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    Tips for the kitchen remodeling

    Nowadays the kitchen is the most popular room in the house and the center of your home life. In the old-planned houses the kitchens were separated from the other part of the house by the walls and the door. In the new buildings and renovated old houses kitchen can be the extension of the living-room. Since the kitchen is always in the center of attention, its decoration is the important part of interior.
    Some people design it as a separated area, the others make it harmonize with the adjacent rooms. Blue, yellow, scarlet and bright green are usually used as basic colors for kitchens in France and Tuscany. Paperhanging is in in America.

    Kitchen appliance producers admit, that their wares are the most important visual element of every kitchen. Instead of deciding between white and black, they offer a great variety of colors, from shimmering stainless steel to standard white. You can choose fridges and stove, which will blend with your kitchen furniture.

    Don’t be afraid of hanging decorations on your kitchen walls. Family pictures or collections of rare knives will bring identity and warmth to your kitchen.

    While reconstructing your kitchen, you should view all sides of a question. First of all, you need a well thought-out detailed plan, which must be developed with all the aspects taken into account. Then you should decide, if you want to design everything yourself, or it would be better to engage a designer. While planning your kitchen design, you must also consider the modern trends of the optimal use of space.

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    The decoration of renovated kitchen

    People spend very much time in the kitchen. This place becomes not only a room for cooking, but also a place for family gatherings and rest. In order to make your kitchen attractive and comfortable, it Is not necessary to put up a lot of money in its renovation. All you need is a bit of creativity and a little money.

    Add a light emphasis
    With time, even the wallpapers or the other high-quality wall materials, start to become worn, dull and unattractive. It is not necessary to replace them in order to make a renovation. You just have to use the bright details of interior. Then the disadvantages of the old wallpaper will recede into the background and become imperceptible. It is appropriate to use the bright colors for the decoration of furniture. For example, you can paint the cabinet doors with red, orange, yellow or other bright color.

    Kitchen floor requires cozy changes
    The floor of your kitchen is not the least important detail of the whole picture, so it also needs changes. A new linoleum or carpet covering can change the environment and renovate your kitchen. While choosing the perfect floor covering, you should take account of color and style of your kitchen. Then you can it with your own hands, even without having special skills.

    Textile is the loyal friend of the kitchen aesthetics
    Another way to renovate your kitchen without repair is to apply new textiles, including curtains. The choice of the curtains depends on space and style of your kitchen.

    Kitchenware is the article of prime necessity for the kitchen renovation
    Nothing can decorate the kitchen better than beautiful kitchenware, made from various materials. The kitchenware makes your kitchen look renewed and elegant. The choice of material and decoration also depends on general style of the kitchen.

    Kitchen garden is so easy
    House plants in unusual pots can refresh and renovate the interior of your kitchen.
    Every kitchen consists of small details, which make it look original and exclusive. There aren’t any obstacles for creativity, if your kitchen is the place of cooking masterpieces and the abode of comfort!

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    The advantages of bespoke kitchen

    Every day we gather with our family and relatives, invite guests and friends in our kitchen. The kitchen is the place not just for eating, but also for conversation, celebration and having a good time. In all times the kitchen took a center place in every home.

    Of course, you feel yourself best, if this important room is supplied with the functional devices and the special kitchen furniture. The modern companies use only the highest quality materials (wood, plastic, fiberboard ) and the garniture of the foreign producers in the manufacture of the kitchen furniture. The individual drawings and designs can be worked out at customer’s request. It is very important to create functional, beautiful and comfortable kitchen furniture for the clients. All the products must be on the ball.

    The modern kitchens are represented in a wide range- with the façade, made of wood particle board, medium tensity fiberboard (frame, veneer, film, painted), plastic and wood.

    One of the most important criterion for selection of one or another kitchen is the price. Surely, each of us always aims to buy cheap and qualitative product. The new kitchen furniture must also give you a lot of positive emotions and bring comfort to your house.

    Ordering your kitchen, you get a possibility to select the perfect kitchen set, taking into account your living space and the features of your accommodation. So, you’ll be able to find a perfect location for the future built-in furniture.

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    The magnificence of the luxury kitchens

    What are the luxury kitchens? They remain an attainment dream for a lot of people. But some of them are lucky enough to afford it. In simple terms, these are the first-rate kitchens, including maximum beauty and aesthetic, comfort and coziness.

    Luxury kitchens represent the combination of natural materials and exclusive designer solutions with the recent achievements of the modern progress. They create the unique interiors, capable of emphasizing style and status of their owners.

    Luxury classic kitchens are characterized by: large space; individual approach to every customer; exclusive handwork; high-quality materials, sometimes very rare and expensive; uncommon and high-priced decoration, for example, antiques; the use of the modern technologies (home appliances, highlight, etc.)

    Every inch of the luxury kitchen must be used with the maximum efficiency. It is necessary to accelerate the process of cooking, making it really easy.

    The first-rate kitchens are also equipped with railings, garbage grinder, an additional built-in illumination for each active zone, pullout chopping boards, allowing extending the effective area, etc. Original décor and accessories will complement the magnificent style, proving, that the luxury kitchens are the best of breed.

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    Characteristics of modern kitchen design

    The kitchens of the modern design are the perfect choice for the people, which want to keep up with the progress and aim to use the newest technologies. Modern kitchen style is usually subdivided into three directions: modern, high-tech and minimalism.

    Modern style of kitchen supposes the use of strict geometric forms and simple color combinations. The peculiarity of this style is the open space, the sharpness of forms and practically total absence of décor. As for the façade materials, modern style presumes the use of both modern (plastic, enamel or film facade) and traditional (wood or veneer) materials.

    Hi-tech is the style of design, characterized by the prevalence of the technics, metal, glass and plastic. The peculiarities of this style are the use of irregular geometrical figures and the smooth overflowing of surfaces. Constructive units, fastening, joints and rivets, a lot of glass and metal details are used as the decoration. The main feature of this style is placing emphasis on the home appliances.

    The kitchens, made in style of minimalism, are characterized by straight-line design, moderate coloring and the abundance of free space. Another peculiarity of this style is the use of compact built-in cabinets. The recesses in the wall are used as the wall shelves. There must be no open shelves, railing system and open storage trays. Nothing has to attract attention.

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    The decoration of the traditional kitchen

    Traditional kitchen interior satisfies the tastes of the most house owners completely. However, each of them gives different interpretations of this style. Some consider it as a beautiful aspect, the others- as either great comfort or the efficient way of kitchen decoration.

    From the design experts’ points of view, the traditional kitchen is distinguished by the presence of symmetrical forms, exquisite details and stylized accessories. Reserved coloring and availability of the wooden furniture are the main characteristics of the traditional kitchen decoration.

    The kitchens in the most city buildings are small, which can’t be said about country-houses and cottages. Of course, the interior of the ample rooms gives much more advantages in the respect of traditional style decoration. The use of various decorative elements, beautiful carved plinths, and gilded details of furniture are welcome.

    The reserved style is more appropriate for the small kitchens. Such style doesn’t assume any excesses, but has all features of tranquility and solemnity.

    Classic excludes all the “loud” elements of the design, which can annoy or irritate.

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    Ideas for design of the office.

    Work in the office is not always a great pleasure, and large part of the proposed tasks today you can do easily at home. In this regard, it is important to ensure the necessary conditions in the home office for the effective and fruitful work.

    The office interior design begins with the choice of premise for office in the house and ends with the selection of accessories. Regardless of whether will partners, colleagues visit the office or not, will you work there alone or in company, design and repair must be of high quality. Usability, accessibility and comfort are the main requirements for the office in the house.

    The main factors of office interior design in the house are:
    – accommodation;
    – ergonomics;
    – technical equipment;
    – security.

    When you choose a room, all depends from their number in the house and from the layout of the house. In big house for office is given the farthest room, what is well lighted and heated. Often the design of such rooms is in modern or classic style. The style of the office needs to correspond to general design of the house, or at least, not contrast too much with it. If you develop the design of the office, it needs to consider whether the office, in addition to workplace place, to receive guests. If yes, then you need to provide the necessary furniture for visitors. It is possible to equip the office with more comfortable soft furniture, a bar or other accessories that you may need for receiving guests.

    Design of the office will also depend on the kind of work that you will perform. For example, a graphic designer may need to install the special project of the station in the office. It is also necessary to take into account the current process of work computerization, and, accordingly, you need to allocate enough space for the required number of computers.

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    Interior design of 2018: the main trends and tendencies.

    Trends in the design of houses change every year, they bring certain colors, textures and objects. 2014 also brought in the home interior design of many novelties and trends, what are notable with their liveliness and freshness.

    Natural materials are again in vogue. Light, honey-coloured wooden details became obvious favorite in the home interior design. Especially is popular the texture of untreated wood, which is unusually decorates the design of apartments.

    Certainly, now blue and green are at the peak of popularity. Various shades of these colors you can use in finishing of upholstered furniture, cushions, accessories and walls. These calm, cool, soothing colors focused on work and reflection. In addition, they give airiness and lightness to the room, to create an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

    Stylish details with motives of mysterious exotic places brighten up any interior design of apartments. This year carpets, pillows, kitchen utensils, blankets and fabrics with ethnic patterns are not only a popular brand, but also the element of expression. According to experts, such unordinary accessories can dilute even the most banal and boring design of apartments.

    Another striking trend of 2014 is mirrors and reflective surfaces. On the peak of popularity glass ceiling chandeliers and lamps are, photo frames with mirror baguette, glass in the design of countertops and coffee tables. Every design can get a perfect complement – a huge mirror in a beautiful frame in all growth. It visually extends the space and increases the natural light.

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    Modern interior design

    Currently the phrase “interior design” is often understood differently by each person. If the word “interior” is used rather in specific meaning – it is the inner space of the room and its furnishing, the expression “interior design” can be interpreted as the design of internal space, what is based on the principles of a combination of convenience, efficiency and beauty.

    Interior design is art, in which the designer becomes an artist. For creation of unique interiors you need the ability to move away from the templates and great accumulated experience – for avoiding small mistakes.

    In practice the interior design ideas, at first, are the ways for taming of space. The designer starts with the entire space of the room and then fills it with necessary paint, parts and items. Besides the beauty and economy, interior design must include, as we have said, convenience. Even a small space of the hall in your apartment can serve as worthy gates in your home, if there you will find a place for wardrobe, mirror, basket for umbrellas, shelf for shoes and small ottoman.

    If we speak about interior design for offices, everything is more prosaic, because we have, for example, established scheme of interiors for various spheres of business: strict dark for law firms, bright with plenty of phyto – for beauty salons, etc. But, of course, as in any art, experimentation will be welcomed

    Gallery of modern interior design

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    The interior design of the bedrooms.

    In each house you can find a room, where you will soak up the serenity and privacy. Of course, we speak about bedroom, because here we restore our strength after hard day. Creating the bedroom interior design, you must try to keep the correct shapes of the room. If it initially has disproportionate features, the design of sleeping rooms must to fix them. The most relevant are flowing lines and transitions, because the excess edges and corners only irritate the eyes and make discomfort. But the ceiling can be multi-level, but it must keep the smooth forms. In the room of small size the bedroom interior design may include only bed, but even in this case it is desirable to provide space for bedside tables.

    There the hosts will have a place to put the book, glasses and other accessories. Often the design of sleeping room also implies wardrobe. If the size of the premises lets, it is possible to equip a whole dressing room. It is not superfluous to allocate space for dressing table, of course, if the design of the bedroom is for woman.

    A separate task is the organizing of the lighting. Because the bedroom design is created for rest, so it is better to avoid direct light sources. You can use the shades from matte glass or textile shades, in such case, the light will be scattered. A chandelier can be replaced by series of spotlights. As additional lighting the local sources of light, such as chandeliers, sconces or table designer lamps perfectly fit. More backlight will make more comfortable the interior of the bedroom. The colors are important, from them depends on the mood and attitude to life. It is better to choose bright and warm pastel colors, in such way the interior design will cause the feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The design of the bedrooms also is affected by the location of the room. If windows face south, you can safely use cool colors, because the room is warm itself. If windows look to the north, to give it comfort is able shades of orange and other warm tones.

    Gallery of the interior design of the bedrooms

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    What you need to remember for bathroom design?

    Bathroom is a place where begins and ends our day. At the morning we get up and use it for refreshing to finally wake up, and at the evening do all the rituals that help us to throw off the accumulated over the day severity. You can easily guess that the bathroom interior design plays a significant role in the rest of our future day.

    First, you need to analyze the bathroom. Look closely and make conclusions, whether have you it little or large enough to host the interior and large plumbing? This is very important! If you, like most Russians, have small bathroom, you need to choose the color scheme and design of the bathroom in such way, that at least a little visually enlarge the space. For example, to make glossy ceiling, use small tile, put the mirrors, use bright colors as the main. All this things will allow you to enlarge the space visually. Well, if your bathroom has non-standard size, than consider how you could use the place!

    Now you may think about the inner decoration of the bathroom. You will have to decide with family, what is more preferable for you – bath, which can be with shower, or shower cabin only. Both options have its pros and cons, so the only you can choose one solution.

    Next you need to consider how you can place the sink, mirror, washing machine and other things, so that the design of the bathroom would be visible. Can you do stepwise approach to your bathroom, can you supply an unusual shell (for example, shell-aquarium), perhaps will you bet on subdued lighting and colors? Or will your bathroom even remind a tropical forest?

    Of course, during planning of bathroom design you need not forget about safety precautions and about what the finishing materials you need to choose. The humidity in the room is always very high, and it is not excluded constant direct contact with water. So if you do not use special waterproof and water-repellent materials, it can end up disastrous. The main finishing material is ceramic tile, faience, plastic, etc. Of course, you can use other interesting materials, such as artificial stone, wood, water paint, etc. But their life is not so long.

    Gallery of what you need to remember for bathroom design

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    The house interior design with taste.

    The creation of beautiful house interior design is a very difficult task that requires considerable knowledge and best of all its decision to trust to the professionals. They will help to find the optimal combination of functionality, convenience and aesthetic canons.
    Style in the interior is the idea that you can implement a variety of ways. It is wrong to assume that the more accurate will be played every detail of famous design of the particular style, the higher result in the development of your dwelling will be obtained. In reality all design elements: colors, finishes, decorative elements etc. – can’t and have not coincided with such samples. In this case a lot depends on the designer talent, his taste. Of course, comply with chosen style must and its subject content – furniture, chandeliers, textiles.

    Also we will speak about the most popular styles of interior design.

    For it is quite common use the most modern materials in the decoration. The furniture is very functional, it has extravagant, non-traditional form. It’s a little like office ones, its manufacture are used plastic, leather and metal. Often rack modules with closed or open sections are used. In such interior appliances, which are decorated by original author’s projects look good.

    Color solution of the classical interior is a combination of soft pastel cream, pale yellow, greenish walls with warm brown tones of parquet and furniture. Colors can be from white with blue to pink and gold, from the color of the young foliage to color soft vanilla. Classic style we can’t imagine without natural materials – wood, stone, silk. With their help architects create the illusion of large space regardless of the real size of the premises, and decorators emphasize clarity and conciseness architectural ideas with restrained decor and carefully selected materials.

    Gallery of the house interior design with taste