• chiptuning diesel

    Chip tuning of diesel engines: the advantages

    Almost every driver eventually starts to notice that his car started as if slowly dispersed, become not so quickly, as once when it has been purchased. If you are for the time of operation on a regular basis in accordance with the rules have changed the oil and filter, have cleaned the nozzles, etc., and the engine still “does not drive”, many of us begin to think about “tuning of the engine.”

    All diesel and turbodiesel engines of modern cars are equipped with a control unit (ECU), which (with the help of actuators) controls all the processes in the engine according to a given program, based on sensor readings. Because of this engine performance (efficiency, dynamic acceleration, power, torque, etc.) depends on the software, h.e. “tuning”.

    The fact that the automaker adjusts the car at the factory on the “golden mean” between power, efficiency, environmental friendliness, engine resource, etc. As always power margin is retained in the case of using this engine model to another car, which will require other characteristics. Therefore, the possibilities of the engine are “cut by electronics” and a car is coming off the assembly line with mediocre performance capacity, with increased fuel consumption, etc.

    CHIP TUNING is the most optimal, and one of the unique ways to optimize the engine operation, to increase torque considerably and shift it into a low rpm zone without sacrificing engine life and efficiency. When editing bits the settings of angle and injection timing are changed, as well as pressure, airflow, fuel pressure, factors limiting the torque of the motor, etc. The greatest effect is achieved after a chip tuning for turbo engines.

    As a result of high-quality diesel and turbo diesel engines chip tuning, you can:

    • increase the power and torque of 15% -25% (at turbo engines up to 35%) without compromising the life of the engine;
    • reduce fuel consumption;
    • improve the traction performance of engine and dynamics of dispersal;
    • improve the logic of the automatic transmission.

    Also, if necessary:

    • software shutdown (EGR)
    • EGR valve (its undesired operation greatly affects the power and efficiency of the engine);
    • software disconnection of DPF (diesel particulate filter);

    Instant and accurate response to the gas pedal, smooth and elastic dynamic acceleration will help to reach the desired speed quickly, and if you want maximum power with minimum fuel consumption – this is a general description of the car after chip tuning. Car Power is increasing to 20, and sometimes up to 50%. At any time you may return to the factory settings. Although sometimes it is a bad question, whether the car will be removed from its guarantee, after changing the factory settings. But if changes are provided correctly, there will be no problems.

    chiptuning diesel
    chiptuning diesel

  • fiesta tuning

    Technical aspects of Ford Fiesta tuning

    fiesta tuning
    Ford Fiesta tuning

    Tuning will help Ford Fiesta to style and renew the look, letting it stand out of their kind. Technical tuning of Ford Fiesta sports suspension will allow to radically change the behavior of your car on the road, ensure its security and control in all situations and at the same time to feel comfortable while driving allows. Alternative Ford Fiesta optics will emphasize the character of your vehicle. With a wide range of tuning you can easily stylize your car, by setting the cilia on the headlights and a spoiler on the trunk, or completely change the face of the machine, setting a tuning bumpers and sills, replacing native optics by an alternative, to set the sports suspension.

    Sport Tuning of Ford Fiesta has begun immediately, as soon as the first ‘Fiesta’ went out of the factory gates. At that time (mid-70s), it was a revolutionary machine for American automakers, and they wanted to make achievements in sport tuning of engines and suspensions to the new platform in order to demonstrate the American tuning school advantages of the European one. However, having no experience of tuning engines of small volumes, Ford turned to the experience of the English tuningers – for that even pocket” “Formula Ford” was established.

    The main characteristic of the car engine is generally considered its power. In fact, not the maximum power, but torque has the impact on the character of the car. After all, the greatest power can be realized only when the speed is steady, close to the maximum, but we almost do not drive in this mode. The driver usually needs torque engine, which at starting and acceleration, without straining, “goes” for the gas pedal. This is achieved by torque, if it is sufficiently high and relatively constant at low and medium engine speeds.

    Prior to 3000 rev / min motor does not have enough pick-up and as a result – stumbling when pulling away, failures by sharp pressing on the gas pedal, the fragility of the clutch, the inefficient use of the fifth gear. The gas distribution characteristics have the greatest influence on the torque curve – phase and “time-cross section” of opening the valves that are specified by camshaft lobe profile. To improve throttle response, it is necessary to quickly push into the cylinder the appropriate charge of the working mixture, that is to narrow the opening phase of the inlet valve. Wide stretched phases at low frequencies lead to reverse expulsion of the fuel-air mixture into the intake manifold, and only with an increase in the speed flow inertia is “overpowering” and the cylinder filling increases.

    If XR2 is too expensive platform for you – you can look at the cheaper modification Fiesta S – it also has a stabilizer bar and stiff half-sport suspensions, like XR2, but it is completed with simpler engines and does not weight out by any ordinary XR plastic.

  • mini cooper tuning

    Ordinary and extravagant examples of Mini Cooper tuning

    Mini Cooper tuning

    Since the appearance on the market of the new MINI has been out of a competition by the attention not only the public, but also representatives of tuning companies. Variations that are “smartening up” its appearance, now are countless. But if many buyers of the new MINI want extravagant “chips” for the exterior, also there is a large part of customers who cannot put up with mediocre (artificially low by the manufacturer) dynamic and running characteristics of this “baby”, including its top variants . Dozens of tuningers have joined the competition: who will “pump up” more horse powers from a small motor, who will offer the most aggressive exterior? And as long as we are talking about records, the German company Hamann is again in front of all!

    The well-known German tuning company Hamann presented a complete program of Mini cars improvements. Moreover, it is worth noting that Hamann proposals are designed for all versions of this model, including diesel.

    Diesel car Mini One Diesel after Hamann improvements gets additional 25 horse powers – from zero to hundred kilometers per hour now it will be able to accelerate for 13 seconds. The same petrol Mini One gets an increase of 30 horsepower: in the end the power of its engine increased to 120 hp. Mini Cooper adds 13 horsepower – from 115 to 125 forces.

    mini cooper tuning

    To top version Mini Cooper S Hamann studio offers two tuning packages. The first of these increases engine output to 195 horsepower, while the second, which is called Hamann CS4 Sportkit is ‘pumped up’ to 211 horsepower. As a result, the latest version can accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 6.6 seconds and its top speed is 229 kilometers per hour.

    In addition to the modifications of the engine, the German company traditionally offers its customers a suspension upgrades – the installation of new dampers and shorter and rigid springs, as well as new brakes and a body kit. Finally, Hamann tuning program also includes a set of new wheels of 17 or 18 inches to choose from, and a set of accessories for interior trim.

    It remains the subject of worship until now. Fans of Mini organize runs, races and other events dedicated to the small machine. And, of course, it cannot be done without tuning. Typically, tuning means powerful engines, beautiful alloy wheels, tinted windows and a circle-wise spoiler. Student at Queen’s University of Art and Design in London, being an artist not only a profession, but also in the soul, came to this case alternatively. He literally sewed clothes for his car – stylish denim suit in particular. Levi`s pockets with labels on doors and zipper running along the bonnet look especially touching. Mini jeans are not only beautiful, but also practical. Now the car definitely will not freeze in winter, and in summer its paint will not fade in the sun.

  • mazda rx8 tuning

    Mazda RX-8 tuning: important details and recommendations

    If you are the owner of the Mazda RX-8, probably you want to improve it and make the ride even faster
    For starters, you can replace the spark coils (e.g. BHR or Promaz is analogue of Bosch coils, you will need x4 amplifier Microtech). Replacement of coils should be carried out when your current coil will deny.
    If you feel the vibration at idle – check and replace engine mountings if necessary.

    Then you should get a good set of rubber, something like Toyo R888 for the track on lightweight forged wheels.
    The next step should be the modernization of suspension and braking system. This is achieved by installing a set of coilovers, for example, KW V3, Greddy Type S or BC BR-Range (Taiwanese manufacturer that uses Greddy / HKS components), reinforced stabilizers Whiteline (greatly influence on the handling for little money), and stabilizer bushings, sports brake discs and pads.

    You can replace the factory grip on some well-known brands such as ACT and Exedy, change all vacuum tubes to silicone.
    For better monitoring the condition of the car, in the vehicle you can accommodate extra gauges showing temperature and oil pressure, boost pressure (for example, Racing Beat).

    mazda rx8 tuning

    Further, a significant step in improving can be the installing of 2-stroke oil adapter for the oil metering pump (WDR, Oil Metering Pump). These adapters are produced, for example, by Rotary Aviation, Real World Solutions and Richard Sohn. The adapter consists of a metal plate with several holes in it and a nozzle which can be connected to a hose. The purpose of the adapter is to stop motor oil using to lubricate apex seals in the rotary engine, that gives the following advantages:

    1. The engine no longer burns the oil from the oil pan;
    2. Engine seals get fresh, clean oil;
    3. Engine seals are lubricated by 2-stroke oil, which should be burned.

    And now a little boring theory.
    Wankel engine, which are used in Mazda RX8, needs oil in the combustion zone to lubricate metal seals.
    Most of the standard rotary engines use the dosing pump which injects a small amount of engine oil from the sump into the intake manifold and / or directly into the combustion chamber. Engine oil is intended to lubricate the slide bearings and heat transfer from the engine to the cooling area.

    The RX8 heat transfer is made from the oil via the oil cooler. When the engine oil is injected into the combustion chamber it is only partially burned, leaving sludge. These sludges can be accumulated and they will degrade the performance of the engine, also they can cause jams at apex seals, reducing compression and, ultimately, to the overhaul of the engine.

    One obvious way to prevent this is disconnecting the metering pump and mix oil for two-stroke engines with gasoline, as required to do for some of the old two-stroke engines. With this method, it was proved that the oil for two-stroke engines is effective lubrication and does not lead to the accumulation of combustion products.

  • honda accord tuning

    Pieces of advice on Honda Accord tuning

    Honda Accord as well as the entire line of Honda cars stands out for its exceptional appearance. Swift sporty silhouette is contrary to the class of the car, and that is D-class sedan. The flowing body lines give the car a dynamic appearance and powerful engine will help to demonstrate excellent dynamics on the road.

    Today the car is the most prestigious attribute of a modern successful person. However, each car, as well as the person, requires to be individual. And to make your four-wheeled friend outstanding among the ranks of standard machines, you should think about such popular services as tuning. For the most part as tuning we understand exterior trimming of a car. For example, you can modify or add radiator grill or spoiler to your Accord.

    Perfection has no limits, so you can make even such a perfect car better. By the way, you can leave general view of Honda untouched, but beauty can get individual notes, sporty silhouette – elegance. You should only modify Honda Accord bumper and it will transform from a princess into a queen of roads.

    Variations of Honda Accord tuning

    If you decide to make the Honda Accord 7 tuning of interior and trunk, you can be sure of one thing – there is simply no limits for your most improbable ideas realization. The choice depends on the taste preferences of car owner. You can arrange interior in the style of hi-tech or modern, at the luggage compartment a bar, or video room can be equipped. Particular attention should be paid to the alloy wheels. Professionals recommend combining the style of chrome wheels with proper selection of low-profile rubber. So the beauty of your Honda will become more rapid.

    Aerodynamic kit for Honda Accord consists of streamlined bumpers, spoiler, antiwing, side skirts. If you want to give your car a futuristic design, it is easy to do because it is aerodynamic. Also the advantage of this Honda Accord tuning is that when accelerating and braking you can achieve a significant acceleration as soon as possible, and these things are clear signs of dominance on the track. And if you want Honda to get “ravenous” features, think about individual grille.

    Pay attention to the kind Honda Accord 8 tuning as optics. Many suppliers of car accessories will help you fully or partially to replace the rear, front, fog and turning lights. This will not only give the car a beautiful appearance, but also make the lighting of your Honda many times better.

  • 2014 mazda 6

    2018 Mazda 6: some facts and opinions

    Spectacular cars always find their buyers only for the fact that they do not aspire to be like the others. Mazda 6 series sold well and without updates, but the Japanese have followed their pre-prepared plans and decided to add fuel to the fire, presenting a new generation in 2017 – 2018 to the market.

    Sedan class of D segment is quite complicated in competitive terms. Today, all world-known manufacturers are represented at this class, and each of them brings to their cars something interesting. The buyer, looking at photos and pacing for a test drive these sedans, gets great difficulty in choosing.

    Predatory style of concern cars became the trend more than ten years ago. Until today, the company provides only a slight restyling most of its lineup. Photos of the previous generation can be actively compared with the 2014 model and looked for a number of differences:

    • narrowing of the forecarriage and creating a sense of less aggressive car;
    • refinement of lines, visual increase of the vehicle;
    • Use of larger diameter wheels;
    • complete change of interior – a familiar feature of the car.

    There are a lot of differences, but they are all in the details. And there not always visible pictured. You can safely say that the 6 series perfectly evolved with the creation of a new design, but you can have the same confidence that the “six” will get negative reviews too.
    The problem is that Japanese corporation’s design of the last years began to yield considerable criticism. Cars change a little. Photo of a decade ago can be compared with the 2014 model, and there would be a lot in common. But have been all the truth hidden in the photo? Many believe that preserving the traditions of design is a great decision that is worthy of respect.

    Mazda 6 series currently has two powertrains:

    • 2-liter petrol SKYActive, delivers 150 horsepower;
    • older brother of the previous with 2.5-liter unit and 192 hp.

    6-speed manual is decorated characteristics of the junior engine. As an option, you can buy a machine with 6 switching ranges. On a test drive at the showroom you will likely get 2014 – 2015 version with older engine and automatic (for the 2.5-liter unit mechanics are not available).
    Mazda 6 offers excellent amenities:

    • advanced security options, 6 airbags and curtains;
    • trip computer that performs a test of some car units;
    • branded audio system;
    • adjustable steering column and driver seat;
    • Air conditioning;
    • central locking and remote control.
  • auto tuning

    Car tuning: step by step

    auto tuning
    auto tuning

    Tuning the car is a process of car improvement by installing emergency units, assemblies and components, altering certain properties of the machine (including appearance).

    Improvement of cars has no limits. The subject is interesting and exciting. Tuning can include quite serious changes in the design of the engine, suspension and other vehicle systems. The English word «tuning» refers to the term “setting”. And what, in fact, do we set up?
    Tuning is called the art of giving to one of hundreds similar standard cars its own unique face. It is the art of giving the holder of the vehicle a sense of individuality. Many of them, in principle, happy with their cars, but sometimes they really want it to be something different from thousands of other cars.

    The simplest thing is the external finish. From banal stickers, toning up batches of plastic and even “body kits» (equipment set for external tuning, modular set of equipment for a specific machine). Of course, these actions will have no effect on the technical characteristics of the car. However, if you want to really increase the “ability” of your “iron horse”, then stickers are not enough.
    Here you need a serious work with all systems of the car.

    For those who are not ‘driving fast, but flying low “spoilers will be very useful. They enhance the clamp to the road. Also, they will need and additional air intakes for brakes cooling. All changes will be used to increase the power and speed of a vehicle.

    Next in complexity are minor technical changes – ‘chip tuning’ (modification of software in the electronic control units of vehicles) or ‘tuned’ exhaust system. All this will increase the capacity without any major alterations of the motor.

    The next level maens changes affecting aggregates and components. Here it is not necessary to experiment, because many operations require scientific computing, or at least experience. The most popular variant of tuning cars is to the “ring” sports. At this stage an ordinary “driver” begins to compete in street racing.

    At the level of the major vehicle component parts modification there are already changes of gearbox with modified gear ratios, the replacement of gears. Such changes (of course, not counting excesses) do not require serious restructuring of the entire vehicle. After all, machines are mainly created for the average consumer, and allow the displacement of the individual parameters in a specific corridor.
    Completing our tuning list superlight and heavy-duty engines, transmissions with stunning features. Among the epithets “super”, there are super prices. In addition to exclusivity, it is predicated upon the materials – strong light alloys, composites, carbon fiber.

  • Auto

    Audi as a producer of sports and racing cars

    audi sport
    audi sport

    For the first time, Audi took part in Lehmann daily marathon in 1999, but works on the open prototype began in 1997. Engineering part in the creation of the car Audi R8R, which was shown in 1998, was entrusted to engineer Tony Southgate and construction – to the company Dallara. The car was equipped with biturbocharged engine V8 3.6, from which they got 600 forces. The racing debut in 1999 at the 12-hour marathon of Sebring: two cars gained third and fifth place respectively. A ring on Sarthe in 1999 Audi R8R made even better: the third and fourth place. By the way, about the same time with the open one a closed prototype of Audi R8C has being designed. The chief engineer of the Racing Technologies Norfolk Elray Peter, who created the Bentley Speed 8 was in charge for the result. By the way, the two built R8C cars managed to take part only in the 24-hour race at Le Manev 1999. There were 29 th and 43 th place as the result.

    In 2000 racing Audi R8 saw the light – one of the most successful cars in the history of the race at Le Mans. Outdoor prototype won on the ring Sarthe five times: in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. A competing American Le Mans Series – seven times! Can’t wait to see what was hidden under the composite body? At the heart of the machine lied a monocoque made of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb sheet. Suspension is double wishbone one type pushrod on loop and custom shock absorbers. At the base biturboeight’ 3.6 FSI (520-610 hp) was installed with the camber of the cylinders by 90 degrees, paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox Ricardo.

    By the way, in spite of a successful racing career Audi R8, a tragic accident was connected with it: because of the tire explosion during the test on the track Lauzitsring (EuroSpeedway Lausitz now) the former Formula 1 driver Michele Alboreto smashed to death.

    The new prototype Audi R10, which debuted in 2006 have been done by the Audi engineers together with specialists from the firm Dallara. And it was a real revolution: instead of a gasoline engine V8 3.6 FSI Germans placed within the base diesel V12 TDI volume of 5.5 liters. Engineering marvel (weight – 200 kg) sported twin turbochargers Garrett, has made 650 “horses” and 1100 Newton meters. Thrust transmitted to the rear wheels through a five-speed sequential gearbox S tronic, which was equipped with three-disk clutch carbon-fiber clutch Sandtler. Composite body length of 4650 mm, the carbon fiber monocoque, double wishbone suspension, Brembo brakes and forged wheels OZ – just such a vehicle with a curb weight of 925 kg won at Le Mans in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

  • Auto

    Mazda CX-5 as the most popular Mazda SUV

    mazda suv
    Mazda SUV

    In 2011, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt the world premiere of the Japanese crossover Mazda CX-5 took place. In spite of its compact size – 4540 mm long, 1840 mm wide and 1670 mm in height, CX-5 promises to offer enough space for all passengers, especially thanks to 2700 mm wheelbase. Due to the smaller tilt of windshield driver’s area was moved closer to the hood, as a result there are more space at the back couch. Trunk volume equals to 463 liters, it can be significantly increased due to the separate rear seats – 40/20/40.
    Mazda CX-5 was the first serial representative of the brand presenting a new design direction «KODO – Soul of Motion» (literal translation: the spirit of the movement), which debuted earlier at Shinari and Minagi concepts. The exterior is quite attractive and modern. The main distinguishing feature of the design is a large pentagonal radiator grille. There are seven possible colors, mostly shades of gray, black and white, two new, specially for the CX-5 – red and blue.

    Interior pleases good ergonomics and quality materials. Seats can be trimmed in fabric or leather, with a choice of two colors- black or sand. Systems can be controlled via a disk on the central console or via the touch screen. Ports for USB and players, Bluetooth, navigation are available.

    In Europe, the new Mazda CX-5 comes in two varieties – front and all-wheel drive, with a choice of two engines SkyActiv – 2,0-liter gasoline unit with 165 hp and 210 Nm of torque, and two varieties of 2.2-liter diesel engine with 150 hp and 380 Nm or 175 hp and 420 Nm. In our market the car will be available with 2.0-liter 150-horsepower gasoline engine, which is paired with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. In developing these engines the company pays special attention to the environmental friendliness of engines – diesel engine emits only 120 g / km. Mazda engineers have paid great attention to the aerodynamics (Cd: 0,33) and the weight of the CX-5, which favorably affected the reduction of fuel consumption.

    The car is equipped with ‘start-stop’ system, which Mazda has named i-stop. The speed of its operation is one of the best. There are cruise control, monitoring dead zones system, which starts to work already at 30 km / h, lining tracking system(by the way, with frequent lane changes, so-called ” checkers”, the system takes the style of driving and stop lighting disturbing pictures ), High-Beam Assistant, the automatic braking. The latter working depends on the speed: up to 15 km / h it is able to completely stop the vehicle in case of danger, to 30 km / h – to reduce the consequences of a collision.

  • Audi Q7 and Audi Q3

    Audi crossovers: Audi Q7 and Audi Q3

    Audi Q7 and Audi Q3
    Audi 4×4

    For nearly a hundred years the German mark «Audi» is very popular throughout the world. Today, the company Audi is one of the world leaders of the automotive industry.

    Audi SUVs mean reliability, stability, convenience, comfort and technical excellence. Based on the result of the popular vote Wide range of this mark’s cars took almost half of the prizes. This is not surprising, because Audi SUVs are notable not only for high performance, but also versatility. Perfect and courageous forms of auto, excellent patency in off-road conditions, spacious and comfortable interior, a maximum of comfort, plenty of electronics, safety and affordability make SUVs the best selling cars to date.

    The exterior design of SUVs includes sculptural forms and sporting elegance that is very cleverly enclosed in car design, attracting the interest of motorists. Bright lights placed on both sides of the radiator grille, large wheels, bi-xenon headlights – all this makes the cars of this brand courageous and bold. With regards to interior design, everything here is elegant and stylish: comfortable dashboard, pleasant and correct forms of the seats, leather, chromium, aluminum trimming – all this creates a feeling of comfort, calm and coziness.

    Based on the available information it is noticeable that new Audi Q7 got sharper, chopped body lines. Exactly this design makes this car sportier, more dynamic in show.

    The new version of the Audi Q7 has become more mundane, more streamlined and even more predatory. The frontal part of the vehicle has been changed significantly. In the first instance the appearance of new front optics is noticeable ceiling which roof lights started to resemble the famous glasses of break-dance dancers from the eighties.

    Compact crossover Audi, which is produced by the famous German company, has not yet become as popular as his older brothers in the face of Audi Q5 and Audi Q7, for example. However, this does not mean that this project is a bust. On the contrary, the crossover is growing up from one year to the next, it is maturing, getting virile forms and slowly gets rid of the inherent adolescence “ailments” and “age-related mutations”. This model was first introduced in the automotive market back in 2011, and had already gained a lot of fans, both among men and women audience. Since then, the marketing department of the German company has carefully and sensitively being listened to the remarks, claims and wishes of consumers, and has allowed Audi Q3 to improve and reach a new level of competition, which is very fierce, I must admit.

    I must say that in the updated version of the car became equipped with all-wheel drive, while still having a full “cross-over” clearance and very modest dimensions. These features make the Audi Q3 completely adapted to the difficult conditions of modern cities life, so to speak, a full-fledged citizen. When comparing the new concept with the previous one, you can see that the designers have retained for this crossover the familiar coupe-shaped cabin line, which just adds dynamics and swiftness to the vehicle.

  • chiptuning

    Chiptuning: basic facts

    Anecdotal evidence states that chip tuning is the lot of young people, that are ready to increase the capacity for “street racing”, regardless of the fuel economy and engine life.

    What is chip tuning

    In the mid-90s in Europe, a new type of engine tuning appeared, and it required no intervention in its mechanical parts. This option of engine modification is called chip tuning.

    Improved engine performance without mechanical alterations became possible thanks to the emergence of electronic engine control units (ECU).

    ECU is a kind of computer that controls the operation of the engine. As any other computer it has a computer memory chip, which gets at the factory specific program with special engine control parameters.
    Chip-tuning by means of special programs – controllers allows you to change the factory settings pledged to improve engine performance and unleash its potential.
    Most tuning studios do not modify read-in files; they sent that files to the company, which specializes in their tuning. On how well professional involved in program modification understands the work of the engine, how well he knows its weaknesses and reserves, depends the result of chip-tuning.
    For modifying the controller program special software is commonly used, which allows you to find and present graphically the calibration data table.
    ‘Re-chipping’ gives you the opportunity to correct: the work of systems responsible for the toxicity of the engine, the fuel supply to the cylinders, the ignition and setting the rev limiter.

    Thus, one can achieve a gain of torque and power in the motor mode setting atmospheric ranging from 5-10%. For the turbo engine, you can change the boost work settings, the difference may be 20-30% of the initial value.

    Due to the chip tuning car gets an additional supply of power, which allows the driver to change gears less often and feel more comfortable when overtaking. In cars with automatic transmission it improves the smoothness of gear changes.

    With proper chip tuning exactly “air valves” are covered, i.e. fuel card is correcting to the direction of reducing the amount of injected fuel, and the power is increased by increasing the efficiency of combustion. This confirms the decrease in consumption after chipping in contrasted with increased power and torque.

    Although quite often in the first weeks after chip tuning owners notice an increased consumption. But this is due to the fact that in the early days drivers want to test new features of the engine. As soon as the “racings” are over, consumption usually falls below the usual standards.

    The increase in engine power does not mean an increase in fuel consumption. The motor becomes easier to disperse the car with all rates, and therefore there is no need at ‘ringing cranking’.

  • Audi RS5

    Audi RS5 as a true sports car

    Audi RS5
    Audi RS5

    Audi RS5 sportcar

    Sport models of the brand from Ingolstadt appeared in the 1990s as a result of Audi and Porsche engineers’ cooperation. Since then the production program of concern subsidiary company VW, along with Audi S, has more powerful model Audi RS. “Audi RS” is the best model for the different series in the compact class, which is known as the Audi RS Sportback. First, a series of RS has been used only for combi middle class vehicles. Later, the automaker has equipped with powerful engines and sport bodies not only sedans and convertibles, but also a roadster Audi TT.

    In 2010 top-model Audi RS5 Coupé appeared on the market.

    When, in 2007, ten years after the creation of the first Audi Coupé, a businessman from Ingolstadt has launched a new model Coupé, the Bavarians offered two-door version of the production model to the new series of the Audi A5 sports without hesitation. Model Audi S5, available for sale in the autumn of 2007, marked the beginning of an extensive program of products: in the spring 2009 Cabriolet Audi S5 went to the streets,and exactly six months later an improved version of the five-door sportback Audi A5 was presented. In spring 2010, the manufacturer from Ingolstadt presented the first “Audi RS 5” as a new first-class Coupé stock model.

    The dynamic design of a sports model Audi RS5

    It seemed that already dynamic Coupé Audi has embodied all sports elements: high radiator was supported from sides by two large air intakes, developers framed both of these structural elements with matt aluminum. An additional feature of Audi RS5 is a diamond-shaped lattice of single-column radiator, which is visually highlighted by black and matte lacquer. Wheel arches and a rear diffuser have strengthened the dynamics of sports model. Imperceptible at first glance, the rear spoiler of Audi RS5 that came to the forth only at high speed, provided high down force.

    The V8 engine with 450 PS for the Audi RS5
    Like the related model Audi S5, ‘Audi RS 5’ was equipped with a more powerful V8 engine capacity of 4.2 liters. For comparison, if the Audi S5 had to be satisfied with 260 kW (354 hp), Audi RS5 could count on 331 kW (450 hp). This is particularly evident in the improved acceleration parameters. Low power degree engine accelerated Coupé to 100 km mark in five seconds. Audi RS5, equipped with all-wheel drive quattro, needed only 4.6 seconds for the same thing.

    Fast switching – less fuel consumption at Audi RS5
    In developing the model, engineers largely relied on the seven-speed dual clutch. It allows switching faster than the previous six-speed manual gearbox, installed in Audi S5 Coupé. Another advantage of the technology, called the S-tronic was that the fuel consumption model Audi RS5 averaged 10.8 liters (CO2 emissions – 252 g / k)