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    Three types of sea aquariums

    The natural beauty of the sea aquarium is very tempted by many aquarists. But what includes the proper maintenance and care of the aquarium? There are different types of sea aquariums, some are easier to maintain, while others require more effort. Before you decide to start a saltwater aquarium find out the main differences between these aquariums and why certain sea aquariums are more difficult in the care than others.

    Fish-Only Saltwater Aquarium

    Saltwater aquariums are divided into 3 main types: fish, fish with live rock and reef aquariums. Among this three most common – fish.
    Fish aquarium, as its name indicates, is designed for care and presentation of sea fish. As the fish is in the spotlight, such aquariums are small decorated, often with parts of the skeleton of corals or artificial corals. Like any other aquarium the highlights are the maintenance of water parameters and good filtration. Presence of a beautiful and hardy fish, such as fish-girl, yellow zebrasoma, favor the successful operation of the aquarium. Fish aquarium – is the easiest option for amateur aquarists, who became interested in sea aquariums. This aquarium will allow amateur to meet and master certain skills of aquarium.

    FOWLR (Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock)

    Sea fish aquarium with live rock – an intermediate stage between fish and reef aquarium. Although fish is a major element of the aquarium, but are introduced the basic elements of reef aquarium (living stone). Live rock – fragments of old coral reefs inhabited by natural means with all the variety of sea life including invertebrates, sponges and millions of nitrifying bacteria. This stone provides additional filtering and helps to maintain stable water parameters. The most important point in this type of aquarium – is acclimatization of living stones, additional lighting and additives for the desired growth of algae and the ban on many medications that harm essential to living organisms that are found in the living rock.

    Coral Reef Aquarium

    The most difficult in the care and the most expensive – reef aquarium, mostly populated by corals and other invertebrates with a small amount of fish or without it. Corals and invertebrates – are stars of reef aquarium. Since the sea creatures are very sensitive to water conditions, they need to constantly be checked. Also, many corals are highly dependent on the quality of light, so only require the best lighting. Residents of reef aquarium require special attention, so it is important to consider the issues on the topic of lighting and flow additives and other requirements.

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    Sectional garage doors – safety and comfort

    To surprise with garage, which is not only functional, but aesthetic, and meets the highest safety standards – is still possible! Install sectional garage doors with automation – comfortable and safe item for your home.

    In our time, the garage is no longer a luxury. As of today, the garage has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. It is a personal parking, which not only protects your car against criminals, but also from time to time of the severe weather. Today it is hardly possible to surprise someone with garage. But to surprise with garage, which is not only functional, but also gives your home an added value in terms of aesthetics, but also meets the highest safety standards – is still possible! And only sectional garage doors can do it . There are many ways to increase the security of your garage, and with it the house. But most of them put it mildly are not visually aesthetic and comfortable. That is why the sectional doors are the best solution to all these problems.

    Let us consider several reasons for installation of garage doors:

    1. Safety. Answering all the highest European safety standards the sectional garage doors act as a visual deterrent physical barrier, increasing the level of protection for your home and property. At the same time you get the opportunity to control access to your property.
    2. Appearance. While safety is undoubtedly is the main argument why homeowners choose sectional garage doors, appearance is the second. Some garages look like industrial heritage of the past years and frankly spoil the look of the house. You’d be surprised how your garage transforms after installation of sectional doors. Today, the choice of colors, materials, textures and types of panels is one of the main advantages of this type of gate. They can be matched to any exterior and tastes from modern to classical. And they certainly bring aesthetic appearance to your home.
    3. Convenience. Installation of automatic sectional doors relieve you of necessity extra actions at the entrance / exit of the parking garage. All you need to do – is to click the button on the remote! By doing so you will not waste your time on the opening and closing of gates and avoid getting wet in the rain.
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    Interior decorations

    Man always strives for change: to a better job, a higher salary, to good conditions of life, and hence to the comfort in the house, the new repair.

    After a hard day so eager to come home, where there is order, comfort and beauty. To change the interior in the house, not necessarily to make repairs, which require considerable financial investments of time and effort. Decorative and interior items create an important atmosphere in the house. All these little things that heralded the house, in the end will create coziness and general picture.
    Have you ever thought about making transform the housing, is not needed a grand renovation?

    Repairs should be present, but it can be very minimal, with neatly painted walls and classic ceiling.

    Decor items are:

    • vases;
    • paintings;
    • figurines;
    • flowers.

    Also, interior items can be different textile products, such as pillows or curtains.
    For many items for home decor act various wooden products:

    • floor clocks;
    • wooden figures and figurines;
    • musical instruments (piano);
    • furniture with wood trim.

    While home- in your apartment, cottage, house – in a place that you consider your home, you need to attain the positive emotions and calm. To achieve these results you need so that there was the appropriate setting.

    The interior should correspond to the character of man, his environment, outlook – in short, the inner world. To correct the current situation, we offer interior decor items.

    Decor – is exterior design of the interior. But the bare walls, even in the wallpaper, it is not enough. Anyway, the room looks empty. Needed pleasant things that have highlighted your personality and at the same time to fill the space in the room. By the way, not only to be decorating living rooms. You can also vary the bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, hallway and closet.

    Assortment of home decorating is extremely wide. Here there are things, the existence of which you never knew existed. For example, a pillow with built-in speakers. Bamboo mats, creating an atmosphere of the East for you. In the bath you can put the nozzle on the faucet, the water is illuminated depending on the temperature, and of course, flower arrangements.Despite the growth of cities, the problem of reducing the living space becomes relevant. This means that you need to make better use of available space. Therefore, in addition to the usual visual effect, many things began to bring practical benefits.

  • Kids

    Kids & baby clothing

    Long gone are days of hung out to dry nappies. Doctors initially gave the green light to a wide diapering, and then it was canceled altogether. In fact, giving permission and for mothers, and for designers on special children fashion.

    For children’s clothing there are not so many requirements than for children’s shoes. By following them, you can always choose the right outfit for your princess or prince.


    First rule: children’s clothing should be made of natural fabrics.

    If it is winter, it is permissible to put some absolutely magnificent synthetic outfit on natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics often look more beautiful than natural ones. And they are often significantly cheaper. But it was natural fabrics that let the child’s body to “breathe” and help the imperfect system of thermoregulation.


    From the first days of life can be put on the baby jeans or dress with mini-corset. But why to pinch gentle child`s body with laces, buttons, locks? All that he will have in large amounts, but later. The first six months, choose a soft, loose clothes without drawstrings. This is especially true of drawstrings on the throat (risk of suffocation) and clothing in which baby will sleep. Clothes should not hamper the movements of the child.


    Maybe it will surprise you, but children from birth have color preferences. And boys and girls are different! Common to all children is a dislike for dark colors. Generally susceptibility to color of children is higher than of adults. Even a year-old baby may refuse to carry the thing that he does not like in color. According to psychologists, bright colors cheer up. In general, a child’s choice of clothing color coincides with his temperament.


    As a rule, in the first three months of life, full-term babies are more or less “standard”. You just go to the store and buy those things where is specified age or a child’s growth. In the future, there are simple rules. When buying clothes for growth look at the child how will look like pants or a jacket with trousers or rolled up sleeves, respectively. The permissible deviation of the growth of the child is considered by labeling things for a couple of centimeters in one direction or another. To easure the child if he is not a walker shopping, this is the easiest way. Put him back to the wall and making a mark in relation to its height (in this case, you can use a thick book), measure the distance to the floor with usual measuring tape.

    The amount of clothes.

    In the fall and winter for sedentary kids is acting a simple rule: how to layer plus one. Standard blanket in the stroller is not included in the concept of “one layer”. If you are a sling-mother (or plan to be it), wear a baby under your jacket as a blanket. In spring baby is dressed like yourself. During summer heat baby are dressed often even better than yourself, because overheating for the baby remains even worse than hypothermia.

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    Ease of use of sectional doors

    The main purpose of sectional doors – to close garage entrance or boxing. Previously used for these purposes swing, and in very rare cases, sliding doors. However, technologies are being developed, and to replace the traditional garage door came sectional doors. What are they so favorably differ from other garage doors?

    First of all – it’s easy and space saving. Construction of sectional doors is that the door leaf, consisting of sandwich panels along the guide goes to the ceiling. Thus, you are not limited in the width of partition (as in the case of sliding gates), and in the space in front of the entrance (which is important for swing gates). Furthermore, in case of heavy snowfall you will have to work hard with a shovel to just open the swinging doors. In the case of sectional doors there is no such problem.

    Another nuance is associated with security. If swing gates in your garage is not equipped with an automatic, any strong gust of wind can slam the shutter, damaging the car, if it suddenly appears in the doorway, or injure a person in the path of the sash. In sectional doors does not arise such a threat because the wind load virtually has no effect on the opening and closing of the gate. Furthermore, the door leaf is firmly fixed in any position by means of torsion springs or tension mechanism.

    And finally we can say about the energy-saving features of sectional doors. The traditional garage doors are usually made from a conventional sheet metal, which is frankly poorly protected from external climate exposure. Sectional doors, through the use of sandwich panels and density adjustment to the opening panel, ensure the preservation of its microclimate in the garage, regardless of the weather outside.

    Thus, it becomes obvious that sectional doors have a number of advantages over other types of garage doors. Sectional doors – it’s convenience, safety and economy.

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    Air compressor for aquarium

    Acquired aquarium must be completely prepared before you start decorating it and population of the fish. To start a new aquarium, you will need to buy a lot of equipment that is designed to create and maintain the most favorable conditions for the life of the fish.
    Among the necessary equipment, along with filters, lighting and heating, are included compressors.

    Why to install the aquarium compressor?

    Some species of fish, such as the labyrinth, can breathe atmospheric air – for them percentage of oxygen in the water is not very important. Other fish breathe by dissolved oxygen. Aquarium plants also need this gas – the day they are actively pursuing the process of photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. At night, photosynthesis is not carried out – and the level of carbon dioxide in the water begins to rise.

    In order to maintain oxygen balance the compressor for the aquarium must be installed. Compressors pump air into the aquarium water, thereby enriching it with oxygen.

    Aeration – the main function of any compressor: oxygenated water is needed, and fish, and vegetation, and the bacteria that live in the aquarium.

    With aeration possibilities of compressors are not exhausted. Continuous mixing of water layers promotes uniform temperature distribution – because the lower layers are heated less well than the upper.
    Air compressor for aquarium helps to maintain temperature while preventing stagnation of water. Thus, in water, heated twith hermoregulator are not formed zones with different temperatures, and the water itself does not rot, not stagnant.

    To many aquarists noise of running compressor interferes their rest, and they cut it at night. You should not do that – as already mentioned, it was in the dark that oxygen in the water is greatly reduced, as the plants begin to absorb it on a par with the fishes. Imported compressors are significantly quieter than domestic, but totally silent unit does not exist.

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    Water cooler for home

    Water cooler (water dispenser) – a household appliance designed for water supply and having a specific set of functions: cooling, heating, filtration, carbonation.

    Floor water coolers

    This is a classic version of the water cooler (water dispenser).
    All models work in automatic mode. The color of the indicator on the front panel continuously informs about the operation mode of the cooler. If necessary, it is possible to disable the function of heating or cooling water. Disconnecting from the network is only recommended in case of prolonged break in usage.
    Models are usually equipped with built-in cameras of ozonation (used for disinfection of dishes) or cold storage.
    Floor models are generally more expensive than their desktop “little brothers.”

    Desktop water coolers

    A desktop water cooler (water dispenser) – is compact has the same qualitative characteristics of during heating and cooling of bottled drinking water, as the outdoor dispenser. By purchasing a desktop water cooler, think in advance about the table that will serve as a support for the device. Because, as a rule, table cooler is mounted on a table or other similar surface.
    Convenient for homes and small buildings.

    Structure of water cooler with heating and cooling function

    Water is cooled to a particular temperature and is maintained within a certain range (5 – 13 degrees Celsius).
    In water cooler is used one of the two types of cooling – compressor or electronic.
    In some models of coolers the user can adjust temperature cooling water.

    Water heating

    Water is heated with TAN to a particular temperature and through the thermodes is supported within a certain range (86 – 96 degrees Celsius). The water is not boiling, thus preserving the many useful properties of water
    Hot water tap may have a scald safe device .

    Water aerating

    Chilled water is carbonated with a special unit, which has a replaceable cartridge, or tank. In some models of the water cooler the user can adjust degree of carbonation.

    Water Filtration

    Before the receipt into the tanks water passes through several stages of purification (mechanical cleaning, impurities, etc.). Replacement filters are mounted inside the housing of the cooler. The quality of water at the outlet may not be inferior to the quality of bottled water.
    Additional options for the water cooler: built-in cupboards or fridge, holder plastic cups, etc.

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    How to make electric swinging doors

    There was an idea, to make the swinging doors myself as usual because of laziness. No wonder they say “laziness – the engine of progress.” I decided to provide with automatics my swinging doors. The main question has arisen with the drive.

    When I learned how much it costs that put, I was shocked. And I’ll tell you why. If for two drives to pay 300 euros, well, excuse me, for what? As I am myself engaged in satellite TV, I decided to think a little outside the box and cross “camel with a rhinoceros.”

    As you know, in the old rotary systems of satellite antennas was used, the motor with worm gear on a sliding stock that leads the antenna. The principle of operation is the same as in standard drive for swing gates. Moreover, it seems to me, even it has its own advantages. For drive you need 220W, and this is fed through a transformer constant voltage of 36V, there is better from plan of security.

    How to make so the swinging doors were opened a little faster? The voltage can be increased, for example up to 38V. The motor runs quietly and briefly stand.

    Now, in order.

    We have two such drives. We take the largest. Drives that have maximally elongated stem. On company that sells satellite dishes there are those drives available. The cost of one drive 35-50 dollars, depending on the company’s greed.

    Transformer at 36-40 volts.

    And most importantly, remote of automation. Remote with two charms, a range of 50 meters, buy in firm, which is engaged in the protection of the alarm. The price such thing is of 30-50 dollars, also depends on the company’s greed. I have bought in much greedy firm and paid for it as much as $ 31. In fact it is all I bought. The rest I found a home. By the way, the remote performs two orders: first I used to close-open gates, and the second so it did not disappear, for on-off light in the garage.

    For all-all the work it took half a day, taking into account that the swing gates has long been hanging in the garage.

    Among the shortcomings is the fact that this system would have to be further develop current relay.

    In order to when a stone hit the gate leaf or even an obstacle, the relay operates and returns automatic gates ago. Otherwise, the motor may burn out or even roll, bend the gates.

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    Aquarium decoration ideas at home

    Consider the main types of aquarium design. Say at once that we will talk only about freshwater aquariums, as they are more common and more accessible financially than the sea ones.

    Aquarium decorations seeds

    Quite frequent in recent time variant of decoration. It harmonizes well with the technological design, but at the same time, designed interesting, it will take its rightful place in the strict or home interior.
    The basic principle of of creating such a design – bright colors, contrast of fishes and decorative elements, the use of lighting, emphasizing the brightness of the fishes. In most cases, this aquarium decoration occurs without the use of live plants.
    For decoration of such aquarium are used natural fossilized corals, their artificial analogues, various imitations of sponges, artificial plants of bright colors (orange, yellow, red, purple). For lightning are selected lamps wiyh bright white color with a bluish tinge, such as PowerGlo from Hagen.

    Classic decoration

    Type of decoration, when in tank are created conditions, reminiscent of the underwater world of freshwater. This decoration mainly use natural materials for decoration: driftwood, rocks, live plants. Live plants, many are replaced with artificial, to facilitate maintenance.
    There are also tanks with a futuristic design. For decoration are used unexpected materials and elements. Once I saw a tank large enough with completely unimaginable combination of all it is, the design resembled the pseudo-sea but instead of coral in the middle was a strange structure made of brown clay, something resembling a house of some cartoon characters, and thus of the inhabitants only a dozen large goldfish. Despite all this, the aquarium looked interesting. Although the attitude of aquarists to these works is ambiguous. In pursuit of design,people are often guided by the designer`s opininon and not a specialist in aquariums. This often leads to the fact that the tank or suffering from permanent inhabitants death or terribly difficult to maintain.

    When selecting the inhabitants you must take into account the compatibility of the fish on the temperature conditions, water conditions, size and type of behavior. At one aquarium should be fish from the same region, sor example is inappropriate to have with major US Malawi cichlids. Selection can be left to professionals or to study the literature and the Internet.

  • Money

    The credit balance

    The concept of the balance came from Italy. As an accounting term, it stuck in the XIX century. The balance is translated from Italian as the rest of the calculation, the price paid. In accounting, it means the difference between the amount of pay-in account, that is, flow rate, and expense account – credit. At the beginning of the XX century its meaning has expanded and moved beyond accounting.

    Types of balance

    Credit balance – in this case credit is bigger than flow rate. This indicator makes it possible to see the status of a source of income that is used for the execution of business affairs of the enterprise. The credit balance is shown in the balance sheet liabilities.
    Debit balance – debit is bigger than credit. It shows the state of the balance relating to the conduct of operations. In this case for the basis is taken a specific period of time.

    The score on performed operation closes when the difference between credit and debit is zero.
    Usually, in practice, not the whole history of the movement of funds is taken into account, but the selected time period (month, quarter, year). This period is called reporting.

    The calculation of the balance of money in the account is not possible without understanding of the following definitions:

    • Opening balance. It shows the rest of finance on a specific account of the beginning of the reporting period. This is calculated by taking into account the previous operations;
    • outgoing balance shows the balance of the account on the date of completion of the period. To calculate the amount you need to add up the initial balance and all transactions for a specific period;
    • the balance of the period – this figure indicates the result of all the previous operations, which were carried out in a certain period.

    To determine credit turnover it is necessary to calculate the result on the accounts of by selecting the desired period.

    At the present time, as well as a few centuries ago, the balance – is the difference of final accounts according to the account of debit and credit.

    But besides the specific accounting transactions this term is widely used in foreign trade.

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    Automatic roller doors for garage

    Manual method of opening and closing garage doors slowly losing ground and it is replaced by practical automation. So the driver het in his garage he does not have to leave the car: it is enough to press the corresponding button on the remote control and the gate will open.
    Automatic roller doors for garage are found the fastest self-propelled devices for this purpose. Only 2.7 seconds is necessary to fully open or close the door with the opening of 2 × 4 meters. The drive acts as the driving force of automatic rolls. Thanks to a special device inside the box is blocked canvas, leaving doors locked with a key.

    The advantages of automatic roller doors

    Roller doors is a reliable defender. Hack them is hard enough, so thieves are reluctant to hack this type of fencing. In addition to the roller doors is simple to connect the alarm, which further increases the safety of their use.

    This type of garage doors is able to fit into any garage. To install the roller doors you do not need to allocate a lot of space, so you do not need to radically transform the doorway. Completeness of construction allows them to be used in any garage, ceiling height of which does not exceed 4 meters.

    Roller doors are easy to use and does not require any special care. Breakdowns of their machinery occur very rarely, most often because of improper use of the hosts. This type of garage doors is represented in a wide range of colors, it will allow you to create a perfect image of the garage, so roller gates are often used in the private economy. If desired, they harmoniously fit into any style of architecture.

    Disadvantages of automatic roller doors

    In winter the sash of roller doors may ice, because of which can be broken correctness of open. Correct this deficiency is easy – simply tap on the canvas and then lift the door. Another winter problem may be freezing of the lock. Jamming of crossbars not allow to open the door. To resolve this problem, use a protective spray that will help prevent similar troubles.

    Roller doors are not suitable for use in a heated garage. Even their insulated version with polyurethane filler will not be able to maintain a proper degree of heat because of the abundance in the web slots. But they can be used inside a heated space or unheated garage.
    We should note the high cost of the roller door, due to which motorists are in no hurry to buy them.

    Automatic roller doors for garage will become a reliable and convenient protector of your vehicle. With their help, you will not only be able to feel the security for your four-wheeled friend, but also comfortable to use them.

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    Angelfish facts and information (Pterophyllum scalare)

    Angelfish in the wild are found in South America in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco. They hold in calm areas of water bodies such as bays, overgrown with reeds, coast, lagoons and flooded lands rich in plants, as well as small quiet creeks.

    The body of angelfish is disk-like with very elongated dorsal and anal fins, resembling a crescent moon. The body length of 20 cm and a height of fish (including fins) can reach nearly 30 cm. In the artificial conditions their sizes are strongly dependent on the volume of an aquarium and rarely reach 10 cm. Pelvic fins are filamentous, long. This structure allows these fearful and cautious fish to maneuver among the vegetation and to hide from enemies at time.

    The main color of angelfish body varies greatly, can have different shades of gray from greenish-gray to olive with a silvery sheen. The back is darker than abdomen. On the body extends vertically dark bands, saturation of which is dependent on the state of the fish. The first of which passes through the eye of the fish, and the last – in the base of the tail fin. As a result of many years of breeding modern aquarium angelfish are painted in the most fantastic colors, they can be striped, black, marble, gold, smoky, two- and three-color, green. Also widespread is voile form with more elongated fins. But natural form Pterophyllum scalare in the aquarium is now no longer met as after so many years, it mixed with the breeding species.

    Angelfish are known to aquarists for almost a hundred years. Elegant and unhurried, they can decorate any aquarium, kept with most peace-loving fish. Another 20 – 30 years ago angelfish was considered problem, difficult to maintain and especially in the breeding of fish. But at the moment it is not. Changing many generations of fish bred and raised in captivity, led to their complete adaptation to the aquarium conditions.

    Angelfish – quiet peaceful schooling fish. It is better to keep them in a group of 4 – 6 fish. They are kept in aquariums with more small and comparable in magnitude, but non-aggressive fish species. If the aquarist is not going to make a species aquarium, it is advisable to keep them together with mesonauta (Cichlasoma festivum) or catfish genus Corydoras, but not with the barbs, and viviparous haratsidovymi toothcarps that may bite in angelfish tail fiber fins. Despite the peaceful nature, a hungry adult angelfish is not averse to swallow a small fish, so the coexistence of, for example, neon with these fish will not be very long.