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    Optimal decisions for the small bedroom

    There are not too many fortunate possessors of the large bedroom. Most people have to huddle in the small rooms. So, it is necessary to be ingenious to make the design of small bedroom more harmonious and comfortable.

    The choice of furniture for small bedroom

    When you choose the furniture for small bedroom, you must observe certain rules:

    1. Turning to the traditional principles of the living rooms’ arrangement, we can notice that the design of small bedroom implies getting rid of unnecessary furniture.
    2. If the space is too confined, you can get rid of your traditional double bed, and substitute it with the folding sofa.
    3. It is an original and attractive idea to complete the design of small bedroom with wall mirrors. It is especially important in the narrow and long room, as the mirrors visually expand the space.
    4. Keep in mind that the modern design of small bedroom excludes the use of dark-colored furniture.
    5. This room should be equipped with the wardrobe (better the sliding-door wardrobe) with the glass doors.
    6. You must also use low furniture for the small bedroom.


    Window curtains can play an important role in this room. To make the interior design look more attractive, you should choose the proper curtains. In some cases the windows can be large, and in other- small. The large window can visually diminish the room. In this case the curtains must be as wide as possible (floor to ceiling windows are preferable). But the curtains must be loose rather than stretched. The cornice must be attached to the ceiling as high as possible. In this case the ceiling will become visually higher.

    You should also keep in mind that the beautiful design of small bedroom can depend on the chosen style of the room decorating. If the room is designed in the modern style, the curtains must have smooth lines and very soft color. If you use hi-tech style, the curtains should be massive, and if you prefer minimalism, use as less cloth as possible. The Japanese curtains are perfect for minimalism. If the bedroom is narrow, the curtains must have horizontal lines. And the low ceiling assumes the use of vertical lines.

    Remember: if you approach the question of design properly, even the small room can become comfortable and practical.

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    The most original ideas of living room interior design

    Living room is the most important room of the house, where the house owners receive guests and spend their free time in the in the bosom of the family. People usually choose the largest apartment to design the living room, as its space must be multifunctional. Besides, the living room interior design must be comfortable and practical. According to the total floor space of the house or apartment, you can choose the different options of zoning. If your apartment is small, you can increase your living room by means of loggia or balcony, where you can arrange the place for tea-drinking. Besides, the design interior of living rooms in small apartments should be performed in “semi-open” way (i.e., combined with the kitchen).

    Nowadays, the number of new apartments with the huge rooms grows significantly. The owners of such spacious apartments can easily realize all of their fantastic ideas in the creation of comfortable living room. The interior design of living room in the apartment is usually divided into the zones (for example, the dining area and the zone of active rest). Here you can place the dining table, home cinema, comfortable arm-chairs and coffee table. All kinds of accessories and supports act as the bright element of decoration.

    There are different styles of living room interior- from classic to modern. The choice of room coloring depends on the owner’s taste. You can choose either warm neutral colors or the cold ones. Use the color to divide the room into two parts. For example, use quiet colors to mark the recreation zone at the fireplace or TV set, and the cheerful ones to decorate the dining area. Remember that the color score affects the mood. To plan the design interior with your own hands, you require certain knowledge and sense of taste and style. Not everybody can realize the harmonious layout. That’s why it is advisable to consult the professional designer.

    To start the creation of interior, you have to think over everything carefully. You should use the space as efficient and creative as possible. The plan of living room interior design is the “face” of the house and the reflection of the house owner himself/herself, emphasizing his/her individuality. First of all, the living room is the place for rest, so the person must feel comfortable here. The choice of furniture must be based not only on its pleasing appearance, but also on its comfortable use.

    We hope that the process of living room interior design will help you to create the atmosphere of coziness in your house.

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    Original ideas of bedroom decorating

    Bedroom is the place of rest. Nothing here must remind of work and daily routine. If there is no opportunity to take away the notebook and computer table, you should zone the space, separating the working area with screen, or allocating it behind the wardrobe.
    Bedroom is no place for official papers and counts, or else it will turn into a study. Everybody wants to have a cozy, warm room, where he/she can relax after a busy day, distract from the problems and cares. You don’t need to hire a designer to create the room of your dream. You can realize your wishes and ideas on your own.

    Color score

    The color of the room walls affects the overall health and mood. Yellow creates the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Green is associated with nature and leaves. It’s a neutral color.

    Blue reminds of sky. This color calms and pacify. Dark blue is an unsuitable color for the bedroom, as it can cause depression. But even the walls painted a right color seem boring and bare without decorative elements. The small drawing skills and ability to hold a brush will help you to amend the situation and make the decoration of bedroom walls original and effective.

    The decoration of bedroom walls

    The perfect way to decorate the room is to hang a fresco. Choose the picture, blending with the style of the room. Then you can imagine yourself a painter and get to work. The preliminary work, such as puttying and grounding will take efforts and time, but the result is worthy of it. The fresco adds special exquisiteness and originality to the accommodation.

    But if you don’t have any drawing skills at all, and you don’t want to hire a specialist, you can make it in an easy way. Use the family photos for the decoration of your bedroom with your own hands. The faces of loved and dear people will always lighten your mood. The main advantage of the photos is that they can be changed depending on the season and occasions.


    The window adds the touch-up to the interior. The curtains have not only aesthetic function. They also protect you from noise, dust and aggressive sun. They can either match the color of the walls and furniture or be a splash of bright contrasting color. The main decision criterion in the choice of suitable curtains is your own taste. Don’t fall under the influence of fashion, or else you’ll get the beautifully decorated window, which, however, won’t blend with the general interior.

    You should consider that the bedroom decoration, made with your own hands, must be aimed at the creation of friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

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    The basic rules of bedroom décor

    Bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house or apartment. Men and women spend a third of their lives in bed, dreaming or (at the time of wake) lapse into day-dreams and fantasies. The bedroom décor must be quiet and cozy. This room personifies intimate pastime. The comfort, intended only for the owners of this room, must reign in the bedroom. The bedroom décor is dictated not only by the personal preferences and tastes of the house owners, but also by the general styles of the other rooms.

    First of all, the decoration of bedroom represents both the design of the walls, ceiling, floor and windows, and the decoration of the bed, table, mirror and other attributes, responsible for the personal atmosphere. Usually, the light shades are used for the decoration of bedroom. However, in certain cases, men and women choose the bright colors. Many people prefer dark and dull shades with the general effect of twilight and mysteriousness. Sometimes people use yellow color for the bedroom decoration, as it expresses optimism. Green is perfect for the bedroom, as it clams and takes off the weariness. The blue shades increase mental activity. So, it is better to use them for the decoration of study.

    You can also use such soft colors as blue and rose in the bedroom. Besides, this color score promotes comfortable reading before sleep, phone conversation or relaxing with your loved one. The bedroom décor must dispose to the pleasant dreams. Besides, it requires silence and retirement. That’s why the bedroom must be isolated from the other rooms of the house and equipped in appropriate way. At that, the layout of the bedroom and every detail in it is of great importance. The bedroom décor shows the character of its owners.

    Every part of the bedroom must perform a lot of functions. However, it makes no sense to encumber the room with partitions and screen. It’s quite enough to mark every required corner with ceiling and wall lighting. In certain cases, the bedroom design can combine the elements of living room and kitchen. For instance, you can place the bar counter, TV set and bookcase, coffee table and comfortable arm-chairs. However, it is acceptable only in the large accommodations.
    The bedroom décor must delight your eyes, while all the fitments have to keep a positive mood and make a good impression.

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    Tips for the living room decoration

    Modern living room is not just the heart of the whole house or apartment. It is also the main room, where the house owners usually gather with their guests and friends for the holidays and weekends. It is so pleasant to sit in the cozy living room even in the workday evening.

    Living room decorating

    If you can’t manage to choose the design of your living room, but you want to make it unforgettable, bright and unusual, you should consult the professional designers. The design of public and open living room must be perfect. This room must be the decent “face” of your house or apartment. The lighting can radically change the design of the kitchen, living room and other rooms of the house. The illuminated sliding-door wardrobes can create the stylish lighting of the hall zone or the working area in the kitchen, changing it completely. The fireplace is another beautiful and fashionable element of interior, improving it and adding comfort and coziness. The design of living rooms and kitchens, whose photos you can find in Internet and print media, can be realized with the help of some methods. The designers often use the following method: they relatively divide the living room into two or more zones. In one zone you can receive guests, and in the other one- rest.

    The zoning of bedroom

    It’s not difficult to make a division. The illumination and furniture, arranged in a certain way, different color score, can help to create an original design of living rooms. If there is a dining area in the living room, it can be emphasize with different shades of red, golden, yellow and orange. These colors usually make the room warm and cozy, help to create a relaxing atmosphere at table and good mood. You can do without illumination in this zone. The small fashionable lamp-shade or chandelier can act as a source of light. The designers advise to use blue, green and dark blue shades in the recreation zone, as they help to relax after a hard workday. You can use the sconces or wall lamps as the light sources in the recreation zone. These kinds of lamps make the atmosphere more intimate. And the light of floor lamp promotes the comfortable rest and quiet pleasant talk.

    Thinking over the living room design, consider the opinions of your family members. If you realize their wishes, your living room will turn into the favorite place of family pastime.

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    General tips for the home interior design

    Sooner or later, everyone face with a question of the home repair. The home interior design seems a very simple task, but it’s wrong. This problem is very difficult- both from the design and technological point of view. The atmosphere of home interior depends not only on the entourage of this or that architectural style, but also on the frequency of different breakages, incident. Indeed: if the interior is beautiful, but something always falls off, closes, become depressurized or discolor, the positive feelings of house owners will be gone soon.

    So, thinking out and realizing the home interior design, take into account not only your wishes, but also your opportunities. Moreover, you’ll have to consider the capability of the potential builders (their qualification and professionalism) and your own financial recourses (you must understand how much money you can pay for the repair). Of course, the mention of the stark realities of repair can damp down your anxious expectations, but it will help you to cope with the difficult tasks or home repair and interior design.

    It is best to start home interior design with the choice of room style. For this purpose, you can use the print media, online publications, designers’ portfolios and the photos of interior of famous places and people. After reviewing several tens of such images for each of your rooms, you’ll get an idea of your own requirements. Of course, they have existed before. But the review of interior design samples will help you to rethink the key points of your home interior image.

    Allow me to give you a small advice: choosing the design of your home interior, keep in mind the terms of creating the design plan and realization of repairing work. If it is May, and you want to hire the workers in June, there’s not enough time to create a complete design plan. So, you’ll have to make a difficult choice- either postpone the beginning of repairing work or abandon the planned image of your apartment.

    It’s undesirable to make design, architectural and engineer work “quickie” (to some certain date or the labor day of workers). It can have a bad impact on the quality of repair. Remember, that the interior design of your home must be carefully planned and performed. Only in that case it will delight your eye!

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    The best ideas for living room interior design

    Living room is the central place of family communication. After having dinner in the kitchen, the whole family gathers in the living room to continue the conversations. Besides, living room is the center of evening rest of family members. Here they can watch the news, films and interesting telecasts, listen to the music or read the book.
    The second function of this room is the guest reception. As a result, this room must be comfortable both for the house owners and for the guests. That’s why the living room interior must be very original and help to accomplish these main tasks.

    What is the living room in the apartment?
    As a rule, the largest room in the apartment is designed as a living room. It must fit it all the family members. At that, everybody must feel comfortable. There are many options of realization the living room interior design. The house owners can choose any one of them. In this room you can realize all of your ideas, not limiting yourself with the functional requirements. You can perform the interior design in a single style or divide it into several zones, where every member of the family will feel comfortable.

    As the living room accomplishes two functions, it can be divided into two zones- family and guest. These zones can be strictly demarcated, or flow smoothly to each other. For example: if you use the first option, the guest zone in the form of dining table and/or bar counter are highlighted and elevated on the small podium. But once you come down from the podium, you get to the softly lighted zone with the TV set, comfortable arm-chairs and bookcases.

    If you choose the second destination of the living room (the guest reception) you need to think over the places for recreation and communication and not only family members. The dining table is more suitable for the formal atmosphere, some celebrations or family dinners. It is caused by the high level of the chair and top table. The furniture set with low landing and the use of coffee table is more suitable for the guest reception. In this case, you’ll be able to put the drinks or some delicacies on the table. The room can be equipped with the shelves and niches with some souvenirs and fancy articles. The pictures and photos on the wall will complete the living room interior.

    Working on the interior of your living room, you should consider the opinions of all your family members. After all, this room is intended for the good pastime together.

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    The most important rules of house décor

    Interior décor is the top of your great efforts on the house renovation. It always attracts the attention of your guests.

    Today we’ll tell you some secrets of the beautiful interior décor, efficient in any style and any kind of interior- from the “lux-class” to the “economy class”.
    To begin with, let’s specify what the interior décor is. Many people confuse such notions as ” interior décor” and “interior design”. Interior décor represents the final stage of design and includes the choice of accessories, giving the tone to your house.

    So, the first rule of interior decor is rhyme. Buying the pictures, cushions, vases, table lamps and accessories, match them with the items of your interior.
    The color matching mustn’t be one-to-one. If there accessories don’t belong to the same collection, it’s very difficult to match the colors. The colors of accessories must be almost identical, very similar, but of course they can vary in several shades.

    What can you match the accessories to?

    1. If your walls are patterned, the cushions, table lamps, sconces, the carpet in front of your sofa and even furniture (sofa, arm-chair) can be chosen to match one color of the wallpaper pattern.
    2. It is well to rhyme the cushions with the pictures over the sofa. The chosen picture must contain the colors of cushions.
    3. The large accessories (chairs and arm-chairs, table lamps, sconces, pictures) can be rhymed with the curtains and among themselves. Then the interior won’t “break apart” if you buy the new curtains.
    4. The cushions can be rhymed with the curtains, arm-chairs and pouffes.

    It’s worth mentioning that the golden accessories almost always require rhyme.
    The gold and silver in the interior is a single theme for discussion. But you must know that the golden accessories don’t look well by themselves. As a rule, the mirror with the gilded frame must be completed with a few similar accessories.

    Take into account that the colors of golden accessories must agree.
    The dark “old” gold of deep color doesn’t match the brilliant, bright and “new” gold of shrill color.
    The decorative elements include the most unexpected things, such as indoor plants and bouquet, which we hardly consider the elements of interior décor.
    One can talk about the interior décor for hours and hours. But the main thing is its proper combination. If you stick to this rule, you’ll get the well-planned and beautiful interior.

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    Different styles of bedroom design

    It’s not easy to make the bedroom interior cozy and homely. It’s necessary to choose the proper furniture, arrange it and think over the lighting and coloring of the room.
    Before starting to create the bedroom interior, you need to choose the style and color of accommodation.

    The style of bedroom
    The bedroom in style “shabby chic” will fit for the young girl and classy natures: pastel colors, elegant furniture, fabrics and wallpaper with floral print, ruches and china figures.
    The young bachelor will like “hi-tech” style. It is characterized by the simplicity of design and color, constructive decisions, simple lines and minimalism.
    The Scandinavian style will suit for the married couple, preferring the furniture of simple forms, made of natural wood, minimalistic décor and bright contemporary style.
    The elder married couples often give preference to the classic bedroom interior style. Such interior will be always actual. It will hardly bore you with time.

    Bedroom color score
    The bedroom color score mostly depends on the chosen style. Anyway, it is better to choose quiet colors and shades.
    The light colors are suitable for the bedroom in “”country style”. The wooden items of interior and pieces of furniture will look perfect. The combined texture of light wood and milky color is one of the new trends in the interior design. Such combination looks noble, but at the same time very stylish.
    The bedroom in “hi-tech” style can be designed in bright colors. Black and snowy colors will also do. “Hi-tech” style is characterized by the strong contrasts. Any pure colors and bright shades fit for this interior style.

    Bedroom furniture
    After determining the color and style of your future bedroom, you can start to choose the bedroom furniture.
    The bed is the most important element of the bedroom interior. In small rooms, the bed is usually located in the center of the wall. The bed can be decorated with the upholstered headboard. The symmetric bedside tables look very beautiful. You can place a lamp, a few books, a small vase or statuette on it.
    The dresser for storage of bedding can be also located in the bedroom.
    The bedrooms of small apartments can be equipped with the wardrobe. It can be a clothes locker or a sliding-door wardrobe, completed with the furniture suite, pier glass and a small chair.

    Working on the design of your future bedroom, plan every detail very carefully. After all, you spend the most of time in this room.

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    The contribution of home interior designers to the art

    Of course, every profession has its recognized “idols”. Although the famous interior designers are not so popular and recognizable as some painters, musicians or even politicians, it doesn’t belittle their accomplishments. Their names are always on the lips of the common interior experts. And the phrase: “You designed this room in the style of Arne Jacobson!” , pronounced with awesome admiration, is the highest prize in relation to the work done. There is no bigger appreciation for the designer!

    Undoubtedly, the famous interior designers are the most creative persons in the world, determining the face of every new era. In the 18th century these masters worked at the design of the magnificent Louvre in France (it’s one of the biggest museums in the world) and the palace and park ensemble of Versailles. Thanks to the designers, we have the right to be proud of Hollywood’s beauty, the coziness and peace of modest apartments and huge houses, the comfort of studios and the pomposity of working offices.

    In our age of modern computer technologies and progressive dynamics of scientific and technical power, the number of interior design experts increases day after day. As a matter of fact, the interior creation can’t be called an art anymore, as the work of home designer implies the obligatory designing and monitoring all the processes of the building from beginning to end. Today it is possible even to design almost every building, and sometimes even the whole house. It’s quite easy to find the necessary program in the global network Internet and become the real interior design.
    But it was much more difficult in the last century. The famous interior designers of that time were really gifted. They created their masterpieces without the aid of modern computers and “sophisticated” softs. These gentlemen were so authoritative and respected that not every rich nobleman could invite them for a cup of tea. The creators of “the beautiful” turned their masterpieces into the real art called design. The most of people who left their marks in the design art, worked at the beginning of the 20th century. So, we can admire their masterpieces to this day.

    The famous interior designers made an inestimable contribution to the development of modern art.

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    The most important tips for interior decoration

    How often we see the luxurious interior, qualitative repair and faultless home design. But in the most cases it is only an outward appearance, shown by the professional photographer, shooting different telecasts. Indeed, the television makes everything simple: easy repair and finishing work, the skill of experts and other factors, giving a house owner an excellent result.
    In fact, it’s not so easy to cope with the above-mentioned task. But it’s quite possible.

    Firstly, you should know that the repair and finishing work differ from the capital repairs. This process doesn’t include the re-planning and replacement of the old constructions. The finishing work always starts with the leveling of surfaces. You must create the perfect walls by your own strength. For this purpose, you can use puttying and plastering. It’s also possible to use the smoothing with paints or wallpapering to level the walls in your house.

    As for the ceilings and floors, they also form a part of finishing works in the house. The floor can be leveled by means of liquid screed coat. As a result, you’ll get the elastic and maximally smooth surface. The ceiling can be leveled with the help of plaster or false and gypsum cardboard ceiling.

    The room interior decoration is the main point in the home repair. You should start it with project development. This stage includes the room planning and the choice of suitable interior design. To make your house both aesthetically beautiful and functional, you need to pay attention the new trends of the building material market. They give the possibility to create original interior. See to it that all the components of interior match the chosen design and complete the overall room style.

    Decorating your house, you should be guided by your own preferences and keep to the style. If you’re an outstanding and organic personality, the interior decoration must be the same- filled with positive and bright colors. And if you’re a quiet and measured person, design your home in warm and quiet colors, so that its’ appearance doesn’t irritate you. On the contrary, it must have a soothing effect.

    To make your home interior decoration qualitative and fast, you should ask the competent people and experts for advice. But even if you resort to the help of designers, don’t lose sight of their work, or else you’ll have to change the details in your house equipment.

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    The interior decoration of large house

    The question of house interior decoration always remained important. After all, your home is not a country house where you come to rest for a few days. It’s the place where you live and spend every day. It often happens that the houses are inherited by the future generation. One can draw the following conclusion- it isn’t necessary to design the house in accordance with the latest trends. The fashion comes and goes soon. So, something that’s in now can seem rather tasteless in a year.

    The design of the house is something more large-scale than the design of apartment. You should take into account more nuances. For example, the design of your garden, the look of your porch, the architectural style of your house, etc. You must take all these details very seriously, as the house can be seen from afar, and it must emphasize your individuality. You should pay special attention to the layout of the house and determine the function of every room.

    You must also choose the style of your house: classic or contemporary. Almost everything depends on it: the choice of material, the exterior and interior design of the house and the landscape design. Remember that the front of the house must match its interior decoration. It’s also necessary to pay attention to the landscape design, as the private house and the garden must shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. The lush garden will emphasize the exquisiteness of your house and fill your backyard with multicolored paints. Another responsible task is the choice of plants. The colors must match each other and create harmony. Such garden will be the center of attention of your guests. The tiny fountain, mosaic ware and design benches can be a perfect complement to your garden design.

    An interesting fence, completing overall house design, can tell a lot about the character of its owners. The beautiful and carefully designed fence will always attract attention of the passers-by. The look of the fence will create an impression of the people living in this house, their social status and preferences. So, don’t save on the choice of material for this matter. Remember not to neglect the functionality of your house and don’t put the home design and appearance first. Above all, home is the place where you spend the most of your life. There you must feel comfortable and cozy. It’s your small “paradise”, separated from the world around, which must meet the most of your requirements.