• Interior items

    How to choose curtains for the bedroom: tips and ideas

    Curtains for the bedroom – an important detail of the interior, functional and aesthetic. Assortment of curtains is huge, so before you choose curtains for the bedroom, you must decide what purpose they will serve.

    Curtains for the bedroom in the classic sense – is dense, often bilateral, curtains, whose purpose – to conceal the bedroom from the prying eyes and not transmit light. However, their aesthetic role is important too, because they are part of the interior room and designed to create harmony and comfort, both open and closed.

    Before you choose curtains for the bedroom, measure the height and width of your window, decide whether the cornice will be located only above the window opening, or you use the entire width of the wall with a window. You also need to think in advance the type of cornice. Cornice can be ceiling, string, sucker rod, with mechanism of lifting or lowering, opening and closing of curtains.

    If you do not want to burden the interior of your bedroom with blackout curtains, you can use a roll, Roman shade or blinds. Then in the afternoon, roll curtain for the bedroom is discreetly hidden in the eaves, and at night will be a reliable protector from the light of lanterns and prying eyes.

    Owners of apartments in old houses are concerned about how to choose curtains for the bedroom with a small window. In fact, there is no problem, because the decoration of small windows can also be done with imagination.

    If you select roll, or Roman shades for the bedroom – avoid boring faded colors, on the contrary, let the curtain will be a bright spot in the bedroom. Also relevant is the use of horizontal color separation and a large figure.

    The narrow window can be visually expand using asymmetrical curtains and selecting short curtains for the bedroom. Well in this case will look curtains with horizontal division. Moreover, the lower part of these curtains should match in color to the color of the walls, and the top – to be a contrast or a darker color.

    Classic method in the design is a combination of design of curtains for the bedroom and the rest of textiles in the room: bedspreads, decorative pillows, upholstery. It’s sure version for creating a harmonious interior.

  • Kids

    How to deal with boys room decoration

    Children’s room for a boy of preschool and primary school age should be convenient and combine gaming space with the training one.
    Bed for sleeping, carpet or sofa and table games for learning – so parents plan. But children often study in bed, play on the table and get asleep on the couch. All the furniture in the room should be comfortable and ergonomic. Make sure that the room would be light enough.
    For a boy of this age toys are still important. Choose a place for them in a special box under the bed or under the sofa or in a closet.

    The boys, as you know, can be real perishers and notorious dreamers. Children room for a boy is a simple, functional room, ready for a quick transformation. Their interests are diverse, therefore it is appropriate to begin the design with a discussion of his interests with the owner. It makes no sense to impose future man your interests, tastes. If he is a petrol-head, the nautical theme in the design does not suit him, an imitation of the ship’s cabins will simply disappoint him. Boys’ interests and hobbies are changing frequently. The new craze involves a quick change of the situation. Therefore, choosing the interior to their rooms should be guided by practicality, simplicity. Then the little master can easy renew the room. The simplest, easiest option decorating the walls of his «ownership» is vinyl stickers. It is easy to hang print images on the wall and easy to remove them. It is also possible to decorate the ceiling with stickers, especially those that twinkle at night. various glitters, stars, month, toys are produced for that.

    After the choice of the design theme, it is necessary to choose the color. Quiet, unobtrusive shades of blue relax physically, calm mentally. In the area of games some bright colors are usually added to create a cheerful mood. Notable elements can be upholstery, carpet, pictures (stickers). Boys are quite restless, their games are very active, that is, they move a lot. They need space in the room. When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account its functionality. Because in the kids room it should not be too much of that. The most necessary items can be installed – a sofa bed, a desk with drawers, a couple of shelves, a small wardrobe. For two guys it will be convenient to set a bunk bed. Compact transforming objects are “growing” along with the owner. It is necessary to provide a sports corner. Attributes there will change naturally as the master is maturing.

    The interior should be comfortable and functional. Do not forget about the aesthetic properties of the room: it must be comfortable, original and beautiful.

  • Auto

    The Advantages Of Car Canopies

    We all love to come back often to the country, or to get away from the bustle of the capital in a country cottage. And, as a rule, the only convenient and comfortable means of transportation in these situations is our car. Keeping the iron horse under a blazing sun is not the best option. And the only solution is the construction of a canopy.

    Canopies for cars have long lost the status of luxury attribute acquiring an extremely practical sense. A ubiquitous constructivism add to this architectural object extra functions. So, many will agree that being out of town you do not want to hide the natural beauty under the roof of a country house at all. With the same success you could sit and watch television in your apartment. But to build a gazebo for yourself and along with it for your car is a great alternative.

    Car canopies usually have simple and practical design. The metal frame consists of the supporting pillars and metal profiles, on which the coating is fixed. Polycarbonate, profiled sheeting or EZ are used as a protective bed. Selection of the coating depends on the customer, because these materials have sufficient strength to withstand the layer of snow, rain blows, frost and heat. But most of clients choose polycarbonate, because profiled sheeting and EZ are more sonorous on impact. That is, they emit a loud and sonorous sound when raindrops are falling. Polycarbonate is convenient because the light material is not exposed to ultraviolet light and moisture. The metal coating is offered, if it fits better to the style of the adjacent buildings. The canopies at the market can be of economy variant or the elite class. The latter is often used as a cover in front of the entrance to the garage. In the case of manufacturing a solid and presentable canopy, it can be decorated with elements of forging. It can act as a finish pillars. Also, elements of forging further protect the coating from damage on impact.

    If you leave your car in the open air, there will be the need for frequent cleaning it from the effects of natural sediment, leaves, dirt, dust and waste products of some fauna representatives. The materials from which tents have been made until recently have some disadvantages too, such as the impossibility of resistance to ultraviolet rays, which is no good effect on the “health” of the car. Polycarbonate also has excellent flexibility, strength and a very reasonable price.

    And most importantly, polycarbonate car canopies perform an excellent alternative to full-fledged garages. And by the construction time they will even surpass garages.

  • Interior items

    Window treatments in a Mediterranean style.

    Window Treatments for the interior of Mediterranean style should contribute into the room light and movement. Such simple draperies are common in homes on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, especially in Tuscany in northern Italy. In room should penetrate as much natural light, but still rely and privacy respected.

    Cotton or linen curtains

    Uncomplicated square curtains of cotton or linen immediately create a simple rustic atmosphere in the interior of the Mediterranean home.
    Usually curtains hung at 10 cm above the window opening, they end in a centimeter from the floor and go by 5 cm at the wall on both sides of the window. But to give the interior a simple and negligent Mediterranean-style curtains are often hung just inside the window opening.
    It is appropriate to look a combination of different colors and fabrics. Rich shades of brown and red will give the room warmth. Bright shades of blue and green will bring in an interior color and drama.

    Cotton – a great choice of fabric of curtains for rooms where there is a lot of people, as well as for the kitchen, where curtains are often contaminated, so they have to be washed regularly. Organza and silk are more suitable as a fabric for curtains in the bedroom or any other clean and sparsely populated areas.

    Lace curtains

    Lace curtains or cotton curtains trimmed with lace around the edges – a simple way to give Mediterranean interior flirty and frivolous look.
    In any fabric store, you will find a huge selection of different lace curtains. You can also combine different fabric colors and styles to create unique window draperies. Alternatively, make double-layered curtains made of cotton and lace with them room will look more visually interesting.

    Curtains with slotted embroidery

    This traditional Tuscan embroidery matches the Mediterranean style, like no other fabric. Curtains decorated with slotted embroidery (slotted stitch, embroidery «Richelieu”) can be found in the store, sells draperies at the windows. This style combines the simplicity of modern lines and an old-fashioned embroidery.

  • Kids

    A Guide To Choose Children Bedroom Design

    Perhaps the modern tendency to design children’s rooms in the prominent style concept is caused by the rapid obsolescence of interior, born of the beloved hero image. Here almost everything can find its place: from a little bit faded, but still demanded Provence style to the stylish loft; from the functional high-tech to very unusually rethinking of retro. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and fresh stylistic ideas that are perfect for children’s room decoration and design: how can we implement them and for whom they suit?

    Children’s loft-style is more logical to call “adolescent”. Free, spacious and a little rebellious style is closer to teenagers. This type of housing draws inspiration from the industrial design, the spacious and diaphanous textile surplus. It is characterized by high ceilings, large areas of glazing, simulating factory shops, simple and functional furniture made of wood and metal. Fragments of masonry can be used pretty often.

    Interior details include ladders, metal structures, and other elements of industrial ‘heritage’. Loft can intersect with eco-style and steam-punk. These collaborations born spacious interiors, original, functional, appropriate for freedom-loving nature with original thinking.
    Many deny the high-tech, accusing it of cold detachment and lack of emotion. However, when you make a children room you can go a bit away from the meticulous observance of all stylistic features, taking from the spacious and functional style the best things.

    Bright and smooth tones, elegant simplicity of design, the active use of modern materials make the child comfortable and hygienic. Filling the room with all the technological innovations will delight any growing child, and rational design of the room makes the most convenient for training, games and recreation. Such room will be liked by well-minded people that have a systemic thinking and a good imagination. By changing just a few items, you can get a whole new mood of the room.

    Full copies of the adult style interior while renovating at the children room is another modern trend. Passion for analogy is due, primarily, to the common belief that ‘today’s children grow up faster’. To put it mildly, this is not always true. Great information availability is not always accompanied by emotional and moral maturity. However, the modern information field generates a desire to be like adults quite early. And now there are children rooms that cannot be distinguished from other rooms in the house. They can be made in a deliberately simple, classic style or get the characteristics of the most radical art. Designing a children room, you need to pay more attention to its functionality, which should fit the needs of a small inhabitant of the room.

  • Cinema

    DC film universe will take another change

    In early June, the comic-division of the Studio Warner Bros. lost two leaders — Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns. After that, the management of the DC film universe was in the hands of Walter Hamada, producer of successful horrors “It” and “The Conjuring”. According to sources, Hamada intends to rectify the situation with the film adaptations of DC comics.

    After the January appointment, Hamada has spent several months figuring out numerous DC projects, promoting ones and removing the others from the schedule. “He has got a real mess and now he is trying to correct the situation,” — says the source.

    20 Dec saw the release of “Aquaman” by James Was, and 2019 will see “Shazam” and “Wonder woman 2”. Moreover, there have been several DC projects in production that should be released in the near future.

    On June 6, it became known that Warner Bros. started working on a solo film about Joker, where the role of the mad clown will is played by Jared Leto. In parallel, there is a picture of Todd Phillips about the origin of the character, the main role in which is still played Joaquin Phoenix.

    The shooting of the Phillips’s film should start in autumn. The budget is estimated at $ 55 million, which is much less than a typical superhero project. The picture can be released under the heading of a new record label called DC or DC Dark Black.

    Many fans of the movie universe are also worried about the fate of “Batman”, the director’s chair of which is taken by Matt Reeves, the director of “Planet of the apes.” According to one of the sources, Reeves’s scenario is that Batman will be much younger. It is unlikely that Ben Affleck will try on a bat costume again.

    An interesting situation is around “Flash”. The film has managed to lose a few directors, and now it is directed by Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daly, scriptwriters of such a blockbuster as “Spider-Man: Return home.” Ezra Miller is still listed as the main role actress, but the film about the fastest man on earth will be different from the usual pictures of DC.

    Goldstein and Daly are going to use “Back to the future” as a basis for a solo film about Flash, though they have not specified how they are going to do that.

    Sources also note that Hamada plans to completely abandon the idea of scenario rooms, which have recently gained popularity in many studios. In addition, the producer and his boss Toby Emmerich intend to stop the practice of prematurely announcing premiere dates for future releases.

    “Walter has very precise plans for the universe, – said one of the sources, – he has a plan.”

  • Other

    Paper flower: new collection by Tiffany & Co.

    Graphic jewelry Paper Flowers – a story about careless chic and the first creation of Reed Krakoff

    According to Reed Krakoff, appointed as the creative Director of Tiffany & Co. in January 2017, for whom the Paper Flowers collection was the first full-fledged debut in a new role, the main focus of new products is in the combination of organicity and femininity with graphics. The result clearly shows the beauty of decomposition and asymmetry without loss for the traditional beauty of diamond jewelry and the DNA of the Historic American Jewelry House. A third of the jewelry is unique haute joaillerie items.

    Platinum flowers, which form the basis of jewelry, are obtained by combining abstract petals – neither realism nor jewelry botany! The palette is monochrome — platinum and diamond glitter. There are only a couple of highlights — diamond yellow and tanzanite blue. The latter is responsible for the color of the iris, an important floral motif in the history of Tiffany & Co. – a curtsy to the dawn of the brand’s glory, which fell on the modern era. Yellow diamonds in fireflies, the wings of which still beat the petal theme, are a tribute to the historical Tiffany Yellow stone, a “cushion” of canary shade with a weight of 128.54 carats.

  • Cinema

    What should fans of the Marvel film universe expect in the future?

    Many fans of superhero films from Marvel Studios watched “Avengers: Infinity War” and wondered what they should expect after the unexpected events of the picture, because the story was not over, and there would be another part of Avengers. The head of the Disney Studio Bob Iger said that there were discussions about the fourth series of blockbuster, as well as the future of that film universe.

    So, the audience is likely to expect the emergence of a new franchise, which will go beyond “Avengers”, but this does not mean that we will no longer see the current saviors of the world. Perhaps the final series should sum up the history and tell us about the fate of our favorite characters, after which a new team, such as “New Avengers” will appear on the stage.

    Although, this summer will bring us “Ant-Man and Wasp ” as well as the later continuation of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Spider-Man”, the studio plans to release 14 films before the middle of 2022. In addition, the next spring will see a picture dedicated to Captain Marvel, which means that the audience will be presented with a new heroine, which has not appeared in the film universe yet. It can become the first participant of the following “New Avengers”.

  • Money

    Gold Value

    Gold is soft, yellow, malleable precious metal. Gold is inferior to platinum group metals in its chemical properties. In addition, the cost of gold is traditionally high; therefore, only 10% of the world’s gold is used for industrial purposes: as a material for electrical contacts in microelectronics, metal soldering, in pharmacology and dentistry. The rest of the gold available is distributed approximately equally between the reserves of central and commercial banks, the property of individuals in the form of bars and jewelry.

    Gold has long been used by many nations as money. Since the advent of paper money, secured by gold reserves, the rate of gold has been set by the monetary authorities, depending on the amount of gold reserves of the country. During the expansion of production and trade in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, paper money gradually devalued due to the lack of gold security. The rate of gold was constantly growing at that time. This had continued until 1944, when the US dollar remained the only currency tied to gold at a fixed rate due the Bretton woods agreement. Gold actually turned from the main to the reserve currency. In 1971, the US government unilaterally renounced its obligations to maintain the official price of gold in us dollars. 1976 saw a complete demonetization of gold after the introduction of the floating exchange-rate system. Gold lost its monetary functions of a reserve currency and became just a commodity. Since that time, gold prices have been determined by the volume of supply and demand in the commodity market.

    Currently, the price of gold depends mainly on the investment demand. In developing countries, such as India and China, the demand for gold is mainly in the form of jewelry. The mechanisms of investing in gold in developed countries are more diverse: buying gold bars, investment coins, opening an allocated account or investing in ETF funds.

    Currently, the value of gold is an important economic indicator that allows you to assess the propensity of investors to risk. The quotations of gold and stock market indices often change in the opposite way: investors prefer to invest in gold as in a protective asset during an unstable economic situation. On the contrary, investors are more risky when they are optimistic. As a result, there is a capital inflow into the stock market and the outflow of capital from the commodity market. Therefore, the quotations of gold often fall in periods of economic growth.

  • Cinema

    DC comics films will be of low-budget

    This is due to the new strategy of Warner Bros., the implementation of which the company began after a series of resignations of managers responsible for production. First of all, the changes will affect solo projects about Joker, Batman and Flash.

    It is already known that the new film about Joker directed by Todd Phillips, the shooting of which will start in the autumn of 2018, will be low-budget. The budget of the picture will not exceed 55 million dollars. Perhaps the film will be the first in a new series called DC Dark or DC Black.

    The future film about Flash will be made in the style of a fantastic film “Back to the future” and will lose the gloomy atmosphere of the comic book. It is expected that the shooting of this picture will begin in the first half of 2019.

    Batman will be younger in the solo film directed by Matt Reeves than in Zach Snyder’s films. If the script is approved, Ben Affleck will leave the project.


  • Money

    Metals Focus: growth or decline in gold production in the world?

    Experts of the analytical Metals Focus Company, which is engaged in the study of the market of precious metals, discuss whether the world gold mining has reached its peak, and when the decline in production will begin.

    At the present time we can see the facts which prove both the decline and the growth of production. For example, 2017 saw a new record of gold production in the world, although the increase was only 3 tons, compared with 2016. However, the world gold mining could have been greater by the end of 2017 if China hadn’t declined the production of the yellow precious metal by 7% due to new requirements for the protection of the environment.

    However, a negative factor is the reduction in the number of new fields that have been put into operation in recent years. 11 fields entered the production phase during 2011-2013, but 2014-2016 witnessed a decrease in their number to 5. According to experts, 20 new gold deposits were put into operation last year. Is last year an exception?

    Metals Focus predicts that gold production will grow only by 0.1% in 2018. According to analysts, there will have been a reduction in a number of new projects for the production of yellow precious metal by 2020. The existing fields will move into the phase of production reduction. The total gold production in the world will be by 1.7% less than in 2017.

    The review states that the depleted gold deposits were compensated in 2017 with the help of available reserves. Therefore, there is a high probability of increasing the production of yellow precious metal in the long term. Experts expect the growth of gold production in Russia, Canada, Burkina Faso, Congo, Mauritania and Mongolia. China, on the contrary, should not expect a return to the previous volumes of production of precious metals.

  • Cinema

    The scriptwriters of Avengers 3 have found “a lot of stuff” in the DC film universe.

    The scriptwriters of the Marvel studio film ‘ “Avengers 3: Infinity War” Christopher Markus and Stephen explained the failure of the competing DC films universe and shared professional advice on how to improve the situation. The Wrap has published an interview with them.

    According to Marcus, the leadership of Warner Bros. is too much focused on trying to create a whole world instead of some good films. “I would put aside such characters as Batman, Superman and the already shown superheroes, among which only Wonder woman did well. Instead, I would dive into their rich library of characters, pick a couple of three others, and say to myself, “Let’s just make one good film, not a film universe, and see what happens. They mixed too much stuff in one pot,” he said.

    As an example, they cited the creative path of Marvel Studio, which was deprived of the opportunity to exploit their most popular characters, like spider-Man and X-Men, and turned to secondary ones, like Iron man, making a beautiful solo film, which gave the start to the entire film universe.

    Let’s recall that the film “Avengers 3: Infinity War” has grossed more than two billion dollars. Another DC film “Justice League” has failed at the box office.