• Celebrity

    Prince Harry gave his wife the family ring

    A marriage of Prince Harry and the actress Meghan Markle has long died down, but it looks like mass media continue to discuss this great event. Particularly recently, the gift of the royal person to his wife has become one of the main topics for discussion. The thing is, on their wedding day, after the completion of all ceremonies (when Harry and Meghan were officially married) Prince made her a present.

    Harry gave Markle the ring, which is valuable for him, as this precious jewel was worn by her mother, Princess Diana. The information about this present was first published in “Daily Mail”. We are talking about the ring with diamonds and sapphire, which was stored in the royal family after princess’s death.

    Nobody has worn it since then. The jewelry waited for a certain moment, and it came.

    The new husband made her a gift on their wedding day, when the couple was at Windsor Castle. When Harry and Meghan went outside and got on the vintage car, happy wife demonstrated the jewel on her arm.

    It is worth recalling that the tragic car accident took the life of Princess Diana. A few memorable things left after her death, were divided between her sons – Harry and William. The first left a ring in the memory of her mother, while the second kept the wristwatch “Cartier Tank Francaise”. Speaking of the ring, this is a hand-crafted jewelry, which was made by the house “Garrard”. It is important that this ring is not exclusive.

  • Celebrity

    Lady Gaga can start advertising the jewelry again

    In 2018, famous singer Lady Gaga surprised many of her fans with a participation in the advertising campaign of the world-famous brand “Tiffany&Co”. She signed a contract with the famous manufacturer of jewelry, with the result that Lady Gaga became face of the company.

    When this news appeared in numerous publications, most people were skeptical about it, as they couldn’t imagine “the mother of monsters” with a new look. But despite the critical predictions, the artist completed her task. Thus, she took part in the photo shoot during the advertising competition, where Lady Gaga tried on a retro look.

    In the photos, you can see the star wearing white blouse and black trousers, while her hair is combed neatly, which is strikingly different from the image we used to see on the stage and in her music videos. In addition to the photo shoot, Lady Gaga did a video, where she gave details of her attitude to various jewels.

    “I think that jewelry never comes amiss, especially if the environments and circumstances call for it. I think there is a misunderstanding that only men have the right to give women jewels. I profoundly believe that every girl can pamper herself by buying the jewel she likes”, – said Lady Gaga.

    Lately, there have been rumors that the famous singer became a participant of the advertising campaign of the famous jewelry house. To date, it is not known whether it will be “Tiffany&Co” or other manufacturer. Neither Lady Gaga herself nor her producers provided any comments on this issue.

    Probably, soon we will see the new and more reliable information about it.

  • Interior items

    What the bed to put in the bedroom?

    The basic rule of choosing a bed all know: choosing such that it was convenient. But so that the sleep was pleasant, you not only need a comfortable bed, and a comfortable bedroom. Therefore, the bed should be chosen on the basis of more than one rule: to find such to be beautiful. Thanks to the development of the modern world of design, we can find a bed to match any bedroom, whatever it was. Perhaps your minimalist bedroom lacks laconic beauty metal bed? Or do you want to find a black-black bed on half of your bedroom? It will look spectacular with bright linens. In general, it is a very laborious deal, because the bed – is the most important element of the interior of the bedroom.

    As you know, the most problematic room – a small room. At least in view of the fact that there does not fit all that we would like to deliver. Therefore, the idea to buy a round bed falls right to refuse: these beds occupy a half times more space than rectangular. I believe that the best solution for this room is a wardrobe bed. It does not take up much space, and in some cases even within the cabinet are shelves for the alarm clock, books and so on. In our time, all of these beds are equipped with a special mechanism that allows to lower the bed silently. When folded, it is not noticeable, and the spread is interesting decor of your bed. And if you do not want in your room there was only a silly case, you can buy a wardrobe bed with mirrored doors. But in any case it is necessary to take into account the fact that the minimum depth of the cabinets – 45 centimeters.

    Another way out of the situation – to buy a bunk bed. However, this option is most suitable for children’s rooms. If a family has only one child, then in such cases there are beds in which the bed on the second floor and on the ground – a desk, a closet, or something else (suddenly designers lacked imagination for more). A bunk bed with three beds: regular bunk bed with two beds and a place that extends from the bottom of the bed. But in any case it is necessary to remember that it is unlikely that in a room with low ceilings rise bunk bed.
    And if you have a large spacious bedroom? In this room, and the bed is necessary to be large, because small things in a big room simply lost. And if it is possible, why not arrange a royal bed ?!

    In the large bedroom you can put the bed-podium. Variants of this bed is incredibly much: maybe on it will be fixed a nightlight or table for a cup, book or alarm clock, or a lot of useful shelves or all together. As always you only need your desire and imagination.

  • Home

    From what overhead doors are made?

    In this article, we will tell you about the construction of the most common overhead doors. Talking about the components of an automatic gate, we often imagine targets, which are connected to a lifting mechanism. That is, thinking more simply, we have two structural elements of gates, automatic and “the gates themselves.”

    However, the automatic overhead doors have quite a complex structure: they consist of the already mentioned attempts, frame with runners, electric drive and other smaller parts. Gates are one piece and sectional. Sectional doors are made up of individual elements connected together so that when opening section are rolled.

    The most popular canvas for sections and whole doors – a sandwich-panel, based on the principle of puff pie. Both outer layers – is steel thickness between half a centimeter to 9 mm between the steel plates is a layer of polyurethane foam filler. Door with insulated joints overlap rests on the frame of the opening, which provides good heat and sound insulation.

    Let us consider principle according to which the whole door opens: first, the signal from the remote actuator pulls the upper edge of the door. It moves on plastic rollers along the vertical guides on both sides parallel to the movement. The system of lifting arms then captures and holds it horizontally so that the door is located under the ceiling. The reverse movement begins with the release of the door, which gradually descends on the springs to its original position.

    Whole gates are very demanding to space. To open these gates, you have to free up some space in front of them that will not allow you to park your car right up to the gate. Another aspect – compliance with torsion springs weight of your door. In the case of excessive load gates weight can “feel” only automatics, and damage may occur through your automatic mechanism.

    Sectional gates are composed of horizontal slat-panels. While the actuator pulls the upper edge, the panels are bent almost at right angle. Narrow panels also consist of sandwich-panels, while maintaining all the properties of temperarure insulation and sealing whole doors. Usually gates are sold in the barely perceptible to eye protective pellicle. It is not recommended to take off this pellicle until ita serious damage and loss of appearance. In addition, the best models of sectional doors are equipped with a system of protection from injury, ie, deaf an overlap joints. It is almost impossible to pinch your fingers between the panels of such gates.

  • Money

    Features of peer2peer credit loans

    The world never stays still. It is constantly changing and developing. In the twenty-first century, it feels particularly dynamic: rapid growth of technology and globalization became an integral part of our lives. Each of us daily faces various aspects of technological progress and information exchange.

    Separately it’s worth noting the financial sector as a standing on the front-line of technological progress. In the developed and developing world, it has long become synonymous with a dynamic and changing world and a symbol of global links between the countries and corporations. World’s leading research centers have already drawn attention to this relatively new segment of alternative finance market and are quite optimistic about its prospects.

    How peer to peer loans are developed?

    Р2P-lending is a mechanism of borrowing between the individuals through the special online-platforms. Its basic idea is that people can lend money to each other without the involvement of the financial institutions: banks, credit unions or microfinance organizations. The world’s levels of Р2P-lending already amount to tens of billions of dollars, and they grow every year.

    How do p2p loans work?

    Р2P stands for “peer-to-peer” or “person-to-person”. Future creditors and borrowers are registered on рeer2peer-platforms – Internet resources or programs, installed on smartphones, and conclude loan agreements right there. Unlike in banks, people arrange with each other about the debt stock, interests and maturities.

    How to invest in p2p loans?

    It works like this: investors and borrowers are registered in the system, after which the former get access to the requests placed by the latter. Investor can view them at any convenient time in search of advantageous offer, taking into account the interest rate, terms and rating of borrower. The latter depends on the data that the platform requests for each applicant in the credit reference bureau. The loan agreement is concluded with р2р-platform, which takes a commission for its services. As a rule, this is a % of loan amount. Both one and several persons can be the creditor on one loan.

    How peer2peer loans are developed nowadays?

    Such system is actively developing in the world. In this, one can borrow not only dollars or pounds, but also cryptocurrency. For example, some platforms of P2P credit allow one to borrow bitcoins.

    How peer 2 peer loans key configurations of companies on Р2Р market act:

    • online platform, requiring the mandatory registration of participants and allowing one to automate the search and selection of borrowers and creditors, reducing the level of cost. Most often all participants follow how p2p loans  analog of credit rating is calculated, determining the interest rate and other conditions;
    • classic intermediary, who provides the legal support of the direct lending transactions, focusing on the deposit as a way to minimize the risk. Intermediary is also responsible for the means test, expert real estate valuation and meeting of investor and borrower in real time at minimal cost.
  • Sport

    Wrestler in a leather mask – Big Van Vader deceased

    WWE’s first-magnitude star Big Van Vader (real name Leon Allen White), which made a name in the ring, and then in films and TV shows such as Boy Meets World, died at the age of 63 in USA, his son tweeted about it.

    Big Van Vader wrestler was born in 1955 and started his career in sports with American football. But because of the injury he was forced to leave and switched to wrestling in the mid-eighties. At the same time, his famous red leather mask – “in Japanese style” appeared.

    During his career which, like Big Van’s personal life, was not always smooth and even, Vader WWE gained many titles and awards, having got considerable fame outside the ring.

    In particular, he starred in the series “Baywatch” and “Boy Meets World”, the action movie “Fist of the North Star” (1995), where he played Goliath, in the documentary biopic “Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows, 1998” and a huge number of specialized videos.

    In May 2018, he successfully underwent heart operation, and the doctors thought that the condition was finally normalized. However it turned out differently – Bin Van Vader caught pneumonia and again he was laid up in the clinic, which he could not leave any more, like another wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow. The wrestler became famous in the early 90’s. In 1996, Bin Van Vader was in the Hall of Fame Wrestling Observer Newsletter, becoming the first heavyweight champion of non-Japanese origin.

    As a football player, Vadar has achieved really great success. At CU’s 1975, he was considered one of the best players in college football history. He also had a verbal contract with the All-American and All-Big Eight from 1976-77, and even played pre-season in All-American before the knee injury. This trauma forced our hero to do away with football … Also, Leon White was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the Business Administration, where he also studied.

  • Cinema

    “Incredibles 2” broke the rental record among the animated films

    “Incredibles” saw the light in 2004 and proved the superiority of “Pixar” once again. When the superheroes have not yet conquered the cinemas, Parr family managed to give the audience an exciting adventure, flavored with the best humor and excellent animation.

    Now, the studio started to work on the sequels, and, of course, it couldn’t get past one of its main hits. The action of sequels starts right after the end of the first film. The world isn’t ready for the return of superheroes, but the mysterious magnate (their big fan) offers to help his favorites to step out of the shadow and make a noble thing of saving humanity.

    Judging by the first reaction, the director Brad Bird has a good chance to repeat the critical and rental success of the original.

    Perri Nemiroff from the website “Collider” is genuinely excited about the sequel and highlights Jack-Jack, who, according to the author, became the real star of “Incredibles”. Moreover, Nemiroff doesn’t forget to praise Incredibles 2 cast and the musical score by Michael Giacchino.
    “Incredibles 2” is a quite normal sequel, — calmly tells Peter Sciretta, editor of “Slashfilm”. — A fun adventure, but it doesn’t rise to the level of original. Jack-Jack and Edna are the real stars (please tell me that they’ll make a short film about them). Excellent design and music of Giacchino”.

    Eric Eisenberg from “CinemaBlend” honestly admits that before watching, he doubted the reasonability of sequel, but he remained satisfied. “The sequel greatly develops the world and the characters, — writes Eisenberg. — On top of that, it is very funny and energetic. It will be remembered as one of the best films of this summer”.

    Kevin Polowy, writing for “Yahoo Entertainment”, repeats the idea that Jack-Jack became the main stair of the sequel.
    “I am happy to report that Brad Bird made a great continuation of ”Incredibles”, — writes Steven Winetraub. — I thoroughly enjoyed „Incredibles 2“. The music of Giacchino was brilliant as always. I can’t wait to see the film for the second time”.

    Chris Heiner was pleased to note that sequel have largely exceeded the original. According to the author, the history is somewhat predictable, but he really enjoyed the film.

    Jacky Xin, working with IGN, also crumbles in praise without forgetting to put a few exclamation marks at the ends of every sentence.

    “Incredibles 2” is a real bunch of fun, — writes Simon Thompson. — Action scenes are made skillfully and interestingly (but not overly so). The story has everything necessary for children and adults. It is a worthy continuation of a great original”.
    “I think no one will be surprised, but „Incredibles 2” is a real masterpiece, — tells Drew Taylor. — Touching, energetic and perfectly elaborated. Every second was worth of 14-year waiting”.

  • Celebrity

    Rapper XXXTentacion died: cause of death

    The news about the death of rapper XXXTentacion spread quickly among the artists. This event shocked the numerous fans of 20-year-old Jahseh Onfroy. The star who opened a new page in the history of rap, instantly topped the charts and was involved in a big scandal, suddenly went out.

    XXXTentacion died on June 18. At about 16:00 (Miami time) Jahseh went to the motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach. After making purchases in Riva Motorsport, the young man got in his car. However, someone was already waiting for him. Passers-by who heard XXXTentacion shot tried to provide first aid to Jahseh Onfroy and called an ambulance. The doctors got there in time and brought the rapper killed to the hospital. However, the medicine was powerless. XXXTentacion died in the ward. It is already known who shot XXXTentacion.

    The biography of rapper Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy pictures him as a quite ambiguous person. From one side, he made it to the top of popularity in 2018. His works opened a new depth of rap, representing this genre as immersion in depressive self-discovery. The songs of XXXTentacion are dark, but their originality brought the great popularity to the artist.
    His most famous works include:

    • the first hit of XXXTentacion – Look at Me!, which allowed the rapper to gain popularity in 2016;
    • XXXTentacion album “17”, released in 2017;
    • album “?” that made it to the top of “Billboard” in March 2018.

    Jahseh Onfroy also released a number of collaboration works with the other performers. Young artist didn’t have time to achieve more.

    Why not everyone is mourning?

    There is another side of biography of the rapper Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. The artist was born in a poor family. His mother who was only 18 couldn’t maintain or bring up the child. Therefore, he was kicked out of the choir as a child (even though he was talented).

    It was the deprivation of liberty that gave a boost to the creativity of XXXTentacion. In 2014, he released his first works. However, in 2015 tentacion rapper found himself in a court, charged with the robbery of the house with a number of aggravating factors. It was the case when the justice couldn’t help the person to correct his mistakes. The most unpleasant aspects of the rapper’s biography were revealed later.

    In 2016, x the rapper started to take his anger out on his girlfriend Geneva Ayala, using her as a punching bag. Jahseh abused her repeatedly. As he didn’t want his “beloved” to go to the hospital and document the beatings, he held the girl by force and didn’t let her leave the house for weeks.

    When the Jahseh’s sentence was changed, and he was placed under the house arrest, he nearly strangled the girl. The cause of his anger was infidelity. But this time the victim managed to escape and go to the police.
    For multiple offences, the rapper could have been sent to the jail for decades. However, the businessmen intervened. The artist had to comply with the terms of his contract, which is why he went again under the house arrest.

    Soon the girl tried to get a statement, but the XXXTentacion’s threats ended up in the increase of anticipated term of imprisonment, as well as the negative attitude of the public and worldwide mass media. Nobody knows how this story would end. However, two black robbers put an end to it. There were some doubts about is XXXTentacion really dead, but the doctors confirmed the fact.

  • Outdoor

    Backyard canopy: list of advantages

    Garden plots have long ceased to be associated only with hard work in summer, but today country holiday is becoming more popular. To build the capital constructions for creation of recreation areas and weather protection is not always advisable, which is why garden gazebos, canopies and other such facilities are the best option in most cases. It is pretty easy to build them even without the involvement of professionals, the main thing is to choose the best option.

    Canopies popularity is driven by a number of factors, let’s consider the most important ones:


    As noted above, the work for the construction of such buildings are not complicated, and they can be easily built with your own hands. You will need a small set of tools and required materials. It is important to prepare a project preliminarily.


    Cost of building a canopy is very affordable; it does not require the involvement of experts and the use of construction equipment. In the works the materials can be used, that were remaining after the construction of houses or other buildings, which reduces the cost even more.


    Wood, brick, plastic, stone and many others can be used as the material for the construction. Naturally, the nature of the work varies depending on the chosen option, so if you have no experience in construction, it is best to choose wood, as it is the simplest solution.

    A wide range of choices

    Depending on the nature of your site, you can choose the best configuration and size of the project. In addition, canopies can be made as free-standing ones or can be attached to the house or outbuildings. It is also possible to construct portable structures that can be removed in the winter, when they are not needed.

    All constructions may be divided into several groups, depending on the nature and purpose of use. Consider the basic options.


    On this basis there are two main options.

    The first one is household outbuildings, the main functions of which are as follows:

    • Protect vehicle from rain and sun, so this kind is a lightweight garage where the car is protected from the bad weather. Very convenient option for cottage, because the construction of the capital garage often does not make sense.
    • Storage of household equipment and gardening tools: ladders, trolleys, plastic furniture and more. Very simple and practical option allows not to put all things into the barn or pantry every time.
    • Canopy is often used as an area for cooking in the summer, that is, it performs the functions a summer kitchen. In this case, the canopy roof has to be of material which is resistant against high temperatures.
  • Outdoor

    The choice of outdoor curtains for pavilions

    You can not get enough of your brand new gazebo, just unfinished porch or terrace? However, you are confused with one small inconvenience – because of excessive openness you do not get the full feeling of comfort: prying eyes of neighbors disturb, wind, scorching sun, or drizzling rain don`t allow you to relax? So how do you get rid of these inconveniences and maintain the aesthetic beauty of your building? An excellent solution of such problems become so-called “outdoor curtains”, which provide not only protection against the weather, but also retain an attractive appearance of construction.

    Most often for “outdoor curtains” use a special material, which has high strength and good processing performance, thanks to which for many years (5 years) it can effectively carry out its direct functions without losing the look. The peculiarity of the material is that it is extremely strong and does not require personal care or dismantling at winter, refractories. We can say that the material is breathable due to the special mesh structure, which passes into a sufficient amount of fresh air, defies the processes of decay and is resistant to the appearance of mold. “Outdoor curtains” will be useful at any time of year, because they do not obstruct the view from the inside, and annoying neighbors will not see you now!

    Curtains for terraces, pergolas or verandas are designed to perform several functions:

    • give the surrounding atmosphere maximum saturation and comfort;
    • to protect from the scorching summer sun and create more shade, due to which inside the porch or gazebo will be cool and comfortable;
    • at day and night behind the curtains you can hide from prying eyes. If you want to adjust the light during the day, then you can stop the choice on the type of roller blinds day-night;
    • and on a cool day to receive protection from the wind and rain;
    • this is a small, but protection against mosquitoes and other insects that are in large numbers flock to the light at night.

    Create around a cozy home environment and let the decor of your pergola will be special!

  • Kids

    Some useful recommendations on kids room design

    ‘Children are flowers of life’ – all parents would agree with this statement which has already become a winged phrase. They won’t argue with other well-known statement too: we give children the very best that we have. And, creating the interior of the children bedroom, we seek to express it in all your care and love.

    A girl’s room for many parents seems to be like the world of pink fabrics, air curtains and caramel-colored wallpapers. But that kind of room is more likely similar to the magical realm of Barbie dolls, and it won’t be to the taste for many children. Creating a children room design for a child who already knows how to talk and express his or her thoughts, psychologists recommend in the first place to ask for advice the future owner of the room. First of all it concerns the choice of colors: the children are very receptive, and in a room with walls and furniture of a certain shade, they cannot feel really comfortable. For the rest, creating kids bedroom interior on your own, remember that girl necessarily needs to have space for games. Large wardrobes and tables may hamper living space and a large warm rug in the center of the room, on the contrary, can become a magical puppet country.

    Oddly enough, but while working on the design of rooms for their sons parents usually show more creative imagination. Here it’s not limited to pink wallpapers and matching curtains, but goes much further. Kids’ room for boys can be turned into a spaceship, a secret laboratory or Spider-Man’s lain. You can even leave a children room design for your baby neutral, but interesting for the kid.

    The parents of different sex children, living in one room, get the most difficult task. In this case it is necessary to create a children’s design that would suit both for a boy and a girl. The most optimal solution to this difficult situation is to divide the room visually into two parts, and equally ones if possible. Thus, each of the kids will have his or her personal space. At the same time the interior of both halves can be done in the same way, but you can – add “female” and “male” notes to the different parts of the room.

    If the size of the room allows, it is not superfluous to equip a small play area. Depending on the capabilities of the parents, it can be just a big carpet with children’s table and chairs or a small slide or swing. When the baby gets older, gym wall bars with the rope and the horizontal bar will be useful. As you know, children’s energy is inexhaustible, and it is good if the child splashes it out in active play and sports. Another good way to take the child and develop his or her creative abilities – to allocate a wall in the kids’ room on which he or she can draw. Especially for children’s creativity there are special stickers on the wall, simulating a blackboard.

  • Home,  Outdoor

    Outside canopy: brief guide and handful tips

    Canopy is a useful architectural element with a large functional load. Protection from rain and scorching sun is its top priority. For this design to be ergonomic and useful, it is necessary to consider all the details and select the appropriate option.

    There are a certain number of varieties. Canopies can act as:

    • a visor
    • a porch roof;
    • a gazebo;
    • terraces.

    By way of construction canopies can be:

    • Attached;
    • detached.

    Attached sheds are mounted close to the main building. It turns out that one side is required to have closed. With this design, you can design a veranda or patio.

    Attached sheds can be straight. This is the simplest kind, which can be used to protect the vehicle. Inclined canopy allows rain and snow to slide down and not to accumulate in harmful amounts. This architectural element can be abatvent and double slope, depending on the designer’s intent.

    There are also more complex shapes. For example, the arched structure is very common as a canopy.
    In order to build exactly the canopy that will not spoil the facade of the house and will blend in the overall picture, it is necessary to select materials properly. This will determine the color, texture and performance characteristics of the resulting element.

    The most popular in recent years are: polycarbonate, slate, corrugated board, plexiglas, tiles of various manufacturing, dense types of textile.
    To make a better foundation it is better to use stone; wood, brick, metal, concrete.

    Popular material is polycarbonate. This is the easiest and cheapest way to attach a good canopy to the house. With the help of this modern material canopy can get any shape. It safely protects against rain and excessive sunlight. Various colors and nice texture do not spoil facade of the house, but only decorate it, adding also a useful design element. Frame for polycarbonate roof can be wood or metal profiles.

    One disadvantage is polycarbonate is its high light transmission, which does not allow it to protect a place under a canopy from the sun completely. In the case where the canopy is on the sunny side, it is better to use a corrugated board from denser materials. It will give more shade, protect the car or furniture from fading, while retaining all the advantages of polycarbonate.

    Fabric canopies provide designers more scope for action. A variety of colors and textures allows to fashion a house and a plot in the desired style. This canopy is lightweight and relatively easy to install. In specialty stores you can often find a ready fabric canopy on a metal frame, which needs only be installed on the selected wall.

    Cloth canopy can be easily removed. Simple manipulation of such a design is fastened down and remains there until the next use. Unlike other options, the design of the fabric can be used as needed without cluttering space when the canopy is not needed.