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    Some facts and ideas for garden design

    ideas for gardens It is better to start with the fact that is clear and known since childhood. Any cottage garden has beds with peonies, roses, asters, where families not only to grow crops, but also get some rest. What would happen if, instead of the usual small flower beds you will design real flower garden? The fact that it does not need any expensive purchases or exotic plants. A bit of the old dishes, furniture, utensils – and a familiar sight will come to life. It is enough to put some soil to any unnecessary container, it immediately becomes a place for the flower bed. The old trough, wooden…

  • garden landscaping ideas

    Interesting garden design ideas

    The bright design of the pond and flower beds It is interesting that the originality of some ideas is off the charts, but it’s just for the best, because the creativity at the backyard territory is always welcome. Today we suggest you to start with rather interesting design ideas of small pond or flower beds. First idea is a lovely and inexpensive fencing with your own hands, which can be created from timber strip, concrete columns, or even the old railway sleepers. There’s nothing complicated here – an even out-laying of elements in the form of landscape element attached to the surface of the earth connection under the roller (“dog”).…

  • backyard garden ideas

    Backyard landscaping: styles and pieces of advice

    Landscaping of garden sites has its roots deep in the past. This is proved, for example, by legends and testimonies of various historians about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The main point at the planning of the plot design must be the integrity of the image. It can be reached by successive groups of items at the backyard, decorative elements, and plants themselves, depending on their texture, size and growth. Also, a complete image can be achieved, for example, by a sequence of color schemes. Add some sense and purpose to a given territory. It is possible to use a wide range of themes. For example this could mean the…

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    Garden design: hot and fashionable decoration ideas

    If you are a happy owner of your own home and the area around it, then your worries extend not only to the interior of your dwelling, but also to the design of the surrounding site. So now we’ll talk about landscaping ideas. According to numerous surveys, separate landscaping of the backyard is much more pleasant for the owners than the decoration of the house from inside. This is not surprising – we all miss nature, waiting for holiday and summer outdoor activities. Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday away from home, and it is not always necessary, as in the courtyard of your house a cozy…

  • designing a garden

    How to design a garden easily

    With the advent of summer friends and family gatherings are increasingly held in the garden. Here you can just relax, breathe fresh air, admire the lush greenery and fragrant flowers, planted with your own hands. Drawing attention only on some basic elements – plants, furniture and paths, you can avoid serious mistakes in the design of the site. The garden must be beautiful all the year round. But that’s often not get to plan everything so that there is not one missed place. And finance does not always allow to do everything, what soul thirsts. There is nothing worse than the feeling of confusion when looking at the unsettled land.…

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    Garden sculptures & ornaments

    The history of the garden sculpture began many centuries ago, when there was a tradition in the East to put at the entrance of the house symbolic figures, designed to protect the entrance of the house from evil spirits. In ancient Greece and Rome, the statues of gods and heroes adorn the gardens of the nobility. In Russia the custom of decorating gardens with sculptures was introduced by Peter I, setting in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg to educate the nobility more than a hundred specially imported from Italy sculptures depicting ancient gods, allegories and various Roman emperors. Following this pattern, many nobles set in their estates sculptures in…

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    Unusual garden furniture ideas

    Special furniture for garden (street) – it’s not just chairs, benches and umbrellas. Collection may include dinner groups of solid wood or rattan, covered sofas, wicker deck chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and even four-poster beds, as well as tents and canopies, cushions and bedspreads. Wicker furniture Wicker furniture is warm, “light”, creates an atmosphere of relaxed outdoor recreation. Wicker furniture is made of willow and vines, or of the more expensive rattan – vine palm native to Southeast Asia. From there comes to us ready-made wicker furniture from natural rattan. Furniture from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China differs completely by handmade and traditional design elements with colonial style. Similar wicker furniture…

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    Backyard water garden ideas

    To decorate any country site, even very small, you can with a help of water garden. It is not necessary for him to acquire the basis in the store, you can make it by yourself. To create such a garden with your own hands will take a little time, and the cost will be minimal in this case. You can make a garden of small size, so it does not take up much space on the territory of your site and at the same time was mobile. Water garden to be able to transport should be small in size, for example 800x400x250 millimeters. It can be made of boards available…

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    Garden decoration ideas

    To make a clear distinction between garden ornaments, containers and garden furniture can be difficult. Stone vase with pelargonium – is this a decoration or a container? Determination of garden ornaments taken in this article is simple – perhaps too simple. Ornament for garden we call an object that adorns the garden, even if it is not used for its intended purpose. Thus, a large decorative vase, in which is planted pelargonium, is a garden decoration, and a tub or a plastic pot with the same pelargonium – are just containers. To garden ornaments can be included many items. This article describes six major groups of ornaments, but this list…

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    Patio season: garden furniture and decor

    Garden furniture Today garden furniture is presented in various variations. Traditional options are wood, wrought iron and wicker. Wood is more suitable for large-format events and pavilions where are necessary long tables and benches to match. If you decide to organize a welcoming and refined veranda, you can stop at the wicker furniture from rattan or vine. Wooden furniture in this case should get mandatory overhead pillows. Decor Lightweight linen curtains, fabric cushions, candles, wrought iron pendant lights create the lion’s share of comfort, even if the costs are already planned out and the furniture you have chosen as a residual. The best recommendation for decoration are: flowers, candles, vases…

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    Make the creative garden ornament with your own hands

    What makes the garden-plot original and unforgettable? The thorough gardeners will say that the rare sort of flowers, which they managed to grow on the flower-beds. The Jacks of all trades will suppose that this is the unique irrigation system they assembled and installed on their plot. But there is one feature, making your garden unique- the garden ornament. It can be easily made with your own hands and bearing a small part of author’s soul and his approach to life. You must admit that the process of creating the new “masterpiece” with your own hands pacifies and inspires to the new creative experiments. And the plot, refined with different…

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    The best ideas of landscape gardening

    Tiny ponds, verdant hedges, grass-plot and flower-bed- this bright picture gradually displaces greenhouses, seedbeds and other agrarian direction in the minds of many summer residents. It is no surprising, as an inexhaustible source of information enables the creation of exquisite and beautiful garden design with your own hands. Rate the potential of your land plot Of course, many summer residents find the meters of their land plot the best and the dearest. But when it comes to the landscape gardening, you should rate your property critically. Pay attention to the age, quantity and state of trees, the presence of slopes, heights and rockiness, the remoteness of natural and underground water…