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    Decoration of kids rooms: design ideas and solutions

    Children’s room is an area of the smallest member of the family, so you need to carefully approach to its design and scenery. It is important to think through every detail:

    Secure bedroom. The best thing would be furniture made of wood – a natural and environmentally friendly material. Note the absence of protruding, sharp parts over that a child might stumble.

    Calm overall tone. Children have an active life outside the home – at school or kindergarten. Therefore, coming home, he or she has to get into a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help to get down his or her excitement and high activity. Experts advise to prefer warm olive, pink and yellow tones and avoid purple and bright red colors.

    Available setting. Surely you want your child to become self-sufficient as soon as possible. All furniture should be arranged so that the little master could reach out everything by himself.

    Many small details. Looking at the small whorls on a carpet or wallpaper, according to experts will help your child to develop his or her imagination.

    As children’s room decoration fresh flowers in pots or drawers can be used. Containers with flowers will look especially beautiful when they are decorated with your own hands: with a cloth, colored paper, beads, tinsel, colored stones, threads or Christmas toys.
    The mirror for the kid. It is worth paying attention to the correct selection of the mirror for the baby. Here we must take into account the area, age, and other details. By the way, psychologists say that a child becomes a person when starts to recognize himself or herself in a mirror.

    Wall design can be accomplished in several ways: painted walls, colorful wallpapers (homogeneous ones or combination of two or more kinds of wallpapers), stickers, wallpapers, white crayon wall, wall mural, glass photo panel (such décor is appropriate in the room for pretty adult children).

    Boxes for toys can be hidden under a sofa (bed) or be integrated in the furniture or stairs of bunk beds (available on stock models have built-in drawers).

    If you decide to arrange a room in any style, the color scheme will depend on it. For girls such styles will be interesting as stardust, “Princess Castle”, “Enchanted forest”, “Dollhouse”, “Travels and Countries”.

    Boys are interested in such theme rooms as “Adventures”, “Travel”, “Sport”, “Pirates and Treasures”, “Machines”, “Music”, “Researches”, “Robots”, “Nature”.

    Get the child’s the interest with the original and practical things: a wall clock in the form of the wheel or wheels of the motorcycle; dumbbell-alarm clock or runaway alarm clock; boxes for small items as treasure chests, beautiful seashells as bookends.

    And remember: the design of a child’s room is a creative process and always cooperative with the child (ren). This process should bring joy.

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    Kids bedrooms: types and variants of design

    Children’s room is a room, which design should be considered very carefully, because it is in your power to create a real fairy tale for the child, while being guided by his or her preferences and desires. Of course, you can simply choose a neutral wallpaper and ordinary furniture, but if your child’s room will look like thousands of others, left with no personality.

    Children’s room for the toddlers is made, of course, in accordance with the preferences of the parents. Soft and warm colors are the best things for it and furnishings should be made of environmentally friendly materials. Most often, at the room for newborn there is a crib, playpen, chest of drawers for storage, changing table and chair-transformer. For mothers convenient frameless chair can be provided.

    Room of preschool and primary school kid should be not only beautiful, but also give him or her opportunity to grow, to do sport, to play. There is a place now not only for calm tones, but for the bright and vivid colors too, the main thing is that they do not irritate the child.
    Transformer bed will replace the usual ones; chairs can be replaced with comfortable ottomans or frameless furniture, to separate out the special zone for games and sports.

    No less grateful theme is an underwater world, it is one of the species of marine styling, but for the visitors there should be arisen the sensation that he or she has accidentally fell into the abode of Poseidon. The main colors are white, blue, light blue, accents of bright colors are possible. Pay attention to the decor: for this purpose stencil patterns are well suited, as well as all kinds of stickers and wallpapers with thematic images, souvenirs brought back from faraway places, cushions in the shape of an octopus, fish, sea stars, and so on.

    Another unusual variant is a tree house. However, it will be placed not in the courtyard, but at the usual city apartment. It can be placed in the playing area, your child will certainly like that kind of sanctuary.

    Eco theme fits well into the interior of a child’s room too. When turning a room into a real fairy-tale forest, it is very important to choose the right decor – it should be combined with furniture (of course, it must be wooden, stylized). The desired colors are all shades of green, yellow, sand, brown, light blue.

    You can turn the room into a mini-dollhouse: pastel shades, plenty of pillows, frills, lightweight fabrics, beautiful dolls and toys will do the trick.

    Even small items such as beds or unusual beautiful mural on the wall make the room personal and surprisingly sweet.
    Interesting themes are jungle, space, sports, fairy tales, movies, nature, different era, vintage, and so on. Communicate with your child, consult, involve them in the selection of accessories, and even the decor can make with your own hands! Joint design of the room to get closer parents and child, and the crumb will get its individual space, the house of his or her dreams!

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    Bunk beds for kids are the perfect solution for parents

    For all parents children’s room design has a paramount importance. With a relatively small area, it must be multi-functional, safe, beautiful and modern. Most problematic in the interior of child’s room is to equip a sleeping place. For families, which are raising more than one child, a bunk bed is the ideal solution in a small room, where children grow and evolve.

    Configuration, design and dimensions of beds are so diverse that allow you create a unique interior of the kids room. The bunk beds can be used for young children and adolescents, it is important that the chosen model meet the basic criteria.


    In the first place out of all the rules of selection of the bed must be safety. If you choose a two-tier bed you must take into account the child’s age.
    For young children, it is important to choose a model in which the ‘legs” are quite stable and volume. The sleeping area is barriered by secure-backed bumpers; ladder is firmly attached to the bed with a slope.

    The staircase to the second floor must be very solid, with wide steps, to children’s feet may be placed entirely on them and do not slip. Great idea how to make such a staircase as safe as possible and multifunctional – it is to mount drawers for clothes in the steps.
    The height of the tiers must also be safe and comply with the child’s growth. The smaller is the child, the lower should be placed a sleeping place. it is necessary to equip the second floor with the protective bumpers.


    If the children’s bedroom is a stationary room, separated from the others by wall partitions, or has a large area, the beds can fulfill its intended purpose, their design is not complicated by additional cupboards or drawers.
    These models are perfect for travelers with children, hotel rooms, hostels or in family day care centers.

    One of the important advantages of these beds is that the cleaning of flooring beneath them can be carried out without difficulty.
    However, most often in the same room for the children we have to combine both dressing room, and playing and working areas. In this case, these models are inevitable, in which there are cupboards, shelves and drawers for clothes.

    Some designs of bunk beds can be used for three children. On the lower level there is a bed for two, and at the top – for one more kid.
    To make a large-sized structure more stable, you can use the rack, while the employee back to bed.
    Staircase leading to the upper level, you can do so that it was also a sports equipment – some kind of improvised wall bars.

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    Girls bedroom ideas: effects of colors and zoning

    Your daughter is no longer a baby, and she needs to build her own room? The task is not easy, but interesting and very important. Girl bedroom must meet several requirements: deep and healthy sleep, safety, creating a good mood, which directly affects the condition of the body, a positive aura for games and activities, as well as the warmth and comfort, because the inner world of a young lady are gradually revealed here.

    Color has a great influence on the personal development of every person, particularly the young and growing one. You need to choose the color scheme according to the temperament and psychological type of your girl. It is important that she would be comfortable with the surrounding colors. Better if she would participate in the choice of colors for her room, show her a few design options with different color schemes and let her choose the one that she will like.

    So, if parents are taking the process of colors selecting for the room of their girl responsibly, they should carefully study each color, its effects and the combination with other colors.

    The most favorable colors for the girl’s room are white, turquoise, green, beige, blue, orange and pink.

    White color due to its neutral is a good fit to absolutely any type of temperament, and it is able to enlarge the space visually, whereby the child will feel in this interior comfortably and freely.

    Effect of zoning has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in children’s rooms. This technique allows you to divide the room into two parts: area for sleeping, playing games, or receiving guests, and the classes. For children, it is useful that it teaches them to order and regularity. Zoning can be created softly using the color. That is the area of sleep is to be designed with one color, more calm and relaxing (pale purple, lilac, pink, beige, milky, light brown); for gaming (guest) area to pick up more invigorating and cheerful color (orange, red, green, yellow); and for studies area cold colors fit, cause that will help to focus the mind and keep cool-headedness (blue, white, turquoise).
    What should be noted with respect to furniture – that is its comfort and functionality. The size of the bed should fully comply with girl height (it can be a little bigger, but it can’t be smaller). It is better to buy orthopedic mattress. The functionality of the furniture also plays a significant role. If the bed has drawers for storing various things, it significantly saves space of the room itself, it is possible to avoid unnecessary locker or bedside table. For children space is very important.

    Wardrobe for girls should be capacious, because young ladies always have a lot of dresses. But it is desirable that it is not too high. For the girl it has to be very easy to get to the top shelves. It is better wider than the above. Built-in sliding door wardrobe will be an excellent alternative.

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    Baby room design: ideas and useful tips

    From the very first days of life the child must have his own clearly defined and drawn up in line with his needs space. At the same time to prepare the room for a tiny resident is much more difficult than to design your own bedroom or living room. After all, when creating the interior of children’s room you need to take into account the thousands of little things which are not important for an adult, but vital for the tiny creatures. About these very small things with a capital letter we will tell you in this article.

    The first two months of life, babies sleep for 16-20 hours a day. And all the while they are in their cribs. So this piece of furniture is the basis of the entire interior and has every right to take a central position in the nursery. By putting a crib in the middle of the room, you automatically deal with several problems at once.

    First of all Crib placed like that is located at a maximum distance from the front door and walls adjacent to the noisy rooms (kitchen, living room).

    Secondly, you will protect your baby from the harmful effects of heating radiators that will dry his skin.
    Third, the baby won’t catch a cold from a long stay near the cold outer wall. In addition, the bed is better to put in a slightly lit area. It is also desirable to separate the recreation area and a zone of games for the baby from the very first months of life to develop a clear association on the delimitation of the living space. In bed, he should just sleep, but for all other activities there are other places.

    The first months and years of life are in close cooperation with his mother, so it is very important to create a comfortable environment in the nursery, not only for the baby, but also for his nurse. It is advisable to put there a bed for mom, so she would not have to run to the beloved babe from the other room every half hour, when it will start teething. To the kid it was convenient to feed and rock, it is better to buy a comfortable rocking chair. A changing table and chest of drawers for the first baby clothes will complement the mother’s place.

    Of course, in the first months of baby’s life you do not get to play with him in the mobile games, and reading books on the joint will unlikely have any sense. But as soon as a child begins to shake the rattles and pull his hands to the bright toys, baby room must be equipped with a special area for games. There must be boxes or baskets for toys, tummy-time mat for infants and a playpen. Design and equip the area for games with the child in active games and a place where you will show your child pictures of books, toys and various items properly.

    Mandatory attribute of baby room is a small night light near the head of the crib. It is advisable to buy a night light with controlled lighting levels, which are not too large in size and suitable for the overall style of the room by its appearance.

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    Kids bedroom sets as a part of children room design

    Children’s room is a small world in which the child is growing up, so every parent should be concerned about the comfort and the proper organization of this space, because there every detail of the interior matters.

    Often, choosing the furniture in the nursery for very young children, the parents are based on their preferences, and for school-age children there is a need to take into account their preferences. But, nevertheless, there are some rules that you need to be guided in this matter.

    1. In the first place area of children’s room is important, because the number of furniture that can fit in it depend on this parameter. A small area requires compact and often non-standard accommodation, so the best option would be a customized children’s furniture, which provide for all the details and preferences of the buyer. If the room reserved for children has a large area, then you can choose any model of furniture products in standard sizes.
    2. Another important parameter is the number of children. For parents with two or three children it is not so easy to pick up furniture. Children’s room should be comfortable to play, recreate and to do homework. In this case, it is better to choose ready-made furniture, designed for several children. The convenient location of the beds and workplaces create comfort and personal space for each child. In this case, transformer beds fit well. They can be easily folded up and turn the sleeping accommodation into the playground.
    3. When furnishing your children’s bedroom, you need to take into account the child’s age. The room of nursling should be provided not only with a comfortable bed for sleeping newborn, but also for the comfort of his mother – the correct positioning of all needed in everyday life parts, for example, changing table, chest of drawers for clothes and clothing, a place to feed. Children from one to three years must have a little more space to learn to walk. At this age, you need to provide an additional table and highchair. Preschool and junior school children need more space for the game, because they are very active at this age.
    4. All parents understand that a child’s room design depends on the sex of the child. For girls you need to create an interior in style of dollhouse. It means soft padding, plenty of pillows, lace and ruffles, shelves occupied by puppets. The boys like the room in the style of a spaceship or a bed in the form of a racing car.

    The apparent advantage of any product is the quality. The best material in the production of children’s furniture is considered to be wood. Natural solid oak and beech do not cause allergic reactions in children. Their structure is very strong and durable, it means that the product will last for years and will withstand any test of little fidgets. Besides these materials tolerate moisture. This is a very important factor, because for the nursery often wet cleaning is recommended, and children can pour water or juice, which will require extra cleaning of the items.

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    Bunk beds for kids: types and descriptions

    Most parents of twins or, for example, children whose age difference is small, in the future, faced with the choice of beds.
    When the children grow up and you want to design a children’s room so that it was as much space, many parents prefer not to choose two separate beds, but one bunk bed.

    But how to choose a bed that will be comfortable for children and take up little space?

    First, let’s say about the merits of bunk beds:

    1. If child’s room is small, this bed makes it possible to save space!
    2. It is an interesting playground as children like to sleep and play at such beddings.
    3. It is much cheaper to buy a bunk bed than two separate beds.

    What should I look for when choosing a bunk bed?

    The most important is the material from which it is made. Of course, it is better when the material is safe and natural.

    Many people prefer models made of metal, as they are more stable, reliable and durable. But do not forget the wooden beds, as they are also safe and comfortable. Pine, which is belonging to solid wood, valued above the rest and is a very durable material that will last many years.
    Size beds are dependent primarily on the needs of the child. You can choose a longer bed or vice versa – the shorter one. The average size of these beds are 190×90 cm.

    Mattress is better to get along with the beds, even despite the fact that it will cost a bit more expensive. The depth of the bunk beds should be such that the mattress did not go beyond the sides of the bed. It is great if the fillers are natural with cotton or linen finishing. Do not skimp on the mattresses, because your health, and thus well-being depends on its quality.

    It is better to get this piece of furniture with rounded corners. Pay attention to its design, the junctures, everything should be perfect.
    At the top tier bed should have special protective walls for a child in a dream not to fall from a height.

    The distance between the two tiers should be such that you could easily sit down to a child to read a book at night or just to talk, and while that you should feel comfortable.

    This bed kit should also include a handy ladder, rungs have to be frequent and handrails strong, so the child can easily climb up.
    The ladder can be positioned in front, side, vertical and inclined – it depends on your preference. Also, the stairs may contain withdrawable drawers for clothes that are very convenient. Linen, clothes, toys and other things can be folded there.

    Very handy if bunk bed is additionally equipped with a computer or desk, nightstand, cabinet, etc. Then you can make the most efficient use of the free area.

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    Safe toys for children

    Interesting and beautiful toy – the best gift for little son or dear daughter. Even in secondary school children are happy to play puzzle games, build houses from the constructor, sew clothes for a favorite doll. A toy for the youngest – an indispensable companion that will entertain both at home and on the walk.

    Parents, grandparents, loving family will gladly give kids toy cars, dolls, pyramids and sets for sandboxes. But always is the choice always right? In what cases, gift can be a source of trouble? Unfortunately, on market of children’s products there are many poor quality and even dangerous products and yoou should be able to avoid it. Therefore, the choice of the sample, place of purchase and the trade mark must be approached with the utmost responsibility. Choosing safe toys for your child, you will make his life happy and cheerful.

    The criteria for safe toys

    1. Has value material of manufacture. Manufacturers may used in manufacture wood, cloth or plastic. Plastic products should be chosen very carefully: it must be binding security assurances and plastics, and dyes. You can not buy items for children to play with the content of polyvinyl chloride (“poison plastic”), or such plate should be soft and warm. Also study the item for the content of bisphenol A and phthalates.
    2. Safe toy should have a convenient form, smooth surface without roughness. No sharp angles. For small children are available samples without small and delicate parts.
    3. You should take into account the weight of the object for games. In the fall he must not injure the child’s legs. The recommended weight – no more than 500 g
    4. For children to a year can be purchased rattles, teethers made of natural wood (with a coating of natural wax) or from a safe certified plastic.
    5. Paint should not contain lead – toxic compound that causes severe disturbances in the functionality of the body of the baby.
    6. It must not have a sharp odor.

    Where to buy goods for the children to be confident in the quality?

    Children’s toys are not sold only in special stores that are confident in the quality of its product range, but also in the market, in the shops, on street stalls. These outlets do not specialize in children’s products, they do not have qualified staff. Therefore, more reliably and efficiently is to buy quality toys for children in shops and online stores with products have reputable and trusted brands.

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    How to choose a mattress for a cot?

    It is no secret that sleep quality is a determining factor in the health and proper development of the baby.
    For this reason, the choice of a mattress in a crib is extremely important and responsible.
    In today’s abundance of children’s mattresses to make the right choice becomes more difficult, because every detail is of paramount importance.

    A fundamental factor in choosing a mattress should be its rigidity. Newborn babies do not have an S-shaped curvature of the spine, it is formed only in 2-3 years. That is why the first years of life the baby should sleep on a firm enough mattress so as not to disturb the physiological gradual formation of the spine.

    Types of matresses

    Mattresses are divided into spring and springless. Springless mattresses differ in their filling.
    The filler of mattresses can be natural and synthetic. To natural mattresses are included matresses of horsehair, seaweed, coconut fiber. The most popular and affordable is the mattress made of coconut fiber.

    • Mattresses made of coconut coir are extremely tough and, according to podiatrists, are considered ideal for the newborn baby.
      Mattress made of coconut coir is natural, good conductor of air and provides comfort in both winter and summer.
    • Mattresses made of polyurethane foam – this is not the notorious foam. For a reasonable price you can buy a fairly hard mattress of high quality material.

    Choosing among polyurethane foam of mattresses, it is important to remember the signs of the quality of such products:

    • Weight. The heavier, the stronger the mattress and higher the period of its operation;
    • Stiffness. Practical way (push, sit down), check the rigidity of the mattress. Remember: the younger the child, the tougher should be mattress.
    • Stability. Observe how quickly the mattress returns to its original shape after the pressure on him. The faster the better.

    General rules for the selection of the mattress:

    1. The right size
      The mattress should clearly match the size of the crib. If it is bigger than the mattress it will bend and deform. With insufficient size of the mattress the leg of standing in the crib baby can be injured, trapped between the crib and the mattress. In this context, important is the hard mattress support on the perimeter.
    2. Hypoallergenic and security
      Unscrupulous manufacturers may use toxic impregnation and prohibited synthetic materials. Do not hesitate to request certificates for products and scrutinize the label.
    3. Cover
      Choose a mattress cover made of natural fabrics. An important condition – the ability to take cover for a regular wash. Pay attention to seams cover. The sleeping area should be smooth, without seams.
    4. Basis for the mattress
      An ideal base for the mattress – all season-slatted cover. This base allows the mattress to fully ‘breathe’, to evenly distribute the load and fully exerts its orthopedic properties.

    Typically, babies of the first year – are frequent visitors in the parental bed. Caring for kids – a great incentive to take care of yourself. Make a critical assessment of a family bed and, if necessary, get a new good mattress.

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    A toy in a child’s life

    Toys – it is an integral part of every child’s life. Here remember yourself … Surely, you had a favorite toy – a Barbie doll or favorite shabby hare, and perhaps bear. We could read him stories, telling our secrets and dreams.

    Toys should be at each kid. A child in a thousand of possible can select only one. This one he liked, and this one sunk into the soul. For kids the choice of toys – it’s the same thing for an adult – the choice of a friend or loved one. After all, no one can force us to go against our will and not to make friends with those whom we have chosen to friends or to live with those whom we have chosen for wives or husbands.

    Psychologists say that toys help chubby to explore the world, to know its depth and all aspects of life. About the relation of our children to toys can be said as much as necessary: all kids are different, everyone has their own interests and inclinations. The way children behave with toys as they play and treat them, says a lot about their inner world, character and temperament. They can express their feelings to toy. Can quarrel her, punish and even to throw away. But in moments of grief kids hug the beloved teddy bear and sleep with it, sharing their children’s grief.

    Toys – an integral part of the game. Playing, the child develops, grows mentally. After all mental activity is correlated with children’s imagination.

    The game is able to distract the baby, cheer him up, to meet the needs of physical activity.A toy for your offspring needs to be a source of children’s joy, admiration, the motive for the game. It gives impetus to the development of creativity. For example, a doll or baby doll should cause feelings of concern and care. But in every age child needs toys various in topics and appointment . Also, boys and girls play to their interests.

    So, choosing his offspring a toy, remember a few rules:

    1. Each toy is designed for a certain age. And if the child in 2 years is interested in playing machine or collectin a pyramid, in the age of seven, it is no longer relevant and it looks ridiculous.
    2. Small child should not be given toys with small parts he can simply shove them into the mouth or nose. Also, you can not give sharp and piercing parts that can cause injury or injuries.
    3. Choose toys with your child: so you will be able to learn about their interests and inclinations. Buy toys are not for quantity, but for quality.
    4. When purchasing toys that are popular with your baby, consider also a variety – toys are different in purpose and theme. Well, if you have lots of toys: developing, training, scene. Thus, the child himself will be able to choose what game he played.
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    Difficult choice: purchase of furniture and bedding for baby

    Newborns are fragile, that the first time it is even scary to take them on hands! Desiring to protect children, we try to pick up for them all the best. Particularly important is the choice of bed linen and cots, as newborns spend almost all the time in their “bedroom”. Here it is necessary to keep an eye out!

    On what to pay attention when buying furniture and bedding?

    Firstly – the quality of materials

    Furniture for children’s room simply has to be environmentally friendly, made of natural materials and coated with hypoallergenic enamel.
    As for bedding, there are the same “rules of the game.” We must look for natural materials: cotton, linen, jersey, satin, silk. And do not believe that synthetic is accessible, natural linen also can be bought cheaply, it also keeps warm, very strong and has a high hygienic properties, preventing allergies.

    Secondly – completeness

    Furniture for the nursery, as well as bedding, is often bought a set – and more comfortable and more beautiful and cheaper than individually selected. Standard variant – wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers (ideally, it’s also a changing table).
    In the crib we need a standard set of clothes (we recommend to buy them at once 2-3 – at first you have to wash them really often!), as well as a protective bumper. In today’s world baby changing is almost virtually abandoned, and now is playing the role of assistant to the bumper that protects the baby from bumps.
    Also important is the canopy. It seems that it has only a decorative function, but it also limits the penetration of light into the crib, creating comfort and ensuring a strong healthy sleep.

    Thirdly – the color palette and design

    “Children – children!” – This simple rule will not allow you to make a mistake! The colors and design of them should be appropriate: pastel, candy, cream – pleasing the eye. Linen and furniture in the nursery – it’s the first thing the child sees, waking up, and the last – falling asleep. Psychologists have proved: linen colors and color cots affect children’s sleep and dream scenes, providing the positive, or on the contrary, a negative effect, stimulating the nervous system and causing nightmares.

    So what should be avoided? “Adult” palette “under color of the interior” (the sin of many young parents): purple, “acid”, the black tones in the children’s bedroom is not the place. So replace the thought “buy bedding in the color of the vase” to “buy bedding, so the baby grow up healthy and happy!”For children with poor appetite needed sets of “sweet” colors: caramel, honey or coffee with milk, cream … The kid will eat for pleasure! Heavenly shades are good for mental activity, pale green calm and uplifting floral prints.

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    What to give to your child? Make up a wish list

    Relatively recently we received a curious tradition – to compile a list of what you’d like to do be given for Christmas (such a list in English is called a “Christmas wish list”) and birthday (“Birthday wish list”). A child, for example, asks his mother for a new game. But she is in no hurry to buy it. She says: “Bring in the name of the game into the” Christmas Wish List “or” The list of desired gifts for the birthday. ”

    After a while, the child wished again, but now something else. And adults again offer him to put the thing he wants into the list. This list will be drawn up for several months. By the way, the child may change his mind and make a list of names crossed out instead of something else. And it is – just wonderful. A growing person has time to reflect and assess his own desires slowly.

    List of desired, parents can restrict. Let it be, let’s say, 10 points – by the number of relatives and friends, whose coming forward to the feast. In this case, the child has to a few months before the holiday carefully choose what he wants to receive as gifts. You can leave one or two points in the list called “Surprise.” Let donors themselves come up with what to buy.

    Beginning to make a “wish list” you can purchase along with the baby a beautiful notebook and do there cherished records. Lists can be illustrated by drawings. And you can hang on the wall a large piece and to lead on it “wish list”, accompanying each item with a picture or sticker pasted.

    The list can be adjusted, and even rewrite (remake) several times, waiting for a holiday. But when the final list is ready, show it to relatives and to all those invited to the feast, and they decide who will give which to the child. After the presentation of gifts took place, parents offer child to start writing the next “wish list.”

    In my opinion, this is a very good in terms of pedagogy tradition. Try to use it! After all, children’s wishes regarding gifts require an indispensable ordering from adults. Unthinkable, impossible to buy and to give children everything they want and when they want it. So let us, dear adults insert into confusion of childhood dreams (which is quite natural for the kids!) some adults ordering (which should be the wise course for adults!).