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The hand-made interior ideas are actual not only at the final stage of repair. Sometimes you and your design need shake-up and a current of fresh air. At least once a season we want to reverse our home interior. But sometimes it doesn’t go further than counting the costs and time expenses, as the resulted numbers are frightening.

Perhaps, you face with more difficult problem- the decoration of rented apartment. In this case you can’t afford to make the desired repair. You have to content with very little. However, it is necessary to turn the temporary home into the house of your dreams, at least in small things. The decoration made with your own hands will allow you not to feel remorse for the wasted money. Besides, you can adapt such décor to the design of the concrete house.
Do-it-yourself decorating will certainly awake your creative abilities.
“Rest with taste”

Hand made hammock
Hand made hammock

Hand-made hammock
Hammock is one of the most hedonistic accessories. It’s the thing, associated with the vacation, travel and country rest. It promises the leisure and relaxing pastime that you can afford on workdays. It can seem crazy to settle the hammock in your home. But if your apartment is designed in the Mediterranean, oriental or Boho-style, it will be just perfect.

The soft pouffes
The soft pouffes

“The soft pouffes”
Another cozy accessory is the soft pouffe. It is quickly to sew and easy to combine with the whole interior. Besides, it is very easy to use. The pouffes can be used for different purposes: for storing things, as a chair or bed for the cat or dog. For a start, try to sew the simplest pouffe. Perhaps, in future you’ll complete your collection.

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Map wallpaper
Map wallpaper

Decorating your wall with the map is an interesting but not very original decision. But what if the map will occupy the whole wall? Find the proper photo wallpaper and start to work! The tip for the fans of interior extreme: if the wallpaper looks too bright and contemporary, and you want to achieve the effect of antiquity or retro style, cover the wallpaper with the layer of white or yellowish paint. Perhaps, you’ll need the craquelure varnish, which will cover your wall with the “alligatoring”. The repair won’t be cheap, but your hand-made interior decoration will be really unique!

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