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  • Furniture

    Bamboo towels

    An innovative product that has unique properties –that’s all about towels made of bamboo. By quality characteristics and consumer properties these products surpass their counterparts. Today, bamboo towel is still impossible to see in every home, but their popularity is growing. They are gradually replacing the familiar to us the classic cotton, velor and terry towels. This is not surprising, because bamboo towels are notable for number of advantages, including a silky shine, amazing softness, increased durability, high absorbency, antimicrobial activity, color fastness and ease of care, as well as the ability to restore the energy balance of the facial skin and contribute to its rejuvenation.

    How is it possible to use bamboo in the textile production, in particular towels?

    The secret is simple. At the heart of bamboo towels lies bamboo fiber derived from the pulp of the bamboo core, which has a high degree of softness and silkiness. Fiber is produced from bamboo pulp, from which a yarn spins, which is used in the production of these gentle towels. Bamboo towels can be compared for softness and silkiness with cashmere and silk.

    In the production of the fabric chemical components does not apply. This confirms by the 100% environmentally friendly bamboo textiles.

    However, bamboo products are popular not only because of environmental friendliness. The secret of success is in the unique features and benefits, including:

    • silkiness and softness. Towels made of bamboo provide a unique softness, silkiness, shine characteristic distinguishing them from products made of cotton and many other materials. While touching bamboo towels you can only recall cashmere or silk.
    • antibacterial protection. As part of the bamboo fabric there are natural antibacterial ingredients that prevent the growth and development of bacteria. Due to the absence of chemical treatment all antibacterial properties are stored in the bamboo fiber. This unique feature is retained after the washing. After the use of products made from 100% bamboo yarn people with skin problems claim a marked improvement, parents of babies assure that diaper rash and redness disappear.
    • hypoallergenicity. Practice has shown: daily use of bamboo towels does not cause skin irritations, plus reduces the effects of these stimuli also eliminates allergic reactions.
    • Leather and benefit forit. Bamboo fabric contains green pectin, vitamin E, amino acids and bamboo honey, anti-aging of the skin, contributing to its smoothing and moisturizing, and restores the energy balance of the skin.
    • hygroscopinity. Bamboo towels have an increased ability to absorb moisture. They absorb almost three times more than conventional cotton towels.

    The rate of moisture absorption. Bamboo towels absorb moisture more than 4 times faster than cotton towels.

    • UV protection. Another quality of bamboo fabric is a high level of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays
    •  breathability. Bamboo towels have great breathability, 3.5 times more than the same figure for cotton products.


  • Kids

    Doll houses

    How nice to have a big happy family, to live in your own cozy apartment, where every detail is imbued with love and care. There are good reasons why the woman is the keeper of the hearth. She is thinking through every little thing, buying all sorts of trinkets to decorate the house and making your stay in it more comfortable.

    Our favorite kids may not pay much attention to it, but somewhere in the subconscious the fact is lying over that the house must always be the order of things laid in their places. A little grown up, kids get their own opinion and sense of taste. , They won’t like how mom or dad made it through, they see the world in their own way and try to make it in their colors. But not all of us have a possibility to do repairs or rearrangement on demand of our beloved child.

    Therefore, the perfect solution would be to allocate your child his or her own space where they can create and realize their dreams and desires. The ideal personal space can become the dollhouse that will allow the child to become more independent and acquire a lot of useful knowledge and skills thanks to the plot-role-playing games.

    First, the child can build a dollhouse as he or she personally wants, to change around as many times as he or she wants, thus revealing his or her creativity, fantasy and imagination.

    Secondly, having collected all the dolls in the same house, the kid can play a variety of situations that will be useful to him or her in adult life that will help to cope with the difficulties and challenges.

    Third, for the manufacture of doll houses eco-friendly and non-toxic materials are used that are safe for the health of your child.
    Fourth, depending on the price and packaging, doll houses are equipped with light and sound effects that make the game more realistic and will give the kid a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

    Dollhouse is the right purchase, because the kid will learn to take responsibility for his or her behavior, to become more attentive, hospitable and neat. Playing with small accessories develops fine motor skills, coordination, creative thinking.

    Your kid will be the happiest kid in the world, because he or she will have his or her own house, where he or she can be a real master or mistress, develop little room and take care of its occupants as it does his or her beloved mother.

    The big collection of houses for dolls is capable to satisfy need of each little lady. Musical doll houses for creative children, doll locks for young princesses, big 5-room apartments for practical hostesses, also cozy lodges for a pony or dwarves for fans of animals and fantastic beings. The majority of sets are equipped with furniture and household equipment for kitchen and bathing room, some provide dolls in a set. An important factor is the production price. At the course of production of all doll houses qualitative materials are used, as well as modern technologies of a strong and reliable fastening of details.

  • Outdoor

    Outdoor wall art

    There are four types of hedge construction at the small holdings, the choice must be assumed, respectively, of the conditions of your garden and your design ideas. It is necessary to consider the size and brightness of the garden, the practical necessity of some partition types, the style of your site and those “special effects” that you want to achieve. So, if a garden is small and shady, it is not necessary to arrange solid walls, but if in some place it is uncomfortable because of the constant winds, so there should be just a solid partition. If the style of the garden presupposes openwork partitions, these are the ones you must arrange first.

    And if you want to create the effect of “Studio garden”, your choice is conditioned partitions.

    Solid green fence

    As the name implies, solid hedges are a continuous array, with no gaps. This may be a fragment (or section) of the fence, specially made out of some hard material unconnected wall of brick, stone, concrete, wood, bamboo.

    Their height can be any, but usually not less than 1 m. But this is not the only option for solid walls.

    Thick hedge is a solid partition, portable screen of solid construction is the same thing. Most often solid walls have a greater length.

    Openwork garden walls

    Openwork garden walls are not solid, they “shine through”, and the degree of transparency you can adjust at your discretion: by the construction or vertical landscaping.

    This type of partition is the most beautiful and “the most decorated”. The greatest number of decor ideas – precisely for such garden borders. The advantage of these baffles is that they are perceived, but the perception of space is not limited.

    Typically, openwork garden walls is a design for vertical gardening: a variety of mesh and shaped trellis, pergolas, arches, garden screens, freestanding structure for vertical landscaping, combined together. Apart from special designs there may be fragments (sections) of wrought iron fence or portable screen, the design of which delicate. Hedge can be openwork wall, just in case it does not have to be thick. Openwork partitions can be screens made of glass and polycarbonate. All designs used for openwork partitions look graceful, light, v variegated, and they are beautiful even in winter, with the lack of plants on them.

    Hedge “conditional green fence”

    The main difference between the hedge “conditional green fence” and other garden borders that it is quite reminiscent of the walls, which we are used to see. But they perform their functions better than conventional walls. Conditional borders are the most unusual and interesting ones.

  • Hunting, fishing

    Bowie knife

    Bowie knife, or as it is called by Americans, “Colonel Bowie’s Knife” is a large knife with a characteristic shape of the blade having an arcuate concave bevel butt to the tip. Nowadays, this type of blades is called Clip-point. Blade length varies from 14 to 23 cm, thickness butt is 2.5-5 mm. The length of the upper false edge is 1/3 of the blade length. At the base of the blade there is a recess or a blunt finger to plot more subtle manipulation of a large knife. The knife has a simple massive spider providing emphasis in thrust. Handle can be straight with bending down at the heel, or symmetrical expanding and resembling the shape of a coffin. Initially Bowie knife handle was made of two wooden plates fixed to a massive shank. Knife is perfectly used both with direct and reverse grip. Due to the shape, simple design and balance Bowie knife is ideal for throwing. One of the main advantages of the Bowie knife is that it is excellent as it cuts and pricks. Piercing effect is due to the fact that the tip of the blade narrows sharply and placed at the axis of the handle with an advanced handguard, and the ease of cut is provided by a sufficiently large bending of the blade. Also, do not discount the sharpened notch on the butt of the blade, which is at the skillful use of a knife in a fight can cause considerable damage during the return stroke of the knife.

    Peak of the Bowie knifes production falls at the end of the 1850s and the beginning of the Civil War, when Bowie knife was a basic cutting weapon for Confederate soldiers. Of course, the patriotic inscriptions, intricate shape of the blade and silver finish – it was very attractive to potential buyers. But the reason for the Bowie knife popularity as a weapon was in the other wing. The reason for that was the extreme imperfection of firearms in those years. Pistol or rifle can be used only for one shot – the process of loading weapons was long, and the combat range was small and the enemy managed to move closer to the distance of unarmed combat. That is why the large heavy knife was in demand. Which one, moreover, unlike the sword or the saber, could be used in practical purposes. Yes, and it did not require a long learning.

    However, as the army weapons Bowie knife was never proved. Typically it was a weapon of Confederate soldiers from the southern states. But the unforgiving statistics showed the war, they did not used to shred the northerners, but especially in internal discords and drunken brawls. The final verdict of the “big knife” was issued by appearance of the new effective firearms for the troops. For example, Colt revolvers appeared.

    The Bowie knife era began to decline in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the next American Arms Idol came on the scene – Colt revolver. With the advent of multiply charged firearms Bowie knife became increasingly used not as a knife for self-defense but as a hunting knife. Blade length decreased significantly – up to 14-15 cm, bevel butt lost sharpening. Handguard has ceased to be so massive.
    Today, Bowie knife keeps characteristic shape and the traditional form. Now, these knives are considered to be hunting, camp, or knives for surviving.

  • Furniture

    Egyptian cotton towels

    It is believed that originally cotton came from ancient Egypt, and the BC Egyptians knew how to make the highest quality fabrics, that were not inferior to the present. If you appreciate the bedding or towels of the highest quality, no doubt you are aware that high-quality textile is made of ELS cotton (Extra-Long Staple Cotton). Long cotton fiber make ELS yarn strong and soft, and, in turn, fabric obtained from it is much more durable and softer.

    Due to the temperate climate of Egypt, long staple cotton is grown in the Nile Delta and considered the best in the world. Extra-long fibers give the fabric a rich luster and exceptional softness, as long staple cotton does not need a strong finishing power in natural purity, elasticity and smoothness. Egyptian ELS cotton is more expensive than ordinary accostable cotton, because it is synonymous with a word ‘quality’.
    Egyptian cotton is used to make cotton clothes and towels for many years. What a pleasure to feel warm and comfort, when you are wrapped in a soft fluffy towel after a warm bath. Egyptian cotton towels are made of natural cotton fibers, which can fully absorb the moisture, and you will feel yourself dry, in the warmness and tenderness of soft towel.

    Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for the manufacture of towels, as its fibers are bigger and thicker than conventional cotton’s. The strength and durability of the fibers in combination with a low risk of shrinkage makes it ideal. Fabric is durable and perfectly carries the laundry in the washing machine at home. Egyptian cotton is super absorbent, warm and breathable. Thanks to well absorb moisture, such towels are ideal not only for adults but also for children. Available in various colors, including the popular white, the towels are soft and thick, and with proper care they will serve you for a long time. No matter what size is your bathroom and what style it is framed, colorful set of towels will be a bright accent pleasing soul and cheering up.

    Nowadays towels made of organic fabrics are very popular, they are suitable for all skin types thanks to its soft and absorbent qualities. Do not refuse the pleasure and soothing warmth of soft towels, which form the daily necessity for any home. Egyptian cotton towels are expensive. These ultra soft towels are used in the resorts and high class hotels, expensive private clinics and gyms. Towels with fibers of low density fit well for use in the gym, while the thick towels are suitable for use after bathing.
    Egyptian cotton towels over the years may become rough. Put them in a container of vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This will relax the fibers and make the towel softer. Excessive use of detergent and fabric softeners can also damage the texture of luxurious towels. Proper care will provide a long service of such a pleasant and luxurious thing, like Egyptian cotton towel.

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  • Kids

    Bratz dolls

    Merry Bratz dolls company first appeared in June 2001. “Bratz” is translated from the slang as a cheesy, stubborn, uncontrollable child. These dolls were designed and created in the image of modern teenage girls that are growing rapidly and trying to look into the world of adults. Bratz dolls are for girls at the age from 7 to 13 years. The dolls are produced by the MGA Entertainment company.

    Bratz dolls are entirely made of vinyl: the head – from solid one, the body – from softer. Bratz dolls have big eyes, full lips, very tiny nose or even the almost complete lack thereof, bright provocative makeup. Dolls hair is below the waist, the body is short, but legs and arms are disproportionately long. It is unlikely that such a description may be considered attractive, but in general these dolls look pretty cute. They are fun, original and unusual. In addition, the whole long history of toys shows that for a long time dolls aimed to look like humans, but they have never been an exact copy.

    The first went on sale four dolls: Sasha, Chloe, Jade and Yasmin. It is known that Jasmine was named after the daughter of president and CEO of MGA Entertainment Isaac Larian. Gradually, these girls began to get some friends: Megan, Dan, Fiona, Nevra, Tiana, Kumi, Felicia, Katya, Kiana. The girls make up a bunch of friends with boys, including Zach, Alec, Cameron and Kobe.

    Over time, there were Bratz dolls of different nationalities. It was made because of the notorious political correctness or a basic desire to earn more money – the question remains open. Experts point out that in America dolls of different nationalities are in good demand. Despite the fact that the Bratz dolls family is rapidly growing, for the girls all over the world still the most favorite ones are the first four dolls – Sasha, Chloe, Jade and Yasmin.

    The advertising slogan of Bratz dolls says: “The girls are crazy about fashion.” It is not just a buzzword. Bratz dolls are paying a lot of attention to fashionable clothes, because the life of these girls is a series of parties, get-togethers, excursions and entertainment. Every time they need to look stylish and fashionable. Therefore, as one set with a doll generally there can be purchased clothes for them. Fashion kits can be combined, endlessly experimenting. As conceived by the producers girls-owners of Bratz dolls can collect doll outfits and change them with each other.

    Educators and psychologists have been criticized Bratz dolls for the provocative appearance, skimpy dresses and bright makeup. Adults critics believe that the Bratz impose to girls a questionable pattern of behavior. But parents succumbed to the entreaties of their favorite daughters are forced to buy the Bratz dolls. Moms and dads put out a tidy sum, not only for the dolls, but also for the collection of clothes for them and for many accessories (trinkets, jewelry, cosmetics). Given that the collection renews several times a year, spending become regular and increasingly severe.

  • Outdoor

    Outdoor statues

    Varied and original garden sculptures and figurines will transform your home and garden beyond recognition, they will create coziness and comfort and make magic. Your garden will look especially advantageous and luxurious in the presence of lighting fixtures on solar batteries, which can be placed in open areas around the flower beds and flowering shrubs to emphasize the image of landscape composition.

    The advantage of garden sculptures as the main element of decor for the garden is the ease of installation, the creation of different ensembles, which will hide the shortcomings of the landscape and will add something new to the garden – something original and unexpected. They will always be pleasing to the eye, create a good mood for you and your guests.

    Decorative figurines will also be able to transform the interior of the store and restaurant. Not that long ago garden sculptures were expensive. But today, garden figures became available, and their popularity is growing every day. When buying outdoor figures you must take into account the rules of landscape design, only then they will be a natural and appropriate decoration of the garden.

    The main ones are: 1. to observe the proportion that is to choose the size of garden figures, given the size of the garden, and the estimated location of these sculptures. We should not forget that the figure seemed large in the large room, can easily get lost in the garden; 2.to place garden figures and sculptures of animals, birds and insects, taken into account their natural habitat. For example, garden figurines urchins should be on the footpath, sculptures of hares and foxes – on the lawn, garden figurines of snails and lizards – on the alpine hill. Decorative figures of swans, ducks and frogs should be placed near the waterfront.

    LANDSCAPING figures of wild animals in the back of the garden create a sense of the forest. Decorative sculptures of flamingo, elephant, or penguin in your garden will add an exotic touch. The most popular outdoor sculptures are gnomes, patrons of good miracles. Garden gnomes can be placed on the paths in the bushes and on the porch, where they would be the guardians of your homes. In ancient times in the East near the entrance to the house symbolic fine figure stood guarding the house from evil spirits.

    Their functions have not changed to this day, but the usual for us appearance gnomes got in Germany. There have been very popular legend of the dwarf in a red cap – a symbol of family well-being, and it was believed that the figure of a garden gnome necessarily bring good luck and prosperity to the house. In an industrial scale gnome figures for the garden began producing in the late XIX century in Thuringia.

    Garden sculptures originate from ancient Greece. In ancient times, sculptures decorated temples, amphitheaters, town squares; statues of gods and mythical heroes stood in the gardens of the nobility. These sculptures attributed magical powers and gave them a symbolic value. According to historians, there were more statues and garden sculpture in ancient Athens than the living people.

  • Money

    Credit card dumps with pins

    A lot of people probably know one historical event that occurred at the end of the XIXth century in Alaska. 1896 saw the beginning of real gold rush which lasted for several years and drew a large number of people into the Northern part of America like a vacuum cleaner. They all went to a rather harsh place for one purpose only – to find the gold. Many people found this precious metal, earned fortunes, but there were also those who spent the last money, but returned home empty-handed. It was very good if they came back alive from this inhospitable region.


    It was already a little bit more than 100 years after these events, precisely in 2003, when there was something similar, but this time the event was more extensive and it touched the carder world. Since then, every beginner, who has made a decision to come to carding, has been making various attempts in order to put into practice what every colleague dreams of. After all, they ask the same question: “Where is it better to buy dumps with pin”? After all, if you get the correct answer to this question, you can already come to the ATM, put a credit card dump in it and withdraw cash.


    At first, such questions were answered with diverse jokes and they recommended a person to go out and freshen up, but the situation changed dramatically in 2003. This was due to not very high qualification and poor speed of one carder from America. His actions can be compared with the activities of Alexander Fleming, who managed to discover penicillin. However, the latter was able to achieve this result thanks to the disregard for his work, because he did not close the cup in which this culture grew, as a result of which the spores of wild penicillin got into the cup from the environment. Such a misdemeanor would have resulted in dismissal in any laboratory, but Fleming even won the Nobel Prize for such an oversight.


    Something similar happened with the American carder, who just did not take into account all the manuals that are available on credit cards. They say about the presence of the code CVV/CVC, which must be checked by the Issuer during each transaction. Moreover, its introduction without the use of a secret key is impossible, and this key is stored in a bank.


    Due to phishing, this employee managed to get a few numbers of plastic bank cards that were going to expire. Moreover, he also got some pin codes. Basing on the available data, the carder decided to generate a working dump, and then receive cash through an ATM. Many representatives of card security, who had already had a lot of experience, were very surprised to learn that such a trick was successful. Many people remember the time when the UK carders, who took pictures of the cards and peeped their pin codes, were caught by the police. After that, each of the transactions by all issuers had to pass with the verification of CVV / CVC code. However, now we are talking about the state of things in the 20th century, or to be more precise, in the 80s.


    If you ask a hundred bank employees who work in the field of plastic cards whether it is possible have a transaction through atm dumps with pin without checking CVV / CVC, all of them will give the affirmative answer – it is simply impossible. Though, in reality, such things happen, though not in every bank and not every day, but sometimes it happens.


    There is no accurate information that caused this situation, but the fact is that some banks did not check CVV/CVC during ATM transactions. Maybe it’s a human factor. Perhaps, the banking software was configured badly. As a result, if you knew the card number, which expired, as well a pin code, it was possible to generate the rest of cc dumps, and then withdraw cash from the bank. As soon as such an operation was done, the news immediately began to spread among the carders, and this could be compared with the information that was carried by the miners in Alaska. That’s what triggered the second gold rush.


    The truth is that there was created a cunning workaround in order not to make the situation get out of control. It was said that fake dump CVV / CVC code was generated simply at random and smart carders deciphered the algorithm by which the code was encrypted. As a result, a part of carders started looking for a nonexistent algorithm.


    Of course, this was in the past. Now, everybody knows what cvv dumps are needed, but there is a small problem. The fact is that not everyone knows where to buy credit car dumps, because there is a large number of pacifiers. In our dumps shop you will buy credit card dumps exactly what you have been looking for. There are only the best dumps with pins which will fully satisfy your requests and requirements to them.


    There is no need to look for meaningless and useless offers on the network, which in most cases will not bring anything useful. You will just lose your money in vain. There is a completely different situation with our cvv shop, because we offer only verified information and proven dumps with pin. It is better to deal with professionals who know their job and do it only qualitatively and at a high level. As a result, our customers are always satisfied with the cooperation with us. We also want you to be among the satisfied customers which have already bought cc dumps.


    If you need real dumps with pins, then feel free to contact us for help, we will provide you with what you are looking for, because we have only the best.

  • Furniture

    Luxury towels

    The last thing you want when you step out of a luxurious bath or relaxing shower is to feel the scratchy material of a cheap towel even if it matches your bath decor. What you do want is to be able to wrap yourself in a plush, thick towel to continue the feeling of having a spa treatment at home. So, how do you find bath towels with the quality you enjoy at five-star hotels? Here are a few tips to ensure that you purchase the right kind of towels for your home.

    Most towels are made of cotton, but there are wide variations in quality. Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are usually the best choices for a towel that provides you the luxury you want. These materials are also the most durable, which means they can last a long time or at least until you are ready to change your bath décor and renew the towels.

    The difference in cottons is in the length of the fiber. Egyptian has the longest fiber, which contributes to the soft, plush feel that you enjoy wrapping around you. Supima cotton is shorter but still provides softness combined with durability.

    Also you may look at the edges of a towel to determine its quality. The double-sewed edge is not just an attractive feature, but one that provides extra durability. These edges will be less likely to fray than one with a woven edge.

    Density refers to the number of fibers that are in a square foot and is also called the pile. A high quality towel will have a high density.

    If you want to check the density on your towel, you can pinch a section of material between your fingers so you can see the loops of fibers. If there is a space between the loops, you have a poor quality towel. However, if the loops are touching, you have made a good choice. The density determines how well the linen (towel) dries you off.

    A high quality linen towel will absorb the water while still providing the comfort you want. Low quality towels are often wet before you have even finished using them while the better quality choices may barely even feel wet. The best towels combine absorbency with lighter weight to dry quickly for the next use.

    The new microfiber and cotton combination towels are absorbent with a light feel that still dries fast. They are fluffy and plush with a texture similar to soft suede. A velour finish on a terry-looped towel can reduce the absorbency and is often seen in woven towels. However, it is still a popular choice because of the soft texture and the elegant design.

    Higher quality towels often have a higher price to go with them. However, these towels also tend to last longer, which can make them cheaper in the long run.

    Of course, the name brand has a lot of influence in the price along with the material and density. That is why it is essential that you know what makes up a quality towel so that you know what to look for instead of just looking at the cost.

  • Interior items

    Kitchen rugs

    As we know, kitchen is a special room in our houses. For this reason, kitchen rugs should be multi-functional. They must have certain characteristics that other mats do not usually possess. The following notes are based on these qualities. After reading them, you will know what rugs and where should be put in your kitchen near work areas:

    • opposite the sink;
    • opposite the kitchen island;
    • opposite the refrigerator

    With kitchen rug you can:

    • Bring warmth, color and mood for your kitchen;
    • Hide unsightly elements of floor, if any of them is present;
    • Diversify the flooring decor.
    • To keep the flooring in good condition, protecting it from damage and scratches;
    • Reduce the likelihood of breaking the glass things if they fall;
    • Do your work in the kitchen more enjoyable, feeling warm and soft cover underfoot.

    What qualities kitchen mats must have

    1. Choose rugs for the kitchen, which are resistant to heavy use. The kitchen is the most visited place; there are always the most people and the maximum movement.
    2. Kitchen rugs should also be resistant to water and dirt. It is natural that the kitchen always accumulates more dirt in the cooking process, as well as moisture due to washing dishes.
    3. Another important requirement is resistance of kitchen mats to high temperatures, especially to the ignition temperature. There is always the chance of accidentally hitting the hot liquid from the pan to the floor and your carpet is to be ready for it.
    4. Cleaning mats should not cause any difficulties for you; the best option is if they are not afraid to be machine washed. A stain on carpets is only a matter of time. Especially the issue of pollution is relevant if there is an access from the kitchen to the courtyard.
      If you put it on the kitchen floor rugs that meet the above recommendations, you can use them again and again, sometimes washing in a machine.
    5. Kitchen mats should be thick. The thickness depends on the number of strands and on how closely they are intertwined. It is better if the filaments are short, then the mat will have a tighter wave.
    6. Choose kitchen mats with non-slip backing. Then, you will be more confident to stand on it without fear of slipping.

    Materials for kitchen rugs

    Keep an eye on the carpets made of the following materials:

    • Wool;
    • Nylon;
    • Polypropylene.

    These materials have the following qualities:

    • Strong and flexible;
    • Resistant to water;
    • Easy to clean;
    • A little worn out.

    Wool is a soft and luxurious natural material (this is the gold standard against which other materials are tried on). It is resistant to fire and mutes the sound well. Combined with nylon, you can find it in different colors.

    Select all these options of rugs so that they harmonize with the overall style of the kitchen. If your kitchen (floor, walls, kitchen furniture) already has one shade, choose a rug with a monotonous style. If your kitchen is dominated by deep colors, use rugs with geometric figures.

  • Restaurant

    Wusthof knife set

    Wusthof is a manufacturer of cutlery with an extraordinary history. For nearly 200 years, Wusthof has earned an excellent reputation for excellence in design and quality. Given that Wusthof specializes exclusively in the production of knives, scissors and accessories for them, so the knife assortment is very diverse and includes both classic European models of knives and traditional Japanese chef knives. Each knife has a special design of the blade, which is determined by its specialization – for cleaning and cutting vegetables, meat cutting, slicing bread, fish-knives and others. Depending on the design of materials and general purpose – professional, chef or for household use, Wusthof knives are divided into several well-known collections.


    Wusthof Xline is the latest and premium collection of knives by Wusthof. Dynamic lines intersect at the X point, the point of the perfect balance of the blade. Xline knife has a real man’s character and designed for strong and successful people. At the collection there are 8 knives for classic european cuisine. Knives are sold as individually both as gift sets and cutlery boxes.


    Wusthof Classic is the case when the name of the collection speaks for itself. These classic forged German knives are made of special high-carbon stainless steel. They offer their owner handles of traditional form with seamless synthetic overlays, exceptional quality sharpening, the use of knives both at the professional kitchen, and at home. The collection has more than 40 models of blades for any type of culinary activities. Knives are sold individually and as sets, cutlery boxes, and special portable kits for chefs.


    Wusthof Culinar is a series of knives that are completely made of the best stainless steel. Sophisticated timeless design is provided by steel satin handles in the shape of sea shells. The handle is decorated with a brand trident. Exceptional sharpness of the high carbon steel blades and the highest level of hygiene deserve accolades only professional chefs.
    The collection includes more than 20 models of blades for any type of culinary activities. Knives are sold as individually, and as gift sets and cutlery boxes.


    Wusthof Gourmet is an extensive collection of knives for different purposes that offers an excellent German quality at an affordable price. Gourmet knives are made in the classic form of a single piece of high-carbon steel and sharpened by laser technology for maximum sharpness, handles are protected with plates of black polypropylene, modern and environmentally friendly material and secured with three rivets.


    Wusthof Silverpoint is the most affordable collection of knives by Wusthof. Laconic design and impeccable quality of Silverpoint knives make them desirable assistants for any kitchen. Strong and sharp blade of the best German steel combined with ergonomic and safe plastic handle provides a solution to any culinary tasks. The collection of more than 20 models of knives for cooking any kind of activity as traditional European model range, as well as for Asian culinary school.

  • Kids

    Rag dolls

    Back in the mid XX century, almost at every family – in the village and in the city – the children played with a rag doll. And only in the 1960s, when the industry began to produce millions of toys made of plastic, the tradition of making rag dolls almost extinct. However, it has not disappeared completely, stuck in people’s minds.

    Doll is a sign of a person, his or her image-symbol. In this role, it focuses time, cultural history, the history of the country, the people, reflecting their movement and development.

    It was rag doll which carries the memory of culture and makes it much brighter, wider and deeper than any other toy (clay or wood). Relative humanoid figure once served as a magical role, as a talisman. It participated in the rituals and festivals, ritual events of the circle of mortal life, marking the birth, marriage, coming to the ancestors.

    Rag doll is a toy with valuable educational qualities, that are recognized and cultivated in ethnopedagogics, in the practical work with children. This is an excellent model for studies on needlework, art work and creativity, arts and crafts, and textile design.

    This versatile toy has a spiritual content – here lies the appeal of the patchwork doll. Puppet folk keep the skill and art of their creators, the work of folklorists, collectors and scientists. The doll is displayed the chronicle of the culture life, unfading memory of the folk. And everyone who makes rag dolls, get his own “patchwork story.”

    Amazing similarity, likeness of dolls in different nations. They are united not only by the origin (game dolls everywhere were emerged from ritual, came out of the ritual), but also the universal ideas and values: the continuity of kinship, nepotism and parental care, at the worship of ancestors.

    Handmade toy served for our ancestors as a kind of generic ethnic code, which was indicated landmarks of life. Considering the old dolls, we notice how they appear in the chain of hidden characters typical for the mythological consciousness of the peasant, for the folk culture.

    Therefore, in the manufacture of traditional rag dolls it was not an accident – there was some certain sense. As a rule, rag dolls were simple images of a female figure: a piece of cloth, folded in a rolling pin, carefully covered with white linen rag face, chest of smooth rag balls, spit and homely or festive peasant dress from the flap.

    The most common puppet costumes were sewn from scraps of fabric purchase – red calico and sateen, chintz and calico. They, in contrast to the homespun, until the beginning of the XX century were expensive for the village and were intended for the festive clothing. The remaining crop was stored in bags, kept for toys. But at the time of the dollmastering, scraps were chosen carefully. Red rags were especially valued; they were for the most beautiful dolls. Red color has long served as a talisman, a symbol of life and the productive forces of nature.