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    Bowie knife

    Bowie knife, or as it is called by Americans, “Colonel Bowie’s Knife” is a large knife with a characteristic shape of the blade having an arcuate concave bevel butt to the tip. Nowadays, this type of blades is called Clip-point. Blade length varies from 14 to 23 cm, thickness butt is 2.5-5 mm. The length of the upper false edge is 1/3 of the blade length. At the base of the blade there is a recess or a blunt finger to plot more subtle manipulation of a large knife. The knife has a simple massive spider providing emphasis in thrust. Handle can be straight with bending down at the heel, or symmetrical expanding and resembling the shape of a coffin. Initially Bowie knife handle was made of two wooden plates fixed to a massive shank. Knife is perfectly used both with direct and reverse grip. Due to the shape, simple design and balance Bowie knife is ideal for throwing. One of the main advantages of the Bowie knife is that it is excellent as it cuts and pricks. Piercing effect is due to the fact that the tip of the blade narrows sharply and placed at the axis of the handle with an advanced handguard, and the ease of cut is provided by a sufficiently large bending of the blade. Also, do not discount the sharpened notch on the butt of the blade, which is at the skillful use of a knife in a fight can cause considerable damage during the return stroke of the knife.

    Peak of the Bowie knifes production falls at the end of the 1850s and the beginning of the Civil War, when Bowie knife was a basic cutting weapon for Confederate soldiers. Of course, the patriotic inscriptions, intricate shape of the blade and silver finish – it was very attractive to potential buyers. But the reason for the Bowie knife popularity as a weapon was in the other wing. The reason for that was the extreme imperfection of firearms in those years. Pistol or rifle can be used only for one shot – the process of loading weapons was long, and the combat range was small and the enemy managed to move closer to the distance of unarmed combat. That is why the large heavy knife was in demand. Which one, moreover, unlike the sword or the saber, could be used in practical purposes. Yes, and it did not require a long learning.

    However, as the army weapons Bowie knife was never proved. Typically it was a weapon of Confederate soldiers from the southern states. But the unforgiving statistics showed the war, they did not used to shred the northerners, but especially in internal discords and drunken brawls. The final verdict of the “big knife” was issued by appearance of the new effective firearms for the troops. For example, Colt revolvers appeared.

    The Bowie knife era began to decline in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the next American Arms Idol came on the scene – Colt revolver. With the advent of multiply charged firearms Bowie knife became increasingly used not as a knife for self-defense but as a hunting knife. Blade length decreased significantly – up to 14-15 cm, bevel butt lost sharpening. Handguard has ceased to be so massive.
    Today, Bowie knife keeps characteristic shape and the traditional form. Now, these knives are considered to be hunting, camp, or knives for surviving.

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    Global knife set

    You should not skimp for comfort in the kitchen as our food, and, consequently, our health depends largely from it. Cheap, low quality knives won’t last long, and soon need to be replaced. Therefore, the most reasonable solution is to opt for branded products, which are known for excellent quality. Brazilian Tramontina brand is now recognized in more than 110 countries worldwide. For the production of knives, the manufacturer uses a stainless sheet and plate steel that has a high durability, ductility, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Vinzer knife sets are well-known for not only high quality but also the elegant design. Perfect product quality of Spanish brand Arcos also gained world fame and a reasonable price-quality ratio gives the Arcos products particularly popularity. German pedantry is widely known. In its best sense, it is manifested in the approach to the virtually perfect quality products under the brand Berghoff and Gipfel. The advantage of these blades is that they casting design in which there are no seams between the handle and the blade.

    It turns out that there are many types of knives, and each of them has its own special purpose. Each of them has a different shape of the blade and edges of the cutting surface. In the set of experienced cooks, usually there are at least 20 instruments. However, conventional kitchen set does not require such diversity. As the necessity it is considered the presence of three main knives with conventional blades and the pointed end – large, medium and small. In addition, you need a twisted knife for cutting bread and kitchen ax for cutting large pieces of meat.
    The basic components of any knife are the handle and the blade.

    The easiest solution would be to give preference to a wooden handle option. Today knives with a plastic handle are in vogue, but in this case the choice of products has to be especially critical. Plastic must be heat-resistant and high-tech, and its fixation with the blade – tight. It is important that the rivets are secure and carefully polished. Especially avoid models with molded plastic handle without rivets, blade of knife cannot be safely secured, and therefore, in the process it shatters and falls out very quickly. As for the metal handle, the practicality of it cannot be denied, but comfortable working in the kitchen in this case should not expected.

    The blades

    Best knife blades are forged ones. Most modern kitchen knives are made of stainless steel with chromium, due to the qualities of which the blade becomes very strong. When looking upon the knife before the purchase, it is important to pay attention to its color. Similarity of colors characterizes the quality of the alloy.

  • hunting knife
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    Some important facts about hunting knives

    Hunting knife is a short bladed, one or one and a half-bladed melee weapon used for hunting goals. Today there is a wide variety of hunting knives in configuration, size, type, purpose, used materials. Hunting knife has always been not only a hunting weapon, but a necessary tool at the hunting practice. Among the variety of knives it is almost impossible to find an exact copy.

    When choosing a knife, it is important to remember that the main workload is most often not to the blade itself, but to its curve and the edge. And it would be easy for the more rational hunting knife to choose the blade with a sloping, semicircular blade, but the paradox is that any form of it has both strengths and weaknesses. So, straight blade is always stronger than curved one. However, the effectiveness of the latter, because while cutting it takes less muscle power. What are the nuances to consider when choosing a configuration of hunting belt knife?

    hunting knife
    hunting knife

    There is plenty of work at any hunting camp, and when leaving to the lands the knife is also needed. Nevertheless, many experts found the most comfortable carving knife the one with a small narrow curved blade and soaring edging. However, such a hunting knife is purely functional and acceptable in most only for butchering. Therefore, many hunters in the past and nowadays enjoy hunting knife headsets consisted of a pair of blades worn in one scabbard, despite their considerable weight. Big knife performs camp chores, as well as it is used for chopping while butchering. Small knife – as a rule is purely for carving.

    No matter how perfect the blade is, its advantages will come to naught if the knife is inconvenient to work with. The handle aim is to provide a stick blade action.

    It affects the comfort of hands (degree of fatigue), agility and efficiency of the blade work. The size, shape and appearance of the handle depend on the functional purpose of the knife. The handle can be placed in parallel or angled blade, which often depends on the shape of the blade.

    Hunting knife is easy to use, when it is properly balanced. It is usually assumed that its center of gravity is in the middle part, the compound of the blade and the handle is at the heel. Balance of your knife may depend on many elements: the method of fastening the handle (some knives have head handles as a counterweight to the blade), the material of its manufacturing, length of the blade or the handle. All this must be taken into account when choosing a particular knife for a particular purpose.


  • pocket knife
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    Main characteristics of pocket knives

    Modern range of different knife brands and the variety of their sizes, types and designs are impressive. You can spent a lot of time looking through lookbooks, choosing the most favorite model. Therefore, in this article we will discuss those details that are worth paying attention to when choosing a knife for use in the city. It should be practical, beautiful, strong and have a lot of other qualities, some of them can be difficult to take into account during the spontaneous purchase.

    When choosing a knife, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

    • The size / weight.
    • Since you are going to carry it with you every day, the knife must be sufficiently small and light. And chances are it will a jackknife. We recommend to choose the knives with a blade no longer than 9 cm and weighing not more than 130g.
    pocket knife
    pocket knife


    Steel blade must be strong enough not to wear out, not to rust and keep sharpening for a long time, so you do not have to sharpen a knife every week.


    After the blade, it is one of the most important parts of the knife. After all, it should be easy to grip. Therefore,for daily use ergonomic handles are fitted much better than beautiful but uncomfortable handles. Material for them can be almost anything, but the main thing is quality. So many knives of Ganzo, Gerber, Victorinox, Spyderko and other well-known manufacturers have received a plastic handle. For the knife not slipping out when hands are wet or wearing gloves, it is better to choose a rubberized plastic as, for example, Gerber Bear Grylls knives. But Mora also offers a fully wooden handle of natural color or painted. In the category of knives on each day there are also presented models with metal handle. But from a practical point of view it is necessary to choose comfortable handles of knives and not skeleton handles that look stylish, but the use is not very convenient. And besides, this knife is heavy enough and can slip out of hand.

    Type of lock

    Most knives of Every Day Carry category are folding models that are easy to carry in your pocket. Therefore, buying this accessory you should especially look to its lock. Because the knife lock not only fixes the position of the blade in a particular state, but also guarantees a security for the user. There are dozens of variants of the knives locking mechanisms. But in any case, just make sure that the folding knife is equipped with a lock and this type of mechanism is able to perform well over a long period.

    As you can see, the market offers a sufficient amount of pocket folding knives, among which are not difficult to find a suitable option for your individual needs. It may be a simple tool with a knife or has a broader functionality. But the main thing is to buy a really high-quality branded knife, not a short-lived and cheaper counterfeit.

  • knife sharpener
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    Knife sharpeners types and methods of sharpening

    Any modern kitchen today cannot do without such a seemingly simple objects like a knife. It is the indispensable tool for grinding products. But like anything intended for any type of work the knife can run out, or rather it is blunting and further use of it becomes difficult.
    This problem does not require great efforts, when there is knife sharpener in your kitchen that can regain the sharpness in a few minutes. Yes, using it to sharpen a knife is pretty easy, but the quality of sharpening depends on the proper use of the sharpener.

    Choosing your favorite grinding machine you must take into account peculiarities of the knife, you’re going to sharpen, as it will depend on the quality of the work that should be completed and the ability to retain their cutting ability for a long period of time. So, today you can get to your kitchen one of the following types of knife sharpeners.

    Simplest knife sharpener performing blades sharpening on both sides. Faulty instrument will “eat” blade pretty fast without warranty of quality blade sharpening. If you use your blade sharpeners permanently your wide blade will turn into the narrow and uncomfortable one to work with.

    knife sharpener
    knife sharpener

    Electric grinding machine is easy to use, but in any careless movement you risk not only to damage the blade of a knife, as well as to get serious injury. This is due to the fact that the machine is powered by an electric drive and has a pretty big capacity.

    Whetstone with rigid foundation. These sharpeners for knives is performed sharpening on one side, but due to the abrasive using it can either make a perfectly sharp blade or turn it into a form unsuitable for further use.

    Mechanical sharpener of knives – the intensity of the work depends on the strength of hands of the person which is using it. If you purchased this kind of grinding machine, it is the right choice, as most models in this class allow you to change the angle of knives’ sharpening, which gives the opportunity to work with a variety of kinds. To choose the desired angle is quite simple – to attach the knife blade to a leather strap at that angle, so that you can cut a thin cover out of the surface. Initially, the blade should lie flat on the surface, and then you just need to gradually raise the handle, thus changing the angle and do not forget to move the knife blade forward. Another nuance is that a belt in the process must be either highly stretched, or lying on a flat, hard surface. To put a hard pressure on the blade is not necessary, because as a result, the skin begins to flatten and you just roll it up in the opposite direction.

    It is important to purchase high-quality sharpeners for knives exclusively in specialized shops, as with the machine you will get not only a guarantee of quality, but also expert advice on the use.

    knife sharpener

  • multi tool
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    Multitools: information and advice

    Many experts by the nature of their occupations urgently need many instruments as working tools, however, it is not always possible to have at hand a lot of large and heavy objects, but multitools usually weigh between 50g and are divided into: trinkets, daily use, and computer and professional. By the same token, and the number of tools and functions inherent in the multitool a particular model varies. At first glance it may seem that there is no difference between the army and multitool knife, but there is one fundamental difference – prominent pliers head, which remains visible and not hidden in the hollow handle. In other words a knife – should it be an army knife, a penknife, or a tourist one – remains a knife, but with additional tools and multitool is a fully valid tool from the start, and just then it is everything else.

    Having it in the pocket, backpack or in the glove compartment of the car not only warms the soul, but often really helps out the owner.

    multi tool
    multi tool

    You should approach to the choice of multi-tools knowingly and competently. If your need is only an all-purpose subject at hand that can be universally used fromtime to time, and not a full-featured ” jack of all trades instrument”, that is to choose from miniature pendant type models. Such microtool is certainly not in a position to fully replace the individual household tools – and there is nothing to argue about – but it promises to be the most useful tool in an urban settings and for minor repairs of equipment and computers.

    Multitools of American company Gerber from Bear Grylls products line are stylish, fashionable and very courageously looking. Of course, just like all big-name products they are made of good-quality materials, thoroughly thought through and perfectly cope with their tasks. As a rule,at the production of working parts corrosion-resistant alloy steel is used, and handles have a rubberized finish for a comfortable grip, excluding slip from moisture. Pretty often Gerber multitool come completed with a knife, and together make a beautiful ensemble called ‘Gerber Bear Grylls survival kit’.

    Designers of Ganzo company give a good account of themselves in the production of both knives and multitools. Many users of this brand mention quality, affordable price and versatility. Truly “workhorses” in an assortment of multi-tools are presented by Ganzo.

    It is important to note that all the tools are made entirely of 440C stainless steel, rarely high-quality durable plastic is chosen as a material for handle panels. Almost all the models look very ascetic – nothing superfluous, only the most necessary things – a metal “skeleton” that can be transformed into pliers, knife, saw, scissors, rasp, screwdrivers of different types and sizes, ruler and many others. And believe me, each design is completed, full-fledged, graceful, strong and reliable.

  • bowie knife
    Hunting, fishing

    Bowie knife: tips for buyers and users

    James Bowie designed the Bowie knife for self-defense. Over the years, the knife gained other uses and never fell out of popularity. Hunters use the sword-like knife for skinning and butchering game. Other people enjoy collecting the knives or using them for outdoor activities. Buyers interested in purchasing a Bowie knife must know what to look for when shopping for one and how to care for it once they obtain it. There are various factors to consider when shopping for a Bowie knife.

    The traditional material for a Bowie knife was carbon steel, because it was useful for maintaining a sharp blade. After the advancement of stainless steel alloys, blade makers found comparable materials that could match or surpass the carbon steel version. Those who wish to purchase a more traditional style of Bowie knife may choose one with a carbon steel blade. However, most modern knife blades feature one of many types of steel. Both types are sufficient for hunting purposes or display.

    Buyers must choose a blade size based on the intended use of the Bowie knife. Large blades are powerful and small blades grant precision. Large blades are useful for clearing weeds and brush or chopping small pieces of wood and may require a case. This type is useful for people who enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping in the wilderness. Smaller blades benefit hunters and fishermen by aiding them with the precise tasks of skinning or cleaning meat. It is important for buyers to consider the blade length along with the material of the knife they wish to purchase.

    bowie knife
    bowie knife

    The first Bowie knives had a standard measurement of 9.5 inches in length. Long blades are a trademark of the Bowie knife. Manufacturers create Bowie knives of various lengths, but they generally are not shorter than 5 inches. The length is required for performing tasks that regular pocketknives cannot achieve. The long blade on the knife also provides a striking display for collectors.
    Buyers must check the tang of a Bowie knife. The tang is the connecting shank or prong that connects the blade with the handle. A Bowie knife is heavy and should feature a full tang to prevent the blade from breaking at the hilt when in use. A full tang is not necessary for knives that owners use for display purposes only.

    Each Bowie knife has a different appearance and unique characteristics. Users should choose a knife designed especially for the intended purpose.

    Properly caring for a Bowie knife helps give it a longer life and reduce safety hazards. Sharpening the knife regularly with a knife sharpener keeps the blade from becoming dull. A dull knife can slip during use and cause severe injury to the user. The user must keep the knife clean and dry after use. This prevents rust or debris build-up that is unsanitary, or that can damage the blade. Users can clean the knife with metal rubbing paste and a clean cloth.
    bowie knife

  • spyderco
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    Spyderco knives: history and contemporaneity

    Spyderco is an American company, that produces knives and care products for them. It was founded in 1978 by Sal Glesser.
    Among the company’s products the best known ones are folding knives for easy opening with one hand and with a round hole in the blade. The company issued a US patent for this round hole in the blade, and later achieved recognition of its trademark. Now other manufacturers are forced to either buy the rights to it, or change its shape. Blade with a circular hole became the “hallmark” of Spyderco products. For its time, the appearance of these knives was revolutionary: “one-handed” opening, using the blade locking mechanisms, the presence of serrated models, clip to fasten the knife on the clothes, the use of advanced steel and handle materials soon brought the popularity to Spyderco products. Today it is one of the most famous manufacturers of knives in the world.

    In 1990, Spayderko shocked the blade market, releasing two models of knives, which became legends: Spyderco Endura and Spyderco Delica. Anyone can afford himself these knives, and their simplicity and assembly quality became a powerful argument in favor of them to become one of the most popular models in the world.

    Currently the company produces 180 varieties of knives, including knives with a fixed blade, folding knives and kitchen ones. Prior to 2008, all models of weapons produced exclusively in the US or Japan, but then part of the production capacity nevertheless has been moved to China.


    One of the reasons why knives Spyderco gained popularity all around the world is relentless attempts employees to improve the products they offer to customers. Constantly testing new models of steel and other materials that knives will be made of there are permanent attempts to improve the ergonomics of the weapon and make it more convenient. Also, a lot of attention is paid to the design and appearance of the blades. The company can boast the cooperation with a number of famous knife designers from around the world. Among them is “the grandfather of the American knifebuilding” Bill Moran – the legendary blacksmith, who managed to bring US production of knives to a new level. Now the company produces several models of heavy knives, designed under his guidance.

    Do not forget that such a big-name manufacturer of knives would not disregard the means to care for their products. Spyderco takes care of diverse model range of not only knives, but their means of sharpening. A set of quality sharpeners will guarantee knife durability and correct operation.
    To store such a product you do not need additional protection or cover, injuries are completely excluded, the blade is perfectly hidden in the case.

    Each produced model has its own unique style and shape, proper construction, the original handle and durable blade.

  • swiss army knife
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    Swiss army knife: distinctive features

    The Swiss Army knife is a pocket folding knife, classic pocketknife.
    This legendary blade is the result of more than a century of innovation. It is truly one of the best pocket knives tools in the world. That is the brand with a worldwide reputation. Everyone uses it – from boy scouts to presidents, officially, these folding knives are NASA equipment.

    It has been developed over a century ago for the soldiers, and it has quickly become a legendary knife.

    These knives are available in two Swiss companies – Victorinox and Wenger. Victorinox was founded a few years earlier, in 1884. Victorinox’s slogan is “Original Swiss Army Knife”. Wenger’s slogan is “True Swiss Army Knife”. The Swiss government shared military orders equally between them. In 2005, Victorinox bought Wenger, and in 2014 the trademark «Wenger» ceased to exist.

    Logos are somewhat different – first company has cross on the shield; the second one had a cross in the rounded rectangle.

    On-going lineup includes besides a hundred varieties of the classic Swiss knives also more than 260 species of other handheld tool.

    The first Swiss Army knife was manufactured in 1891 it was consisted of four items – a knife, an awl, a screwdriver and a can opener.

    The top-of-the-range now is a Swiss Champ (Swiss Champion) contains 22 tools and can perform 33 functions.

    General characteristics of Swiss knives: The standard length is 91 mm, steel is Sandvic 12C27, descents from the butt, when grinding the permitted thickness tolerance of the blade and details is 0.02 mm, handle material is PVC, spacers and seals are aluminum fasteners – studs and rivets.

    They are not as massive as army combat knives, which can be bought only with a special permit for knives storage, but you can rely on them with the same confidence. You will not find in 8.4-centimeter device arm-saw, pliers, chisels, but always you will find a can opener, a screwdriver and a ring for a keychain.

    After World War II, American soldiers who were located in Europe added this knife popularity and all folding knives became known as “Swiss knives”.

    In 2008, “Swiss soldier knife” was designed and released – unlike “army” one, it can be opened with one hand.

    Spring is the main ingenious mechanism of a knife, which brought it success. The secret signature sound of Swiss knife was in the spring. And just using this click, which is peculiar only to the original Swiss knife you can distinguish the original from a fake. Asian pseudo-up cannot sound so great when mechanism is triggered.

    Now there are knives with MP3, USB and electronic altimeters.

    There have been developed, but did not go into production models with a flashlight, a knife with a built-in tape measure, a comb, a potato peeler.

    swiss army knife
    swiss army knife

  • victorinox
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    Victorinox: history of success


    Knives Victorinox is the highest Swiss quality, durability, comfort, unrivaled design, functionality, durability and reliability. No wonder Victorinox knives are often called “the best ones”. After all, 130 years of Viktorinox knives existence have become the standard. They were the most reliable, experienced at all kinds of extreme conditions. Moreover, Victorinox Swiss Army knife is an integral part in NASA expeditions. On the other hand it can be bought anywhere in the world.

    Victorinox company was founded in Switzerland in 1884 by Carl Elzener. At that time Elzener took only knives for repairs. However, after 5 years, in 1889 an association of artists of 25 people was established. Since then manufacture of high-quality Swiss blades has begun. Already since 1891 Victorinox knives have been supplied exclusively for the Swiss army, hence their names as “Army”, “Officer” or “Soldier”. Then army knife with a wooden handle had only one large blade, can opener, screwdriver and an awl. Carl Elzener has not stopped at that and continued to create folding knives with different numbers of instruments. Therefore, depending on the function, there were designed Cadet, Student and Farmer knives. After that, in 1897 Officer was patented, which brought to Charles fame and success. Unlike the Army knife, Officer was much smaller and lighter, and instead of a wooden handle there was a fiber one. Plus, it contains a small blade and a corkscrew. And to deal with competitors in some time Elzener added to the officer’s knife wood saw with the tree scissors.

    Swiss Viktorinox knives are made from high quality materials. Each separate tool is made of stainless steel. During the production chromium, carbon, manganese, molybdenum and silicon are added. Then the unique technology of hardening takes place. As a result, depending on the purpose each element has particular hardness, in other words steel grade. For example, the hardness of each blade is RC 56. All the Viktorinox knives tools are equipped with unique springs, due to which it is easy to sort and stack. At the same time, they are firmly fixed in the open and closed position. Also the light weight of each blade is worth noting, which is achieved through the internal linings of the unique aluminum alloy. But the handle is covered with plates of special high-strength plastic, aluminum, etc. The material is shock-proof to damage, small abrasions and does not slip in the hand.

    The company surprised its customers by a variety of models. For your attention experts have prepared 350 models and 800 instruments.
    Today, Victorinox is the biggest European knives production company. All blades are tested. Their logo is recognizable all over the world – a white cross on red shield. It is the state symbol of Switzerland.