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    Backyard canopy: list of advantages

    Garden plots have long ceased to be associated only with hard work in summer, but today country holiday is becoming more popular. To build the capital constructions for creation of recreation areas and weather protection is not always advisable, which is why garden gazebos, canopies and other such facilities are the best option in most cases. It is pretty easy to build them even without the involvement of professionals, the main thing is to choose the best option.

    Canopies popularity is driven by a number of factors, let’s consider the most important ones:


    As noted above, the work for the construction of such buildings are not complicated, and they can be easily built with your own hands. You will need a small set of tools and required materials. It is important to prepare a project preliminarily.


    Cost of building a canopy is very affordable; it does not require the involvement of experts and the use of construction equipment. In the works the materials can be used, that were remaining after the construction of houses or other buildings, which reduces the cost even more.


    Wood, brick, plastic, stone and many others can be used as the material for the construction. Naturally, the nature of the work varies depending on the chosen option, so if you have no experience in construction, it is best to choose wood, as it is the simplest solution.

    A wide range of choices

    Depending on the nature of your site, you can choose the best configuration and size of the project. In addition, canopies can be made as free-standing ones or can be attached to the house or outbuildings. It is also possible to construct portable structures that can be removed in the winter, when they are not needed.

    All constructions may be divided into several groups, depending on the nature and purpose of use. Consider the basic options.


    On this basis there are two main options.

    The first one is household outbuildings, the main functions of which are as follows:

    • Protect vehicle from rain and sun, so this kind is a lightweight garage where the car is protected from the bad weather. Very convenient option for cottage, because the construction of the capital garage often does not make sense.
    • Storage of household equipment and gardening tools: ladders, trolleys, plastic furniture and more. Very simple and practical option allows not to put all things into the barn or pantry every time.
    • Canopy is often used as an area for cooking in the summer, that is, it performs the functions a summer kitchen. In this case, the canopy roof has to be of material which is resistant against high temperatures.
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    The choice of outdoor curtains for pavilions

    You can not get enough of your brand new gazebo, just unfinished porch or terrace? However, you are confused with one small inconvenience – because of excessive openness you do not get the full feeling of comfort: prying eyes of neighbors disturb, wind, scorching sun, or drizzling rain don`t allow you to relax? So how do you get rid of these inconveniences and maintain the aesthetic beauty of your building? An excellent solution of such problems become so-called “outdoor curtains”, which provide not only protection against the weather, but also retain an attractive appearance of construction.

    Most often for “outdoor curtains” use a special material, which has high strength and good processing performance, thanks to which for many years (5 years) it can effectively carry out its direct functions without losing the look. The peculiarity of the material is that it is extremely strong and does not require personal care or dismantling at winter, refractories. We can say that the material is breathable due to the special mesh structure, which passes into a sufficient amount of fresh air, defies the processes of decay and is resistant to the appearance of mold. “Outdoor curtains” will be useful at any time of year, because they do not obstruct the view from the inside, and annoying neighbors will not see you now!

    Curtains for terraces, pergolas or verandas are designed to perform several functions:

    • give the surrounding atmosphere maximum saturation and comfort;
    • to protect from the scorching summer sun and create more shade, due to which inside the porch or gazebo will be cool and comfortable;
    • at day and night behind the curtains you can hide from prying eyes. If you want to adjust the light during the day, then you can stop the choice on the type of roller blinds day-night;
    • and on a cool day to receive protection from the wind and rain;
    • this is a small, but protection against mosquitoes and other insects that are in large numbers flock to the light at night.

    Create around a cozy home environment and let the decor of your pergola will be special!

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    Outside canopy: brief guide and handful tips

    Canopy is a useful architectural element with a large functional load. Protection from rain and scorching sun is its top priority. For this design to be ergonomic and useful, it is necessary to consider all the details and select the appropriate option.

    There are a certain number of varieties. Canopies can act as:

    • a visor
    • a porch roof;
    • a gazebo;
    • terraces.

    By way of construction canopies can be:

    • Attached;
    • detached.

    Attached sheds are mounted close to the main building. It turns out that one side is required to have closed. With this design, you can design a veranda or patio.

    Attached sheds can be straight. This is the simplest kind, which can be used to protect the vehicle. Inclined canopy allows rain and snow to slide down and not to accumulate in harmful amounts. This architectural element can be abatvent and double slope, depending on the designer’s intent.

    There are also more complex shapes. For example, the arched structure is very common as a canopy.
    In order to build exactly the canopy that will not spoil the facade of the house and will blend in the overall picture, it is necessary to select materials properly. This will determine the color, texture and performance characteristics of the resulting element.

    The most popular in recent years are: polycarbonate, slate, corrugated board, plexiglas, tiles of various manufacturing, dense types of textile.
    To make a better foundation it is better to use stone; wood, brick, metal, concrete.

    Popular material is polycarbonate. This is the easiest and cheapest way to attach a good canopy to the house. With the help of this modern material canopy can get any shape. It safely protects against rain and excessive sunlight. Various colors and nice texture do not spoil facade of the house, but only decorate it, adding also a useful design element. Frame for polycarbonate roof can be wood or metal profiles.

    One disadvantage is polycarbonate is its high light transmission, which does not allow it to protect a place under a canopy from the sun completely. In the case where the canopy is on the sunny side, it is better to use a corrugated board from denser materials. It will give more shade, protect the car or furniture from fading, while retaining all the advantages of polycarbonate.

    Fabric canopies provide designers more scope for action. A variety of colors and textures allows to fashion a house and a plot in the desired style. This canopy is lightweight and relatively easy to install. In specialty stores you can often find a ready fabric canopy on a metal frame, which needs only be installed on the selected wall.

    Cloth canopy can be easily removed. Simple manipulation of such a design is fastened down and remains there until the next use. Unlike other options, the design of the fabric can be used as needed without cluttering space when the canopy is not needed.

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    Tourist and beach canopies: the main information

    For a long time tent material is a good helper to construct buildings of various designs. As a rule, such structures include: shelter for people to protect them from the various precipitations, protection from sun and wind, the protection of cargo and vehicles, as well as various types of water rides.

    Scope of canopy use is pretty wide. In the first place they are used during urban sports, entertainment and political actions outdoors. This makes it possible to be outdoors and, at the same time to be fully protected from the sun and sudden rain.

    Secondly, awning protection is used to protect vehicles, cargo or goods from external weather influences. Examples of these tents include construction for caravans, trailers, warehouses, auto-cases, etc. Automobile tents are popular among people who are not able to put the car in the garage; they can be used to implement the protection of the car and products which are transported on it.

    Canopies and tents are in great demand among fans of traveling or holidays outside. They are intended solely to humans, unlike travel, they are used to provide additional comfort and protection from rain.

    One of the most popular tent structures are beach options. These include all kinds of shelter from the sun and heat in the form of tents and marquees, canopies and structures for recreation and entertainment: inflatable slides, trampolines and bananas.

    And beach canopies will provide you with shade even in the hottest day. There are certain categories of people who are contraindicated to be a long time under the bright sun. These include people with fair skin, who instead of tanning just getting red. They also include the elderly people, who have their own health problems. Nevertheless, we all like to relax in nature, regardless of any reason. In this case tents and canopies are necessary. Beach canopy, on the one hand, does not insulate us from the open air and give an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    All of these covered structures have several advantages:

    • They are very strong, robust and durable;
    • reliably protect from sunlight, heat, high winds, snow, rain;
    • mobility of design, they take up little space during transportation;
    • they have an aesthetic appearance: a variety of forms, wide range of colors;
    • thy can be quickly installed and uninstalled.

    It is worth noting that in the short-hiking it is very convenient to take tourist tents with you. Their main task is to protect tourists and their equipment from rain and sunlight, canopy equipment at the place of rest, in the area of cooking. They are installed as additional tent or canopy over the entrance to her – a tambour.

    During heavy rains tent is practically irreplaceable. Under it a group of tourists may hide, and not to hide one in their tents. And time together has a beneficial effect on the psychological climate in the group.

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    Design ideas for patio and veranda canopies

    Patio, as it is situated next to the house, is surrounded on all sides by a light decorative fence with a gate, which is better to do two-step (door type) – it visually enhances the space. On the inside of the fence in the area of the lounge corner flowerbeds lifted high above the ground can be made of red brick, in the middle of the patio a decorative fountain can be designed, surrounded by flower garden and along the posterior wall – light canopy coated of corrugated plastic, which where you can shelter from the sun or rain. On both sides of the canopy you can make flowerbeds and pave the whole patio with concrete tiles.

    On the patio you can build a fireplace with benches and a wall-mounted canopy- tent from the sun and rain. Design of these inner yards can vary; without fencing it can be performed in free architectural forms, but in all cases it should include not only functional but also aesthetic orientation.

    Depending on the patio project you should choose a material. Wood and polycarbonate are very popular. The roof (or canopy) of polycarbonate is made in those cases when you need a large amount of light. For example, if you want to do a winter garden on the veranda or just because you like it. It should be noted that polycarbonate can be not only cellular which is so familiar to the eye. There are also waveform and monolithic kinds. Monolithic polycarbonate looks no different from the glass, but it weighs less. About the features and capabilities of different materials you will learn on.

    Canopies made of wood take fancy of those who prefer natural materials. Making wood canopies with your own hands requires much less effort. And indeed, many men have a skill to make something with their own hands exactly out of the tree ‘in their blood’.

    It is not necessary to make a solid canopy, because with the help of wooden crates you can achieve beautiful game of light and shade.

    If you do not like wood – you can glass your patio: in whole or in part.

    Polycarbonate is now very widely used in the construction: it is used in cases when it is required for an object to pass light. This definition includes greenhouses, verandas and interior gardens with a “glass” roof. When compared with glass, polycarbonate has more advantages. And it weighs less. And the economic benefits of its acquisition, as they say, are “plain to see”.

    Polycarbonate is a cellular, solid and corrugated (waveform). Each of these species has approximately the same properties.

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    Gazebo canopies as a part of landscape design

    Summer canopies and gazebos are perhaps the most common places of outdoor recreation. There you can feel in the midst of nature, but at the same time without giving up the comforts of home.

    You do not have to sit on the ground or bare rocks – almost any gazebo is equipped with benches and tables of various designs, which unobtrusively perform their functions without breaking the natural atmosphere.

    Unlike the classical type of gazebos, this type has no floor, but has a colonnade, supporting a number of rafters. Between there are tiny gaps mounted rafters, which is why there is no guarantee of protection from the rain. The canopy can be treated with a special coating that will retain the structure and be sufficiently stable to UV light.

    In fact, the garden gazebos and canopies are two parts of a whole, as it is quite difficult to imagine gazebo without a roof. If this is feasible and, only in the event that is going to summer gazebo made of metal, where the roof is replaced by living plants that are giving shadow.
    In any other case, the canopy is always included into the structure of the gazebo. By and large gazebo is a stylized and adapted to rest on the nature canopy.

    Gazebo-canopy is essentially a fairly simple construction – in contrast to the residential buildings it has a lightweight structure that makes it possible to build it with your own hands, even without professional construction skills.

    Gazebo canopies and tents may be of any kinds and forms, but the main thing is that they should correctly fit in the cottage interior.
    And because of this construction must be placed in a good location and in an appropriate environment:
    Holiday gazebos and canopies, according to the rules of design, should be installed at the end of the perspective ratio. The best place is a conjunction of garden paths or the hill, which offers a beautiful view.

    It is also customary to put the gazebo near the streams and ponds, providing an ability to enjoy the water.
    A better place to build a gazebo canopy is among the bushes and other plants. Gazebo canopies look especially beautiful in the country, twined with vines.

    It is best to use pine boards, as the price of this material is quite affordable and at the same time it has good performance characteristics.
    Note! Before use all wooden elements need to be treated with a special compound that protects against mold, fungus and precipitation. The impregnation may be colorless or toned.

    Gazebo canopy for summer house is an excellent option if you want to build a structure quickly and not to engage in capital construction works. The ease of use and functionality of this canopy is not inferior to ordinary pergola and gazebo, especially if it is supplemented with barbecue, gets the wiring and a socket.

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    Canopy tent: recommendations and advice

    In anticipation of warm, sunny days or summer cozy family parties and picnics, many of us are looking at awnings, tents or mobile gazebos to travel comfortably outside the town, to organize a picnic at the summer cottage or just to have a pleasant rest time next to the house while being protected from the heat and prying bloodthirsty insects.

    Of course, first of all pay attention to the quality of the material from which the canopy tent is made. This is very important: the heavier is the tent packed, the better it is. If you take the cheaper option of this shelter from the sun, so the rain coupled with the heat will simply spoil the surface and it will to tear.

    Good options are tents with rubberized coating; it is the same canopy, which is made of quilted strips of low-carbon polyethene, but also with a thin layer of rubber on top of the basic bedding material. This canopy tent will serve you for a long time and, of course, this kind of tents has much more weight than the conventional counterparts. It should also be noted that the expanded tent with rubberized coating is much heavier than any other one.

    Tent manufacturers provided an ability to create a comfortable space anywhere. There are construction materials on the basis of tissue, plastic or net canvas against sandfly. Attached to a rectangular frame grid constructions are resembling the walls of the arbor. On top of them an imitation of the fabric coating wall can be lowered. It will be decorated by window openings, which are covered with mosquito netting. Here at this fenced from all sides area long conversations can be conducted in quiet and cool. This tent can become a refuge for the night, if the house is heated by sunlight and there are soggy. It can hold a hammock or dining table.

    What color of tent to choose?

    If you think that this issue does not make any sense, you’re wrong. From physics we know such a thing as surface albedo. What does it mean? This is a cover ability to reflect sunlight and heat.

    The darker is a canopy tent cover, the lower is a level of its albedo, which means that under the sun it is getting very hot, that cannot be mentioned as the positive side of the tent. But a very light cover will immediately get dirty, there will be a great amount of dust and dirt on the canopy tent, and it will be very difficult to wash it. Yellow, orange, blue, cyan and green can be alternative variants.

    You can find a canopy tent of absolutely any size. This will give you the opportunity to practically and comfortably place a tent in the garden. It will not be very small and will allow you to move around the garden or the courtyard garden with a solid comfort. So you can calculate the size of the canopy tent for a certain number of guests, which is also not unimportant.

    Canopy tent is a good option for leisure out of doors. And its practicality will provide an opportunity not only to drink tea inside of it, but to celebrate a birthday or any other celebration as well.

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    Outdoor canopy as a necessary and useful part of outdoor design

    You want to organize a picnic, holiday, or maybe just relax in nature or at the countryside, but worried that unstable weather can spoil everything.

    Temporary shelter in the country is necessary if there is no viny arbor, which attracts to its cool for a friendly chat. If there is an area free of plants, it is easy to turn into a temporary pavilion. Recreation area can be equipped with a removable canopy, which can be removed for the winter or when you are out.

    So, quality tent that will protect visitors from rain and allow to spend more time in the fresh air will be a real savior.Which canopy it is better to choose depends on the shelter aims. If this is a protection from the sun you can install a small tent on the square aluminum pole braces. Such slight shelter is very compact when folded and it can be used for picnics and hikes
    But before you buy canopies it is better to pay attention to the price. But we need to remember that acquiring an extra cheap canopy eventually you won’t be very pleased with the quality.


    • You can select the special trade or chalet tents in which there is a special mosquito nets protecting from insects;
    • For those who prefer to spend the summer in the fresh air or just an outdoor recreation, the best option would be the purchase of a special canopy;
    • There are options for summer and winter awnings that can be used as the stalls;
    • Covered gazebo or marquee will be an excellent option for temporary trade place;
    • You can choose to install a simple arbor in the garden or buy closed awnings which will protect from the bad weather;
    • More beautiful gazebo will be an excellent garden design complement;
    • Convenient and prefabricated and split models that can be easily put together with one sweep.

    When choosing a tent, you can give preference to that which is suitable for an individual case. If all you need is to relax, you can buy a canopy or summer and winter awnings, gazebo for summer residence is usually presented as a separate item, the price of these goods can please and surprise you. But it is worth remembering that buying cheap tents or canopies does not mean buying quality products. Very often the value of the product depends on the quality, packaging and producer. But you can buy a good tent at a pretty reasonable price.

    For your cottage or infield ready-made gazebos will suit perfectly, they are easy and simple to install anywhere. And your cottage or garden will be supplied with the original tent or pavilion, which will be a great addition to them.

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    The main destination of pergola

    Pergola is a charming representative of lattice “family” together with the arcs, trellises, summer-houses and sheds. The distinctive features of pergolas: the construction of small architectural forms is made in the form of openwork corridor of vertical supports, horizontal and arc-shaped elements.

    What does pergola represents?

    Classic pergola is the construction of several arcs, put together and joint with the latticed covering. Due to the elegant shape of constructions, an ordinary path turns into the element, inviting you to the fascinating walk deep into the garden.

    The modern assortment of the openwork corridors is the main element of landscape design, notable for the variety of design decisions and variants of decoration.

    The kinds of pergolas: popular decisions

    The modern kinds of pergolas are intended for the providing of footpath between the parts of the garden, visual separation of recreation area and the creation of half-shade. Structurally, the pergolas consist of arcs, connected with each other. The modern pergola keeps the rich floristics- ampelous plants with runners or procumbent stems.

    Structurally, the plainest pergola can be made of larch logs. Such inexpensive construction suits the lovers of country style and the owners of country-houses. More complicated kinds of pergolas, made up stone columns with carved oak crossbars, will decorate the landscape of the house in the noble style or the recreation area of the luxurious country estate. But they’ll require considerable expenses. The constructions are classified by several features:

    1. Form: fan-shaped, rounded or with fractures.
    2. Material: wooden, metal, plastic.
    3. Variant of location: separate building, construction with the fireplace, bench, swing, stage and hall.

    The keeps of home- dear ladies prefer compact pergolas with benches or swing. The popular variant of landscape design of country-house is the creation off several recreation areas (for guest reception, housekeeping, rest and retirement, flower-beds) and the building of 2-3 pergolas at the angle or with insignificant breaks. Broken pathways, where the passages in the open air alternate with the plunging under the arcs is the perfect option for the creation of unusual space decisions.

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    Modern and multifunctional Weber Mountain Smoker

    One of the crowning achievements of Weber Company is a compact and multifunctional smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker. It is very easy to transport. Due to its small size, you can take it with you for fishing or country picnic. The smoker consists of two levels, which gives you a possibility to cook two dishes simultaneously. Thanks to its special form and lid the taste of cooked dishes proves to be wonderful. The dish is made without excess fat, burnings. It is smoked uniformly from all directions. The thermometer, built into the lid, allows watching the temperature at the time of cooking.

    The smoker is equipped with a special tray for adding water, so grilled meat or chicken will prove to be juicy and soft. The use of smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker is easy and safe. The door is made of fireproof material, and the legs of smoker don’t warm up at the time of cooking. At the time of smoking, you can add the coal through the special door and control the temperature with the help of three air holes. The models are represented in different variants with the copper diameter of 47 and 57 cm.

    Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker is a unique smoker from Weber. Try to cook your favorite dishes with the help of this grill. The result will be excellent. You can use this device as a barbecue, grill or smoker.

    Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker performs the function of American barbecue perfectly (it’s a low-temperature grill with an opportunity of simultaneous smoking). The closed system of cooking enables the cooking of two big steaks at the same time (such as a roast or a bird’s carcass).

    The characteristics:

    • A lid and a copper, covered with porcelain enamel;
    • A smoker grill of large size;
    • A thermometer in the lid;
    • A big hole for putting briquettes and sawdust for smoking;
    • 3 separated and adjustable intake holes;
    • The duroplastic handle out of nylon, reinforced with glass fiber;
    • It is completed with high-quality jacket;
    • The chrome-plated grills 2х47 cm;
    • Stable legs;
    • Case for smoking shed;
    • The operation manual Weber with recipes;
    • The depth: 47 cm;
    • The width: 47 cm
    • The height: 102 cm;
    • The diameter of frying surface: 2 х47 cm;
    • The weight: 20 kg;
    • The color: black.
    • The flexible conditions;
    • The brazier Trade-in.

    Weber Mountain Smoker allows you to cook the most delicious and healthy dishes. The great possibilities of this smoker won’t disappoint you!

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    The most original patio ideas

    For years people used the garden-plot only for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. But in the last decade, the attitude to the use of cottage has changed a lot. Now the garden-plots are decorated with the beautiful grass-plots, exquisite pergolas, summer-houses and garden swing.
    Today, it is very popular to create patio on the territory of your summer-residence. The comfortable patio will allow you to rest from the world’s bustle and receive guests.

    Patio is a small open-air paved courtyard, adjoining the house. Today patio is considered the element of landscape design, allowing arranging the stylistically original and ideally unique rest and relaxation corner.

    It is possible to create patio in the summer-residence with your own hands. The main thing is to understand what you need this cottage corner for. The size, materials and expenses can be different (depending on the destination of the patio) – from very small investments to the considerable sums.

    Different places- different patios

    The patio is usually located directly at the back wall of the house. It is very convenient, if the back wall has a door. In this case, you can bring the ready dishes and tableware in and out very fast and easily. You can also remove the furniture as required.

    The cozy nook right at the front door is very comfortable for the lonely summer residents and elderly relatives, living in the summer-residence with you. The beautiful flower compositions delight the eye, and the closeness of the door will allow you to get into the house quickly if necessary.

    If there is no possibility to attach the patio to the house wall, you can arrange it in any comfortable place. But you need to protect it from the prying eyes with the help of special stationary wooden or plastic fences. The long-lasting paving, properly chosen furniture and accessories will make your patio the comfortable additional room, where the whole family will spend its free time with great pleasure.

    The fence must not be rectangular. The unusual outlines and smooth curves will make the patio the decoration of your cottage. You can also build patio on the specially built ground area right in the center of your garden. You’ll get the charming corner of rest and relaxation.

    For the amicable meetings, lasting very long, you can locate the patio in any place of your garden plot. But you have to build a shed. The indispensable condition of comfortable rest in the afternoon and in the evening is the right lighting. It is very comfortable to place the lamps right under the shed.

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    Make the creative garden ornament with your own hands

    What makes the garden-plot original and unforgettable? The thorough gardeners will say that the rare sort of flowers, which they managed to grow on the flower-beds. The Jacks of all trades will suppose that this is the unique irrigation system they assembled and installed on their plot. But there is one feature, making your garden unique- the garden ornament. It can be easily made with your own hands and bearing a small part of author’s soul and his approach to life.

    You must admit that the process of creating the new “masterpiece” with your own hands pacifies and inspires to the new creative experiments. And the plot, refined with different decorations, looks incredibly cozy. You want to return here time and time again. We offer you to plunge into the world of serenity and beauty. After examination of different ideas you’ll certainly mark off some variants of country-house and home ornament, which you’ll want to realize on your own plot.

    The decoration of paths and walk on the garden-plot

    The garden paths are not an integral part of garden-plot. However, they make the movement in the garden more comfortable and at the same time refine it. Someone prefers just to concrete the paths, and someone else likes more creative idea of paths’ ornament.

    But even if you’re inclined to the concreting, treat this process with creativity and make the concrete paths, where the elements of paving look like the huge leaves or hearts. To cast such tiles, you’ll require special forms, which you can buy in specialty stores. But some skilled craftsmen use special silicone cake pan for this purpose. If you decided to make it in this way, you must consider that these tiles dry long enough. You’ll manage to do only one tiles a day. So, you need either arm yourself with patience, or buy as many cake pans as possible. By the way, such garden ornament can be even colored. For this purpose, you’ll have to impregnate every tile with dyeing composition.

    You can also use log cuts, stones, bricks, cobbles, or just gravel the paths. As an original border, you can use colored beer bottles, put with their neck into the ground.

    You can use the improvised material to make the garden ornament with your own hands. Show a bit of imagination and your garden-plot will turn into the oasis of peace and comfort.