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    Features of the modern style in interior design.

    What do we call “modern” style in interior design? Straight lines, sharp forms, a minimum of accessories and décor, what is created contrary to the traditional view of comfort.

    Judging from the title, “modern” means “today”, the “here and now” interior. But in widely sense modern interior design is, first of all, direct contrast to the traditional style.

    Less is better: uniform surfaces are instead of the convex reliefs, cloth with a neutral figure or without patterned prints, at least accessories are instead a lot of little things on shelves and art galleries. If modern style hasn’t warm comfort of classical interior, it does not mean that it is repulsive and uninhabitable.

    Strong accent of the lines and shapes (two components of a brilliant design) determines the energy of the modern style. This is the interior of open spaces, what are rich in natural light and air. It does not tolerate confusion and chaos, each its element becomes significant.

    White, beige, grey, black are included to the favorite palette of modern style. Monochrome and color scheme tone on tone let the lines and shapes to come to the foreground.

    Actual design made popular open spaces. It’s not just huge and empty rooms, but almost a work of art, is the inside of modern architecture.
    If you like to walk barefoot, even on the tiled floor, then modern style is just for you. It rejects carpets due to their addiction to smooth solid surfaces. Not covered floor can be made from different materials, but especially actual in modern interior design is light wood (maple, ash), dark wood (wenge), natural stone, granite tiles or cement floor.

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    Basic rules of interior decorating

    Interior decorating is the final stage of the overall development of interior design. It includes the choice and placement of different decorative items and accessories in the interior.

    You can either entrust the experts with the interior decorating or perform it yourself.

    Where to begin the interior decorating? It is the best to start with breaking a problem into several stages: preliminary stage; choice and purchase; placement of the chosen items of décor in the interior.

    The preliminary stage represents the intensive thinking over the idea of interior decorating. What style do you want to use for the decorating? Should it be luxury or, on the contrary, minimalistic? What are the preferable for this or that style? You must put yourself these questions and answer them as soon as possible.

    At the time of preliminary stage, you must make a careful study of the décor items’ and accessories’ assortment, offered in the shops and salons.

    You should start the stage of choosing the décor items and accessories with the choice of chandeliers, table and wall lamps, sconces and other illuminating equipment. Besides, you should take into account both decorative and functional component, as the lighting instruments must provide the required illumination level in the accommodation.

    The next stage of the hand-made interior decorating is the choice of curtains or jalousie. The rules are quite simple. For the small rooms, choose the curtains of light fabrics. And if your room is large-sized, give preference to the curtains dense dark cloth. The kind of textile for the window decoration is chosen according to the existing style of interior design.

    The next decorating stage includes the choice of table-clothes, bedding, bedspreads and decorative cushions. The rules are also very simple. If the interior of your room is performed in quiet color score, choose the bright textile with interesting texture. And for the many-colored interior, choose the textile of pastel coloring without any complicated textures.

    The final stages of interior decorating imply the choice of pictures or reproductions, sculptures, vases and other accessories. At that, you can be guided by the available home décor (for example, brought from the journeys), or buy a few accessories, matching the overall interior style.

    Thanks to the skillful decoration, the interior acquires the completeness, become harmonious and comfortable.

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    The most important rules of lounge décor

    At first sight, the décor of lounge, as the most important room in our house, is a very difficult and responsible task. When you choose the items of decoration, you should take into account the style of the room and observe the proportional balance.

    The main thing is the details

    In the modern life, full of stress and bustle, our lounge and our home in general, remain probably the only places a person can rule. So, our today’s article is devoted to the articles, turning our home into a cozy home.

    The borderland between order and disorder in the house is extremely thin. At the final stage of creating lounge interior decoration, you fill it with the furniture and the things you hold dear or use every day. Exactly at this stage people make the most mistakes.
    You must begin the lounge equipment with the placement of furniture. Later on, the proper disposition of furniture will allow you to complete it with the matching decorative elements. After all, the person feels really comfortable only if he/she is surrounded with symmetry.

    Now you can start to decorate your lounge.

    There are several golden rules of design, turning the arrangement of décor in some kind of art, and allowing achieving maximal artistic effect as fast and smooth as possible.

    It is not necessary to overdo the lounge decoration. The presence of two-three items matching the design style of the room is quite enough.
    Apart from different statuettes, pictures and vases, you can decorate your lounge with the window curtains. They can soften some roughness of interior, or strengthen the visual perception of the smooth design.

    The décor will look especially expressive against a white or black background. To outline and emphasize the significance of décor and its presence in the interior design, you should use shelves or racks with decorative lighting.

    You can complete the lounge decoration with beautiful bunches of real flowers.

    The first thing we notice entering the room is its color (the color of the walls, ceiling and floor). The details of lounge décor will look well against a light background of the walls, furniture and floor coating. For example, the yellow support and the vases look good against a white sofa and black bedside tables.

    The choice of décor can be compared to the art. In addition, it’s a very important part of interior design, together with the rest of its components- repair, the choice of color, style, furniture and lighting.

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    The most interesting ideas for interior design

    Every owner of the apartment or country-house wants his home to be the best, comfortable for living and pleasant to the eye. That’s why the ideas of interior design are so necessary at the time of repair: nobody wants to shame oneself and be worse than the neighbors.
    After the preliminary preparation of the apartment you can start the redecoration, including: the choice of wallpaper and floor covering; the installation of ceilings and lighting instruments; the purchase of furniture and other items of interior; the decoration of the room with different accessories.

    At this stage, the house owner faces the task of choosing specific home design. Let’s review the most popular styles of our time.
    Let’s consider a few examples.

    Marine style.

    This style appeared not so long ago- in the 19th century. Usually, the travellers used this style for the decoration of their rooms, not to become disaccustomed to the usual ship interiors. It is characterized by special romantic and allows creating the atmosphere of long travels round the world.

    The floors in the marine design must be made of wood. It is unnecessary to paint or bleach it. If you already have some other floor coating, you should hide it under the carpet.

    The walls must be covered with black clapboard, like the board ship. It’s not necessary to cover the whole wall. It is enough to plank the bottom.

    The rules of design creation don’t imply some certain kind of ceilings. However, it is better to use the wood shades for painting. Of course, the best option is to cover the ceiling with the clapboard or some other material in imitation of wood.


    The fans of originality will like the contemporary style, combining all trends of the modern designers, not fitting in the limits of hi-tech or minimalism style.

    This style meets all the requirements of simplicity, comfort and functionality and encourages the use of new technologies and ideas. So, the design plan of the house interior ends with the choice of this style. It has formed just recently- at the end of the 20th century.
    The main features of this style are: ease of planning; compatibility and interchangeability of the furniture; the possibility to complete the available design with the new items of interior.

    The clear and adjusted lines look quite elegant and create the atmosphere of 1960s.
    The mass character and availability are the other advantages of design. All the lovers of comfort and simplicity will like the contemporary style.

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    The best themes for boy’s bedroom decoration

    Theme for the design of boy’s bedroom

    What styles can be used for the decoration of boy’s bedroom? And what must we take into account creating the themed bedroom?
    The answer is simple: probable child’s hobbies and interests. After all, the boy’s room must be original and reflect the child’s personality.

    The design styles, based on the emphasizing of some certain theme, are very popular nowadays. The theme decoration includes favorite cartoon characters, marine style, etc. Take one of these ideas as a principle and think over the filling of the space with certain furniture and accessories.

    The bedroom of traveller and young naturalist

    This style implies the room design in “geographic” style. Develop a subject of journeys, hikes and nature. The main colors of this style are: neutral green, brown, beige, yellow (symbolizing the sun) and orange.
    If you want to create the spirit of travelling, use the photo wallpaper and pictures of animals and plants, maps, globe, plant ornaments, furniture finishing in the imitation of natural wood, boxes-suitcases. Don’t forget about the real flowers on the window-sills and aquariums.

    The bedroom in techno-style

    Such bedroom style fits for the boys, interested in cars, airplanes, tanks and computers. This style is characterized by the presence of light grey and metal basic colors. Sometimes you can see the elements of hi-tech style. There are no restrictions on the additional bright colors- it can be bright ultramarine, green and red shades.

    The attributes of such bedroom are: metal, leather, different built-in appliances and furniture of unusual form. It can be the original hanging chairs, pouffes and chairs of modern design.

    The bedroom in marine style

    Contrary to the stereotypes, it is better to use not only blue but also the noble colors of Navy (red, deep blue, sea-green, ultramarine and white) for the decoration of the bedroom in marine style. It this case, the interior won’t look like a plain illustration for the children’s book.

    The portholes, pirate chests, ship ropes, chandelier in the form of steering wheel, life buoy on the wall and the models of ships will create the feeling of sea and exciting piracy. The prevailing material for furniture and finishing is wood.

    Children’s room is the place where the boy will spend the best years of his life. The original and interesting room will remain in his memory as one of the happiest childhood memories.

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    French provincial houses

    French provincial house design is the personification of romantic spirit of France. This rustic style reflects the national traditions and culture of the country.

    These are the comfortable country houses filled with sunlight, warmth and the tastiest smells of home-made pastry, energetics and smells of environment. Everything here disposes to the settled and unhurried way of life, rest and serenity. As the rooms and the windows of these houses are quite small, there is a necessity of visual increase of the room space. That’s why the finishing and decoration of rooms are performed in light shades.

    The apparent simplicity of this style is delusive. Its’ realization requires impeccable taste and careful elaboration of the smallest interior details, as it is very important to capture the feeling of old, comfortable and tidy house.

    To make the right stylization of the furnishing, one should understand the philosophy of rustic life in France and familiarize oneself with its distinctive features, the main of which is the use of natural materials: wood, stone, metal and natural fabrics.

    Color score

    Choosing the color score for the decoration of country interior, you should give preference to the pastel, slightly muted colors: beige, sand, milky, grey, olive and lavender. As for the bright color accents, choose green, blue and brown.


    The provincial style became popular due to the presence of antique furniture in the interior. The wooden furniture is made of walnut, oak or chestnut. However, forged furniture is also welcome.

    Antique or artificially aged buffets, encrusted with floristic patterns, sideboards, bookcases and low dressers create a unique atmosphere of the house with rich history.

    The details of interior

    Creating the provincial style, one should pay special attention to the careful elaboration of details. Beautiful faience and china tableware, ceramics, elegant forged chandeliers and lamps, painted flower-pots, the tablecloths and napkins out of natural fabrics (openwork or chorchet work) – every article gives its touch to the environment.

    The lovers of everything French are able to create the paradise corner in their own house, decorating it in their favorite style.

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    Native house design photos

    Eco style in the interior is based on the design of the modern styles implies the effective use of natural surfaces, such as bamboo reeds, osier rods and natural stone. The paradox of this style is that it easily combined with the concept of high-tech, minimalism or any other modern style. It accepts the parallel use of natural materials and the latest technologies and electronics. All these objects complement each other and create a very comfortable interior. It is perfect for those who want to feel connected to nature, appreciate the clean air and the beauty of the outside world and those who care about the environmental problems.

    Working on the design of your apartment, it is important to understand that eco style is based not on the natural wood and the abundance of flowers on the shelves. Its essence is deeper. We will explain you how to understand the principles of eco style and create a real corner of nature in your apartment.

    The eco style in the interior has no exact date of creation. It formed against the background of the developing modern styles and replicated methods and techniques of surface finishing, lighting and decoration. As the other modern styles, it has become widely distributed at the end of the twentieth century.

    Eco lifestyle is the desire to live in unity with the nature in accordance with its laws and lead the creative lifestyle influenced the development of eco-movement in the architecture, painting, poetry and interior decoration. So, the Finnish architect Alvar Aalato designed interesting houses. He built them right at the place of the living trees. They weren’t cut under the root, and the walls were built around the trunk. Surely, the decoration of such house was supposed to show people’s respect to the nature. Therefore, the wooden surfaces, glass transmitting natural light and many natural flowers were used in the creation of interior.

    On the outside, as shown at Native House Design Photos, eco-apartment creates the impression of naturalness and lightness. To achieve that, you should leave maximum free space in the rooms so that nothing hinders the movement. Designers recommend using only the most necessary furniture that complements the interior instead of overloading it. The large spacious room must not be divided into the small zones. Let the feeling of freedom and space fill it.

    The main principle realizing eco-style in the interior is the use of different natural materials. Choose the natural wood, bamboo, paper wallpaper, natural textile and ceramics. If there’s a chance, use the second-hand objects. The same principle is applied to the finishing materials and furniture. Refuse from synthetic and the products of chemical industry.

    10. General characteristics of Diy Vintage Farmhouse Decor.

    To begin with, there are many varieties of such designs. Perhaps, no one interior direction has more variants and combinations. The features of their decoration depend on the style of epoch or country they are based on. However, many markers are general for the most of varieties.

    Natural materials are widely used in any direction, whether light French country or solid style of English villages.

    Among the most frequently used materials, we should highlight the wood, stone, metal and different kinds of textile.
    Any rustic style is characterized by the use of rough textures and Diy Vintage Farmhouse Decor. They can serve as a basic motive of interior or act as separate fragments of finishing or exposition.

    Rustic style is characterized by great detailing. Usually, the storage facilities are open, decorations are placed on the surface, and the recreational areas must be equipped with additional cushions, blankets, capes, and sometimes all of the above. It is quite understandable, as the simple-hearted founders of rustic style were glad to demonstrate their riches or achievements and showed their china, vase or embroidered tablecloth.

    Natural textile (often handmade) is an indispensable element of any rustic interior. There are carpets on the floor, and the neat cushions on the chairs. The bedside-tables are covered with the lace napkins, and even the carpets are hanging on the walls. Such passion for textile is also explained by practical reasons. The floors and walls in rural houses used to be cold, and protect them from cold and wet, they were covered with animal skins and thick woven textile of their own production. Later on, it became a simple interior tradition. However, for many varieties of rustic styles, the main aesthetic load lies on the textile furnishing of the bright fantastic colors and ornaments.
    Predictably, rustic style prefers the furniture of strong and safe shapes and textures. It may be rough and not elegant, but it will serve long. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, for example, country style Diy Vintage Farmhouse Decor or modern version of French country, that started to include the chairs with bent backs and legs, thin forged accessories and almost decorative items of furniture.

    The color scheme, used for the decoration of rustic interiors, gives the complete freedom of imagination and creativity. The only rule is that colors and shades must be natural- no fluorescent or neon tints. For the rest, the choice of combination can be very diverse; the variety of combinations is welcomed. The more southern is the location that gave rise to the style, the brighter is the color palette. The northern styles are limited to three-four shades. The average climatic zones represent the balance between the northern austerity and southern cheerfulness.

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    Unusual decoration of the boy’s room

    The decoration of child’s room isn’t an easy task. It is important that the child’s room is safe, comfortable and bright. The boy’s room must differ from the girl’s room, as the boys are usually more active and energetic. They have other hobbies and interests. So, it is necessary that the boy’s room has much more space for active games. The choice of coloring also plays an important role. But let’s discuss everything step by step.

    The decoration for the boy’s room

    All the parents face with a question of how to decorate the boy’s room. Indeed, it’s a rather difficult task. The child’s room must be unique, so that your kid can study, play and rest comfortably.
    First of all, the child’s room must be quite spacious, good ventilated and lighted. The room should be divided into the zones of rest, study and games.

    As a rule, the boys like active games. If you want to accustom your kid to sport since childhood, you can equip his room with a sports corner or a common chin-up bar. Another option is to hang a basketball hoop on the door or wall of his room. But first of all you need to explain your child the safety regulations of the ball games, or else you won’t escape a broken chandelier and window.

    The ideas of boy’s room decoration

    You must decorate the boy’s room according to his preferences. The child is personality, so his wishes must be taken into account. The kid must feel comfortable in his room, and the parents must do their best to achieve it. There are many ideas for the boy’s room decoration, for example: marine theme; car theme; child laboratory; football ground.

    Perhaps, the room decoration in style of any cartoon is a safe bet. What cartoons does you kid watch? Certainly, your child will like the room in style of Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles or Batman. Hang the posters or buy the photo wallpaper with the picture of cartoon characters.

    Add the beautiful carpets, décor elements, which will complete the interior. For example, if you want the design the boy’s room in marine style, you can order the anchors and hang them on the bed, or buy an interesting chandelier. In a word, improvise and ask your child what he wants. Keep in mind that the room must be comfortable. Assign the space where the child can create, draw, model and build.
    Put your heart and soul into the creation of your kid’s room interior. In this case, your child will be really glad to spend time here.

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    The ideas of DIY design

    If you’re going to make a general repair, you should choose the most optimal ideas for the design of your apartment. It is very important that you imagine the result of the whole repair very clearly. It determines the work planning, the number of necessary building and finishing material, and the time spent on repair.

    Your home is your character

    The design of any apartment or house must reflect the character of its owners. The choice of color score, furniture and lighting- everything must be in tune with your sense of beauty, your mood and style of life. As you furnish your apartment for yourself, you must like it.


    If you think that one or another detail will be suitable, and the textbooks on design tell the opposite- take a risk! Mostly, such design experiments breathe new life to the room, and there is no risk that the interior will look boring and uninteresting.

    The principle of accents

    To make the interior really stylish, you should add it the bright details- so-called “accents”, attracting the attention.

    The principle of free space

    No matter how well thought-out your design will be, it will seem cluttered up if there is no free space in it. That’s why the part of ceiling and walls must keep empty, without the “semantic load”.

    The filling of corners

    The empty corners in the accommodation create the feeling of incompleteness. So, it is better to fill them with the furniture, indoor plants, aquariums, cage for birds- anything blending with the general interior.

    Color scores

    If you can’t match a few details of interior in space, you can combine them with the common color score. It will help you to unite separate article by reducing them in a single system.

    The principle of first impression

    Think in advance, what is the first thing the one sees entering your room or house. If there is an empty wall before one’s eyes- decorate it with the mirror or picture.

    These are only the main rules. However, they’ll help you to create the unique and unforgettable, but at the same time thought-out and comfortable design of your house or apartment.

    Following these rules, as well as your own taste and style, you’ll bring comfort and coziness to your house.

    No matter how good the ideas of room design in the Internet or design magazines are, remember: the main thing is that you and your family feel comfortable here.

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    Different styles of architectural design

    We all think about the beauty of our house. Especially now, as the choice is so wide. How can we choose all the elements of apartment decoration, not to upset the general idea of the design in your favorite style? It would be mistakenly to fill your apartment with all things peculiar to the certain style.

    Styles of interior

    There are a great number of different interior styles.

    Perhaps, classicism is the most universal interior style of any apartment. The interior design in classic style is characterized by some “showiness” of decoration, tendency to luster and richness, but at the same time austere geometrical layout. But don’t be mistaken about classicism, thinking that you can “pile on” a lot of décor and rest on your laurels! Classicism is defined by restrained décor. All the details of interior harmonize with each other and look rich.

    Now it is very popular to use the elements of Hi-Tech style in the interior design. This is due to the fact that the new technologies have long ago become an integral part of our life. We use them everywhere, especially at home. So it is necessary to place the household appliances in such in the apartment in such a way that they don’t attract attention and blend with the rest of interior. Hi-Tech is the combination of modern technology and comfort. The differential peculiarity of Hi-Tech interior design is that all the household appliances are in sight. Hi-Tech places emphasis on the show of all achievements of modern science and technology.

    You can often find the apartments, designed in style of minimalism. It is popular with young and busy people, living singly and being home rarely. The choose minimalism as this style reflects their way of life: clear, decisive, without unnecessary details. So, we can understand what represents the apartment designed according to the principles of minimalism: minimum decorations and articles, some “dryness” of the room, the use of light colors and minimum furniture.

    The favorite interior style of the designers is modern. This style of design is characterized by twisting and smooth outlines and pronounced tendency to asymmetry. The furniture is made with the use of natural motives, representing the distinctive feature of modern.


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    Room decorations with your own hands

    Hand-made home decoration

    The home decoration with your own hands isn’t a very difficult task. If you wish, you can transform your house in a very short time. All you need is to show a bit of imagination and make some efforts.

    Before starting to decorate the room, you must formulate the main tasks of décor and get the clear view of the result you want to achieve.
    The easiest way of room decoration is the move of furniture and the purchase of new curtains. In such a way, you’ll renew the room and add it the bright colors. You can also complete the interior of kids’ room or bedroom with the new things.
    For instance, you can buy the new cushions, original floor vases or unusual lamps, hang the pictures or framed photos on the walls, or buy a new flower in a beautiful pot. The original clock can decorate your house as well.

    The home decoration with your own hands

    First of all, the hand-made home decoration represents the wall decoration. For example, the applique patterns on the walls look very original. You can make them out of special stickers or scraps of wallpaper. You can draw any picture on the back side of the wallpaper, then cut it out and stick on the wall. If the room walls are one-color, you can decorate them with the applique pattern in darker or lighter shades.

    The ideas of wall decoration with the photos in beautiful frames seem very interesting. The room walls, decorated with family photos, look more hospitable and cozy.

    You can change the interior of your bedroom or other room in another simple way: using mirrors. Of course, there is a mirror in every room and apartment. But sometimes you only have to put it in the original frame to add zest to the room decoration.
    The walls of the room can be also decorated with the framed textile paintings or embroidery patterns. The textile paintings can be made either out of the fabric cut or of small scraps.

    There are many options of the room decoration. For instance, you can cover the walls with the decorative plaster. It’s very easy to work with such material. Moreover, the decorative plaster is durable. Using it, you can transform the room, creating the original figures or different wall textures.

    If you have never made the home décor with your own hands before, you should start from one object, and then get to more serious work.

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    The handmade silk flowers

    Nowadays the handmade artificial flowers are often used for the decoration of present, elements of interior, clothes and accessories. To make such flowers, people mostly use silk, as this material looks expensive and exquisite.

    Making of beautiful and elegant handmade flowers is a very interesting, exciting and fascinating, but at the same time laborious task. However, those who like to spend spare time making handicrafts will like it.

    The choice of cloth and accessories, the purchase of decorations made of stones, feathers and beads, the coloring of cloth, the treatment of leaves and petals and the following decoration of finished article will involve you so much that you won’t be able to tear away from work even for a minute!

    You can make the silk flower out of the special materials, or use the ordinary instruments, which can be found in the “maintenance kit” of every man.
    – Scissors;
    – Knives of different form;
    – Ruler;
    – Marker;
    – Brass pellet with different working area;
    – Soldering iron;
    – Glue gun.

    In addition the above mentioned materials you’ll require pan, 200 ml of water and 3 tea spoons of gelatin.

    At first, it is necessary to make a solution for silk treatment. Pour 200 ml of water in the pan; add 3 tea spoons of gelatin; mix well and leave it for 20 minutes to brew. After that, heat the mixture on the stove until gelatin dissolves completely.

    After the solution became uniform, put the Japanese silk in it for 3-5 minutes. The cloth must become soaked with the solution, and only then you can extract it. It’s strictly forbidden to squeeze it out.

    When the cloth is completely dry, you can start to make a flower. You must cut the required quantity of petals and leaves, from the silk soaked with solution. Construct it after the model.

    After that, you must carefully singe the edges of all petals with the help of candle. Then use the brass pellets to create the necessary curve. When all the elements are ready, make a flower with the help of needle, thread and glue gun.

    The handmade silk flowers will be the best present.