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    What do you need to know about the bedding?

    Good bedding is not easy to choose. However, do not rush to buy the first liked set of bed, first try to find out a little more about bedding.


    It all depends on the country. Set of bed for everyday use – is, as a rule, a sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. But depending on the country of origin set structure, and the size of objects may vary. For example, there are European, American and domestic standards. All information about the size and composition of the set is usually indicated on the package.


    Modern design. Duvet covers with a hole in the middle is almost impossible to find today. Most often they are made as a pocket with a slot along the length or width. The slot can be opened with zipper or buttons, be fastened of textiles ribbons. The sheet can be traditional or tension, single cut or with a seam. Pillowcases are square and rectangular, buckle can be in the form of buttons, zippers, or valve-odor.

    Quality of products

    Examine stitches. If possible, open the box and look closely at the seams. Bedding should be stitched sewing seam. Threads should be ideally suited in tone to be uniformly twisted and strong. On the fabric should not be open sections: they will disperse after a couple of washes. Even processing of sections with overlock not make bedding more durable. It is desirable that the objects in the set had no joints and stitches in the middle – this bedding is more durable and comfortable to sleep on it.

    Selection of fabric

    Bedding sets can be made from both natural and blended fabrics. The main requirement to the material: it should be pleasant to the touch and hygroscopic. There is a classification of fabrics for bed linen according to the type of raw materials (cotton, linen, silk, viscose) and by the method of weaving (batiste, calico, calico, satin). Many people think that the words “calico” always means “cotton”. In reality, calico weaving may have, any, both natural and synthetic fabrics.

    Note the density of the weave (number indicated on the package). Low density is considered to be 20-30 threads per 1 square. cm, very high – 130-280 strands. The denser the fabric, the longer is the underwear.

    The best bedding is made from natural long-staple cotton (ideally – Egyptian). Other quickly lose juiciness of their colors, they formed “pellets” after washings in a mode of high temperatures.

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    Traditional wooden garage doors

    Wooden gates, though inferior to their modern analogues, but is still widely used in the dacha suburban areas. If your wooden gates have served their and came into disrepair, then you will be able to choose their adequate substitute, and, it is both possible the purchase of finished models and components to build the gate with your own hands. Thus, we consider that what is needed for installation of standard wooden doors.

    A perfect solution to this situation are wooden gates formed on the metal frame of the pipes. This option, in comparison with solid wood doors, has several important advantages: the structure is lighter and stronger, and most importantly – it will last you much longer. This is due to the fact that the metal is not exposed to the destructive influence of the vagaries of the weather. Furthermore, metal frame helps to ensure that the entire door construction visually appears much easier. Of course, one might ask: “Why then do we need wooden gates?” The answer is very simple – to create the color of antiquity, villages and a warm, homely atmosphere. A metal frame is almost invisible and will serve as a support for your design.

    Determine what you need to build a wooden gate on a solid frame. To create it you will need metal pipe: 12 meters of pipe diameter of 50 mm on the frame itself and two pipes 2,5 meters in length and 150 millimeters in diameter. You will also need a pair of metal rods, 10 millimeters in diameter to lock themselves inside the structure gates. The locking mechanism on our wooden gates will require: metal plate 30 mm in width, 30 cm in length and 5 mm in thickness – this is a catch; and a metal rod 25 cm long and 15 cm – to create the handle of the valve (T-shaped). You will also need a place for the creation of bindings and most importantly – plank board edging of lumber and four bars in length a half meters and section 50x50mm for gate valves. And from the tools will be useful jigsaw, welder and small materials such as nails, bolts and screws.

    Whatever the wooden gates you choose – purchased or created manually, they are always able to give to your country house or dacha national colors and a cozy atmosphere. And if they even decorate with wood carving, they will present the creation of traditional architecture.

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    Wall fish aquarium design

    There are two types of aquariums that can be set into the wall: overhead and built. First are mounted directly on the wall. This method is suitable only for installing small-sized aquariums. But the built-in are mounted in a prepared niche in the wall that looks very impressive and allows you to create real artistic masterpieces in the interior of any style.

    Advantages of tanks installed in the wall, are evident. First of all, they are original and incredibly compact. They do not need a free space and do not cause difficulties when installing.

    However, built-in aquariums have drawbacks. Firstly, they present a certain difficulty in the selection of equipment, and secondly, the difficulty in maintenance. Furthermore, wall aquariums charge a premium, which is also a significant drawback.

    For the wall aquarium it is necessary to take care of acquisition of special equipment in advance – filters, water heater, a special system for feeding fishes. Most modern wall aquariums are already sold in a complete set, so you will not have additional costs.

    Built-in aquariums can be used as a decorative room decoration, but often they are used also as partitions between rooms. When installing such an aquarium you should remember that it should be placed at the level of the human eye. It is better to install on the wall, on which do not fall the sun’s rays. Fish should be chosen sedentary, small in size, it is best of a flat shape. The same principle should be followed when selecting plants for the aquarium. Better if it will be slow-growing, not sprawling plant.

    An important condition for the installation of such an aquarium is the access to it at the top, which will allow to carry out a full feeding and caring for its inhabitants. If you decide to install the outboard tank, then this problem will go by itself, but when installing the embedded aquarium it is essential that niche was slightly above the aquarium.

    Expert advice will help you establish such an aquarium at home.

    • Check the wall for the presence of electrical wiring, fixtures. Make the layout in the planned location of the aquarium. In order to make the niche drill as many holes in this place, and then connect them, thus forming a hole.
    • Level the surface in a niche, make slopes.
    • Prepare the ground of sheet metal for the future aquarium, secure it in a niche.
    • Niche is ready, you can install an aquarium.

    Installing such aquarium in one of the walls of your home, you get a delicious piece of paradise, which will give the room an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and relaxation.

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    Rihanna will start to create jewelry again

    Recently, the information about the future plans of the famous singer Rihanna started to spread actively. Supposedly, the artist is planning to go back working on the design of jewelry in the near future.

    To date, the reliability of this news is unknown, but the artist and her environment remain silent about the rumors. Perhaps, here one can use the old saying- “there is no smoke without fire”. If the spreading rumors will prove true, we will be able to see the new works Rihanna as a designer of jewelry.

    It is worth recalling that in 2017, the singer had similar experience. Then she developed nine jewelries, among which were four pendants, earrings, bracelets, clips and rings. The collection was called “RIHANNA LOVES CHOPARD” and entered the market in summer 2017.

    As stated by the star, her homeland (the island of Barbados) inspired her to create the jewelry. The singer reported that she wanted to embody the noisy carnivals, regularly held on the island, in her works. Rihanna also likes the flowering gardens and white beaches of her beloved homeland, as well as the azure waters of the ocean. Diamonds, ceramics and pink gold were used for the creation of the jewels.

    The circulation of jewels was small. Each product was released in the amount of two thousand copies.

    If Rihanna wants to go back creating the design of jewelry, we should start to forecast what it will be and where she will draw inspiration from this time. It is still unknown who is going to cooperate with the star for the realization of her idea.

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    How to adjust the torsion springs on garage door


    1. Put the door in the down position.
    2. Turn off and unplug the garage door opening mechanism (if any).
    3. Place C-clamp on the track of garage doors just above the bottom roller to keep door.
    4. Find adjustment of collar or cone on the central shaft. The collar has a set screw that locks the spring tension on a central shaft
    5. Insert a metal rod into one of the holes of collar adjustment. This keeps the collar in place, so that you can loosen the set screw.
    6. Check the set screw, insert it into the flat position in the mine before adjusting. Flat position holds the screw more reliably.
    7. Hold the adjusting stock in position, loosen the set screw.
    8. Turn the collar with a barbell with a pitch 1/4 turn to the right or to the left or tighten or loosen the spring. Write down how many it turns accomplishments so that do the same thing with the other spring.
    9. Pull out the spring so that it does not delay the work. This is done by clicking on the rod that holds the spring tension in the direction from the center to the door. Be careful to avoid slipping of the rod from the hole.
    10. Hold the collar in the new position and tighten the set screw to fix. Be sure to note whether the set screw in the rod.
    11. Repeat the procedure on the second spring. Both springs must be adjusted equally.
    12. Repeat these steps until placing of adjustment collar on the central shaft.
    13. Find holes and screws that hold the torsion spring on the spot; that mechanism should have 2 set screws.
    14. Put one tension rod in the first hole to keep tight collar
    15. Loosen the set screws slowly when there is tension.
    16. Place the second tension rod to a different hole in the collar.
    17. Slide the collar to the right or to the left to tighten or loosen the spring.
    18. Remove one of the rods after proper adjustment.
    19. Tighten the set screws and at the same time firmly hold the remaining tension rods.
    20. Remove the remains of the rod.
    21. Lubricate the spring with a light engine oil or white lithium grease. If oil is used, it should be enough to penetrate between the coils and do not drip onto the floor or the door. Do not use any oil such as WD-40, as they usually dried metal, thus causing unwanted friction. The same rule applies to the rollers with metal balls, it is applied directly on the bearings. Lubrication must be done every six months.
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    Lionel Messi received the name ring from the Russian jewelers

    The great football player Lionel Messi celebrated his birthday on June 24. In celebration of this event, athlete received an exclusive present from the Russian jewelry plant “Bronnitsy Jewelry”. Especially for the football genius, the jewelers developed the design and created the name ring. It happened for a reason, as during all period of stay in the World Cup, the Argentine team was located in Bronnitsy, on one of the local training camps.

    We should mention the unique design of the ring, whose upper part was made in the form of football stadium. There you can see the football field and spectator tribunes. I think we don’t have to explain why this idea was embodied in this ring by the Russian jewelers, creating jewelry for Lionel Messi.

    The design of stadium dome is divided into two parts. These symbolic halves describe two stages of life of the great football player. The first half is devoted to Messi’s game for the team of Argentina, and the second symbolizes its game for the famous football club “Barcelona”. Jewelers painted each of the halves the colors of the football club “Barcelona” and the national team, for which Lionel plays. Under the dome, one can find the creeping line with a birthday message for the famous football player.

    In the lowest part of the ring, one can see the name of the owner and the order number, under which the player on the football field. Moreover, there is a symbol of championship and its name on the ring.

    Jewelers didn’t forget about the main participants of any football tournaments – fans. They are symbolized by the colored stones in place of tribunes.

    The ring given to Messi can be worn on a finger. However, it can be also used as a memorial sign/souvenir. A special pedestal, which can be placed next to the numerous awards that the famous football player received during his career, was created precisely for that purpose.

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    Online associate degrees that pay well

    Online associate degrees are provided specifically for students who, because of family, work and other circumstances cannot study full-time. Online associate degrees enable students, who are in a difficult life situation, get an education and find skilled work.

    Online associate degrees allow to make flexible learning schedule that student can adjust individually for himself. Students who choose this form of learning, have many possibilities of choice of optimal schedule and the number of subjects for semester. Students can choose such curriculum on office work, sociology, anthropology, international relations, psychology and many others.

    A bachelor’s degree is an academic degree of the first stage and is awarded after the successful assimilation of the curriculum and receipt of a certain amount of educational loans. Usually, education at bachelor programs takes four years, but the duration of training can be changed both, depending on the country of study and the chosen academic discipline. Academic disciplines may apply to the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, business, arts, law and rights, technical sciences, and many other scientific fields and more narrow specializations. With receipt of bachelor graduates` chances of building a successful career are rapidly increasing; In addition, you can decide to continue youe education and go to graduate school.

    There are many great universities all over the world that offer top-notch training in undergraduate programs. Many universities also offer various forms of training, such as full-time, part-time, evening and online program that gives you the flexibility of choice. If you decide to get a bachelor’s degree abroad as a foreign student, it will complement your academic experience with valuable skills of communication and life in another culture.

    Online associate degrees offer the highest quality education, students have the opportunity to closely interact with the teachers and professors that can further improve the quality of education. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree, but you can not devote time to full-time study, online associate degrees will help you achieve your goals in life. Look at the opportunities offered by universities around the world; Decide your future today!

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    Replacement of garage doors

    Replacing the old gates to the new brings previously unknown pleasure. And if it’s sectional door, the pleasure at least triple. Well, what good can be expected from traditional gates? They take up too much space. If left alone, it is imperceptible. But try to open this “piece of iron”- and each half describes a semi-circle with a diameter of three meters, sweeping away everything in its path. Now imagine that this is a room where there is a continuous production process. This is utter torment! Here, for example, a car wash. Gates constantly have to be opened, then closed. In our climate, in addition, there are adverse circumstances. Swing gates are usually “bungled” so that in the winter they freeze through, taking heat from the room, and then there is a danger that fails washing apparatus, within which water circulates. To avoid such trouble, “plowing” inside are insulated with mineral wool or other insulating material, which is usually from the top camouflaged with “lining.” Such gates are considerably heavier. They are often distorted. They saturate with water and harbor. Sectional and garage doors are deprived of all these evils .

    Firstly, they are not afraid of wind, rain, moisture inside the washing, as the door leaf is made of galvanized sheet steel with additional artificial turf, all the details of the gate specifically for sinks are made of stainless materials, guides and springs additionally painted with special anti-corrosion coating and electrical devices has additional protection from moisture.

    Secondly, to this gate you can reach close and not necessarily clean the snow in the winter in front of them because they open vertically upwards.

    Thirdly, they have a perfect appearance and may have windows through which one can observe the process of washing. And then, they themselves are easily washed what for car washes, where the car is sprayed with mud in all directions, is very important. And that’s not all advantages of sectional doors. It is no accident in the West is almost impossible to meet double-leaf gates. And not only on car washes. Economical capitalists who know how to calculate the loss of energy costs for heating, long appreciated the speed and convenience of opening sectional doors and many other benefits and advantages:

    • easy gate control both manually and automatically
    • security: all links of the gate have a trap protection
    • presence of anti-burglary protection with various schemes of locking gates
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    The diamond of Queen of Spain was sold for $6,7 million

    Isabel de Farnesio has possessed the dark blue diamond for more than 300 years, and now this precious thing was sold on the famous auction “Sotheby’s”. It is worth noting that the diamond was purchased for the sum that exceeded the expected figures.

    The auction, where famous diamond was sold, took place in Geneva. A number of other precious stones were also bidden upon, which yielded great results. However, the attention of most participants of the auction was drawn to 6.16-carat pear-shaped Farnese Blue.

    Queen of Spain received this diamond in 1715 from the governor of Philippine islands for the wedding of the royal person. Since then, the blue gem travelled to almost all countries of Europe with the descendants of Isabel de Farnesio. It is noteworthy that the precious stone has never left the storehouse of the royal house in 300 years.

    The protection of diamond “Farnese Blue” was very serious. For that reason, it has never been to the strangers for all the years it was possessed by the dynasty. In all this time, only family jeweler, immediate family and royalty have seen it. As a result, almost no one even heard of this precious stone.

    A veil of secrecy has been lifted only recently, when it was decided to offer the famous jewelry for sale. Experts of auction house “Sotheby’s” did a thorough examination of the diamond, after which the diamond went on a world tour. During this journey, it was demonstrated in Taipei, Singapore, New York, London and Hong Kong. The last destination point of the jewelry was Geneva, where Farnese Blue was sold for $6,7 million.

    We should note that the auction lasted only 4 minutes.

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    Roller doors: newest practical discovery

    Absolutely new product that provides the market of interior door overlaps, namely the roller doors. Consideration will be given to ways to use them in everyday life and advantageous qualities.

    Roller doors: benefits of usage

    Often when deciding to start a renovation in the room or if you wish to upgrade little old wardrobes, many come to a common and quite the right choice – purchase roller wooden beams, both for the cabinet and for decision to block interior openings. Brand new product offered in the construction markets of interior floors, has proved to be the best side in an original interior design complement the style of premises – roller doors.

    This product contains a number of preferred advantages:

    • ideal variant of styled room decoration. Without looking at the simplicity of design, in the interior space roller construction, used as interior floors, looks quite original and beautiful that gives design a special flair;
    • Interroom roller doors as advantageous indicator are versatile because they can be made in the form of “bunching”, and by the type of sliding overlaps that essentially saves space in small rooms;
    • Roller doors when installing do not require large expenditures;
    • Structurally, wooden roller interoom doors allow air to circulate freely in the space. So in the dressing room, roller door is the ideal solution also for balcony areas where the products perfectly protect the room from direct sunlight;
    • A wide variety of colors and decor. Prices for doors with lamellas directly dependent on the material used for manufacturing the product and on the dimensions of the final product. However, despite the newness of the decorative product and originality of performance, cost of roller door is slightly below price of normal door units intended for interior overlaps.

    Diversity in the destination

    Ways to use roller doors in the interior of the room:

    • Roller wood products can be used as interior doors overlap doorways;
    • Wooden roller doors are made in the form of “bunching”, can operate on the premises of territorial division, as a screen. Overlapping bunching perfectly fulfills its direct functional purpose.
    • Wooden doors as rollerw are often used in furniture manufacturing. Due to the natural flow of air through the fins, things will never be subjected to defeats and moths will not “suffocate”.
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    What is a balance transfer of credit card?

    Foreign borrowers have little use of “cash” loans so popular among Russians – for all the payments they use the credit cards and with their use generally occur most questions from those of our citizens who work, study or went abroad forever. Moreover, the specificity of credit cards (and credits in general) in Europe or the States is very different from the loan “plastic”, to which the Russians have become accustomed.

    For example, to such a question as refinancing we come only in respect of mortgage loans, and Russian banks do not give the possibility to change the conditions on most of the current credit agreements. Abroad, the credit organizations approach the issue of debts very differently, believing that even the other bank of the debtor can be converted into a grateful client, offering it the opportunity to consolidate debts (combination of multiple loans into one, and often at a lower interest rate). To “transfer” debt from one bank to another in Europe can be even by a credit card – this procedure is called a balance transfer.

    How does this happen?

    In order to “transfer” your debt balance to another bank, you will have to open a new credit card and using it repay your old debt. This service has been popular among Europeans, not only because it makes it possible to change the current conditions of use of credit card to more profitable, but also for another reason. The fact that European banks are seeking to survive as credit card issuers, vying with each other offer “newcomer” customers an introductory promotional interest rate – a period of one to six months, when on the money used is charged a minimum percentage, and in some banks this fee may even be 0 %. For the fact of the transition, banks typically do not charge a fee, and in order to use the service you will need only your e-mail address and a valid social security number.

    Why do you need it?

    In Europe credit cards are a fairly extensive business segment for banks. This “plastic” – is the main source of their income, so the desire to attract as many cardholders as possible is understandable. For these same borrowers, such a procedure becomes a great opportunity to get a respite for payment by credit card. Even if we consider that the interest rates on credit cards in the European average is 16% per annum (how can we not recall the “domestic” 25-27%), with such sums that the average European should give banks on the cards, it is a significant burden on the budget. Therefore, balance transfer is an excellent way for a certain period to return (now to a new) bank funds at a reduced interest rate, which ultimately translates into a decent save.

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    Pros and cons of LED aquarium lighting

    LED lighting type, is more and more included in the aquariumistics, to which helps a lot change in the LED market. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are becoming brighter, consume less electricity and have a growing range of radiation …

    Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of this type of LED lighting …

    The advantage of LED lighting systems of the aquarium

    1.  They do not produce a great amount of heat, compared with metal halide incandescent lighting. We can say that LED-diodes do not warm. Due to the heat generated by conventional lamps, aquarists have to use the cooling system of aquarium lamps, which further increases energy costs. Of course, it is not about the 50-gallon tank, in this case.
    2. You do not need periodic replacement of lamps. This statement requires a little explanation. Many beginning aquarists are not aware that their expensive fluorescent lamp, which they amassed six months, while aging changes its spectrum.

    Lighting issued by a similar aquarium lamp becomes more yellow, which causes an increasing number of different types of algae. The cultivation of aquatic plants or corals becomes practically impossible.

    This is quantum physics, although any trader ofaquarium equipment would argue that the problem is only in your cheap aquarium lamp. Like, the most expensive T5 lamp will remove all of these questions.
    Price is not related to quantum physics and in six months you will have to replace the lamp. Otherwise, you can say “goodbye” to your beautiful Dutch aquarium immediately.

    LED lighting also does not suffer a shift of the spectrum. In addition, high-quality light-emitting diodes are capable to work about five years.
    Structurally, the LEDs are connected to an array, which is assembled in such a way that the failure of one component of the LED will not affect the work of others. In fact, this type of lighting is able to work until the last LED.

    In the case of fluorescent lighting, a single lamp failure will immerse your tank into the darkness.

    The main advantage of LED lighting of the aquarium

    This low power consumption, in other words, high-performance ratio of the radiation power per gallon of water. In terms of several years, you can save substantially by using LED lighting for your aquarium.

    An array of LEDs allows to use different ways of incorporating that specifies the number of LEDs working at the moment, making it easy to adjust the strength of aquarium lighting.

    The brightness of the metal halide lamp should not be adjusted if it is not provided by technical characteristics of the lamp. Reducing the voltage across the lamp will reduce its brightness, but shift the emitted spectrum. LED matrix is completely devoid of this shortcoming.