• Restaurant

    Chefs knives

    The choice of decent “tools of kitchen production” is an indicator of the professionalism and experience of its direct owner, and the status of the restaurant. The blade is a key element of the knife. Key indicators are endurance, strength, flexibility, hardness, durability, resistance to abrasion, the ability to keep rake. The thickness and shape of the blade directly depend on which type of work and what kitchen style knife is designed for. As for the blade, in turn, there are three major components – the edge, butt, cutting edge. That is the knife point and the type of sharpening that made the knife suitable for particular works. Utility (chef)…

  • cutlery

    Cutlery: how to choose & how to use

    Choosing and buying a modern flatware is now quite easy – shops offer incredible diversity. Most often, at the stores you can find knives, spoons and forks made of stainless steel, nickel or silver. More often – they are made of silver, and aluminum, wood and plastic. For the production of cutlery stainless steel fits just perfect – it is inexpensive, durable, absolute inertia. Cupronickel or nickel-silver are elite materials, so their cost is high. Nowadays almost no one produces cutlery made of cupronickel, and nickel-silver ones almost always have outer coating of silver, gold, etc., that is, the purchase of such sets of forks, knives and spoons is also…

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    The importance of beautiful restaurant menu design

    The restaurant owners often underestimate the importance of menu design. Surely you know that many restaurants offer rather unattractive menus to their visitors. Today we don’t want to cite somebody as example and claim that in our time any person must be interested in the design and understand it. After all, it’s not quite like that. Nowadays many people don’t pay special attention to the clothes, shoes, pieces of furniture. They don’t care how the restaurant menu looks like. Throughout their life they don’t want to devote their time to the design, functionality or aesthetics. It’s both good and bad, but you shouldn’t forget that there are people who care…