• business jets for sale

    The most popular business jets for sale

    business jets for sale
    Business jets for sale

    Executive airplane is a plane of business class, which is designed for officials or representatives of the companies’ flights without a special schedule. These planes can be used by individuals for personal travel. Executive aircraft can also carry cargo belonging to organizations. This class of aircraft includes airplanes with comfortable cabin and capacity from 6 to 20, depending on the specific type.

    Gulfstream G650

    Gulfstream G650 is a true standard of business aircraft. This over-sized Gulfstream airplane offers the highest speed and comfort among modern business jet in its class.

    GulfstreamG650 at a cruising speed of 0.85 Mach can carry 8 passengers and 4 of crew and fly 12,964 km without refueling. This compares with the flight from New York to Beijing from London to Buenos Aires or from Dubai to New York. At high cruising speed of Mach 0.90 the aircraft will take passengers from Los Angeles to London and back in record time. And with a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.925 Gulfstream G650 is the fastest aircraft in civil aviation. With a cruising height of 15,545 m Gulfstream G650 can fly much higher than atmospheric layers with adverse weather conditions and air corridors.

    Bombardier Challenger 300

    High comfort airliner Bombardier Challenger 300 have been the best-selling model in its class for almost ten years, and nowadays, according to operators, it continues to be on top of business jets super-middle class.

    Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft model was the first business jet of super-middle class, challenging their standard design, it was created from scratch. After serious research, the purpose of which was to provide customers with the best conditions for doing business, the aircraft was designed for flights from one US coast to the other and was equipped with a unique room, designed for conferences.

    Challenger 300 was made in the best traditions of Bombardier company. It allows CEOs not to depend on weather conditions and problems on busy roads. All aircraft systems and propulsions are designed for intensive use. The aircraft can carry up to ten passengers and fly at a distance of 5646 km at a cruising speed of Mach 0.80 (270 km / s)

    Aircraft Falcon 7X

    Aircraft Falcon 7X is the most technologically advanced business-jet, which currently performs flights all over the world. Refined yet practical, it sets new standards for performance. This is a new generation of business aircraft.

    Falcon 7X was designed to fly to a distance of 9,600 km, which allows connecting cities such as Paris and Tokyo, Shanghai and Seattle, New York and Jeddah, Johannesburg and London. The aircraft can carry eight passengers and a crew of three. It has a top speed of Mach 0.90 (300 km / s) in order to deliver passengers to the right place as quickly as possible.

  • audi rs8

    Audi RS8: brilliant, but not good enough

    audi rs8
    Audi RS8

    Until recently, nobody even thought that Audi supercar dare to create a powerful supercar of 580 horsepower, especially after not very successful model Audi R8. However, the company has proved that it is able to make a car that will catch the famous Porsche 911 Turbo.
    This model is equipped with a 5.2-liter ten-cylinder engine with two turbines. This engine is borrowed from the previous model – RS6, only slightly took some modifications. The power of this unit makes 572 horsepower.

    After the test piece of Audi RS8 has burned during a trial race at the Nurburgring, it was reported that Audi company couldn’t install on the V10 engine so powerful cooling system/ that could prevent firing. However, Audi has coped with the task, and a year later stated that cooling problem is solved. On the Audi RS8 scheme is used, which was developed for conceptual R8 diesel V12 – compared to the base model, it delivers 20 percent better cooling of the engine compartment. This supercar is the most powerful modification of supercar Audi R8.

    It was expected that the car will accelerate to hundreds in less than 4 seconds and to 160 km / h – for as much as 8.5 seconds. This is undoubtedly a great result. Maximum speed of model is 320 km / h.

    Externally, the RS8 is different from the production model R8. The rear wheel arches were changed – they have become more prominent, and the side gills-air intakes characterize the capacity of the motor. However, the wheels and tires of the prototype do not differ from the standard R8.

    Inside the vehicle it should be noted the rich use of aluminum and leather. Also that is a racing steering wheel equipped with several keys for easy management of critical systems. In general, everything is perfect: ergonomic, comfortable, stylish and luxurious.

    And finally – it was assumed that the price of this modification will be in Europe, EUR 150 000. And it is not too expensive, especially compared, for example, with Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Yet Audi abandoned the idea to release a super-powerful executive class sedan and opened the secret meaning of seemingly unpopular decision.

    Ingolstadt RS8 is good, but the S 63 AMG is incredible! At Audi there is a 4,0-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with two turbines, while the AMG double boost pumps air into the furnace V8 engine capacity of 5.5 liters. The superiority in power and thrust is on the side of Mercedes-Benz: 585 hp 900 Nm and 520 hp and 650 Nm. With all-wheel drive S 63 AMG, the start to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds, S8 is almost neck and neck, trailing by 0.2 seconds. But soon there will be even crazier S 65 AMG. But playing with a supercar capacity is not for Audi.

  • mazda 6 review

    Mazda 6 review: types, variants and characteristics

    mazda 6 review
    In 2003, Mazda 6 succeeded Mazda 626. Changing the index symbolizes image renewal. From now it’s not a commonplace family vehicle, but a sport-tuned roomy car. Mazda has managed to change the perception of the brand – in this car there is nothing from the previous models. New design, new interior, new platform, enhanced performance, driving dynamics, all that distinguishes the new car from its predecessor Mazda 626.

    Mazda 6 design is a harmonious blend of the classic elements, that includes corporate identity and new pioneering ideas that are surprising and clearly distinguish the car from the crowd. Powerful and muscular look of the car is brought by the athletic contours of the body and swollen wheel arches.

    The flowing lines of the body, flared wheel arches and stunning optics are only parts of what determines the uncompromising appearance of Mazda 6. Mazda 6 optics is unusual in that dipped and high beams, fog lights, parking lights and turn signals were put together in one block.
    There are three body styles: sedan, hatchback, and sport wagon Mazda 6. Each of the three variants is dynamic, elegant and functional.
    If we talk about the sedan, this is a car of the middle class, which has the highest level of performance. Modern, stylish and sporty design of the car is combined with a spacious, functional interior, as well as a completely new series of engines.

    Mazda 6 hatchback is a versatile in all ways. The car combines functionality and comfort, and also has a handy dashboard and a large choice of powerful engines.

    Wagon completes Mazda 6 line. The car with this type of bodywork offers everything you need. The car has a functional, versatile and spacious interior. The latest diesel engine and the availability of all-wheel drive (4WD) makes the Mazda 6 wagon a real pleasure to drive. In addition to all the above, it is an excellent quality and high-quality finish of refined design.

    The interior of the vehicle meets the highest modern requirements. The ultra-modern materials throughout the interior, high-quality plastic and light alloys, leather steering wheel and shift knob PPC define standard, regardless of body type.

    The interior is not only stylish, but also comfortable. Concise classic design, all parts must be legible and perfectly aligned with each other, and most of the panels are made of soft plastic with a pleasant texture. Leather on the seats, door panels and steering wheel rim gently underlines the solidity and sports motifs of the interior. Convenient handles of adjustments, as well as controls for cruise control and radio on the steering wheel, allow the driver even for a moment not to get distracted from the road in order to make driving even safer.

  • designing a garden

    How to design a garden easily

    designing a garden

    With the advent of summer friends and family gatherings are increasingly held in the garden. Here you can just relax, breathe fresh air, admire the lush greenery and fragrant flowers, planted with your own hands. Drawing attention only on some basic elements – plants, furniture and paths, you can avoid serious mistakes in the design of the site.

    The garden must be beautiful all the year round. But that’s often not get to plan everything so that there is not one missed place. And finance does not always allow to do everything, what soul thirsts.

    There is nothing worse than the feeling of confusion when looking at the unsettled land. On it plants can grow that do not fit into the landscape, or you simply do not like them.

    Modern style is not always equivalent to rigor and restraint. There is no rule stating that for modern design you must adhere to minimalism. You can freely mix ultramodern and traditional elements.

    The first thing that will help a little to rectify the situation – it is gravel or pebbles. Gravel will help zoning the space. You can use large stones for the decoration of the patio, and fill the remaining space with gravel.

    If your budget allows, you should build a pond. Sometimes it becomes a central element in the design of the site, bringing a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

    In addition to stone, concrete and water greenery certainly has to be at the site. Of course, it will take time for its development, and efforts to cultivate it, but nothing compares with walking barefoot on the green lawn.

    Do not be afraid to add some “savagery” to well-groomed modern space. Wild trees, shrubs and grass are great for introducing elements of modern style. In addition, they require a minimum of maintenance. You can leave one of the corners of the garden in almost pristine condition.

    Due attention should be paid to the furniture too. It must be resistant to the natural conditions, suitable colored and relatively inexpensive. If there is a covered terrace, the choice of furniture is increased significantly.
    You can pick up a real dining set, or can restrict with a simple pair of seats at the table. Fairy garden furniture will transform any garden into a fantastic place to relax.

    Modern meets with the old, smart garden with nature itself. A mixture of styles is the real power of the present. Covered with gravel paths, of course, symbolize modernity and clipped shrubs resemble the traditional style of English garden.

    In a surprising garden traditional colorful pillows and modern lounge chairs combine harmoniously.

  • bowie knife
    Hunting, fishing

    Bowie knife: tips for buyers and users

    James Bowie designed the Bowie knife for self-defense. Over the years, the knife gained other uses and never fell out of popularity. Hunters use the sword-like knife for skinning and butchering game. Other people enjoy collecting the knives or using them for outdoor activities. Buyers interested in purchasing a Bowie knife must know what to look for when shopping for one and how to care for it once they obtain it. There are various factors to consider when shopping for a Bowie knife.

    The traditional material for a Bowie knife was carbon steel, because it was useful for maintaining a sharp blade. After the advancement of stainless steel alloys, blade makers found comparable materials that could match or surpass the carbon steel version. Those who wish to purchase a more traditional style of Bowie knife may choose one with a carbon steel blade. However, most modern knife blades feature one of many types of steel. Both types are sufficient for hunting purposes or display.

    Buyers must choose a blade size based on the intended use of the Bowie knife. Large blades are powerful and small blades grant precision. Large blades are useful for clearing weeds and brush or chopping small pieces of wood and may require a case. This type is useful for people who enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping in the wilderness. Smaller blades benefit hunters and fishermen by aiding them with the precise tasks of skinning or cleaning meat. It is important for buyers to consider the blade length along with the material of the knife they wish to purchase.

    bowie knife
    bowie knife

    The first Bowie knives had a standard measurement of 9.5 inches in length. Long blades are a trademark of the Bowie knife. Manufacturers create Bowie knives of various lengths, but they generally are not shorter than 5 inches. The length is required for performing tasks that regular pocketknives cannot achieve. The long blade on the knife also provides a striking display for collectors.
    Buyers must check the tang of a Bowie knife. The tang is the connecting shank or prong that connects the blade with the handle. A Bowie knife is heavy and should feature a full tang to prevent the blade from breaking at the hilt when in use. A full tang is not necessary for knives that owners use for display purposes only.

    Each Bowie knife has a different appearance and unique characteristics. Users should choose a knife designed especially for the intended purpose.

    Properly caring for a Bowie knife helps give it a longer life and reduce safety hazards. Sharpening the knife regularly with a knife sharpener keeps the blade from becoming dull. A dull knife can slip during use and cause severe injury to the user. The user must keep the knife clean and dry after use. This prevents rust or debris build-up that is unsanitary, or that can damage the blade. Users can clean the knife with metal rubbing paste and a clean cloth.
    bowie knife

  • model airplanes for sale

    Everything you need to know about model airplanes on sale

    model airplanes for sale
    Model airplanes for sale

    Models play an important role in the development of aviation. They help to check the ideas and technical innovations, conduct scientific research. For example, experiments with flying models were very helpful for Alexander Mozhaysky in the creation of the first aircraft. On models he tested the theory and correctness of the assumptions underlying the first aircraft project.

    Flying model is one of the best means to check the correctness of theoretical calculations. Currently, a theory is developed which allows to use the results of experiments carried out with models in wind tunnels at the calculations made for natural planes. Principles of flight, images of many phenomena occurring with aircraft in flight are tested and studied on flying models.

    Do you want to experience the feeling of flying? Purchase one of radio-controlled planes mentioned below. All models of airplanes on the market are grouped by types:

    • Large aircraft
    • Trainers
    • Aerobatic / 3D
    • Copies
    • Park Flyers
    • Gliders
    • Free Flight

    Large airplanes with a wingspan of 2 meters or more are large and have realistic flight characteristics. The most popular ones are series of TOC. These model airplanes are for professional sporters and the dynamics of their behavior in the air is not much different from the real aircraft.

    Trainers as the name implies, are the models for training. If you want to buy a radio-controlled airplane, but do not know where to start – start with the trainer. The basic set of management features, good glider and reasonable price will help you get in the air quickly.

    Aerobatic 3D models are designed to perform complex aerobatic figures. The special shape of the fuselage, the geometry of the wing and control surfaces, as well as accurately calculated loads on the surface, giving you a total freedom in the air. In this class of model aircraft a wide field is opened for the invention of your own stunts.

    Copies of the aircraft are samples of reliability and construction simplicity. The models are made of plywood, wood and balsa using modern technologies of laser cutting. They are notable for the design and outer resemblance to the full-scale originals. In addition, they look great and fly perfectly. Many copies are equipped with retractable landing gear, and additional attachments.

    Gliders are a special type of model aircraft, which due to their design perfectly keep to an air stream. The glider can float in the air (under appropriate conditions and skills) for hours. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the motor or towed, run with your hands gliders or ones with a winch.

    Park Flyers are small airplanes of simple design with simple controls for pleasure of all pilots regardless of their age. Usually, it is a lightweight and durable foam airplane which is not a pity to drop and which forgives many pilot’s mistakes. They may be of various sizes and with varying geometry, but they share the simplicity and availability.

    Free Flight planes are manual started mini-models. These models do not require a complex set of electronics and mechanics. Budget price and beautiful appearance – perhaps that is what you need.

  • audi q8

    Audi Q8 as a new Audi SUV flagship model

    audi q8
    Audi Q8

    At the auto show in Los Angeles, Ulrich Hackenberg, Technical Director Audi, confirmed that the company plans to release a new SUV – Audi Q8. Q7 will serve as a basis for that model. It is expected that the new aggressive crossover will be a serious competitor for the Range Rover Sport, BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz MLC.

    Model Q7 will be one of the last cars of concern, which was designed before the company Hackenberg. Technical Director Audi said that he and the new head designer, Marc Lichte, appeared at the production of too late. At that moment there was no sense to change Q7 appearance. Therefore, all the structural solutions that engineers were planning to implement in the previous version of the SUV a new Q8 would get.

    It is expected that crossover will come on the market in the next three years.
    CEO of the concern Rupert Stadler already at the Beijing Motor Show has told reporters that the company was planned to upgrade the lineup. Audi focuses primarily in the development of a new SUVs line. Of the 11 models that will be put into production until 2020, 5 cars will belong to the class of crossovers and receive codes Q1, Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8.

    Analysts predict a rise in the proportion of annual SUVs sales up to 40% of the total number of cars. It is about 800 000 cars.

    Q8, as already mentioned, is created in order to oust Audi main competitors from the pedestal of top sellers in the upper price segment. Company determines the markets of US, the Middle East and China as its priority.

    Audi Q8 on the characteristics and performance is similar to the Audi A8. The same high-tech “filling”, increased inner comfort, etc. Among the advantages of the new crossover are increased ground clearance and adjustable air suspension.

    The length of Q8 is expected to be about 5 m. The grade will include a turbocharged gasoline engine of 3 liter and 4-liter V8 RS Q8. The price of the machine with the first unit will start from 50 000 pounds, the second – from 90 000 pounds. Perhaps, as an option the manufacturer will offer motorists also diesel, hybrid and electric versions of the SUV. It is, in any case, would allow the company to compete with the Tesla Model X SUV.

    Q8 will have its own unique design. The five-door coupe is now being developed under the guidance of Marc Lichte, new chief designer of the concern. Among the characteristic elements which the future SUV will receive, as it is expected a more aggressive grille, smaller side mirrors, rear window with a larger angle can be mentioned.

    The main feature of the new crossover from Audi is a lightweight body made of high strength steel fiber, reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. Thanks to new technologies developed by engineers, they were managed to drop a curb weight of the car below 2 000 kg. This is a very good characteristic sign that helps the concern to prove the model in a favorable light, even in a competitive environment.

  • Other

    All about elegant comforter sets

    At the present time, we have become accustomed to the fact that bedding is gradually becoming part of the interior. Not the least role in creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom playing blanket. Especially worth mentioning comforte sets, as a unique item of linen.
    Comforter sets differ from conventional thin products because they are made up of three separate layers – often, two external and one internal. Sometimes the product is called “blanket-pie.” The material, which is located between the two outer layers of fabric, usually made of hollofayber or syntepon. One of the main advantages of comforter sets can be called the ability to hide all the irregularities of the bed, making your bed, like the entire bedroom as a whole will look very neat and tidy.

    The presence of insulation allows to use comforter as a blanket when the need arises. It is important to note that the range of comforter sets is very extensive, so each potential customer can find a product to his liking. Some manufacturers, relying on the originality and uniqueness, engage in production of double-sided comforter sets. This is a real godsend for creative natures that require constant change. With that, on both sides comforter can not only differ in color of tissue, but also the texture.

    Comforter sets – are the embodiment of elegance and sophisticated design solutions. Comforter may differ depending on the pattern formed with stitches. Here you can meet and circles and diamonds, and squares that fit perfectly in a minimalist interior of the bedroom. In that case, if you choose a comforter for a country house, remember that patchwork sewing best emphasize lightness and ease of country style.
    More complex, intricate designs look very simple and elegant. If you are the owner of a spacious bedroom with elegant furnishings, boldly choose comforter with golden or silver threads. Such a product – it is a work of art that is able to give the room an unsurpassed chic with a touch of luxury.

  • audi wagon

    Audi A6 Avant and Audi A4 Avant as the most popular Audi wagons

    audi wagon
    Audi wagon

    Audi A6 Avant (Audi A6 Avant) is «E» Class wagon with front- or all-wheel drive. Restyling version of the fourth-generation model debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 2014.

    Planned restyling of A6 Avant affected a shape of the grille, bumpers and optics. Inside the vehicle multimedia system has undergone modernization. In addition, designers have expanded the range of finishes, both in materials quality and decisions on color. And by and large that is all. Running gear and equipment remained intact.

    If you believe Audi engineers, A6 Avant body on 20% consists of aluminum, thereby it weighs less. On average, unladen car weight has decreased by 70 kg. In the basic configuration now it amounts to 1640 kg.

    An upgraded line-up of powertrains can be called the main changes of restyled Audi A6 Avant. From this point there are three petrol and five diesel engines, including several harmless variants with ultra prefix in the name. All motors slightly increased in power. Petrol 1.8 liter one produces 190. s., 2-liter – 252 “horse”, and 3-liter – 333 hp. Diesel aggregates show the following results: 2-liter, depending on the force, the outputs 150 and 190 “powers”, and 3-liter – 218, 272, 320 and 326 hp.

    Audi A4 Avant (Audi A4 Avant) is a «D» class wagon with front or all-wheel drive. The premiere of a restyled version of the fourth-generation model was held in autumn 2011.

    Renewing Audi A4 German engineers paid attention not only to external changes (the bumper, radiator grille and taillights etc.), but also to the decoration of the car interior. In particular, the wagon got a new steering wheel, further combinations of finishing materials, as well as modified multimedia system MMI navigation plus. In addition the number of button of on-board systems has reduced.

    Refinement has touched also the A4 Avant running gear. Levers of rear mount found new attachment points, shock absorbers changed the stiffness, and electromechanical amplifier replaced the hydraulic one. While driving on the straight sections it is turned off, saving fuel (up to 0.3 liters per 100 km). Audi experts paid lots of attention to powertrains lineup. So, after restyling 2.0 TDI turbodiesel engine with a centrifugal pendulum-type vibration damper acquired two additional boost options – 136 and 163 hp., while the most powerful its versions are getting 177 “horses” and 380 Nm of torque. 120 and 143-strong modification remained the same, as well as the 3-liter TDI, issuing 204 and 245 horse powers. The most economical unit (136 hp.) “eats” 4.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

    Among the petrol engines Audi A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI with a capacity of 170hp (380 Nm) is notable. Through innovative solutions Germans managed to reduce fuel consumption to 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers (combined), and at the same time decreased and the level of pollutants emissions – up to 134 g / km. That was achieved by the reason, that all versions of Avant, regardless of engine type and boost options, are equipped with “start-stop” and regenerative braking systems.

  • spyderco
    Hunting, fishing

    Spyderco knives: history and contemporaneity

    Spyderco is an American company, that produces knives and care products for them. It was founded in 1978 by Sal Glesser.
    Among the company’s products the best known ones are folding knives for easy opening with one hand and with a round hole in the blade. The company issued a US patent for this round hole in the blade, and later achieved recognition of its trademark. Now other manufacturers are forced to either buy the rights to it, or change its shape. Blade with a circular hole became the “hallmark” of Spyderco products. For its time, the appearance of these knives was revolutionary: “one-handed” opening, using the blade locking mechanisms, the presence of serrated models, clip to fasten the knife on the clothes, the use of advanced steel and handle materials soon brought the popularity to Spyderco products. Today it is one of the most famous manufacturers of knives in the world.

    In 1990, Spayderko shocked the blade market, releasing two models of knives, which became legends: Spyderco Endura and Spyderco Delica. Anyone can afford himself these knives, and their simplicity and assembly quality became a powerful argument in favor of them to become one of the most popular models in the world.

    Currently the company produces 180 varieties of knives, including knives with a fixed blade, folding knives and kitchen ones. Prior to 2008, all models of weapons produced exclusively in the US or Japan, but then part of the production capacity nevertheless has been moved to China.


    One of the reasons why knives Spyderco gained popularity all around the world is relentless attempts employees to improve the products they offer to customers. Constantly testing new models of steel and other materials that knives will be made of there are permanent attempts to improve the ergonomics of the weapon and make it more convenient. Also, a lot of attention is paid to the design and appearance of the blades. The company can boast the cooperation with a number of famous knife designers from around the world. Among them is “the grandfather of the American knifebuilding” Bill Moran – the legendary blacksmith, who managed to bring US production of knives to a new level. Now the company produces several models of heavy knives, designed under his guidance.

    Do not forget that such a big-name manufacturer of knives would not disregard the means to care for their products. Spyderco takes care of diverse model range of not only knives, but their means of sharpening. A set of quality sharpeners will guarantee knife durability and correct operation.
    To store such a product you do not need additional protection or cover, injuries are completely excluded, the blade is perfectly hidden in the case.

    Each produced model has its own unique style and shape, proper construction, the original handle and durable blade.

  • Outdoor

    Types of backyard landscape design

    After finishing the construction and design of your own home, you should pay special attention to the design of the backyard, because the beautiful cottage and landscape design are two inextricably linked concepts. No matter how beautiful is your backyard, only eye-catching landscaping will emphasis its splendor and complete the creation of a composition. Today we know a lot of styles to design gardens, all of them very diverse, but at the same time, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.

    Wattle fence instead of a graceful one, wheelbarrow or a cart filled with lush flowering plants, winding paths and simplicity in everything – it can be described as a rustic homestead. In recent years, m this style of landscaping design became a choice for people who dream to enjoy the natural beauty and charm of nature.

    The main task of rustic style is to demonstrate the unity of nature and the environment created by human hands. That is why for home decoration the paths and small architectural forms are created using only natural materials – wood, stone and clay.

    In the design of the backyard in a rustic style any items of rural life can be involved – wooden wheels, old watering cans and iron pots, clay pots and birdhouses. These items will help to recreate a traditional rural flavor and become a bright note in the design of any of the infield.
    It is impossible to imagine a rustic homestead without flowers. Of course, exotic flowers are unacceptable, but hollyhocks, chrysanthemums, daisies, marigolds and irises perfectly fit in home landscape design in a rustic style. It is not necessary to refuse from vegetable patches and beds planted with traditional vegetable crops, which not only decorate the site, but also allow to collect a bountiful harvest of greens and vegetables.

    Interesting decor items can be wells, plaited fences, wooden sculptures of animals or characters of fairy tales.

    Landscape design in the Chinese style cannot be called simple, because it has its own special philosophy in which every object is filled with its sacred meaning. You cannot call it too cheap, because in the Chinese style garden you will have to recreate the traditional nature of China – from the crystal clear lakes to the majestic mountains.

    In the Chinese garden there are no random objects and plants, each element here occupies a special place. In this garden such plants and trees such as pine, peach, plum, poplar and willow must be present. Particular elements of this garden will become stones, devoid of any greens.

    The British have always appreciated the simplicity and naturalness that embodied even in landscape design. English style is often called ‘landscape’, underlining the predominance of natural compositions in the design area.
    As a rule, the landscape design style to their backyards is chosen by people who wish to create a picturesque corner of peace and unity with nature, which is dominated by free placement of vegetation and natural configuration of paths and trails.

  • model plane kits

    Model plane kits as a part of outstanding hobby

    Captured people are very enthusiastic about the idea to collect a plane out of a model kit with their own hands. Whatever the impediments to your achievement, the true aeromodeller will overcome all obstacles and gather his model aircraft. And a beginner will experience many ups and downs on the way, aspiring to the dream.

    Actually the process of construction and subsequent operations on the assembled aircraft is a source of pride to its owner. Almost everyone can make a plane with his own hands, if he has the desire. Quality of kit details, the assembly documentation and drawings allows you to build model airplanes with your own hands from wood and safely exploit them in the future. Those who decided to take up the construction of the aircraft for the first time, you must know that construction will take quite a long time and will require maximum effort for the successful completion of the model counterparts. To assemble the flying model from a purchased set, it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of aviation, an engineer in the field of hydraulics and electronics, and it does not necessarily to have a full arsenal of instruments and devices. Models of airplanes do not contain overstructured nodes or systems, so you have simply to assemble your copies of airplanes.

    Purchased kits will help you to realize your dream – to create the radio plane with your own hands, as well as other large-scale copies of modern aircraft and aircraft replicas of past years, say kit fighter of the World War II CURTISS. Construction of your own aircraft can be one of the most interesting activities in your life, but appearing problems can be an obstacle in your way. Do not despair when you face with problems, each found solution will only add you strength and confidence.

    Any model aircraft is a laborious design work and time-consuming exercise for the assembly. Assembling airplane model requires a lot of time and attention, but this hobby allows you to experience unprecedented passion, pride and joy of its creation.

    Aircraft modeling is not just a passion; it’s a lifestyle that promotes the pursuit of the goal. And it does not matter what you construct model aircraft for: in order to recreate the aircraft models of different times, or to storm the new “height” in the competition on aircraft modeling. The higher and faster the model of your aircraft takes off, the brighter the emotions from their favorite hobby you have!