• ideas for gardens

    Some facts and ideas for garden design

    ideas for gardens It is better to start with the fact that is clear and known since childhood. Any cottage garden has beds with peonies, roses, asters, where families not only to grow crops, but also get some rest. What would happen if, instead of the usual small flower beds you will design real flower garden? The fact that it does not need any expensive purchases or exotic plants. A bit of the old dishes, furniture, utensils – and a familiar sight will come to life. It is enough to put some soil to any unnecessary container, it immediately becomes a place for the flower bed. The old trough, wooden…

  • garden landscaping ideas

    Interesting garden design ideas

    The bright design of the pond and flower beds It is interesting that the originality of some ideas is off the charts, but it’s just for the best, because the creativity at the backyard territory is always welcome. Today we suggest you to start with rather interesting design ideas of small pond or flower beds. First idea is a lovely and inexpensive fencing with your own hands, which can be created from timber strip, concrete columns, or even the old railway sleepers. There’s nothing complicated here – an even out-laying of elements in the form of landscape element attached to the surface of the earth connection under the roller (“dog”).…

  • backyard garden ideas

    Backyard landscaping: styles and pieces of advice

    Landscaping of garden sites has its roots deep in the past. This is proved, for example, by legends and testimonies of various historians about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The main point at the planning of the plot design must be the integrity of the image. It can be reached by successive groups of items at the backyard, decorative elements, and plants themselves, depending on their texture, size and growth. Also, a complete image can be achieved, for example, by a sequence of color schemes. Add some sense and purpose to a given territory. It is possible to use a wide range of themes. For example this could mean the…

  • outdoor landscaping designs

    Tips and recommendations for outdoor landscaping design

    outdoor landscaping designs Decorating your home is always nice and interesting, and decorating your own garden is doubly exciting. And do not be afraid that you cannot afford this process. Ennobling the backyard can be made with minimum expense. So do not come up with excuses for yourself and limit yourself only to sweet dreams. It’s time to pick up a pencil and make a plan. I hope that our ideas will help you to choose the right direction. In landscape design, as well as in the design of living space, try to avoid excesses. The chaotic jumble of green plantings, small architectural forms and objects of garden furniture create…

  • backyard landscaping plans

    Basic principles of backyard landscaping

    If you decide to engage in planning your garden, you will need to know the basic principles of landscape design. This does not mean that you have to apply all the principles for each part of your plan, but just understanding these principles will help you generate ideas and increase your creativity level. Garden integrity (harmony) should be one of your main goals in your design. It may be better disclosed in the application sequence and the repetition of elements, such as plants, plant groups, and other decorations. The integrity can be achieved by the sequence of elements characteristics in the composition: height, size, texture, color schemes, etc. A good…

  • small backyard landscaping

    The art of a small garden design

    Often it happens that our desires are beyond the capabilities. And then it turns out that the idea of creating a small backyard, garden and several necessary outbuildings is facing objective difficulties: for all these plans you simply do not have enough space. How can you act in this case, designing a modest space and realizing that it all was started for? After all, land was bought to escape from the city and be close to nature. So even if you have only small garden, let it be that way. The art of a small garden design is that the space is increased, first of all in mind of the…

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    Types of backyard landscape design

    After finishing the construction and design of your own home, you should pay special attention to the design of the backyard, because the beautiful cottage and landscape design are two inextricably linked concepts. No matter how beautiful is your backyard, only eye-catching landscaping will emphasis its splendor and complete the creation of a composition. Today we know a lot of styles to design gardens, all of them very diverse, but at the same time, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. Wattle fence instead of a graceful one, wheelbarrow or a cart filled with lush flowering plants, winding paths and simplicity in everything – it can be…

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    Some pieces of advice about backyard landscaping

    Nowadays the landscape design is striking in its uniqueness and at the same time simplicity. Many ideas can make your backyard beautiful and unique, and most importantly, it all depends on your creativity. The main plus of garden bridges is a visual increasing of the site area bringing a new and original look to your garden. It is worth noting that such bridges as well as serve as a component of the walking trail, making it more expressive and impressive. Garden bridges are not too expensive, and the material from which they are made, may be the most diverse (wood, metal, stone). If you decide to equip your backyard with…

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    Backyard canopy: list of advantages

    Garden plots have long ceased to be associated only with hard work in summer, but today country holiday is becoming more popular. To build the capital constructions for creation of recreation areas and weather protection is not always advisable, which is why garden gazebos, canopies and other such facilities are the best option in most cases. It is pretty easy to build them even without the involvement of professionals, the main thing is to choose the best option. Canopies popularity is driven by a number of factors, let’s consider the most important ones: Ease As noted above, the work for the construction of such buildings are not complicated, and they…

  • Fountains

    Different kinds of backyard waterfalls

    Thinking over the design your garden-plot landscape, you should equip the recreation area with some water components, such as pond, stream or even better- waterfall. However, if you wish, you can make a combine three of them perfectly; especially as the sounds of murmiurous water has soothing and relaxing effect. Even 15-20 minutes of such “water session” create the feeling of peace and relaxation. The great variety of materials allows creating the waterfall on your garden-plot with your own hands. Besides, it is possible to arrange the waterfall even on the territory of small garden-plot. The main thing is to carefully think over the line of falling water, so that…

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    The most unusual backyard ideas

    Look at your country-house and its backyard. Compare it with your neighbor’s backyards. Perhaps, the whole landscape of many backyards can be described briefly: home, vegetable garden, fence. Meanwhile, the condition of the house can characterize its’ owners: their habits, tidiness, interests, tastes and attitude toward the environment. Roughly speaking, it’s our face. Nobody wants it to look dull, colorless and untidy. You must change the situation for the better! Even if you have a beautiful, well-planned backyard, you can always think out something new and interesting. So, collect your whole creative energy, imagination, enthusiasm, and start to refine your territory according to the rules of landscape design. The layout…