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    The main advantages of drinking water fountains

    The simplest, and hence reliable and inexpensive equipment to provide drinking regime is drinking fountains, or, as they say, the fountains for water drinking. Such equipment is widely used in offices, manufacturing plants, in hospitals and schools. The hot shops of industrial enterprises cannot do without drinking fountains. Some models of drinking fountains have the function of potable water aeration. This significantly extends the range of its possible use. Using a good, efficient filtration system (similar to soda water machines) can have high-quality drinking water.

    The main advantage is the system of purification. Drinking water fountain can pass water through a 2 or 4-stage filtration. The first two stages purified it from mechanical impurities, bacteria, manganese, iron, petroleum products, pesticides and so on. The third step allows you to make the water softer, it removes hardness salts. Fourth stage cope with finer particles, water filtered in this way becomes clear by 99.9%. Selecting the number of filters depends on the quality of the feed water.

    The construction of fountains is also their advantage. Usually they are below human growth, allowing to practise proper hygiene. There are special models for schools and kindergartens, the height of these fountains is suitable for children use.

    Fountains efficiency is evident. Providing large organization with bottled water is a complicated task. Given the daily expenses, it will be unprofitable, and drinking fountains work with tap water, they need only a replacement of the filters. Cash outflow for providing large companies with clean water is significantly reduced.

    Another plus is the ease of use fountains. Everyone will be able to drink as much water as he needs. And it did not take long, and at the height of the working day, every second counts. Most of today’s universities, schools and large businesses have long shown drinking fountains in the hallways. Continuous supply of clean water provides a great capacity for work, especially on a hot day.

    Depending on the point of use, you can choose the height of the fountain, and the degree of water purification based on the raw water quality and your preferences. Drinking fountains are often delivered completely ready for connection and operation. You are free to install and connect the drinking fountain or order professional installation by experts.

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    Front yard fountains as an important part of landscaping design

    If you’ve ever wondered how to install a fountain at your summerhouse or site this article is for you.
    The fact that the design of fountains is better to leave to the professionals of this sphere, that should be even mentioned once again: of course, you can make a fountain with your own hands, if you have enough knowledge and skills, but it is unlikely you will be able to create a harmonious unit, which can be projected by a team of professionals. However, this does not mean that you should not collect ideas – your sketches will help professionals to realize exactly that idea that you would like.

    As a link between front yard landscape and house exterior vertical sculptures or fountains will suit very well. Their style should be in harmony with the architecture of the main building. Try to arrange them so that the eyes glided over the fountains and sculptures to the main architectural elements of the building.

    It is best to design, for example, mini-fountain away from trees and other plantings, which do not tolerate an excess of moisture. Depending on the area of your home grounds and the availability of free space on it you should determine the size of future small or large oasis (of course, we are talking about a fountain). Even for the smallest area it possible to successfully decide how to make a garden fountain, which will present its decoration, a certain highlight.

    The type and shape of the fountain depends on the style of the infield or the front yard, where it will be, for example, it is strange to see the Chinese fountains with water lilies, surrounded by German minimalism. However, if you are follower of eclectic or boho chic, the mixture of styles for you has not been canceled, but we must remember that not every mixing looks nice, so before you realize your plans you need to do a lot of sketches (and sometimes the 3D model) to understand how your composition will look like.

    Setting the fountain in the yard makes sense for several reasons. First, the flowing water soothes, it helps to balance and focus. Secondly, if you are looking for an original item for unremarkable plot, the fountain is a perfect idea. Third, according to experts in feng shui, fountains attract luck and money (but their installation is necessary to observe all the rules).
    As well as swimming pools, fountains require special care, and you have to be ready for this too: if you do not want or are not able to engage in fountain maintenance by yourself, you should be ready to incur the costs of a specialist.

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    Big stationary fountains at the landscaping design

    Stationary fountains consist of a special equipment set, which includes pumping devices, connections and valves for all kinds of nozzles, giving the appearance of a jet.

    Stationary fountains tend to be more overall than floating ones and their design is more focused on the decorations of the construction. Stationary fountains are usually decorated with sculptures, all kinds of architectural forms and stones. Such fountains are notable for an impressive size, so they need to be built on a foundation. The central figure is set at the pool and sometimes the secondary, smaller ones on the perimeter. The most popular forms are bowls, sculptural images of people and animals, plants, which are designed for all-round visibility.

    These units require a smooth bottom and reliable foundation for the pump. This ensures straight and stable location of the assembly. And only after that the pool is framed out of the individual elements, which will serve as the main repository for water. If reservoir is ‘pellicular’, a solid plate is mounted on the bottom (for example, plastic one), which is connected to the pump. It is important that the pump stood straight on a plate. If the concrete bowl, the issue of smoothness depends on the concreting works quality.

    The most common units are provided for mounting on the bottom of the pond, calculated to a depth of 25-40 cm. Fountain nozzle should be on the water surface, so the tube from the pump is stretched to it. There are ready-mounted on-site units for stationary fountains. Ready-mounted mean a pump, a nozzle and a backlight collected in a single unit. There are models that are equipped with only certain nozzles, and there are models where nozzles can be installed at customer’s option. The advantage of ready units is a quick installation. However, they will not fit in the complex fountain construction.

    Stationary fountains can be installed at any place of the garden plot. They have a disperser that supplies a stream of water and the latter drops into the bowl of the fountain. They are usually made of artificial stone – a durable and hardy material. Stationary fountain at the site should be part of the landscape design. Its own design can be quite varied. Now on sale there is a large range of decorative fountains for the most demanding customers.

    The garden, filled with various architectural compositions can decorate more complex and original fountain with several bowls. You can also choose from different forms of bowls. General classic landscape requires rigorous geometric forms. Here rectangular or square fountain bowls are appropriate. The Baroque style can be supplemented with elaborate round or oval fountain. If, however, the landscape resembles a wildlife area, a fountain here must be equipped with a bowl of irregular shape, resembling a natural lake.

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    How to choose a fountain for your backyard

    For most of us garden fountains are associated with luxury, which is available only for very wealthy people. This is nothing more than a delusion, because today a hydraulic miracle also known as a garden fountain is a quite affordable thing for a person with average income.

    Backyard fountain is the crown of the entire landscape ensemble, the eye-catching central point. By only one decorative function, which is capable to transform the entire garden space, the role is not limited to the fountain. Since ancient times, people have been aware of the positive effects of running water on the mental and emotional state. Falling water jets relieve stress, soothe, appease and put thoughts in order. And they can just captivate and fascinate, because you can look at water, just as at a fire, endlessly. In our technological urbanized time oversaturated with stress, chaos and bustle, it is so important to have a place full of beauty and harmony where you can unburden yourself, restore mental and physical strength. Decorative fountains for the backyard will help to create such “places of power”. In addition, they are also perfectly moisturizing the air that is simply irreplaceable in the hot summer days.

    Previously, when for the fountain installing it was necessary to lay a complex system of pipes, it was not a cheap pleasure, but also a quite troublesome one. Modern fountains for the garden do not need a connection to the centralized water supply system, and their operation is simple and straightforward. The main thing that you will need is a tank filled with water and electrical pump. As a ‘tank’ a natural or artificial reservoir, pond or pool can be used. For a very compact fountain the minimum dimensions of a pool should equal 1,2 × 1,5 meters at the appropriate depth of 1 to 1.3 meters.

    All the water that is ‘thrown’ goes back to the main pool, so the width of the pond should be relevant, otherwise your fountain will soon have nothing to flow. Maximum dimensions are almost unlimited, and depend solely on the capabilities of the owner. It should, however, take into account that to maintain a fountain, located in a large basin is much easier than the small one: it needs to be cleaned rarely and it is a more viable option for the ecological balance of the pond. Fountains can be equipped with two types of water pumps:
    Drowned pump – is located in the center of the pool under water and works on the principle of a centrifuge. It is easy to use, cheap and reliable.

    The pump on the surface – is set on the edge of the pool and is mainly used for maintenance of large fountains and cascading waterfalls.
    If the area of a backyard is limited, but you still want to have a fountain, then you should consider purchasing the ready-made mini-fountain.

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    Main types of small pond fountains

    There is no need to explain what the fountain is. But the concept of “water slide” means hill of stones arranged. On top of there is a spring, the water from which flows into the pond as a river line. Fountains and slides are not just for decoration. Thanks to them the water is not stagnant and saturated with oxygen, which is essential if the stocked pond.
    The waterfall is formed when a stream of water falls from a considerable height at least 1.5-2.0 meters. Size and shape of the jet can be controlled through drains. For example, a powerful stream can be obtained if to pass large amounts of water through the narrow drains. With limited water entry it is running over the surface of a massive boulder. Fine smooth surface is obtained when a flat drain is fenced in with lateral guiding borders.

    Cascades are formed by small changes in elevation on the path of a moving stream, speeding on the mountain course. Cascades can be created using artificial reservoirs offered in specialized shops, but these cascades are strongly lose in comparison with natural rifts of blocks laid in the riverbed.

    Design of the fountain, cascade or water slide begins with the definition of water picture jet. Depending on the customer the appropriate fountain nozzle (nozzle) of plastic (the cheapest), stainless steel, brass or bronze (the most expensive) is chosen. The higher and wider is a jet than the more powerful pump is required. The nozzle is connected either directly to the discharge nozzle of the pump, or through a system of pipes or hoses.

    The principal differences of the fountain pump from any other submersible pump:
    First, it consumes relatively small amount of energy: the standard model, which creates a meter height jet, has an engine capacity of just 40 watts.

    Secondly, such a pump has a very long service life of up to 60 000 hours. If the package says ‘five years guarantee’ it means five years of continuous operation.

    Third, the pump must operate without noise and vibration.

    Fourth, such a device pumps quite dirty water, in which there are grains of sand, bits of seaweed and so on. So, to water features are not clogged, the filter pump is equipped with a sponge or a jacket with holes. The ability to change the pressure-flow characteristics of the fountain pump is necessarily provided. Adjustment takes place ‘on the passage’ (part of the water is discharged back into the water body) or “by power” – by changing the rotor speed (the more expensive models). In the latter case, the pump can be controlled remotely using the remote console (if it is included to the pump supply package).

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    The use of solar powered fountains in the garden decoration

    From of old, the fountains are used for the creation of classic garden and park design. The fountain is one of the most efficient landscape decorations. But there is an alternative to the usual fountain- solar powered fountain. Such fountains operate on a pump, powered from the batteries’ energy storage.

    The installation of traditional fountain usually takes a lot of time and efforts, considerable material inputs, and requires special equipment for connection. The solar powered fountain possesses all the benefit of traditional fountains. It can be performed in different styles and daring design, but at the same time, it is very easy to install.

    The main advantage of this fountain is the complete independence from all power circuits. The mounting of solar power construction doesn’t require the building of special concealed wiring, external wiring, or other device spoiling the garden design. The cost of solar powered fountains is much lower than that of its traditional analogs.

    Choosing the model for the private landscape, you should take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of these constructions. Firstly, this device can operate only with the intense lighting. The pumps can’t work at night. Secondly, the power, produced by the battery, depends on the intensity of sun rays, which in its turn, is changing during the day according to the weather conditions. So, the pressure of this construction isn’t stable. It is impossible to regulate the jet power. Thirdly, in winter the solar radiation can initiate the pump operation. The pump will start to supply the water to the fountain, which can cause the fail of the pump. That’s why it is better to store the fountain in a dark room with the above-zero temperature.

    Despite some certain disadvantages, these constructions are very popular with the owners of cottages and country-houses. The broad assortment allows you to choose the model of any size and style, which will blend perfectly with your garden-plot landscape.

    This pleasant to the eye construction can have different location (on the table, on the ground, on the terrace or in the summer-house) and design (floating models, stylizing the flowers of water lilies or leave, having the form of statue, etc.) The solar powered fountain can become the brightest accent of your garden-plot.

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    Decorative indoor fountains

    Today we would like to tell you about the decoration of any interior- decorative indoor fountains. For a long time, the view of flowing water has attracted people’s attention. The stream of water humidifies and purifies the air, increases the relative humidity indoors, filling it with small water drops and bringing coolness in hot weather. Many people want to have such a beautiful element of nature. That’s why the decorative fountains will be the natural and useful complement to any interior.

    The basis of the modern decorative fountain composition in the interior is the natural materials, such as stone and wood. They are completed with different ornaments, also made of natural materials. The fountains in Japanese style are especially beautiful, as they are made under the influence of unusually attractive Japanese culture and its historical traditions, connected with the worship of natural beauties. The contemplation of combination of stone, bamboo and originally illuminated flowing water can create the unusual feeling of homely home. Except for the aesthetic attractiveness, decorative fountains can humidify the air indoors.

    The design of indoor decorative fountains in the interior changes and develops. The new technologies help to realize the most complicated decisions. The indoor decorative fountain will complement the modern classic interior perfectly. Besides, it will give the originality and author’s style to the design of your room. You can choose the fountain out of natural or artificial stone, shale or ceramics.

    There are fountains of different forms and outlines. For example, the ceramic fountains are made in the form of cup or vase, with the water container located at its base. Traditionally, the fountains are round-shaped, decorated with real flowers or sculpture compositions. There are also small table fountains, made of ceramics, plastic or acrylic plastic.

    Technically, most of indoor fountains are made according to the standard scheme. Their main components are water reservoir and powerful pump, providing its circulation. The modern fountains are often equipped with filter for the prevention of pump contamination.
    The decorative indoor fountain will be the real decoration of any house. It will literally infuse a fresh spirit into the home interior.