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    How to design a garden easily

    designing a garden

    With the advent of summer friends and family gatherings are increasingly held in the garden. Here you can just relax, breathe fresh air, admire the lush greenery and fragrant flowers, planted with your own hands. Drawing attention only on some basic elements – plants, furniture and paths, you can avoid serious mistakes in the design of the site.

    The garden must be beautiful all the year round. But that’s often not get to plan everything so that there is not one missed place. And finance does not always allow to do everything, what soul thirsts.

    There is nothing worse than the feeling of confusion when looking at the unsettled land. On it plants can grow that do not fit into the landscape, or you simply do not like them.

    Modern style is not always equivalent to rigor and restraint. There is no rule stating that for modern design you must adhere to minimalism. You can freely mix ultramodern and traditional elements.

    The first thing that will help a little to rectify the situation – it is gravel or pebbles. Gravel will help zoning the space. You can use large stones for the decoration of the patio, and fill the remaining space with gravel.

    If your budget allows, you should build a pond. Sometimes it becomes a central element in the design of the site, bringing a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

    In addition to stone, concrete and water greenery certainly has to be at the site. Of course, it will take time for its development, and efforts to cultivate it, but nothing compares with walking barefoot on the green lawn.

    Do not be afraid to add some “savagery” to well-groomed modern space. Wild trees, shrubs and grass are great for introducing elements of modern style. In addition, they require a minimum of maintenance. You can leave one of the corners of the garden in almost pristine condition.

    Due attention should be paid to the furniture too. It must be resistant to the natural conditions, suitable colored and relatively inexpensive. If there is a covered terrace, the choice of furniture is increased significantly.
    You can pick up a real dining set, or can restrict with a simple pair of seats at the table. Fairy garden furniture will transform any garden into a fantastic place to relax.

    Modern meets with the old, smart garden with nature itself. A mixture of styles is the real power of the present. Covered with gravel paths, of course, symbolize modernity and clipped shrubs resemble the traditional style of English garden.

    In a surprising garden traditional colorful pillows and modern lounge chairs combine harmoniously.

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    Types of backyard landscape design

    After finishing the construction and design of your own home, you should pay special attention to the design of the backyard, because the beautiful cottage and landscape design are two inextricably linked concepts. No matter how beautiful is your backyard, only eye-catching landscaping will emphasis its splendor and complete the creation of a composition. Today we know a lot of styles to design gardens, all of them very diverse, but at the same time, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.

    Wattle fence instead of a graceful one, wheelbarrow or a cart filled with lush flowering plants, winding paths and simplicity in everything – it can be described as a rustic homestead. In recent years, m this style of landscaping design became a choice for people who dream to enjoy the natural beauty and charm of nature.

    The main task of rustic style is to demonstrate the unity of nature and the environment created by human hands. That is why for home decoration the paths and small architectural forms are created using only natural materials – wood, stone and clay.

    In the design of the backyard in a rustic style any items of rural life can be involved – wooden wheels, old watering cans and iron pots, clay pots and birdhouses. These items will help to recreate a traditional rural flavor and become a bright note in the design of any of the infield.
    It is impossible to imagine a rustic homestead without flowers. Of course, exotic flowers are unacceptable, but hollyhocks, chrysanthemums, daisies, marigolds and irises perfectly fit in home landscape design in a rustic style. It is not necessary to refuse from vegetable patches and beds planted with traditional vegetable crops, which not only decorate the site, but also allow to collect a bountiful harvest of greens and vegetables.

    Interesting decor items can be wells, plaited fences, wooden sculptures of animals or characters of fairy tales.

    Landscape design in the Chinese style cannot be called simple, because it has its own special philosophy in which every object is filled with its sacred meaning. You cannot call it too cheap, because in the Chinese style garden you will have to recreate the traditional nature of China – from the crystal clear lakes to the majestic mountains.

    In the Chinese garden there are no random objects and plants, each element here occupies a special place. In this garden such plants and trees such as pine, peach, plum, poplar and willow must be present. Particular elements of this garden will become stones, devoid of any greens.

    The British have always appreciated the simplicity and naturalness that embodied even in landscape design. English style is often called ‘landscape’, underlining the predominance of natural compositions in the design area.
    As a rule, the landscape design style to their backyards is chosen by people who wish to create a picturesque corner of peace and unity with nature, which is dominated by free placement of vegetation and natural configuration of paths and trails.

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    Some pieces of advice about backyard landscaping

    Nowadays the landscape design is striking in its uniqueness and at the same time simplicity. Many ideas can make your backyard beautiful and unique, and most importantly, it all depends on your creativity.

    The main plus of garden bridges is a visual increasing of the site area bringing a new and original look to your garden. It is worth noting that such bridges as well as serve as a component of the walking trail, making it more expressive and impressive. Garden bridges are not too expensive, and the material from which they are made, may be the most diverse (wood, metal, stone). If you decide to equip your backyard with such bridges, do not spin out the money and purchase a handicraft, all the more so there is an option of manufacturing the bridge of your own design!

    Certainly the best complement to your garden can be considered a dry creek. This method of landscape design is included natural stones, laid out in the form of a dried-up riverbed. Use a dry creek in places where the creation of an artificial pond for some reason is impossible. The idea comes from Japan, where the dry creek is not only very popular, but it is believed that it laid a sacred meaning. Japanese believe that if a garden to decorate this design solution, it will bring harmony and well-being to the hosts of the home. Regarding the creation of a dry creek, then for this you will need your imagination, natural stones and as an option fine-grained stone chippings (with the help of it you can draw the water surface). Contours of stream can be decorated not only with flowers but also ornamental plants such as juniper, dwarf spruce or mountain pine. You can also combine different techniques of landscape design, in this case, mounting a garden bridge above the dry creek.

    Another original solution for a garden plot is an imitation of so-called abandoned garden. The idea is that to create an ecosystem in which all will resemble a piece of wild nature. There must be present a pathway covered with moss, weeds are placed randomly throughout, small bushes and grasses, etc. The main thing that this ecosystem has taken root in the local context, this requires mandatory participation of insects and birds. Therefore, in addition to a variety of plants in this garden there must be bird feeders, bird houses, etc. It is worth noting that the ‘neglect’ garden is not a cheap pleasure and requires the mandatory presence of a specialist when the area is landscaping. It is also important to know that all the elements of such an ecosystem have to complement the environment, and in any case do not contradict it, or, despite its naturalness, this abandoned garden quickly lose its aesthetic appearance.

    Glowing stones is an innovation in the field of landscape design. Night garden should be not only beautiful, but also safe to move on it and rest in it. Glowing stones can be very creative and original solution for bacdkyard lighting.

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    Garden sculptures & ornaments

    The history of the garden sculpture began many centuries ago, when there was a tradition in the East to put at the entrance of the house symbolic figures, designed to protect the entrance of the house from evil spirits. In ancient Greece and Rome, the statues of gods and heroes adorn the gardens of the nobility. In Russia the custom of decorating gardens with sculptures was introduced by Peter I, setting in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg to educate the nobility more than a hundred specially imported from Italy sculptures depicting ancient gods, allegories and various Roman emperors. Following this pattern, many nobles set in their estates sculptures in antique style. In Soviet times, a garden sculpture, as well as under Peter, was carrying more educational and propaganda value, not always meeting the requirements of good taste.

    These days, garden sculpture is used in landscape design active, but not always appropriate. Not all wishing to establish in his garden a sculpture pay attention to the harmony of its location relative to the other elements of the landscape, material and proportion. Observance of a few simple rules and laws allow gracefully and tastefully decorate your garden and avoid common mistakes.
    Sculpture in the gardens of various styles

    For the garden in the regular (formal or French) style are most suitable classic garden figures from expensive, high-quality materials: precious wood, marble, bronze. They need to look expensive, solemn, majestic and certainly appropriate. Garden in the regular style is impossible to imagine without topiary shapes.

    Garden in the landscape (English) style is as close to the natural landscape. All elements of such site, including decorative sculptures for the garden, should carelessly and at the same time organically fit into the landscape without disrupting its harmony. It is in this garden are appropriate ceramic garden figurines and original multicolored lights.

    Traditional Japanese garden of stones already with its name tells, what kind of garden sculpture fit for it. Original boulders and stones, stone sculptures, symbolically representing animal spirits and guardians, Japanese lanterns will make finished composition of such a garden.
    Garden in village style offers largest expanse of imagination and sense of humor of the owner. That it will look great sculptures of birds and animals, wooden garden sculptures, and also original sculptures for the garden, literally made from scrap materials and garden tools.

    Thus, one of the main criteria when choosing a sculpture for garden should be its relevance and compliance with the style of the garden. Of course, you can mix styles, but you need to have impeccable taste, self-confidence and personal style.

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    Unusual garden furniture ideas

    Special furniture for garden (street) – it’s not just chairs, benches and umbrellas. Collection may include dinner groups of solid wood or rattan, covered sofas, wicker deck chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and even four-poster beds, as well as tents and canopies, cushions and bedspreads.

    Wicker furniture

    Wicker furniture is warm, “light”, creates an atmosphere of relaxed outdoor recreation. Wicker furniture is made of willow and vines, or of the more expensive rattan – vine palm native to Southeast Asia. From there comes to us ready-made wicker furniture from natural rattan. Furniture from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China differs completely by handmade and traditional design elements with colonial style. Similar wicker furniture from rattan, but produced in Europe is more expensive. It is not made entirely by hands, but using special equipment. The design can be very different, including the fashionable trend, some futuristic.

    In addition, Europeans actively use artificial “analog” of vine and rattan (furniture is made from synthetic fibers), which give more freedom in design and are not afraid of street conditions – neither heat, no water, no temperature changes. In any case, wicker furniture combines perfectly with the design of the garden and country house. Even natural rattan possess valuable properties such as resistance to moisture. The only “contra” – is the scorching rays of the sun, because of what the rattan furniture is better not to leave for a long time on the street. Finally, for lovers of true home comfort in the open air are offered combined options: soft groups – sofas and chairs under a canopy woven. Fabrics with which is constricted furniture look and feel like a normal upholstery textiles, but in fact it is “all-weather” robust fabric which do not absorb moisture, do not fade in the sun.

    Wooden garden furniture

    Wood is widely used to create furniture for garden. Array is combined with forged elements and other materials. Wood is known to be natural, naughty material, so garden furniture is made as a rule from hardwood, often exotic, such as teak, iroko. Tropical timber is less prone to warping, it contains natural oils that protect against rot, mildew and wood beetles. In addition, to extend the life of wooden furniture and wooden houses there is a whole arsenal of tools: impregnation against moisture, UV-borer beetles. They serve a decorative function, can achieve a variety of shades of wood.

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    Garden decoration ideas

    To make a clear distinction between garden ornaments, containers and garden furniture can be difficult. Stone vase with pelargonium – is this a decoration or a container? Determination of garden ornaments taken in this article is simple – perhaps too simple. Ornament for garden we call an object that adorns the garden, even if it is not used for its intended purpose. Thus, a large decorative vase, in which is planted pelargonium, is a garden decoration, and a tub or a plastic pot with the same pelargonium – are just containers.

    To garden ornaments can be included many items. This article describes six major groups of ornaments, but this list is not exhaustive – we do not mention wrought lampposts, birdbaths, metal weather vanes and so on. Large garden ornaments – such as for example as the sculpture on a man size – are appropriate in the park, especially if it is planned in the French or Italian style. However, at the site of a typical home will be a place for ornament, if you follow the basic rule: there should not be many garden ornaments, and they should not be too large. Place the decoration mainly in or near the pond or in the places of the garden, where they close the perspective. Pleasure gives the vary process of finding a suitable decoration for the garden. The easiest way to search – browse the catalog of shops that specialize in equipment for garden ponds. The relevant section can be found in directories of shops selling garden tools and other household goods. Sometimes it is possible to find garden ornaments in commission shops, on sales, on the “flea” markets and even in landfills.

    Do not forget that being outdoors ornaments for garden are exposed to weathering. Products made of cast iron eventually become fragile and sometimes rust. Lead alloys do not rust, but products made from them are fragile. Raw stone accumulates with lichen much faster than the polished and soft sandstone is rapidly destroyed by water and low temperatures.

    In recent years, interest to garden ornaments has grown, but still millions of people are indifferent to them. Ornaments are binding only in the Japanese garden, in all other cases, they may not be. Nevertheless, tasteful ornaments could considerably decorate many gardens.

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    Ideas for patio design

    We all like to spend time in our patio, whether it is a barbecue day with cocktails or reading a good book. Patio is a great place for enjoying a meal, reading a good book, socializing with friends and family in your own home. Even at night, selected lighting makes changes to the overall atmosphere and design of the courtyard.

    There are different designs and themes to choose, depending on the size of the patio and the mood that you want to have. Whether you choose a small or a large patio, these simple patio design ideas will surely help you to make patio an ideal place for entertainment and staying some time alone.

    Here are some things that you might need to consider before you plan your patio: opinions and wishes of the family, weather and where in winter and summer there os most of the sun.

    If you already have a pool to work with it, you can easily create a place in which you will feel like at a resort.

    Use umbrellas, they can serve as an excellent designer accessory in the patio. Choose any color you like. On sunny days, you can close the umbrellas and enjoy the sun, and in the less sunny days, you can easily open them. Also, if you have a pool, you can make a swimming pool as the focal point, having built tracks from the house and around the pool. You can use beautiful landscape, forming a theme and style around the pool.

    Decide where it will be be a focal point for the patio. Coordination center will attract attention and highlight your patio.
    If you have any disparate elements in the patio, such as statues, fountains, flower beds, the focal point is a great way to hide it.
    Lighting is an important factor in the patio for a night’s rest. They can not only add beauty to your patio, but also to make the entire area safer for walking at night. There are several options that you can choose for lighting. Lanterns add more natural feel, it is the best idea of patio design. Lights hanging from trees, ceiling, panels or gazebos also add a soft, romantic atmosphere in your patio.

    When choosing lighting for the patio, think primarily about safety.

    There are many options and materials for the choice of coatings for patio. When choosing them, take into account the most important factor – the weather. If you live in an area which is mostly sunny throughout the year, you can use the covers of a temporary nature, such as awnings and umbrellas.

    For those who live in colder, less sunny and more rainy areas, use permanent coatings, such as gazebos, corrugated metal roofs. The best patio is considered a continuation of the house that is both functional and attractive to the eye.

    When choosing a design, do not forget to make projects that are a reflection of your personality, from this patio you will have maximum of pleasure.
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    Patio season: garden furniture and decor

    Garden furniture

    Today garden furniture is presented in various variations. Traditional options are wood, wrought iron and wicker. Wood is more suitable for large-format events and pavilions where are necessary long tables and benches to match. If you decide to organize a welcoming and refined veranda, you can stop at the wicker furniture from rattan or vine. Wooden furniture in this case should get mandatory overhead pillows.


    Lightweight linen curtains, fabric cushions, candles, wrought iron pendant lights create the lion’s share of comfort, even if the costs are already planned out and the furniture you have chosen as a residual. The best recommendation for decoration are: flowers, candles, vases with fruits, little things retro, decorative textiles.

    Space organization

    Patio – is a small seating area outside the house. In favor of a small corner of the garden says comfort and proximity to the kitchen where you can make jasmine tea and put on a plate fresh pear tart. BBQ zone – it is a separate element, which is designed for a larger number of people, a central place occupies BBQ. A small patio accommodates a set of upholstered furniture with coffee table or dining set, separated from the rest of the garden. Garden furniture is usually made of water-resistant materials, and cushions on the furniture is better to choose removable.

    Recommendations for the arrangement of the patio

    Before buying a tent, you should stop your attention on the fact that it, above all, protects from rain, not from the sun. For sun protection is better positioned patio in the shade of a spreading tree or house, as the shadow of tent is small and moves with the sun.
    If you are setting up the veranda, the floor is better to make wooden – they are warmer and it is possible to walk barefoot. If the patio is located in the garden, the more durable option for the floor – is garden tiles.
    If the kitchen has an exit to the garden, the side windows can be positioned a patio with dining area – it will be convenient to lay the table or to organize a tea party.

    Barbecue is better to be located a little away from the house so smoke does not bloat wall.

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    Style of the garden. Japanese garden and a Mediterranean garden

    Design of a Japanese garden is based on the principles of simplicity and harmony. The main purpose of its landscape composition – to create a picture pleasant for contemplation. Sometimes it is enough to put a few sprigs of bamboo surrounded by picturesque stone – and this landscape has rightfully be called a Japanese garden; the main thing that the location of these elements were harmonious and pleased the eyes.

    In this regard, the Japanese garden is not accepted to make such a large-scale, as classical European gardens. Realizing that it is not for walking, and for admiring, just select a few square meters. Another important feature – the maximum commitment to naturalness, lack of bright colors. Organizing the planting, it is important to provide the largest possible number of evergreens.

    There are two types of Japanese gardens: kare sansui (in translation – “dry landscape”) and tsukiyama (or hilly garden).

    Garden design kare sansui suggests absence of trees, flowers and water features. Normally for its creation is used only gravel, stones and sand. The soil is covered with fine white gravel, on which subsequently is applied a certain pattern.

    For garden tsukiyama is typical is the idea of reproduction of some landscape in miniature form. Small trees symbolize the forest here, stones – the majestic mountains and pond – the ocean. An important part of such garden – presence of the waterfall: it is believed that the splash of water brings a special harmony in the overall picture.

    In contrast to the peaceful Japanese garden, Mediterranean gardens are accepted to create colorful, cheerful, “summer”. Their design reflects the landscape culture of countries such as Italy, Cyprus, Greece.

    Key elements of a Mediterranean garden:

    • presence of courtyard – patio;
    • abundance of bright colors;
    • using only natural materials (usually limestone and clay);
    • Handmade;
    • lack of lawns and water objects (exception – small fountains);
    • furniture of garden design and garden walls;
    • winding paths.

    Also for Mediterranean gardens are typical plants, planted in pots and placed in a small clearing, sprinkled with white gravel. Areas of the garden separated by partitions, and all sorts of tapestries, often made of wood. Fountain is placed in the center of courtyard.
    Basic colors of a Mediterranean garden: white, beige, sand, red. There is absolutely no black, gray or any other dark shades.

    In such a garden are usually planted ornamental fruit trees and shrubs. Very popular are pear, cherry, Saskatoon, arborvitae west, apricot, chestnut. The greatest attention is paid to colors; here dominate morning glory, clematis, irises, dahlias, echinacea, ageratum, marigolds, salvia, gladiolus, petunia, zinnia, coreopsis.

    Do not forget that special charm to the Mediterranean garden design gives curly cut plants.

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    Planning the landscape design on your own

    Planning of landscape design, one of the most important works in the design of the land around a private house, villa, cottage.
    Each host and hostess wants that around the house was beautiful not only in the warm season, but always. So when you go out of the house to get to the beautiful garden, which brings joy, pleases the eye with its beauty.

    You can make this beauty, that it is not only in summer but in winter – all year round. All this is possible using in landscaping the plants that are very beautiful in all seasons. This can be done by properly planning landscaping using trees, shrubs and other ornamental objects.

    When planning your landscape design you should adhere to the following rules.

    • It is important to know the type of soil. Shrubs and trees like different soils. It is necessary to choose plants for this type of soil. If you want to plant a plant, but the soil is not suitable, you can change the type of soil exactly for this plant.
    • Watch for plants when they are in bloom, turning green on this soil, under what weather conditions. All these data are recorded, in order to choose the right combination of plants for landscaping.
    • When you have a large list of information about plants for landscaping, you can choose the right combination of them, taking into account the period of maximum landscaping, flowering. You also need to consider what kind of plants will be in the sun or in the shade, what period.
    • Now you can plan placement of plants taking into account the flowering period, the maximum landscaping, combination of colors. We need to plan plants for landscaping so that they bloom in succession. So you can continue to enjoy the most flourishing area of the garden.
    • When planning your landscape design you must take into account decorative constructions: a dozen, bridges, pavilions. Boulders and rocks with plants provide an excellent combination.
    • You also need to consider when planning a landscape watering systems for compositions of plants. You can use an automatic drip directly under each plant, or irrigation.
    • Excellent look plants in the evening under floodlights. For this purpose, economical LED lamps or spotlights are used. We need to plan their accommodation and places protected laying of wires and power cables to these sources of night lighting.

    Using these rules, you can plan and create your own original landscaping in your garden that will please you all year round.

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    Backyard canopy: list of advantages

    Garden plots have long ceased to be associated only with hard work in summer, but today country holiday is becoming more popular. To build the capital constructions for creation of recreation areas and weather protection is not always advisable, which is why garden gazebos, canopies and other such facilities are the best option in most cases. It is pretty easy to build them even without the involvement of professionals, the main thing is to choose the best option.

    Canopies popularity is driven by a number of factors, let’s consider the most important ones:


    As noted above, the work for the construction of such buildings are not complicated, and they can be easily built with your own hands. You will need a small set of tools and required materials. It is important to prepare a project preliminarily.


    Cost of building a canopy is very affordable; it does not require the involvement of experts and the use of construction equipment. In the works the materials can be used, that were remaining after the construction of houses or other buildings, which reduces the cost even more.


    Wood, brick, plastic, stone and many others can be used as the material for the construction. Naturally, the nature of the work varies depending on the chosen option, so if you have no experience in construction, it is best to choose wood, as it is the simplest solution.

    A wide range of choices

    Depending on the nature of your site, you can choose the best configuration and size of the project. In addition, canopies can be made as free-standing ones or can be attached to the house or outbuildings. It is also possible to construct portable structures that can be removed in the winter, when they are not needed.

    All constructions may be divided into several groups, depending on the nature and purpose of use. Consider the basic options.


    On this basis there are two main options.

    The first one is household outbuildings, the main functions of which are as follows:

    • Protect vehicle from rain and sun, so this kind is a lightweight garage where the car is protected from the bad weather. Very convenient option for cottage, because the construction of the capital garage often does not make sense.
    • Storage of household equipment and gardening tools: ladders, trolleys, plastic furniture and more. Very simple and practical option allows not to put all things into the barn or pantry every time.
    • Canopy is often used as an area for cooking in the summer, that is, it performs the functions a summer kitchen. In this case, the canopy roof has to be of material which is resistant against high temperatures.
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    The choice of outdoor curtains for pavilions

    You can not get enough of your brand new gazebo, just unfinished porch or terrace? However, you are confused with one small inconvenience – because of excessive openness you do not get the full feeling of comfort: prying eyes of neighbors disturb, wind, scorching sun, or drizzling rain don`t allow you to relax? So how do you get rid of these inconveniences and maintain the aesthetic beauty of your building? An excellent solution of such problems become so-called “outdoor curtains”, which provide not only protection against the weather, but also retain an attractive appearance of construction.

    Most often for “outdoor curtains” use a special material, which has high strength and good processing performance, thanks to which for many years (5 years) it can effectively carry out its direct functions without losing the look. The peculiarity of the material is that it is extremely strong and does not require personal care or dismantling at winter, refractories. We can say that the material is breathable due to the special mesh structure, which passes into a sufficient amount of fresh air, defies the processes of decay and is resistant to the appearance of mold. “Outdoor curtains” will be useful at any time of year, because they do not obstruct the view from the inside, and annoying neighbors will not see you now!

    Curtains for terraces, pergolas or verandas are designed to perform several functions:

    • give the surrounding atmosphere maximum saturation and comfort;
    • to protect from the scorching summer sun and create more shade, due to which inside the porch or gazebo will be cool and comfortable;
    • at day and night behind the curtains you can hide from prying eyes. If you want to adjust the light during the day, then you can stop the choice on the type of roller blinds day-night;
    • and on a cool day to receive protection from the wind and rain;
    • this is a small, but protection against mosquitoes and other insects that are in large numbers flock to the light at night.

    Create around a cozy home environment and let the decor of your pergola will be special!