

  • Audi Q7 and Audi Q3

    Audi crossovers: Audi Q7 and Audi Q3

    Audi Q7 and Audi Q3
    Audi 4×4

    For nearly a hundred years the German mark «Audi» is very popular throughout the world. Today, the company Audi is one of the world leaders of the automotive industry.

    Audi SUVs mean reliability, stability, convenience, comfort and technical excellence. Based on the result of the popular vote Wide range of this mark’s cars took almost half of the prizes. This is not surprising, because Audi SUVs are notable not only for high performance, but also versatility. Perfect and courageous forms of auto, excellent patency in off-road conditions, spacious and comfortable interior, a maximum of comfort, plenty of electronics, safety and affordability make SUVs the best selling cars to date.

    The exterior design of SUVs includes sculptural forms and sporting elegance that is very cleverly enclosed in car design, attracting the interest of motorists. Bright lights placed on both sides of the radiator grille, large wheels, bi-xenon headlights – all this makes the cars of this brand courageous and bold. With regards to interior design, everything here is elegant and stylish: comfortable dashboard, pleasant and correct forms of the seats, leather, chromium, aluminum trimming – all this creates a feeling of comfort, calm and coziness.

    Based on the available information it is noticeable that new Audi Q7 got sharper, chopped body lines. Exactly this design makes this car sportier, more dynamic in show.

    The new version of the Audi Q7 has become more mundane, more streamlined and even more predatory. The frontal part of the vehicle has been changed significantly. In the first instance the appearance of new front optics is noticeable ceiling which roof lights started to resemble the famous glasses of break-dance dancers from the eighties.

    Compact crossover Audi, which is produced by the famous German company, has not yet become as popular as his older brothers in the face of Audi Q5 and Audi Q7, for example. However, this does not mean that this project is a bust. On the contrary, the crossover is growing up from one year to the next, it is maturing, getting virile forms and slowly gets rid of the inherent adolescence “ailments” and “age-related mutations”. This model was first introduced in the automotive market back in 2011, and had already gained a lot of fans, both among men and women audience. Since then, the marketing department of the German company has carefully and sensitively being listened to the remarks, claims and wishes of consumers, and has allowed Audi Q3 to improve and reach a new level of competition, which is very fierce, I must admit.

    I must say that in the updated version of the car became equipped with all-wheel drive, while still having a full “cross-over” clearance and very modest dimensions. These features make the Audi Q3 completely adapted to the difficult conditions of modern cities life, so to speak, a full-fledged citizen. When comparing the new concept with the previous one, you can see that the designers have retained for this crossover the familiar coupe-shaped cabin line, which just adds dynamics and swiftness to the vehicle.

  • chiptuning

    Chiptuning: basic facts

    Anecdotal evidence states that chip tuning is the lot of young people, that are ready to increase the capacity for “street racing”, regardless of the fuel economy and engine life.

    What is chip tuning

    In the mid-90s in Europe, a new type of engine tuning appeared, and it required no intervention in its mechanical parts. This option of engine modification is called chip tuning.

    Improved engine performance without mechanical alterations became possible thanks to the emergence of electronic engine control units (ECU).

    ECU is a kind of computer that controls the operation of the engine. As any other computer it has a computer memory chip, which gets at the factory specific program with special engine control parameters.
    Chip-tuning by means of special programs – controllers allows you to change the factory settings pledged to improve engine performance and unleash its potential.
    Most tuning studios do not modify read-in files; they sent that files to the company, which specializes in their tuning. On how well professional involved in program modification understands the work of the engine, how well he knows its weaknesses and reserves, depends the result of chip-tuning.
    For modifying the controller program special software is commonly used, which allows you to find and present graphically the calibration data table.
    ‘Re-chipping’ gives you the opportunity to correct: the work of systems responsible for the toxicity of the engine, the fuel supply to the cylinders, the ignition and setting the rev limiter.

    Thus, one can achieve a gain of torque and power in the motor mode setting atmospheric ranging from 5-10%. For the turbo engine, you can change the boost work settings, the difference may be 20-30% of the initial value.

    Due to the chip tuning car gets an additional supply of power, which allows the driver to change gears less often and feel more comfortable when overtaking. In cars with automatic transmission it improves the smoothness of gear changes.

    With proper chip tuning exactly “air valves” are covered, i.e. fuel card is correcting to the direction of reducing the amount of injected fuel, and the power is increased by increasing the efficiency of combustion. This confirms the decrease in consumption after chipping in contrasted with increased power and torque.

    Although quite often in the first weeks after chip tuning owners notice an increased consumption. But this is due to the fact that in the early days drivers want to test new features of the engine. As soon as the “racings” are over, consumption usually falls below the usual standards.

    The increase in engine power does not mean an increase in fuel consumption. The motor becomes easier to disperse the car with all rates, and therefore there is no need at ‘ringing cranking’.

  • backyard landscaping plans

    Basic principles of backyard landscaping

    If you decide to engage in planning your garden, you will need to know the basic principles of landscape design. This does not mean that you have to apply all the principles for each part of your plan, but just understanding these principles will help you generate ideas and increase your creativity level.

    backyard landscaping plans
    backyard landscaping plans

    Garden integrity (harmony) should be one of your main goals in your design. It may be better disclosed in the application sequence and the repetition of elements, such as plants, plant groups, and other decorations. The integrity can be achieved by the sequence of elements characteristics in the composition: height, size, texture, color schemes, etc.

    A good example would be the use of boulders. It is undesirable to use in the composition one large white round-shaped boulder, another large red square-shaped one etc. It is not possible to establish the unity of the composition by the use of these materials group. This is only one example, but the principle applies to all other elements, such as a group of plants and materials. A simple way to create harmony in your landscape is the creation of themes. And one of the easiest ways to create a theme is to use the garden decor. For example: if you want to create a theme of butterflies, you can use plants that attract butterflies, as well as using statues, ornaments and other decor that are related to butterflies. You can use the color scheme to create harmony. Choose two or three colors and repeat them in the garden.

    The use of bright colors, such as red, yellow, orange is creating coziness, warmness and attracts us to the garden. The use of cool colors: blue, dark blue removes an object from us. Grey, black, white are considered neutral colors, and it is better to use them in the background with bright colors in the foreground. Also, to increase the depth of the garden, you can use dark texture in the foreground and light colored plants in the background.

    backyard landscaping plansbackyard landscaping plans

    Colors can be used to draw your attention to a particular area of the garden. The bright spot among cold colors naturally attracts the eye. Natural transitions should be used to avoid sudden changes or differences in your landscape. This can be best illustrated with the help of plant or color height, but the same rule can be used for all elements of a landscape, including texture, shape or size of leaves and the shape and size of the various elements. In other words, the transition can be achieved through a gradual, ascending or descending design of different elements with different textures, shapes, colors and sizes.

    Transition is one of the landscape design principles that can be used to create the “illusion” in the gardens. For example, the transition from high to low plants gives a sense of depth and distance that makes the garden more than it actually is. A transition from low to high plants produces the opposite effect.
    backyard landscaping plans

  • pocket knife
    Hunting, fishing

    Main characteristics of pocket knives

    Modern range of different knife brands and the variety of their sizes, types and designs are impressive. You can spent a lot of time looking through lookbooks, choosing the most favorite model. Therefore, in this article we will discuss those details that are worth paying attention to when choosing a knife for use in the city. It should be practical, beautiful, strong and have a lot of other qualities, some of them can be difficult to take into account during the spontaneous purchase.

    When choosing a knife, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

    • The size / weight.
    • Since you are going to carry it with you every day, the knife must be sufficiently small and light. And chances are it will a jackknife. We recommend to choose the knives with a blade no longer than 9 cm and weighing not more than 130g.
    pocket knife
    pocket knife


    Steel blade must be strong enough not to wear out, not to rust and keep sharpening for a long time, so you do not have to sharpen a knife every week.


    After the blade, it is one of the most important parts of the knife. After all, it should be easy to grip. Therefore,for daily use ergonomic handles are fitted much better than beautiful but uncomfortable handles. Material for them can be almost anything, but the main thing is quality. So many knives of Ganzo, Gerber, Victorinox, Spyderko and other well-known manufacturers have received a plastic handle. For the knife not slipping out when hands are wet or wearing gloves, it is better to choose a rubberized plastic as, for example, Gerber Bear Grylls knives. But Mora also offers a fully wooden handle of natural color or painted. In the category of knives on each day there are also presented models with metal handle. But from a practical point of view it is necessary to choose comfortable handles of knives and not skeleton handles that look stylish, but the use is not very convenient. And besides, this knife is heavy enough and can slip out of hand.

    Type of lock

    Most knives of Every Day Carry category are folding models that are easy to carry in your pocket. Therefore, buying this accessory you should especially look to its lock. Because the knife lock not only fixes the position of the blade in a particular state, but also guarantees a security for the user. There are dozens of variants of the knives locking mechanisms. But in any case, just make sure that the folding knife is equipped with a lock and this type of mechanism is able to perform well over a long period.

    As you can see, the market offers a sufficient amount of pocket folding knives, among which are not difficult to find a suitable option for your individual needs. It may be a simple tool with a knife or has a broader functionality. But the main thing is to buy a really high-quality branded knife, not a short-lived and cheaper counterfeit.

  • private aviation

    Private aviation and the most popular planes

    private aviation
    Private aviation

    How often people standing in traffic jams dream about the wings, which could cover the distance in minutes. Especially the wings are needed when it is necessary to get into a very remote location, or to get to another continent. In these cases, a civil aviation is necessary. It is not always advisable to hire a private plane for a large company or a small number of people. For these purposes, private jets fit better.

    If the companies’ representatives or individuals often make air travel because of their occupation, in order to save money and convenience you can purchase a small premium business or private plane. This article describes three of the best aircraft at the private aviation sector.
    The cost of the aircraft, depending on the model has a fairly high price range. Best of manufactured to date models can reach several tens of millions of dollars, but the cheapest models can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even lower.

    Cessna 750 Citation X

    The most popular model of private aviation of the business class is Cessna. Especially great demand is on the model 750 Citation X. This model is one of the brightest representatives of the middle planes for business and premium class. The aircraft is designed for long air travel, and is able to accommodate up to twelve people.
    Thanks to twin-engine turbofan engine from Rolls-Royce’s it is considered the most high-speed airplane, length of 22 meters. The wings have arrow-shaped design, allowing it to fly by 150 – 200 km / h faster than other business jets.
    Appearance of the plane is as presentable as its interior decoration. Everything possible is made here so the passengers feel cozy and comfortable during a long flight.

    Embraer Legacy 650

    The next most popular model is the business jet Embraer Legacy 650. This aircraft is visually divided into three zones for passengers, the cabin area of the club and luggage compartment.
    Compared with other models of the same class, the aircraft has a low noise level and an excellent ventilation system. These innovations make it possible to hold meetings with your partners even on the plane, as well as negotiations on satellite communications. The cabin is equipped with a TV and all the necessary kitchen equipment, which allows a wonderful rest and a snack during the flight.
    Its design feature is the presence of two powerful turbofan engines, which can provide up to 7,000 flight kilometers. Also thanks to the new software, this model can take off and land at high altitude airfields.

    Gulfstream G550

    Also, the best aircraft, and therefore the fastest one, comfortable and expensive are manufactured by Gulfstream. Planes of this company are used by many millionaires and world-famous celebrities.
    The cost of the aircraft model G550 can reach fifty million dollars. However, given its high performance characteristics and level of comfort and reliability of the design, its cost is fully paid off.